• A channeled message for you

    Trusting your journey

    Trust how your journey is unfolding.

    I know that it is so hard to do sometimes.

    Know that not everyone is going to understand it.

    It’s your journey to take and no one else’s.

    I know it’s hard to have faith.

    I know it can be at times hard to believe.

    Beautiful soul, you have not seen it all.

    You have not felt it all.

    Every single moment is a precious part of your path unfolding.

    Do what you can from where you are.

    Step by step, it’s all coming together perfectly.

    A channeled message for you:

    This is the sign you’ve been asking for – everything will be okay 🦋 it’s no mistake you’re reading this right now.

    a channeled message for you:

    it’s okay to let go of control, it’s okay to surrender.

    your team have heard your messages loud and clear.

    they’ve got you and everything is unfolding perfectly as it should.

    relax into this present moment and enjoy.

    let life surprise you.

    the unexpected is the best part of life.

    even though it may feel like at times things aren’t going your way, they most certainly are.

    your team and the universe know what they are doing – there is no such thing as failures and mistakes.

    sigh; let go – it’s all good 🦋🐝

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Surrender, unfold, let go…

    What makes being alive so divine...

    With time I now understand.

    I know that what is meant for me will not pass me by.

    I know that there is no such thing as perfect timing, only here and right now.

    I know that I must let go of what is not for me or meant to stay in my life.

    I know that I am not in control of everything and that’s okay.

    I know that I must trust the timing of my life how everything is to unfold.

    I know I should not and cannot control my emotions because they are love letters from my heart.

    I know that part of being human is messy and it’s what makes being alive so divine.

    Keep going, beautiful soul

    We want to control but sometimes all we can do is surrender and trust the process.

    You can want something so badly but it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be or yours. No matter how much you ache and yearn for it.

    Trust that what’s meant to be will be no matter what.

    It’s okay to surrender to what is.

    It’s okay to let go to what is.

    It’s okay to not be in control and have faith in what will be.

    Go through the motions of it all – sadness, hope, heartbreak, healing, grieving, accand come out on the other side stronger and with a heart even more opened.

    One day you’ll look back at this moment and understand why everything is unfolding the way it is.

    It’ll all make sense.

    If not now, some day.

    Keep going beautiful soul 🦋

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The best is yet to come

    You will...

    It will happen again.

    It’s not over.

    It’s not the end but only the very beginning.

    The pieces will all fall together and everything will be back on track.

    You will smile again.

    You will fall in love again.

    You will find yourself again.

    You will feel like yourself again.

    You will get a job again.

    You will laugh again.

    You will feel again.

    You will get back up again.

    You will have those moments where you understand why everything happened for a reason again.

    Here is to beautiful new beginnings in any moment, you choose.

    Try again.

    Keep going.

    A new dawn is here for you beautiful soul.

    Here's to your new dawn

    The best moments of your life haven’t finished up beautiful soul, it’s only the beginning.

    The best moments aren’t just for a moment in time but your life will be a string of them.

    Happiness isn’t behind you or in the past, she’s here dancing with you.

    Life is not over but emerging in new bloom for you 🌻

    Here’s to your new dawn 🦋

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • To be human…

    I live and love to be human

    After all I’ve been through I’m here to embrace being human.

    I don’t long to be enlightened or above it all.

    I love being human and what it entails.

    Sure, there are moments where it gets really hard.

    When you’re crouched on the floor, hugging your knees questioning if everything will be okay and spoiler alert: it always is.

    For moments like that, there are always many that keep you going.

    The moments that take your breath away.

    The moments that make your heart beat faster.

    The moments where you feel like you can fly.

    The moments that give you the tingles and butterflies.

    The moments where everything suddenly makes sense and everything falls into place.

    I live for those moments.

    I live and love to be human.

    Live, live, live!

    Why run from your humanity? It’s the very reason of your existence and why you are here beautiful soul.

    You are a soul; the divine — having a human experience.

    Part of this journey will be painful.

    You will feel anguish.

