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  • 44 – The Great Unlearning Now Available Worldwide

    Happy Launch Day! Phi’s debut book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned And Authentic Life is now available worldwide! 

    In this episode she shares a preview of the audiobook (Chapter 2: Timelines). You can purchase the book in store, online, ebook or audiobook. 

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  • 43: Ell and Courtney – Thoughts That Manifest Podcast

    This episode features Ell Duclos and Courtney from the Thoughts That Manifest Podcast. We chat all things about friendship, family, abandonment wounds, loss and grief, self care and astrology + so much more. Ell is a Manifestation and Mindset coach and Courtney works in Critical Care. A powerful episode on all things deep, dark and beautiful in life.

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    Chatting to Ell Duclos and Courtney from the Thoughts That Manifest Podcast

    Hello Beautiful Souls, today I am so excited to have Ell and Courtney from the Thoughts That Manifest Podcast which is all about inspiring people to awaken their mind to their limitless potential. I was recently on their podcast a couple of weeks ago and I’ll link it to you in the show notes it was such a beautiful deep conversation on uncovering your soul purpose through human design. We also discussed all things related to self love, self care and soul alignment!

    Ell Duclos and Courtney Human Design

    • Ell – Manifesting Generator 5/1 
    • Courtney – Emotional Projector – 4/6 

    What's covered speaking to Ell and Courtney from the Thoughts That Manifest Podcast

    • Describing each other, Ell and Courtney’s friendship of over 20 years!
    • Having other friends 
    • Long distance friendships and navigating that
    • Looking at their charts together I found it interesting that their energies overlaid to become one channel that’s activated is struggle – Ell has the energy of fear of purpose in the sense not living up to your full potential or that life is meaningless, Courtney has the energy of the fighter. 
    • Abandonment Wounds
    • Feeling and being alone
    • Loss and Grief
    • Being Parentless
    • Drugs and Addiction
    • Book Recommendations: Mother Hunger
    • Trigger Warning: Suicide, Death
    • Feeling like a saviour matyr
    • The channel of Judgement in Human Design
    • Emotions such as anger 
    • Inner Child Work
    • Running your own business
    • Manifesting
    • Astrology
    • What the houses mean in Astrology and a quick, simple and easy to understand overview
    • New Moon June 2023 Gemini 
    • Self Care
    • Unlearning 

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  • 42: Periods, Menstruation and Moon Cycles

    This episode is all about how your period syncs up to the moon cycle in different phases. The most commonly known are the white moon cycle or red moon cycle, however did you know there is also the pink moon cycle and purple moon cycle? Learn more about your period, menstruation and moon cycles.

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    Hello beautiful soul! 

    Wow what a momentous week it has been. I started off the week not feeling great if I’m honest. On the dot of the peak full moon in Sagittarius we had last week, I got one of the heaviest periods I’ve ever had in a long time. We are talking no match for my period undies. So much so for two days I could barely get out of bed, I couldn’t even cross the road to the shops to buy pads. Bless my mum had to come help me this week as it was quite crippling and debilitating. 

    She was so lovely despite the fact I was tearing up, frustrated and angry because I was triggered by a conversation we had. It took a lot for me to ask my mum to come help me as I live alone and I don’t like to rely on anyone really. I was annoyed finding myself wishing I had a partner who could help me you know?

    Life coaches have triggers too

    Don’t get me wrong I am so happy and I do enjoy being single. It’s given me so much time to reflect, work on myself and business after a break up which again was around a year ago. It’s crazy how life changes on the other side and no regrets. I am truly living my best life but I still have my moments.

    It was a triggered reminder despite how successful and happy I am in life with my business, friends that I was single and love seemed to be evading me. A very human moment and I ultimately am so grateful my mum was able to help me. Even as a life coach, I still get triggered. 

    What matters is I face my triggers, I don’t run from them. That meant throwing a tantrum in the moment and apologising to my mum after. That meant going into shadow work about why I felt ashamed being so successful but wanting love too it felt weak but it’s not, it’s a very human desire. 

    Looking at my human design helped too because I am single definition which means I am actually naturally wired to be independent and not need anyone, that doesn’t mean I can’t want someone and to be transparent that’s where I am at. I don’t need a partner for financial, emotional support or connection but yes I do desire it!

    Phi Dang x Rise & Conquer Podcast

    What else has been happening? In divine timing my episode with Georgie Stevenson on the Rise & Conquer podcast came out which was very exciting. Thank you so much for all your beautiful messages and I am so happy to be meeting everyone through human design readings. I have opened my calendar up with more availabilities so if you’d like a reading please book in, I would love to connect with you and read your human design chart. 

    It’s been incredible what’s been uncovered in the readings I’ve had this week from loved ones who have passed away making appearances, picking up on pregnancies as well as uncovering karmic relationships and predicted ex’s returning for clients!

    If you haven’t listened to the episode with Georgie, I’ll link it in the show notes because I do a live reading for Georgie if you have ever been interested as to what goes on in a reading. She said it was one of the most mind blowing interviews she has done which made my heart so happy. If you love this podcast, you’ll absolutely love her podcast Rise & Conquer too.

    2 weeks until book launch!

