• 7 Online communities for women supporting women

    The popularity of social media and increased time we all spend online has led to the massive growth in online female communities. As a result, there has been a rise in online female communities for women supporting women. These communities are inspirational because they enable women to connect and network with each other. A supportive environment for sisterhood to help each other, businesses and side hustles.


    The BossBabe website
    The BossBabe website

    About BossBabe

    BossBabe is an online community for unapologetically ambitious women who know what they want. As a result, BossBabe is online female community empowers budding female entrepreneurs and business owners with a kit for success.

    Who is the founder of BossBabe?

    BossBabe was originally founded by Alex Wolf. It’s fascinating you can watch the old BossBabe material here: Original BossBabe YouTube. Wolf founded BossBabe at the age of 22! After hitting a quarter of a million followers, she sold the company at 25. Wolf now is a consultant and speaker, with an online educational platform Creative Business School.

    BossBabe is now run by Natalie Elizabeth Ellis and Dr. Danielle Canty who are the cofounders and CO-CEOs. In a BossBabe podcast episode on ‘The One Thing You Need For a Thriving Business Relationship’ the two shared how they live and work together.

    Both entrepreneurs have turned BossBabe is a huge powerhouse in the female community. You only have the look up the #bossbabe hashtag all over social media. They have over 16M followers and 1.9M+ members in their social media community.

    What do you get from BossBabe?

    The Société is the BossBabe membership program which includes an instant success kit upon joining. The membership is paid and private for female entrepreneurs to connect, build and grow. In terms of other resources, the BossBabe team have a blog and podcast in addition to running events.

    Examples of content:

    Cost of BossBabe?

    $35USD a month = $420USD a year. It is important to note, that they do offer free advice. They do this on their Instagram and on their site through blog posts and their podcast.

    Business Chicks

    The Business Chicks website
    The Business Chicks website

    About Business Chicks

    Business Chicks is Australia’s largest and most influential community for women. They also have a presence in New York and Europe. Business Chicks openly advocate that their membership is not just for women in ‘business.’ They warmly endorse that Business Chicks is about helping all women play a bigger game.

    Who is the founder of Business Chicks?

    Emma Isaacs is the founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks. Isaacs ran her own recruitment company from the age of 18. During her time she was asked to run an event for a group called Business Chicks. The rest is history as they say as she went onto acquire the group and shape it into what it is today. Emma has grown the the small Business Chicks group of 250 members into a community of thousands of engaged women.

    What do you get from Business Chicks?

    Business Chicks has over 100 Business Chicks events annually. They have high profile guests such as Brené Brown, Arianna Huffington, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Amoruso, Nigella Lawson and Jay Shetty. If you’re interested in what their Masterclasses are like refer to our Business Chicks Review on the Jay Shetty Masterclass. Business Chicks truly is an open community where non members are able to book a masterclass too. Their members do receive discounts and special members only workshops.

    Examples of content include:

    Cost of Business Chicks

    Business Chicks is a paid membership at $199AUD a year and $9.99 joining fee. Benefits include and are not limited to access to their Masterclasses, connecting with other members and a subscription to their magazine Latte.


    The Girl Boss website
    The Girl Boss website

    About Girlboss

    Girlboss is for millennial women progressing whether that is personally or professionally. Their values are humour, vulnerability, curiosity and inclusivity. GirlBoss is an online community providing a place to network alongside resources and tools to progress.

    Who is the founder of Girlboss?

    Sophia Amoruso is the original Girlboss who is known for being the founder of clothing empire Nasty Gal. The humble Nasty Gal Vintage eBay store turned into one of the fastest growing online boutiques, Nasty Gal. In 2014 her autobiography was titled #GIRLBOSS. Amorouso went on to create Girl Boss Media, a company geared towards a female audience. In 2017 she launched the Girlboss platform. The rising success led to her selling Girlboss in 2019 to Attention Capital. Amouruso remains on the board of Girlboss.

    What do you get from Girlboss?

    Girlboss is a like minded community to connect and network with, They have weekly Digital Firesides with today’s thought leaders such as Payal Kadakia founder of ClassPass. Additionally they run a blog and have a video library full of resources. The Girlboss blog covers a huge range of topics such as work, money, wellness, beauty and life.

    Examples of content include:

    Cost of Girlboss?

    Hub Dot

    The Hub Dot website
    The Hub Dot website

    The Girlboss platform is open and free to anyone.