    You will feel heartbreak.

    Life will bring you to your knees and that’s okay.

    Just as so there will be moments that make your heart sing and soar.

    Where you can’t stop smiling.

    Where joy fills your whole being.

    Live, live, live!

    Live for those moments 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The beautiful day is coming

    The beautiful days are coming

    One day you’re going to feel so alive again and you bet it will be worth it.

    Your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much.

    Your stomach will ache from how much you laugh.

    Your shoulders will be free from the aches and burdens of the world.

    You’ll be dizzy with euphoria riding high on life.

    Your eyes will sparkle like seeing the world for the first time all over again.

    Love will course your veins and fill your heart so deeply.

    I promise you that day is coming.

    I promise you that you’re stronger than you think and you can handle anything that happens in the meantime.

    What a beautiful day that will be.

    Keep going, beautiful soul

    because the sun will always shine after the rain, in fact the sun is always there it’s just blocked or covered by clouds ⛅️

    we all go through tough times, this is the human experience.

    know for these tough times there will be beautiful times too 🌻

    sometimes darkness convinced us that thats it… remember the light always ✨

    better days are coming, you’ll see 💫 and you’ll be so glad you held on.

    so proud.

    worth the wait… worth the joy, happiness, satisfaction and alignment 🥰

    your future self will be so grateful you stuck it out.

    keep going beautiful soul, you got this! 👊🏽

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • It will always truly be…

    On having faith...

    Have faith it will all work out.

    What’s meant to be will be.

    Even if it looks or feels like it won’t.

    Even when you think everything is going wrong.

    Even when you feel discouraged and want to give up.

    At times it will be overwhelming.

    At times it may be heavy.

    At times you’ll need a moment to take it all in.

    You can’t mess it up. It’s yours.

    All you have to do is trust the process and continue on your journey.

    It might take a day or maybe it’ll take years but what is meant for you will always find it’s way to you, even if it’s a roundabout way.

    The waiting, the gap, the in between, the changes, the transitions, the meantime… they all serve a necessary purpose.

    Even delays and detours are part of it.

    You will arrive at the perfect time, as the exact person you need to be, ready.

    Eventually everything will work out.

    It always does.

    Take a deep breath in and let go.

    Hold your power and vision.

    Everything will fall into place.

    You don’t have to worry about anything.

    Have trust and have faith.

    What is meant to be...

    For anyone who needs to hear this right now 🧡

    What is meant for you won’t pass by you.

    Let your heart be at ease.

    Let your mind be at peace.

    Little by little, moment by moment, day by day everything is working out for you.

    You are divinely loved and supported.

    Force is not required.

    Worrying won’t help.

    If it doesn’t work out the way you wanted for whatever reason know that you are being divinely protected and guided.

    Melt into this moment and be here now 💫

    What is meant to be, will always truly be.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The electricity of life

    The things I hope...

    I hope this month treats you well.

    I hope whatever is going on in your life causing you anxiety and stress is alleviated.

    I hope whatever makes you question yourself leads to a breakthrough in your confidence.

    I hope whatever keeps you up at night is resolved so that you have a peaceful sleep.

    I hope you are surprised by something that makes you smile.

    I hope you get everything that you wish for.

    I hope that your heart beats fast and you feel so lit up by the spark of your soul within.

    I hope you create new memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

    I hope you realise that you are loved, you are appreciated and deserve all the good things.

    You deserve it all

    Because no matter what day or time of the year, you deserve to feel love and inner peace.

    You deserve to be recognized for all that you’ve been through and all that you do for everyone else.

    You deserve to have the breakthrough you’ve been craving and the clarity you’ve been seeking.

    You deserve to feel fully alive and so consumed by the electricity of life, it’s beating heart and pulse.

    You deserve to be reminded that even though life can be tough at times, most of the time, there is so much love and joy yet to fully emerge and bloom.

    Here’s to your best month yet 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Let go and trust the process

    Trust the process

    Trust the process.

    You don’t need to fully understand the process to. 

