Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life

A Book to Spark an Awakened Revolution.
The invitation and initiation your soul has been craving.

It’s time to flip the narrative and concepts of self-help and personal development, by doing something different, with actionable steps. Phi Dang boldly reveals within the pages, we do not need to learn more in our human experience, in fact, now is the time to unbecome and unlearn a great deal from our past to become our best selves.

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This book will help you...

  • – Breakthrough limiting beliefs and repeated patterns as a result of life experiences including your upbringing, programming and mental conditioning.
  • – Expand and rise beyond the edges of your perceived blocks and fears.
  • – Transform your struggles into strength, wounds into wisdom and grief into gold.
  • – To believe in yourself and awaken to the power you already have within to create a life that lights you up.
  • – Be empowered with fierce confidence and the know-how to authentically live in alignment with your soul.

  • Divided across five parts, ‘Success’, ‘Self’, ‘Inner Being’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Spirituality’, The Great Unlearning is for the modern woman who is ready to stop playing small and live with more burning passion, joy, freedom and fulfilment.

About the Author:
Phi Dang

Phi is the first generation born Australian daughter of brave refugees who serendipitously met on a boat fleeing the Vietnam War. Her name is pronounced Fee, which means flying high in Vietnamese. She has risen from challenging life circumstances including the heartbreaking loss of her dad at the young age of 20 and job burn out.

In 2021 she became part of ‘The Great Resignation’ turning her passion for mental health into a side hustle whilst climbing the corporate career ladder. Within a year, she went full time, hitting six figures and is now a highly sought after Human Design Life Coach.

She helps women and men all over the world to break free from what is holding them back to live their best life through her Soul R(e)volution framework consisting of mindset, self-love, energy and purpose. Phi is known for her down to earth approach, practical expert guidance and soulful intuitive insights.




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