    About Hub Dot

    Hub Dot is a professional network for women that has its origins in London. They believe in connecting people to bridge the gaps, strip away labels and level the playing field. Their values are community, authenticity, humanity, sharing and trust. Hub Dot runs events through a system of five dots which replace job titles and social status.

    Who is the founder of Hub Dot?

    Simona Barbieri is the founder of Hub Dot. In Simona’s interview with Look Magazine, she speaks about the origins of Hub Dot. She was having a coffee with a bunch of friends, when a friend made a comment about feeling ‘stuck’. She wanted to help and saw the potential of connecting individual powers to make ‘things happen’. That was the beginning of what we she calls Dot Alchemy – Dots intersecting to share stories and transform.

    What do you get from Hub Dot?

    The Hub Dot events as mentioned run on a system of five dots which reflect different mindsets. The mindsets range from being new, being established, looking for inspiration or networking or being compelled to tell your story. They have run events in over 25 cities in person and now run online Hub Dot Live Piazzas. This enables women from all over the world to join.

    Cost of Hub Dot?

    Previously physical Hub Dot events are ticketed to pay for logistics and operations. As a result of a growing network, the virtual ones are now free and are supported through donations.

    Kool Kanya

    The Kool Kanya website
    The Kool Kanya website

    About Kool Kanya

    Kool Kanya is an online female community started in India. The community offers career advice and platform for women to share about jobs, careers, health and lifestyle. Kool Kanya was built to be a nurturing ecosystem for women to connect with each other and build careers they love.

    Who is the founder of Kool Kanya?

    Vanshika Goenka is the founder of Kool Kanya. In 2017, she was doing market research for a sanitary pad company. Whilst doing so, she realised it was a room full of men discussing how to better a product only for women. Goenka came to the realisation of a skewed gender ratio in the Indian workplace. As such, she was determined to create a community of women and Kool Kanya was born.

    What do you get from Kool Kanya?

    Kool Kanya is a safe space for women to connect with each other and ask questions. They provide career advice through their Power Reads in addition to running events and helping members find a mentor. Their values are transparency, empathy, self-drive, failing forward and user centric.

    Examples of content:

    Cost of Kool Kanya?

    Kool Kanya is free and open to join!


    TwoXChromosomes website
    The TwoXChromosomes website

    About TwoXChromosomes

    TwoXChromosomes is a subreddit intended for women’s perspectives on the meaningful and silly. At current there are 12.7M members of the community and at the time of writing 4.5K were active online. In 2014 TwoXChromosomes was made a default community. This meant that everyone could see the community regardless a Reddit member or not. The community name “XX” is not meant to be specifically inclusive or exclusive of anyone.

    Who is the founder of TwoXChromosomes?

    According to Dailydot’s profile of the TwoXChromosomes community, the founder is a username by the name of HiFructoseCornFece. She is only known by her username which is fair enough for privacy and out of respect. In the article she says, “There is something for most everyone in 2XC, regardless of age or gender.”

    “There was definitely not one singular place or person to whom I could have gone five years ago for advice on birth control, girl friendships, love, sex, workplace survival, waxing, makeup, bras, no-heat curls, and life crises. I think it’s sanded off some of my cynicism to see that kind of support and camaraderie. We’re all pioneering this weird existence together.”

    What do you get from TwoXChromosomes?

    Conversation and connection in relation to the existence and/or experience of girlhood is on the community. They are platform for insightful dialogue, laughter, and community.

    Popular all time posts according the stats of the TwoXChromosomes include:

    Cost of TwoXChromosomes?

    The community is free to join, you will just need a Reddit account to post otherwise you can lurk on the pages.

    Women Who

    About Women Who

    Women Who website
    The Women Who website

    Women Who is a community for working women dedicated to helping women think, work, and live better. The create environments the enable connection, to share information and to have fun. The aim of Women Who is to help women get where they want to be.

    Who is the founder of Women Who?

    Otegha Uwagba is the founder of Women Who. Her interview with Elle, How I Quit My Job To Launch A Women’s Network details the origins of Women Who. Having an advertising background, she worked at VICE. After a year of working there, she quit without knowing what to do next. Uwagba had an idea that had been growing for a while to create an online platform. She wanted the platform to spotlight and supports creative working women who are figuring things out.

    What do you get from Women Who?

    They have a newsletter, podcast, worksheets in addition to running workshops and events.

    Examples of content include:

    Cost of Women Who?

    The worksheets are at a cost of $20-30 GBP. Their newsletter and podcast is free.