    Not only that I cannot believe that we are under 2 weeks away from my book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life to release and being officially published worldwide. For those in Australia and New Zealand listening, if you order from Booktopia have kindly given me a code PHI2023 for you to use for a cheeky little discount! 

    Let's talk about the P word... periods

    Post personal update, now periods aren’t all doom and gloom, I definitely want to release and talk about on another episode all about periods. In general. We need to talk more about our periods. What impacts and influences our period such as stress levels and the pill. What it means to have our periods physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    Upon reflection, I feel so happy I am in a place where I can talk about this open and freely without judgement through my own personal work. I used to think talking about periods was taboo and gross when I was heavily in my masculine energy for my corporate career (not only that I also I felt it was awkward when I had my corporate job talking about air marks “personal” things but not anymore!).

    Being on your period, menstruation, intuition

    In fact I posted on my Instagram stories this week asking a poll, that on your period you actually are at your most intuitive and an overwhelming amount of people did not know that. Now in saying that periods and moon cycles are linked when you are not on the pill. This is because spiritually it is believed that women without hormonal birth control naturally fall to ovulating with the moon cycle either the new or full moon and in between when going through a life transition.

    Medical Disclaimer

    Please note before I begin this episode I am not a medical professional by any means. I am not sharing medical advice or guidance. I am sharing this episode from a spiritual perspective and through my own personal experiences of menstruation and moon cycles. Please use your discernment, take what resonates and discard the rest. 

    When it comes to your health, consult your doctor as well as a naturopath (as personally having a naturopath really helped me when it came to all things period and cycles). For me personally working with a naturopath and coming off the pill within a few months my cycle naturally synced to the new moon cycle and in the past year ago has shifted naturally to the full moon cycle. 

    Etymology of menstruation and moon

    So what does the moon have to do with periods/your menstrual cycle. It dates back in history. The terms menstruation is derived from the Latin mensis (‘month’), which in turn is linked with the Greek mene (‘moon’) and the roots of the English words month and moon. The menstrual cycle of 28 days is roughly the same as the fact the moon has 28 days in it’s cycle. Please do note sometimes this is considered 29 days, even 29.5 days and they don’t exactly sync up — it’s a general guideline. Also consider Monday stems from Moon-day. 

    How and why your period is linked to the moon

    Scientifically it’s been said there’s no correlation but that doesn’t mean it’s not true again there are many things that science cannot prove such as intuition itself. Spiritually speaking we know the moon affects nature such as the ocean and tides. In fact traditionally farmers used to harvest according to the moon. 

    Bringing up water again, you could also say we are a body of e-m-oceans (get it?). We know animals are also impacted by the moon in terms of behaviour. Going further along this line of theory, you can say humans have a high water content and are animals, you get the point. I will make the assumption if you are listening to this you have an open mind and likely consider yourself spiritual. 

    The moon, the divine feminine and Native American mythology

    The moon spiritually is representative of the feminine. As a modern society we have lost touch with our roots and origins in nature, such as women congregating in red tents together at the time of their bleed. There’s a beautiful passage from Native American stories that goes as such:

    “One day, a woman was out in the forest crying because burden had become so great, a raven heard here and asked why as she responded ‘I love my family so very much. I hold my family in my heart and soul, but the pains of life have filled me up. I can no longer help my family. I can no longer take their burdens from them. I just don’t know what to do.”

    The Raven responded that it understood the pain and sought out Grandmother Ocean advice. 

    Grandmother Ocean spoke to her sister, the Grandmother Moon, of the women’s plight. Grandmother Moon responded, ‘I am the power of the feminine. I will send into the women, my sisters, your waters carrying my power. Once every moon cycle, you shall come into the women through me and purify them.’ And, she did this. Ever since then, every woman has a time each moon cycle when she embodies the power of the moon and her flow is the cleansing of the ocean. We call this the woman’s time of the moon, or moon-time.”

    This was an excerpt from The Bringer of Life: A Cosmic History of the Divine Feminine by Hayley A. Ramsey.

    The moon like our menstrual cycle represents different phases birth, emergence, death and rebirth. The cyclical nature. The ebb and flow.

    Moon cycles aren't just white and red moon

    The two most talked about menstruation moon cycles are either the ‘white moon’ cycle or a ‘red moon’ cycle. However there’s actual four including the ‘pink moon’ cycle and ‘purple moon cycle’ No cycle is better than the other! It’s best to go with the flow (pun intended) and see where your body is naturally geared towards. Just like the moon different phases for different energies. Do note it can change in different times in your life too, for me intuitively as I awakened more into my gifts, deeply surrendering and trusting it aligned with a red moon cycle as I did more intuitive work through 1:1 coaching and human design readings. I was still intuitive on my white moon cycle! 

    White Moon cycle is when you bleed with the new moon and ovulate during the full moon. A red moon cycle is when you bleed with the full moon and ovulation during the new moon. A pink moon cycle is when you bleed when the full moon is transitioning into the new moon (the waning moon phase). The pink moon cycle occurs during the first quarter moon, the waxing moon between the new moon and full moon whereas the purple moon cycle occurs during the waning moon which is the last quarter of the moon transitioning from full moon to new moon. 

    The easiest way to figure out where you fall is to track your periods, day 1 being when you first bleed and you can easily look online to see what phase the moon is in or look outside at the moon and you’ll see too!

