Trust your heart and soul, it led me here


September 13 2021. A year ago today I emailed my resignation letter through after 5 years in my corporate job in brand integration and strategy… less than a year later I just did my tax for 2021-2022 🧨

I remember being so scared yet so excited at the same time. Forging my own path breaking free from societal conditioning on security as well as cultural pressures. Healing my ancestral money stories.

I haven’t been tracking numbers because I’ve just been enjoying the journey of being a full time life coach since I finished my corporate job in November 2020.

In less than a year
🧨 6 figures
🚀 surpassed my corporate income doing less than half the hours if not more
📖 secured a publishing deal, my book is coming June 2023

I share not to trigger but to ACTIVATE you 🧨

The leap of faith was scary… watch my last video for more details. I filmed that shortly after resigning. I
feel more happy and myself than ever.

I am also more abundant than ever. We are conditioned the wrong way around make money = be happy… it’s be happy = lots of money 💸

You can do what you love and be abundant.

You can be spiritual and live comfortably.

Best of all I never thought I would run my own business some day let alone be a life coach, life surprises you in the most delightful ways 😄

I am so grateful for you reading this and being here.

I am so grateful to the incredible soul mate clients I work with.

I am so grateful to my higher spiritual council and team.

I am so grateful to my coaches who always believed in me and continue to support me.

I am so grateful to the women before me who have celebrated and shown me that this is possible.

This is truly only the beginning… watch this space.

I was you 9 months ago. Seeing others living the dream. Wondering if I could do the same… YOU CAN!

We are here to not just be alive but to truly LIVE.

GO BIG – if I can do it, so can you.

Trust your heart and soul… it’s led me here.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang