self love

  • Find your simple joys

    Simplicity is best

    There’s something about simplicity.

    In a world where chaos and rushing rule the day.

    In a world where we are lost and caught up in our tangled minds.

    Simplicity is best.

    It’s all about the simple happy pleasures in life.

    The first sip of coffee in the morning.

    Mid afternoon naps.

    Watching the sun rise.

    Laughing with friends.

    Lemon ice tea.

    Dinner by candlelight.

    Watching the clouds go by.

    Going to bed after a busy day.

    Fresh sheets.

    Warm bread straight out of the oven.

    Morning dew.

    Rolling ocean waves.

    Walking barefoot on grass.

    Buttery popcorn.

    Making someone smile.

    Homemade pie.

    A scenic drive.

    Golden hour.

    Find your simple joys.

    Find your simple joys

    Find your simple joys because happiness doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Find your simple joys because it’s the little things in life alongside the big moments.

    Find your simple joys because otherwise life goes quick and will rush by.

    Find your simple joys ☕️

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Always choose yourself

    This life is yours...

    Choose yourself beautiful soul.

    Choose yourself because you aren’t here to put others before you at the cost of your happiness and mental health.

    Choose yourself because it isn’t selfish, it’s the most important thing you could ever do to honour your heart and soul.

    Choose yourself because if you don’t, who will?

    Choose yourself because not everyone deserves to have your energy and presence in their life.

    Choose yourself because you are so incredible and deserve someone who knows it well too.

    Choose yourself because your dreams ought to become a reality that you experience in this lifetime.

    Choose yourself because it will save your heartache and pain later down the track.

    Choose yourself first because this life is yours and you are here to live it.

    It's okay to be selfish

    We have been conditioned our whole lives to choose others before ourselves, to not be “selfish” or to perhaps even wait to be chosen by another.

    Choose yourself in alignment with the best version of you here and now in this moment.

    Choose without fear knowing that when you are at your best and happiest you will have the greatest impact and influence in this world.

    Choose yourself first beautiful soul 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Igniting a new spark…

    Trust your potential

    You are so full of potential.

    You are the universe and the universe is you.

    Dripping in possibility.

    Oozing in potency.

    A new spark is igniting in your life now.

    A spark that will create waves and mountains of momentum.

    Trust in it. Hold it. Flow with it. Expand with it.

    You have so much to look forward to.

    You have so much to enjoy in the present moment.

    Tune into your heart and tap into the magic.

    You are surrounded by magic

    the channeled message I’ve received over and over this week: you are magic 💫

    you are surrounded by magic.

    don’t be so serious and stifled by life all the time.

    have ease, play, have pleasure.

    see the world with child like eyes again.





    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Be kind to yourself

    Perhaps it's time for change...

    Why is it that the person we are hardest on is ourselves?

    We seem to be so understanding and compassionate towards others, yet we seem to forget ourselves.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself beautiful soul, you are doing the best you can with whatever is going on right now.

    You’ve been through so much already.

    You are strong.

    You are a survivor.

    Life is already tough, you don’t need to be even tougher on yourself.

    Perhaps you could bring more love to all parts of yourself?

    Perhaps you could make peace with all the doubts and worries that snake around in your mind.

    Perhaps you could meet yourself with more tenderness.

    Perhaps it’s time to be less hard on yourself…

    A gentle reminder

    A gentle reminder and love letter from your heart and soul 🧡

    You can do it all.

    You are full of possibilities.

    You have so much potential.

    Yes, yes, yes!

    You are also human (the best and most beautiful thing).

    You will make mistakes.

    You will get tired.

    You may get sidetracked.

    And that’s okay.

    Remember that hate, shame and guilt will never fuel sustainable growth.

    Let love lead the way always 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The pain behind the beauty

    Turn your pain

    Your pain and wounds need not be ugly.

    They can be turned into something so beautiful.

    You can turn your pain into pride for how far you have come.

    You can turn your pain into love with a deep appreciation for your strength and character.

    You can turn your pain into a means to validate how you are feeling, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    You can turn your pain into an opening into your heart with great compassion for yourself and others.

    You can turn your pain into the bedrock of your personal growth journey ahead.

    You can turn your pain into your great rebirth as someone wiser and kinder than ever before.

    You can turn your pain into a beautiful life no matter how rocky or difficult the path has been.

    At any moment you can make it something so beautiful, beyond beauty…

    Finding the beauty

    we’ve been conditioned to believe that beauty only lies in the ideal and perfect 👁👄👁

    pain can be a beautiful thing, it doesn’t have to be at all but it can be ❤️‍🩹

    everyone’s experience is valid and different.

    I hope you see the beauty in it all as I do in you – as you are – even if you’re going through it all

    🥀 the beauty in the fall 🌹

    🌹 the beauty in your tears 🥀

    🥀 the beauty in your ache 🌹

    there is so much beauty and beyond in the shadow & darkness if you only dare to see it… 🪄

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Love is life

    What happens to love...

    What happens to love when we break up?

    What happens to love when it’s unrequited and the other person doesn’t feel the same way?

    What happens to love when they don’t even know you exist?

    What happens to love when there are no labels?

    What happens to love when they aren’t here anymore?

    What happens to love when they forget about you and move on?

    What happens to love when it gets complicated?

    What happens to love when you keep trying but it never works out?

    What happens to love when they ghost you and disappear?

    What happens to love when they find it with someone else?

    So, what happens to love?

    It circulated. It continues. It is never wasted.

    Love will always come back to you in one form or another.

    Love is abundant.