    White Moon Cycle

    The White Moon cycle is most common. This cycle mirrors the traditional cycle and energies of the moon. Bleeding occurs when the moon is it’s darkest, with the energy going inwards whereas ovulating is when the moon is at it’s brightest (the full moon). 

    Traditionally this is associated with women in the ‘mother’ phase of their life because well before artificial light, people would have fun when there was light including under the moon. That’s also because when you’re ovulating your sex drive is the highest so for the white moon cycle during the full moon your wild woman may be unleashed. 

    In modern days we would say women who are pouring energy into themselves and potentially those around them too. You don’t have to be a mother or wanting to be a mother in this phase. It’s the cycle linked to Mother Earth too – being amongst and grounded in nature as well as fertility which is also about being creative, nurturing, nourishing.

    Are you taking on the role of nourisher and nurturer in relationships around you if you don’t have children such as family, friends or colleagues. Perhaps this energy is going into nourishing a channel that needs nurturing such as a new task, creative outlet, project, business venture.

    Purple Moon Cycle

    Purple Moon Cycle aligns with the waning phase of the moon moving from brightness to darkness. If you find yourself bleeding in this phase it’s often a call for release: slowing down, healing, reflection and rest. Just like the moon herself growing smaller, withdrawing into the darkness. 

    In terms of seasons this is like Autumn or Fall. Shedding what no longer serves you and letting go. Figuring out where you want to direct your energies. Seeking change whether that’s how you live your life, where you live, careers and relationships. 

    Perhaps if you have children they are becoming more independent or you are not wanting children or at peace with not having them. 

    It’s also akin to a caterpillar going into the cocoon. Perhaps you are going into shadow work, the darker hidden aspects of self. Doing the deep inner work to emerge a butterfly. See yourself if you are in this phase like your period is a portal to being more receptive to downloads and signs available to you and grounding as after a full moon it can be intense at times.

    Red Moon Cycle

    Bleeding occurs when the moon is it’s light at the new moon therefore it has been said women who are able to hold space in the darkness because they can innately connect to their own darkness. 

    In ancient times, the red moon cycle was associated with shamanism, witches, high priestesses, and healers directing their energy outwards in times of bleed to  help others from their own experience and wisdom. 

    Do note this isn’t always the case as I’ve found on a red moon cycle I don’t always feel like being vibrant and outwards facing. If you are in this cycle of your life you may be more focused on self growth, personal development and mentorship. In terms of children it could be finishing having children or postponing having children. It’s also a phase known to be more in touch with your physicality, your body, your sexuality. 

    Pink Moon Cycle

    Pink Moon Cycle aligns with the waxing phase of the moon moving from darkness to light. If you find yourself bleeding in this phase it’s often a transition: a call for stepping into and expanding into your power, coming into your strength. 

    A new self discovery phase. Coming out of rest and reflection into love and light. Aligning to the archetype of the Maiden, like Spring energy, playful, curious, enthusiastic, a new direction, more energy mentally and physically and greater clarity. 

    This stage maybe you are feeling called to be more bold and tapping into your feminine.

    Within your period is a moon and seasonal cycle

    The coloured moon cycles are for when you bleed what cycle you are in.

    Within the typical cycle for menstruation it goes (white moon cycle):

    1. New Moon/Menstruation/Winter
    2. Waxing/Follicular/Spring
    3. Full/Ovulation/Summer
    4. Waning/Luteal/Autumn/Fall

    Remember the order and what stage it represents change as the order as stated reflects the traditional white moon cycle so if you’re on a red moon cycle it’s flipped mensturation isn’t your winter but your summer as an example.

    When it comes to the cycle the best thing to do is be aware of your own timings and note things down so you can see patterns that emerge in terms of your energy and mood.

    Things you can do to align with the moon cycle 

    Do note in terms of the moon and syncing with it, medication, illness, stress and food consumption. Seriously I’ve had month long bleeds whilst being very stressed in my corporate job and also being on the wrong pill for me previously that did not agree with my body.

    To realign with the moon here are some tips it’s about going back to the natural beat and rhythm of nature. For example your circadian rhythm is highly affected by light and in turn artificial light. Think scrolling at night. Laptops at night. Blue light. Minimise use of screens at night. Use softer, dimmed light like a salt lamp. 

    I’ve not tried this myself but I’ve read online you can try sleeping in complete darkness 14 days in the lead up to the full moon, then during the 3 days of the full moon dimmed light and then back to darkness. 

    Alternatively sleeping with your curtains open or ajar to allow natural moonlight to filter through.By that same thinking because when there’s a new moon it isn’t as visible in the sky so that’s when you want to keep your room as dark as natural to mimic the absence of the moon’s light.

    You can immerse yourself in nature particularly during the day as our ancestors would be, particularly in or by the ocean which we know is so heavily influenced by the moon. You can also bring nature to you, have plants around you. You can even try moonbathing which is the same principle as sun bathing, going outside when the moon is in full view and soaking in the energy of it. 

