Alex J

“If you’re stuck in a specific level of your business or you need help in your relationships or you keep feeling like there’s something wrong with you or in a vicious cycle and you don’t know what the next action step is … Phi really might be the secret because she pretty much hands you over an instruction manual and it all really makes so much sense”

Carrie K

“My mind is officially like blown, I’ve been hesitant to get my human design reading done because there wasn’t anybody that I fully trusted to do my reading and she honestly just blew my mind for an hour straight. If you’re looking to get a reading done, she is so gifted and so amazing and you guys I know I rarely recommend people”

Miss Personality Tests/Job Seeker

“There are just so many layers to the human design chart it just amazes me the more I read into it and there’s really so much to take away from it and I’m already finding myself going back to the document you sent as a reference guide for decisions”

Right after her reading she also got job opportunities she had never considered!

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I am currently booked out until January 2022