    Get involved in online communities, support other women and connect
    Get involved in online communities, support other women and connect

    In conclusion of online communities for women supporting women

    The world is an incredible place compared to many years ago. Women used to face many more challenges and obstacles existed for women. We now live in a society that is moving towards championing flourishing women.

    Women who support other women. Connection over community. Above all, there are a range of communities available for women that are not restricted to this list. Community can start from your local neighbourhood all the way to the big global community that exists today thanks to the internet.

    Get involved! Become a part of an online female community. There is nothing to fear or worry about. There is so much to gain by being part of an online community for women. Benefits range from connecting with others, making friends, learning how to improve not only your business or career, but yourself.

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  • Business Chicks Review: An Honest Opinion Jay Shetty Masterclass

    Wow, I’m straight off the Jay Shetty Masterclass and I felt absolutely compelled to write. This article is a Business Chicks review about my experience of an online Business Chicks Masterclass. I will preface this article that I had never attended a Business Chicks event prior to this. I was not asked or paid to write this. This is an honest review of first time Business Chicks attendee.

    Why a Business Chicks Review?

    This article was created as I had heard so much about Business Chicks. I have tried to google and research for other Business Chicks reviews and could not find one. It’s funny I had seen Business Chicks all over my social media from a colleague I used to work with. To be completely honest, I was a skeptic. The old colleague of mine would have inspirational quotes all over her story. She would post pictures from a beautiful brunch in the morning and the classic shot of a goodie bag. This was my impression of Business Chicks and Business Chicks attendees.

    Without a doubt, Business Chicks has consistent and beautiful branding. I fully appreciate this as a strategist in my corporate job. However it just seemed like a movement that big businesses endorsed. Perhaps I was secretly jealous her company had memberships for every woman (it’s a great thing! and yes I totally was and still am). Read on to find out what I truly think about Business Chicks in my review. Additionally I will be sharing what I learnt from the Business Chicks Jay Shetty masterclass.

    What is Business Chicks?

    Business Chicks Website
    What is Business Chicks – An influential community for women

    Before I dive into a Business Chicks review, for those who have not heard of Business Chicks. Business Chicks is Australia’s largest and most influential community for women. For those in the corporate world at least in Australia, they are very well known for holding events. I believe they also have a presence in the US and UK too. Despite their name, Business Chicks isn’t just for women in business. Business Chicks are all about giving you the tools you need to propel yourself.

    Emma Isaacs is the founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks. When I read her story I was genuinely so impressed and inspired. At the age of 18, she started her own recruitment business (a huge feat before the whole #bossbabe movement!). Years later she was asked to run a small event by a group called Business Chicks. She would go on to take a leap of faith to purchase said group. This group would go onto become a well known movement and community amongst women in Australia and globally.

    Why did I attend a Business Chicks Masterclass?

    At the time of writing this Business Chicks review, we are currently in self isolation due to the coronavirus. I had looked up Business Chicks online a few times however I had a few obstacles in my mind.

    • 1) I thought it was really expensive from the pictures I had seen. My belief was that only huge corporate companies funded for their staff to attend. Not only that these incredible companies gave their staff the time to attend the events.
    • 2) Even if it was a free event, I didn’t have time! I didn’t even know they had online events. I’m so happy and appreciative of all the companies that enable their staff for true personal growth and development. In my current role I am absolutely swarmed. It’s the type of job where sometimes you end up skipping the gym at lunchtime to hit a client deadline.
    • 3) Previously I had never heard of any of their guests. I didn’t take a personal interest or proactive desire to understand and research the guests.

    So what finally pulled the trigger? I had happened to stumble upon a LinkedIn post. Business Chicks were offering women a free virtual masterclass in New South Wales where I reside. To my disappointment I had missed it! However I was really moved that a free masterclass was offered during a tough time for many people.

    I hopped onto the website and I had chills. I could not believe it! They had secured Jay Shetty of all people as a guest. To say I’m a fan of Jay Shetty is a huge understatement. I have been following him for a while on social media before he blew up into the mainstream arena. The opportunity to see someone speak who I absolutely admire live, it was hard to resist!

    I had expected the Business Chicks masterclass to be $100+ however to my delight, it was only $25! Not only that, the event fell on a day that I did not have work and it was held virtually. It had seemed all the stars had aligned. I slept on it for a few nights and on the day decided to take a leap of faith. I decided to join in – to see what the Business Chicks movement was all about.

    Who is Jay Shetty?