    Best crystal for your period and moon cycle

    I have a lot of people ask me about crystals and the obvious one to work with for your period and moon cycles is moonstone. Obvious as the stone is connected with the moon and nevertheless a great stone to support connecting to feminine energy. It goes back to ancient civilisations and times where they believe moonstone was part of the moon itself once, formed through drops of moonlight. The divine feminine associated with moonstone is Diana. She was associated in the times of the Romans with hunting and protector of childbirth. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis.

    You can have moonstone next to you as your sleep and if you’re lying down or meditating having it placed on your womb space. With any crystals of course make sure they are cleansed physically and energetically before using and after using. 

    Periods and seed cycling

    As I’ve mentioned it’s worth speaking to a naturopath or holistic health expert. I’ve recently learned about seed cycling which is a gentle way to rebalance your hormones incorporating different seeds depending on different parts of your cycle to help your hormones. The seeds being pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, sunflower and sesame seeds. 

    I hope today’s episode has spread light and given you more awareness about your period and how it aligns with the moon cycle. Use this episode as a springboard to your own deeper enquiry and investigation. Until next time beautiful soul, take care.

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  • 41 – Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023

    This episode is all about the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023. Learn more about the energies and what to expect during the Sagittarius Full Moon. There are also journaling prompts for the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    Sagittarius Full Moon June 2023

    Hello beautiful soul and I cannot believe it’s June 2023. At the end of this month on the 23rd my book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life will be released globally. It feels quite surreal, I still remember coming up with the concept and it will soon be in your hands!

    This weekend we have the Sagittarius full moon. This will fall over the weekend on Saturday June 3rd or Sunday 4th June 2023 depending where you are. If you’re based in Australia like me, this falls on Sunday afternoon. Full moons are all about illumination and letting go. You may find more clarity with insights and revelations that trickle in to your world during this time. Depending on your personal chart details you may find this new moon energising or exhausting. 

    What are you ready to let go of and release under this upcoming full moon?

    Who is most impacted under the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023

    Sagittarius is a mutable sign which falls under the category of being flexible, adaptable and accordingly fellow signs Pisces, Gemini and Virgo are more likely to feel this full moon. However there are other energetic influences at play like Mars and Uranus to name a few amongst many that will also have an impact.

    Remember it’s no one size fits all in astrology or human design it’s too simplistic to know your energy based on one layer such as your sun sign or type — it’s the bigger picture on how it all comes together. If you’re looking for support here I do offer human design readings and for 1:1 clients depending on your container I offer weekly guidance personalised to you! More on that in the show notes or DM me for information on Instagram. 

    Sagittarius energy and archetype

    Full Moons can be emotional and uncomfortable times with releasing what no longer serves us but this one will have some optimism with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known for being the great wanderer and traveler, the teacher and philosopher, the student of life, the independent truth seeker which is half human, half horse. 

    This Sagittarius full moon is here as your teacher to impart wisdom on you, and it would be wise to take notes (journaling) of what is revealed to you in this lead up to the full moon and the three days after. Whilst you’re at it, you may like to reflect on what your personal philosophy is right now and who are your greatest teachers?

    Sagittarius: The Bigger Picture

    Fun fact for you, full moons will always take place when the moon is in the opposite zodiac sign from the sun. At times due to this the full moon can bring up experiences and feelings of conflict internally and externally. For the Sagittarius full moon this is in Gemini season. 

    Gemini’s are known to be details and fact orientated, whereas this Sagittarius full moon will shed light on the big picture about what truly matters over the little trivial things and minute details. Again the philosophical, infinitely bigger cosmic approach that Sagittarius is known for. Like the arrow of the Sagittarius archer, focus on what is really important to make your life easier during this Sagittarius full moon. 

    How can you aim higher? 

    Where is best to place your attention and focus here and right now? 

    That is your power, your choice, if you are open and willing to, see the higher meaning and purpose to be found in your life here and right now, despite any heartbreak, pains and disappointments. 

    What bigger picture thinking do you need to invite into your life right now?

    Can you see it all from a larger, holistic, infinite perspective as if you were and are the Universe right now watching you and how life is unfolding?

    As the universe what do you want current you to unlearn?

    As the universe how are you helping current you evolve and grow?

    Sagittarius and Gemini: Approaches to life

    The differing polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini are also poignant in their approaches to life, Gemini is calculated, theoretical and logical (much like the ‘1’ investigator profile line in human design) whereas Sagittarius is experiential, intuitive and deductive. The embodied experiencer very much like the ‘3’ matyr profile line in human design, the hands on and curious approach. 

    Being half human and half horse with a sense for the wild and adventure, you would expect so and as such Sagittarius loves to roam. 

    Therefore during this full moon you may feel encouraged you to expand beyond your current horizons, to dream bigger, to take risks, to go down a road you haven’t been before. To do that of course you must first let go to make way for space and let go of old ways of thinking and behaving. To move beyond your comfort zone.

    Sagittarius and the truth

    Sagittarius is also known for radical honesty (known for being blunt) so maybe some harsh truths will arise and maybe even within yourself being truly honest with where you are right now, who you are right now and how you are feeling.

    What are some truths in your life right now?

    What is your inner truth right now?

    How can you be more honest with yourself and others?

    As they say the truth will set you free and that is another thing Sagittarius is known for loving and seeking freedom and enlightenment. You may be compelled to unlearn what no longer serves you and instead seek information and guidance in alignment with you.

