You are the power...

Tell me, beautiful soul, are you exhausted from carrying all those labels and stories that have defined who you are?

You are not your trauma.

You are not your illness.

What you’ve been through is valid.

No matter how bad someone else has it, no matter what anyone else says, no matter what anyone else thinks, no matter who believes you, you are resilience beaming through.

You are the bravery that roars.

You are the wisdom books can’t contain.

You are the light that continues to shine.

You are the power beyond measure.

Shine on

People may be jealous of your light, but they won’t be jealous of your journey through darkness.

Never let another’s darkness impact your light.

Some people will not see you not because you don’t shine, but because they do not want to acknowledge your light.

For some your light will be too bright and that’s okay.

Shine on ✨

Phi Dang