    Everything you have wished for, asked for, intended, manifested and visualised is on its way.

    The learning curve may be steep but it’s all part of the journey.

    This journey is not linear.

    It is a dance with life.

    Backwards and forwards.

    To the side and back.

    Up and down.

    Stopping and starting.

    All over the damn place.

    That’s the process.

    In this process know that you are healing and you are loved.

    You don’t have to have it all figured out and perfect to be loved.

    Let go. It’s okay to.

    Surrender your fears and control to the process.

    Let go of your expectations and timing.

    And so, when you arrive it will all make sense.

    You just had to trust the process.

    Letting go...

    It’s not easy to trust the process. Your mind will put up a fight. It wants to know everything. Every single detail. Why? How does it come together? When?

    The process doesn’t involve the mind.

    Letting go of the mind.

    The process involves the heart.


    Having faith.

    You can antagonize and ache over the why, how and details yet you will feel no closer to the destination.

    Can you give yourself more ease, grace, love and compassion by trusting the process.

    Knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly as it should?

    Knowing that it is being orchestrated with divine perfection and insight?

    It will make sense one day.

    But for now, trust the process 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Good things are coming

    Move at your own pace

    Good things are coming.

    Good things are waiting for you.

    Good things are about to happen.

    Life has its high and lows.

    Life has its setbacks.

    The weight of sadness, grief and pain.

    The ache of a broken heart and overwhelm mind.

    The frustration of being stuck with no where to go.

    The paralysis of anxiety and perfectionism.

    The yearning for hope and relief… there is more to come.

    The old energy is clearing and the new is ready to rush through.

    In the meantime be kind to your mind, be kind to your body, be kind to your heart and be kind to your soul.

    Move at your own pace.

    The good is inevitable.

    Better days are on their way.

    Be here and you will see

    If you were looking for a sign, here it is 💌 the best is yet to come and all you have to do is keep going.

    Things fall apart for better things to come together.

    It is just around the corner ✨ you’ve got to hold your power, belief and trust in that.

    Your life can change in any moment.

    You can’t predict the future with absolute certainty 🔮

    How do you know that better days AREN’T coming? You don’t.

    A string of bad moments and days doesn’t mean good isn’t coming.

    All you can do is be here in the present. Forget the past it’s dead and gone. Forget the future it’s an illusion.



    & you will see 👁

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • How to be brave…

    I think you're so brave

    I think you’re so brave.

    I think you’re so brave for getting up this morning.

    I think you’re so brave for asking for help when it all gets too much.

    I think you’re so brave for slowing down when you’re overwhelmed.

    I think you’re so brave to admit that you’re not happy.

    I think you’re so brave for letting go.

    I think you’re so brave when all you can do is collapse on the floor and cry.

    I think you’re so brave when you forgive yourself because we all make mistakes and mess up.

    I think you’re so brave for starting again.

    I think you’re so brave when you refuse to let life, labels and trauma define you.

    I think you’re so brave because even when life knocks you down, you get back up and keep going.

    How to be brave

    “Be brave” were the last words my dad ever said to me almost 10 years ago. I thought I knew what that meant.

    We often think of bravery as these life changing, huge acts that take place when bravery can be found even in what seems like the smallest of things.

    Letting yourself collapse on the floor uncontrollably crying because you can barely hold it together. The bravery in allowing yourself to feel and move through the motions.

    Admitting to yourself whilst you pretend to be happy and your life looks good on paper, acknowledging the truth that resides in your soul. That you aren’t fulfilled. The bravery is defying societal expectations and listening to your truth, your heart.

    Reaching out to a friend even though you feel bad and guilty because you’re struggling. You’re allowed to desire love and support, you’re human. The bravery in asking for what you need instead of feeling ashamed for it.

    Be brave in all moments, it counts.

    Be brave because life isn’t easy, yet you’re giving it your best go and showing up, that counts.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    If you’re ready to face your fears and follow your dreams to the other side full of joy and soul fulfilment, let’s work together 🧡

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