    Jay Shetty
    This is Jay Shetty

    At this point in time, if you are interested in personal development and self growth, you would have to be living under a rock not to know who Jay Shetty is. He is absolutely everywhere: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube – you name it. Jay had previously been a monk in India and Europe at 22. After this, he returned to the modern world as we know it. He went onto work at Accenture before creating inspiring and powerful videos. These videos suddenly appeared everywhere after Arianna Huffington spotted him. The rest is history as they say, he is now an incredible influencer with over 20M followers.

    My top 3 favourites so far are:

    It’s fair to say I had definitely turned to Jay’s videos during dating dilemmas.

    The Business Chicks Review: Jay Shetty Masterclass

    I think I would go on to write pages and pages if I fleshed out everything I had learnt from this Business Chicks Jay Shetty Masterclass. From the beginning, Business Chicks make it easy. I even had reminders sent out before the event which I’m so thankful for as I easily forget things!

    From the beginning there was a great introduction by Emma. She introduced Sarah who knew of Jay and of course Jay Shetty himself. Sarah Davidson (Holloway) hosted this Business Chicks Masterclass.

    On Sarah Davidson (Holloway)

    Sarah Davidson (Holloway) – Image from the Cool Career Sarah Holloway Profile

    I had seen Sarah’s posts on Instagram occasionally and had always thought she seemed so lovely. She was definitely someone I resonated with given I am a proud law school drop out. She was a former mergers and acquisitions lawyer for a top tier firm in Melbourne. During this she had a health scare and realised her passions didn’t align with her career.

    This led to new opportunities where she now runs Matcha Maiden selling affordable and accessible matcha. Furthermore she owns Matcha Mylkbar a plant based cafe in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. Sarah also runs a podcast called ‘Seize the Yay’. The podcast is where she investigates how some of the world’s most inspiring people find their “yay”.

    I had no idea she was into self growth and self development. She was an amazing ‘host’ as she knew about Jay which really showed. She had an incredible interview style where Jay had even admitted he had told stories he had never before. Go Sarah! I was already sold from the moment I heard her speak before Jay Shetty.

    I appreciate the fact that Business Chicks chose Sarah to interview Jay. This is because it can be incredibly cringeworthy watching a conversation between two people where the host has no idea about the guest however this was not the case today.

    On the Business Chicks Jay Shetty Masterclass

    The Business Chicks Masterclass Sarah Davidson (Holloway) and Jay Shetty
    The Business Chicks Masterclass

    As a non member, you can access the Masterclass on their website through a one off purchase. Alternatively Business Chicks offer a great value Masterclass Pass too. I loved this as I hate committing to something without knowing what a programme will be like. Sometimes the big business programs don’t allow any access at all without a membership.

    Logistics of a Business Chicks Masterclass online

    This Business Chicks Masterclass was online only through an easy to download application. I had no issues understanding how to install the application or ‘attend’ the Masterclass. The Masterclass begins with an inspiring brand piece. This is followed by an introduction by Emma of the host Sarah and the guest Jay.

    It’s handy to know that you don’t have to take notes during the Masterclass. Business Chicks record the conversation which is available up to 4 weeks after the masterclass. This means you can be fully present for the Masterclass. Personally I love taking notes as I feel I pay more attention and absorb what is going on.

    The actual Business Chicks Masterclass

    Sarah and Jay had a really insightful conversation full of nuggets of wisdom. They are both very charismatic. The conversation flowed consistently (don’t you just hate watching awkward conversations not only in real life but online too!). The conversation was inspirational, honest, human and authentic. It was a real testament to Sarah as she had a framework so it didn’t go ‘off topic’ in a sense. She knew how to get the best out of Jay Shetty!

    As a result of this Business Chicks Masterclass I have learnt so much. I will share my key learnings in the next section of this article. This Business Chicks Masterclass has definitely won me over and I would definitely attend another one sometime. I finished the Business Chicks Masterclass feeling inspired and motivated not only in my job but also in myself. I am so glad I took the time for myself to attend and invest the $25 (for a non member). If all the Business Masterclasses are like this, I need to sign up ASAP!