    How can you attain more liberation in your life?

    Impact of body parts Sagittarius Full Moon

    This week I’ve had clients bring up a few physical symptoms they are experiencing and I thought it would be interesting to share that each planet is known to energetically influence parts of our bodies and for Sagittarius that is the lower part of the body: liver, hips thighs, legs and lower back which makes sense for the sign known to love exploring.

    Following your heart

    Due to the astrological transits surrounding the Sagittarius full moon, there is a great focus on your heart. 

    How is your heart in this moment? 

    What does your heart want to say to you? 

    This full moon will have lots of fire, given the influence of Mars (the planet of passion and action) will be present giving us extra confidence, confidence and enthusiasm to follow our hearts in the pursuit of our desires and dreams. It can be a very intense energy so it’s important to feel the passion burning for what we want through the lens of non attachment. 

    Moreover with all this fire energy, it’s ideal to incorporate this into your full moon rituals such as lighting a candle or incense and burning away what you want to release and let go of.

    The unexpected during the Sagittarius Full Moon

    That’s not the only thing, do note the planet of communication Mercury (which rules Gemini) will be meeting the unexpected Uranus which means during this full moon you may have or find out something wildcard or surprising. Not dislike the nature of adventures in general which Sagittarius love. An adventures is full of highs and lows, twists and turns that’s part of the fun – it wouldn’t be so if it was all easy. Life is the biggest adventure of all for us, as divine souls having a human experience.

    Good luck navigating and exploring the energies of this Sagittarius full moon beautiful soul. Until next time, I hope you have a lovely week.

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  • 40: Goddess Kali

    This episode is all about the Goddess Kali, known for death, destruction and rebirth. She is the epitome of raw power. The dark divine feminine. Learn how to channel your inner Kali to overcome obstacles in your life.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    Kali in a dream - her meaning

    Hello beautiful soul,

    What an eclipse season it has been! I’ve been called to chat about Kali in today’s podcast episode. She came to me vividly during eclipse season and called upon me to share more about her and that I will do! I actually had a dream where she was eating me alive and instead of resisting, I leaned into the experience only for us to make love — yup! Felt like a real metaphor for surrendering to change, including what can seem ‘bad’ but actually ultimately becomes ‘good’ because you learn, you grow and you expand. 

    Who is Kali? The Hindu Goddess

    Kali is a Hindu Goddess who is quite misunderstood. Visually she’s so striking, often portrayed with vibrant blue skin sticking her tongue, sometimes with multiple heads, out holding her sword and decapitated head or wearing a necklace strung with severed heads. Kali was born during a battle with evil demons and defeated them, hence this imagery. 

    She is said to be a form of Pavarti, a benevolent sweet, loving, gentle goddess. Kali is true authenticity and power, she isn’t here to be like or traditionally beautiful. She isn’t here to be subservient to men, subtle, submissive or dutiful. She isn’t the performative feminine. She is raw. She is untamed. 

    Kali is powerful

    She’s truly powerful, fierce and ferocious. She symbolises death, destruction as well as rebirth and is seen as a keeper of time too. She is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer, bringing death to ego and attachment. She’s scary because she brings about change. Not one to be complacent, she ushers in massive changes instantly, as if all at once. Life changes at the blink of an eye without warning. She brings upon your next level. 

    Kali is a force

    Kali is a force to be reckoned with and she comes into your life to destroy anything that is not serving you. It’s often not subtle either. She enters your life as a force. You often don’t call upon her, she calls upon you. I’ve personally never called her into my life, she’s come to me. 

    Take warning, if you call her into your life this isn’t child’s play, she truly means business as the goddess of war and battle too. She’s tough love. She reminds us that we need destruction in our lives, to let go of the old, have a clearing for the new to come in. Death is a natural part in the cycles of life. At times she sees things that are hidden, that we not be able to perceive as we are blinded or ignorant. 

    Kali helps you let go and surrender

    Kali in practical terms is the archetype of surrendering, letting go of what no longer serves you and if you cannot take action, she will take it upon your behalf and make it happen. She helps us break free from attachments. Kali is a protective divine mother. She shows us that even in painful times, there is always purpose. 

    Kali is the dark divine feminine

    What really strikes me about Kali is that she is the divine dark feminine, shakti but not as what we know it. She shows the fierce power of the feminine. She gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. She’ll strip away your comfort, taking away the safety blanket to help us navigate the waters of the uncomfortable. 

    How to channel your inner Kali

    Sometimes we need to channel our inner Kali, to be strong, to be unchained, wild, free, liberated. Unleash your inner Kali when it’s time to be bold and brave. 

    To speak your truth. To face your demons. To stand in your power. To release what you struggle to. To feel the more difficult emotions: rage, anger, bitterness, grief, depression and  numbness. 

    Kali is to be liberated by your limits and what holds you back. It’s transmuting and transforming your anger in a healthy, conscious way. 

    She is the medicine to channel when we face crisis, we are stuck in a rut, when we need a huge shake up in our lives. She awakens us, bringing the darkness to the light, to set us free. To bring awareness and consciousness to illusions and fantasies, bringing home the truth. 

