Alex J

“If you’re stuck in a specific level of your business or you need help in your relationships or you keep feeling like there’s something wrong with you or in a vicious cycle and you don’t know what the next action step is … Phi really might be the secret because she pretty much hands you over an instruction manual and it all really makes so much sense”

Carrie K

“My mind is officially like blown, I’ve been hesitant to get my human design reading done because there wasn’t anybody that I fully trusted to do my reading and she honestly just blew my mind for an hour straight. If you’re looking to get a reading done, she is so gifted and so amazing and you guys I know I rarely recommend people”

Miss Personality Tests/Job Seeker

“There are just so many layers to the human design chart it just amazes me the more I read into it and there’s really so much to take away from it and I’m already finding myself going back to the document you sent as a reference guide for decisions”

Right after her reading she also got job opportunities she had never considered!

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Wen N

"Phi is AMAZINGGG!!! I LOVEEE our session and how in-depth she goes into talking about each element of my human design chart. She allowed me to give myself the permission to let go of all my limitations and just LIVE life, do what excites me! This reading is exactly what I needed to not only get to know myself better but also allowed me to have a better insight on how I can show up in my business to help my clients. She's really good at what she does and I feel so lucky to have found her!"

Virupa R

I had a human design reading with Phi and would highly recommend this to anyone! I went in knowing very little about human design but came back with a wealth of knowledge about myself and divine guidance on how to live to my full potential. It has been extremely helpful in understanding my unique self and how to navigate different aspects of my life. It all resonated so deeply and I already feel the positive impact of this reading in my life. Phi is just wonderful! She is warm, intuitive and incredible at what she does ❤

Dahbin A

Phi is such an amazing human design reader and being! She takes you through step by-step of what everything in the reading means and answered all of my questions in the most caring and honest way. I absolutely loved my session with Phi and got some really great insights into what type of person I am and why I may respond to certain situations in a certain way, or have the same issues come up each time. I would highly recommend a human design reading with her to anyone who wants to dive deeper into why they are

Jess C

Before meeting with Phi I had an idea of what my human design was but just knew the bare minimum definition of being a manifestor.

After listening to my friends recommendation, I decided to book a session with Phi to cure my curiosity for what lied beneath. I was thrilled to see she created such a detailed reading for me, to understand what a manifestor was but even more how she broke down my chart on all the other intricacies of what it means to be uniquely me.

While this feels almost generic, but nothing rings more true to say it felt like I knew all the puzzle pieces of myself and just had them floating around now but this gave me the tools, the clues eve, on how to brings this all together.

After my reading I felt more confidently me and able to deal with energies that were thrown my way that felt like a constant battle before.

I highly recommend a reading with Phi if you are looking to unlock more about yourself and meet an amazing person.

Faith S

Phi has such a special gift that I am so grateful to have experienced three times through my own human design and overlaying my readings with loved ones.

With COVID negatively impacting my career, I had been feeling a bit down and in need of some guidance. I felt an instant connection with Phi and learning about my true self through her insightful reading was so affirming, enlightening, and has given me the confidence to love, accept and live as my true self even more.

I also love that she shares you human design blueprint that she reviews in your session so that you have this amazing tool at your disposal to reference as a guide for decision making, communication and whatever life throws your way. Thank you Phi for sharing your gift with me, I am sincerely grateful!

Ashlyn L

I always knew I was different but due to the feeling of wanting to conform or satisfy others, I feel like I lost myself.

Phi's Human Design service helps me to call back to my own purpose, and that it's okay to be selfish and prioritise myself.

My uniqueness no longer scares me, and I'm braver than ever to finally do what I love and trust my intuition without caring so much about what others think of me. It confirms what I've known about myself for so long but ignore due to fear of rejection and failure. I'm reading this blueprint everyday now to manifest and be more in tune with my soul. I'm really thankful for Phi.

Dallas H

Phi has given me hope and a fire in my belly to get my health in order. I've felt defeated for a few years in terms of my weight and fitness and to know that I "have the willpower to move mountains" written in my design I feel extremely hopeful. I've been conditioned to not feel good enough, overwhelmed and to have lost my power. Phi's reading confirming so many things to me but also reawakened some parts of me and I will be forever grateful.

Adelina E

I'm feeling good after my reading!! I've been telling everyone who I am now and it's my design so this is how it is - this will be my interactions from now on.

Thank you so much! I feel like I have a much better understanding of who I am. The way you explained it especially my soul purpose makes so much more sense to me.

I had all the jigsaw pieces and knew them but you put them all together so I could see the bigger picture and how they all work together.

Even if you know human design and google it, it's nothing like having a live reading done!

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