    Key Learnings from the Business Chicks Jay Shetty Masterclass

    The Business Chicks Masterclass on my laptop
    The Business Chicks Masterclass on my laptop

    The current situation at hand, coronavirus

    • Coronavirus affects everyone in the world, no matter who you are. It affects influencers, celebrities, your neighbour, your friend of a friends – everyone. It is a sad and humbling fact all at the same time. Definitely a global event we will all remember for the rest of our lives.
    • How this coronavirus has made it harder for everyone to numb and distract themselves. We are all guilty of doing this with being busy all the time. It is so important to sit with your feelings. Who are you without being so busy and productive all the time? Sarah noted the importance of your sense of self without external factors.
    • Jay spoke about revisiting gifts you have that you had forgotten. How you could use your gifts to impact your community. That sharing your gift in this time was a wonderful silver lining, an opportunity. He has just launched 20 days of live meditation for 20 minutes. This came from his roots as a monk and daily practice. Personally, I had definitely forgotten how I loved to write and help others. Hence why I finally got in her vitality off the ground, despite buying the domain in August 2019 last year!

    Inspiration, tools and resources

    Inspirational Martin Luther King quote
    Sarah Davidson (Holloway) mentioned a really inspirational quote during the Business Chicks Masterclass

    Concluding on this Business Chicks Masterclass Review

    Business Chicks makes the world a better place for women, Business Chicks Review
    Business Chicks makes the world a better place for women

    All in all, I am so glad I overcame my skepticism of Business Chicks to join the Jay Shetty Masterclass. Whilst I am still not a member right now, I am definitely considering becoming one. I would attend another Business Chicks Masterclass. The Business Chick Masterclass I attended was inspiring and helpful. They are a great opportunity to take the time to tune into yourself.

    It definitely did help I was a fan of the guest of the Masterclass, so it would be really interesting to attend another one of someone who I don’t know. At the end of the day if you are interested about someone’s teachings, you’re more then likely to enjoy their Masterclass.

    In conclusion Business Chicks is definitely more affordable and accessible then I first thought. Not only that it is a beautiful community, they are very active on their Business Chicks Instagram. I encourage you to find out for yourself and make up your own mind! You can check out Business Chicks here.

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  • 22 Positive affirmations for the workplace to overcome stress

    Positive affirmations in the workplace help to feel instantly soothed, calm and centred.

    They help tap into the inner peace within you.

    Workplaces can be highly stressful and overwhelming at times. Any job can have elements which cause stress, even when you love what you do.

    Affirmations can provide a moment of reprieve in these moments when you feel anxiety and tension. They are a helpful relaxation strategy in your toolkit to overcome work stress.

    The following 22 positive affirmations for the workplace help to overcome stress. Refer to the power of affirmations to live a soul fulfilling life for a greater understanding on the ability for affirmations to improve your mindset and wellbeing.

    What is work stress?

    BetterHealth sums up work stress as:

    Some of the many causes of work-related stress include long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity and conflicts with co-workers or bosses.

    Symptoms include a drop in work performance, depression, anxiety and sleeping difficulties.


    22 Positive affirmations for the workplace to overcome stress

    ♥ I can do anything but I can’t do everything.

    ♥ Asking for help does not mean I am incompetent or weak.

    ♥ I am allowed to have a break.

    ♥ I need to be at my best, feel my best, to do my best.

    ♥ There is always work to be done. I can’t always finish it all at the end of the day.

    ♥ I can’t control other people.

    ♥ It is only work. It is only one aspect of my life.

    ♥ Challenges bring opportunities.

    ♥ I learn from my mistakes.

    ♥ Mistakes are opportunities to grow.

    ♥ Every day is a new day.

    ♥ Feedback helps me grow.

    ♥ I trust that every decision I make is the best I could at that time.

    ♥ I would not be in my job if management did not believe I could do it.

    ♥ Failure is normal. It is impossible to never make mistakes.

    ♥ This situation is not good or bad. It just is.

    ♥ It is what it is.

    ♥ I feel stressed right now but I can overcome it.

    ♥ I am letting go of stress so I can think clearly.

    ♥ My experiences have equipped me to make the best decision.

    ♥ I am capable of handling anything. I can do hard things.

    ♥ This situation will pass, it is not forever.

    In conclusion on these affirmations

    Love and light, I hope these positive affirmations for the workplace help in reducing your stress. Should your work stress feel overwhelming, it may be best to speak to friends and family in addition to reaching out to your human resources department at work, employee assistance programs and medical professionals.

    Other affirmations for stress reduction

    27 Calming affirmations and mantras for acceptance – in her vitality

    Struggling with anxious thoughts? Here are 22 powerful affirmations to reframe your thoughts for a positive mindset – in her vitality

    Additional resources for work stress

    Work-related stress – BetterHealth

    Coping with stress at work – American Psychological Association

    Learn to rest not quit – Imperfect Ambition

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