    How Kali can impact your life

    When working with clients I’ve seen Kali most powerful at shaking lifelong habits that don’t serve, exiting toxic relationships and cycles, finally leave toxic jobs and situations, take off hiding behind masks and clinging onto ego. 

    Kali helps you set strong and firm boundaries. Kali helps you to call in and take back your power in any situation, to break free from a victim mentality and mindset. She is an ally for unexpected changes, to confront your fears head on. 

    She is the rage to channel inspired action when you are underestimated, walked all over, blocked, challenged and confronted. She helps us rise up. 

    How to work with Kali the goddess

    If you are feeling the call to work with Kali, her mantra to chant is ‘Kreem’ giving you power, strength and wisdom. You can also chant the mantra ‘Om Krim Kali.’ When chanting, the magic number is 108 times. You can also visualise her during meditation or as mentioned channel the wild, raw, power of the feminine it could be through expressing your rage through art or dance as examples. To let yourself go and be free. 

    On closing this Kali podcast episode

    I talk more about working with goddesses and divine feminine archetypes in my upcoming book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life. I am so excited because it’s around 1 month until it’s released on the 23rd of June 2023. 

    I cannot wait for you to read my book! To close off this episode due to demand, I have started opening up human design readings on the weekends too. You can book a reading with me through my website and I also have 1:1 coaching spots available. 

    Thank you for listening beautiful soul, I’m truly grateful, until next time!   

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  • 39: Divine Feminine Day Retreat and Scorpio Full Moon in May 2023

    This Saturday May 6th, I will be holding an in person Divine Feminine Day Retreat in Newtown, Sydney, Australia with my beautiful friend energy healer, yoga & meditation teacher Japna Singh Dussol. It happens to align and coincide with the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (unplanned but so divine!) This episode provides more information about the event and the energies at play at the moment (tiring and emotional!).

    Featured Resources on the episode

    The Divine Feminine Day Retreat Series - Autumn May 6th 2023: Newtown, Sydney, Australia

    Magic happens when women gather in circle.


    Honour your heart and soul with a nourishing day retreat with like minded women to rest and recalibrate with the changing of the seasons.

    With the end of summer, the days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer and we are being called to journey within.

    To align with the rhythm and cycles of nature, the winds of change are here.

    Autumn is upon us, as we prepare for a period of rest with Winter. We are invited to slow down and surrender.

    To reflect and find balance: masculine and feminine, light and dark, past and future.

    To land here in the present and be grounded after the intense energies to kickstart 2023.

    Unwind, relax and release as we dedicate a day to self care. To let go of what no longer serves you, like the falling of leaves, bringing balance back into your mind, body and soul. To be held and supported in safe, sacred space and shift into a new energetic season.

    Your day retreat will include:

    – share circle and seasonal masterclass (letting go and surrender)

    – gentle yoga and meditation

    – sound energy healing

    – yoni steaming circle and sacred ceremony

    – connection to Mother Earth

    – journal prompts

    – morning tea and lunch

    Other details:

    When: Saturday 6th May 2023

    Where: 11-13 Darley Street, Newtown, Sydney

    Investment: $250 AUD

    We look forward to holding space for you! If you have any questions, reach out to either of us:

    Instagram: @thephidang or @japnasinghdussol

    Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Buy tickets by clicking here.

    Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy Update

    We’ve had the new moon solar eclipse in Aries last week and now we are heading into a lunar eclipse full moon with Scorpio (which happens to be my sign!).  This eclipse is linked to the previous one because it’s the perfect time to let go of anything that arose back then and is part of a long series of Taurus and Scorpio eclipses, in fact the second last marker in this journey that began in November 2021 and will end in October this year around my birthday too, so I’m all too well of the feelings and energies of this one. 

    Take a moment to reflect on what was unfolding in your life since and back in November 2021 to zoom out and shed light on the storyline that is being divinely created and orchestrated in your life for your highest growth and expansion. 

    Scorpio represents the south node which is karmic and the past therefore it can particularly stir up karmic relationships and situations, residuals that may have previously begun with the solar eclipse last week to fall away because it no longer serves you. Think of it as a spiritual karmic detox and purge. I’m personally really getting the download for anyone listening here to pay attention to karmic relationships whether that be romantic, family, colleagues or friends. 

    The solar eclipse is about new energy and beginnings whereas a lunar eclipses is about completion or moving into a new direction. The moon represents the subconscious and feminine, so one can expect this full moon eclipse to be emotionally charged in some way. Eclipses often reveal things and with Mercury Retrograde about, as well as another retrograde in Pluto, expect the unexpected. Expect wildcards and curveballs thrown at you. Who knows what information could arise to the surface that could catch you off guard or perhaps even shocked. This is to say, it’s not all negative! It could be life altering, positive news too. 

    It’s the perfect storm one could say because Pluto actually rules Scorpio, alongside co-ruler Mars. To dive deeper into the influence of Pluto think back to around the 22nd/23rd of March when Pluto moved into Aquarius for the first time in our lives! Pluto energy is very aligned with Scorpio so the usual suspect themes: destruction, death, rebirth, the subconscious and transformation. With it moving into Aquarius it also brings about the themes of change, innovation, freedom, liberation, equality and the collective.