    Love is love.

    More on love

    I see you beautiful soul — you’ve got such a big heart and so much love to give.

    It can feel so deflating when you’re capable of so much love and yet it feels like no one can hold it and embrace it like you do.

    It feels like your heart is continuously broken and you feel hopeless.

    As if there’s something wrong with you. Maybe you’re too much of a lover…

    Don’t let moments of heartbreak, pain and suffering define love for you.

    Love never ends.

    Love transforms.

    Here’s to love in all its forms, in all its magic, in its wholeness — the “good”, “bad”, “ugly”, “messy” and most of all beauty 🧡🌹

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    Let’s breakthrough your barriers to love 🚀 reclaim your whole heart and power ❤️‍🔥 let’s work together through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading. Contact me ✨

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  • Everything you need is within

    A change of perspective...

    Your reality reflects your inner world.

    If you don’t like what you see, turn inwards not outwards.

    Understanding your reality

    For your whole life you’ve been conditioned to seek outside of yourself and this makes sense.

    We are conceived in the uterus, grown in the womb and then ripped away into reality.

    We grow up watching the media where it seems like all the answers are outside of ourselves.

    Prince Charming, Make Up, Food, Gym, This Product, That Product.

    Realise that everything you NEED is within… that you have the POWER.

    The solution to your problems is WITHIN.

    Look and find it within yourself instead of masking it with a bandage solution in your outer reality.

    Notice how when you’re miserable inside, life falls apart on the outside. Parking fines, late bill charges, nothing seems to go right.

    When you’re happy on the inside, physical reality is amazing you notice the birds chirping, the sun shining.

    Further to that every person you meet and encounter is a mirror and their perspective of you is a reflection of them.

    Inner world = Cause
    Outer world = Effect

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Checking in with your soul

    Start with your soul

    Stop with the shoulds.

    Start with your soul.

    Letting go of the "should"

    Stop should-ing on and all over yourself 😳

    I should work out more.

    I should eat more healthily.

    I should be able to do it.

    Ask where the should is coming from? (Most likely your mind, your ego stemming from guilt, over extending yourself, shaming yourself…)

    Realise the place that it’s coming from isn’t serving you or the world.

    Negative emotions don’t work in creating positive behaviours 💡

    Even if they do temporarily it’s not sustainable or healthy.

    Instead check in with your soul.

    What do you DESIRE to do?

    What FEELS GOOD to you?

    Tap into your soul and feeling, bringing your conscious intention with you.

    Maybe you CAN do something?

    You GET to do something?

    You CHOOSE to do something?

    You WANT something?

    Ahhhh that feels better 😌

    Give yourself a choice instead of starting off with shame and failure.

    Power to you ✊🏽

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • This is your soul speaking

    On desire...

    You know that niggling feeling that pulls at you and makes you feel uncomfortable deep down inside that you can’t explain?

    Yeah that’s your soul being unsettled because maybe you’re not listening.

    Maybe you desire more…

    You aren't your thoughts

    Caught between your head and your heart beautiful soul? 🤕

    Your head… your mind… your brain – it isn’t you.

    You aren’t your thoughts 💭

    In fact your mind lies all the time – it’s a drama queen 🎭 the negative self talk…

    “You should do it… don’t be stupid”

    “Who do you think you are?”

    “I mean the answer is so obvious are you dumb?”

    Remember your head and mind is here to protect you, to keep you safe (which often can mean in the comfort zone which is great – stable and secure but it ain’t soul fulfilling)

    Your heart… your soul… your higher self – that can’t be made up.

    It bypasses your survival mode analytical mind.

    It’s FELT in your BODY.

    Drop into your body.

    The stillness.

    When your heart and soul speak through the body what do they say?

    Trust the pull and nudges… it’s there for a reason.

    That’s the biggest flex: faith, the knowing.

    Following my mind let me to great places… for a while.

    Everything on paper was perfect yet deep down I KNEW I wasn’t truly happy and satisfied.

    For a while I TRIED to ignore it… but it just got LOUDER AND LOUDER.

    It felt heavy, that I couldn’t carry it – the pounding, the knowing, that feeling… so I surrendered and trusted (yes it’s scary and uncomfortable… it’s called the leap of faith for a reason)…

    Following my heart has led me to everything… love, abundance, health, wealth… living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

    It’s not for the faint hearted… I mean imagine a world where we all truly did follow our heart 🤯

    If you did…

    If you do…

    Who will you be?

    What decisions will you make?

    What will your life be like?

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • On being the main character

    No one can...

    No one can save you from your own work.

    No one can save you from your own healing.

    It’s never anyone else’s job but yours.

    The work and healing is yours

    From a young age we are conditioned to believe in the hero, the saviour only to realise that person is ourselves.

    It’s not Prince Charming. Even if your partner is incredibly loving, patient and compassionate (which is a must!).

    It’s not your family. Your parents won’t be around forever and everyone has their own life to live.

    It’s not your friends. They’ll always catch you when you fall but they can’t carry it all with you.

    It’s not your coach. It’s a privilege to walk by my clients as they do the work on their healing and personal development journey. I cheer them on. I hype them up. I help them get back up. Yet they do the work themselves because they are powerful beyond their comprehension.

    The work and healing is yours.

    Your support network and team are by your side and walk with you but you’re the main character, you’re the leader ⚡️

    It’s an internal job.

    Working on your thoughts, actions, feelings.

    Letting go of what no longer serves you outdated beliefs and negative self talk.

    You got this.

    Cheering your growth and expansion on always 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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