A gentle reminder...

Gentle reminder: You are loveable, and you are loved.

You are trying your best and I see you.

Even when...

Even when you make mistakes. Even when you try your best and don’t succeed. Even when you snap because you are angry and frustrated with the world. Even when you’re annoyed at yourself and others. Even when you’re caught up in an anxious loop. Even when you fall asleep with tears in your eyes. Even when you feel like a burden to everyone. Even when you are caught up in the past. Even when you feel stuck in your head and feel like you’re making everything about you. Even when you doubt yourself. Even when you have a critical self-voice that says otherwise. It can be easy to forget and this is why this reminder exists 🥹

An excerpt from my book 📖 The Great Unlearning by Phi Dang

Ellie Simpson