    Both planes aren’t known for being shy, if anything they are bold and out there so expect the revelations, energy and feelings accompanying the moon to be the same. The major theme I see arising from this transit is it’s asking for us to let go and master the art of emotional alchemy. Again if your feelings and energies are all over the place, a full moon has a strong influence alone let alone a lunar eclipse which is the energetic equivalent of 10 full moons at once so yes your feelings may be magnified, your feelings may be intensified and it can be temporarily destabilising.  

    To tune into our emotions and intuition. To face our emotions and feel them instead of running away, repressing, ignoring and blocking as we’ve been conditioned to. To transform our pain into power, wounds into wisdom and grief into gold (yep took that line straight of my book the Great Unlearning). Our feelings aren’t to be feared, they can be incredible portals of transformation and springboards for creativity. 

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  • 38: Rest and Integration

    Your personal growth journey can’t always be consistently fast growth, there needs to be rest and integration too for it to be sustainable. In this episode I share an approach and practical ways to rest and integrate in your personal growth journey.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    What is spiritual integration?

    Hello beautiful soul, today’s episode is all about the importance of rest and integration in life particularly growth. I know I used to and talking to many clients, we think and have this impression that growing seemingly needs to be always happening, hitting goals, going higher and higher —the thing is we actually need time to rest and integrate new levels and phases in our life. 

    Integration is about wholeness it stems from a french word which talks about bringing together the parts of a whole. When we experience big growth spurts in life and don’t take the time to integrate, sure you’ve experienced growth but what about sustaining it and incorporating it into your everyday, to actually embody what you’ve learned in reality and not just in your mind. It’s like the equivalent when you go a on a wellness retreat and then quickly slip back into your previous everyday mindset and routines, so much for all the yoga and meditation you previously did!

    The impact of not resting and integrating in your personal growth journey

    Furthering this concept of rest and integration, the analogy of climbing mountains it would be the equivalent of scaling one and then immediately going onto the next. You’ve barely had a moment to catch your breath, let your body rest, take in mentally the fact you’ve physically conquered the mountain… It’s not sustainable and you may end up doing more damage by continually pushing. Alternatively it’s like going diving underwater and not coming up for air, or only a little gulp to go back down again.

     Another analogy is that of romantic relationships the equivalent of getting into one and then immediately into the next. Then in your next relationship you wonder why the same things keep happening, you still feel dissatisfied, thinking being with someone else would take away the pain of the previous… Again it’s likely by doing this you haven’t had time to reflect why the previous relationship didn’t work and to fully process the separation. Hence the need for rest. 

    Rest and integration is important because in this journey of personal growth you’ll either be high on the wins and feel like you’re crashing when really it’s stabilising this new level you’re on or you’ve experienced a low and integration will lift you back up because from the hardships of the low, you’ll gain wisdom and insight through your experience. 

    How to approach resting and integrating in your personal growth journey

    As I’m channeling for this podcast, what has been shared with me is taking a top-down approach to integration in terms of the mind-body-soul connection! Think of it as a holistic approach and ensuring your nervous system is in balance. Another interesting way to look at this connection is that we have three brains in our body. Your brain, mind, Your gut brain, the body and your heart brain, your soul. 

    Mind - Mental integration and rest

    This is your mental state. Thinking of your brain as the hardware and your mind is the software. This is responsible for your thoughts and interpretation of your emotions: feelings. Emotions are more the sensations and experience hence energy in motion whereas your feelings are the mental stories you create based on your emotions. 

    Ways to rest your mind is well through mindfulness being in the present moment. Acknowledging your thoughts. Acknowledging your feelings. Not being resistant to the thoughts that are happening but allowing them to happen, to be in flow which leads to inner peace. You don’t want to just trap your thoughts within your mind but releasing them by means of talking to someone, that’s where a life coach like me comes in handy or writing it all out in your journal. You don’t have to make sense of your thoughts and feelings straight away it’s about releasing them, letting go. It can be also helpful to have silence, not listening to a podcast or music but simply being in the moment. Taking in the surrounding sounds. 

    Having spaciousness to reflect, having spaciousness for those ‘aha’ moments and insights after a phase of growth. This entails creating spaciousness in your mind and a beautiful way to do that is of course meditation. Specifically carving out time to allow yourself to meditate, you get to observe, witness and hold space for all the thoughts running through your mind. By watching you’re consciously and unconsciously connecting the dots to integrate information within whether that’s knowledge you’ve learnt or energetic information through your senses like your gut or intuition as examples.

    Body - physical integration and rest

    Paying attention to the physical cues within your body. Are you taking care of your body? Eating well? Having enough fluids? Looking at your quality of sleep and patterns around sleep. Having down time and noticing when you are feeling more tired than usual especially for women around your menstrual cycles in built are phases when you are more lively and when your body is calling for downtime. Getting acquainted with the sensations within to be able to recognise and discern feelings arising within — can you distinguish the difference between different feeling states such as when you are stressed, when you are scared and when you are angry.

    Doing a whole body scan and checking in with how it feels to be inside your body. Do you feel a heaviness anywhere? Any aches? Pains? This can be done with PMR (progressive muscle relaxation). The premise here is to tense a particular area of your body for a few moments and then release to feel yourself letting go of tension. Going from the bottom to the top. Starting with your feet and toes, wiggling and curling them. Moving up your body tightening your thighs. Squeezing your hips and bottom. Breathing in deeply into your chest. Pushing your shoulder blades together. Clenching and unclenching your jaw. Scrunching and unscrunching your face. 

    On an aside, one particular body part, I want to draw attention to is your gut as I mentioned earlier. Our gut communicates to our brain. Our gut influences our emotions and feelings which makes sense like when we feel anxious or nervous it’s in our gut first through grumbles, noises and butterflies. The gut is the only organ with it’s own nervous system known as your enteric nervous system or the second brain. It’s importance is known with sayings such as ‘trust your gut’ and ‘gut feelings are guardian angels.’ There’s a lot of research out there and I encourage you to look into it yourself too but our gut is far beyond just digestion, it’s been linked to our moods and mental health too.

    Incorporating movement into your day. It must be said that the core essence of meditative movement brings all three parts into the present moment through means such as yoga, tai chi and Qi gong. Yoga combines muscular activity and turning the mind inwards. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are all about Qi – life force through breathing, stretching and movements. 

    Soul - spiritual integration and rest

    This is all about energy. Thinking of your soul being the core essence and vehicle that you are like a computer, your spirit is the wifi — the energy that’s being put out there to the world. Being aware and conscious as to how your energy is flowing and how energy itself is communicating to you (that you can perceive as the Universe/Source/God/Consciousness). We all know what it means to be body conscious yet so few of us are soul conscious that is be concerned about how we view ourselves internally beyond our appearance and the surface. 

    Do you have practices in place that nourish and light up your soul, that renew your energy? What really comes to mind that’s being channeled is that child like behaviour and essence: feeling playful, laughing, giddy, pleasure, joy, excitement. The simple things. Pockets of happiness. 

    Energy is everywhere and in everything, particularly our environment. How good does it feel when we create space in our homes by cleaning and decluttering? It’s also about an energy audit, looking at your life and becoming aware of what drains your energy and what gives you energy. So much of integration isn’t learning but also unlearning (the very core concept of my debut book The Great Unlearning). If we keep adding stuff think of it like clothes it just accumulates, we need to actually clear some and have space in our wardrobes for more or perhaps that idea of a capsule wardrobe and minimalist — breathing room… which leads to my next point rejuvenating the soul by taking moments to consciously breathe in and out. 

    Spending time in nature whether that’s walking barefoot on the Earth, breathing in fresh air, feeling the sand between your toes on the beach, being immersed in the sea. 

    Devotion and commitment to yourself, something of routine that you do daily for yourself. For me that’s non negotiable meditation everyday, for you that may be something different! Doing something you know feels really good for you and helps you to be grounded within yourself and the busy chaos that life can be. 

    All these come together as means and ways to approach rest and integration in your journey. By no means is it restricted to what I have just shared more acting as a springboard! 

    Doing a whole body scan and checking in with how it feels to be inside your body. Do you feel a heaviness anywhere? Any aches? Pains? This can be done with PMR (progressive muscle relaxation). The premise here is to tense a particular area of your body for a few moments and then release to feel yourself letting go of tension. Going from the bottom to the top. Starting with your feet and toes, wiggling and curling them. Moving up your body tightening your thighs. Squeezing your hips and bottom. Breathing in deeply into your chest. Pushing your shoulder blades together. Clenching and unclenching your jaw. Scrunching and unscrunching your face. 

    On an aside, one particular body part, I want to draw attention to is your gut as I mentioned earlier. Our gut communicates to our brain. Our gut influences our emotions and feelings which makes sense like when we feel anxious or nervous it’s in our gut first through grumbles, noises and butterflies. The gut is the only organ with it’s own nervous system known as your enteric nervous system or the second brain. It’s importance is known with sayings such as ‘trust your gut’ and ‘gut feelings are guardian angels.’ There’s a lot of research out there and I encourage you to look into it yourself too but our gut is far beyond just digestion, it’s been linked to our moods and mental health too.

    Incorporating movement into your day. It must be said that the core essence of meditative movement brings all three parts into the present moment through means such as yoga, tai chi and Qi gong. Yoga combines muscular activity and turning the mind inwards. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are all about Qi – life force through breathing, stretching and movements. 

    Ways to rest your mind is well through mindfulness being in the present moment. Acknowledging your thoughts. Acknowledging your feelings. Not being resistant to the thoughts that are happening but allowing them to happen, to be in flow which leads to inner peace. You don’t want to just trap your thoughts within your mind but releasing them by means of talking to someone, that’s where a life coach like me comes in handy or writing it all out in your journal. You don’t have to make sense of your thoughts and feelings straight away it’s about releasing them, letting go. It can be also helpful to have silence, not listening to a podcast or music but simply being in the moment. Taking in the surrounding sounds.


    In exciting news, with my dear friend Japna who is an incredible intuitive energy healer we are going to be running a day retreat in Sydney, Australia details to come but we’re calling it the divine feminine day retreat season: moving with the seasons. We kickstart with Nourish which aligns with Autumn here and that will be on Saturday 5th of May. If you’re interested send me a message on Instagram and I can share more with you there! 

    The final plug prior to finishing this episode: yes I’m still doing human design readings and have 1:1 coaching spots open so if you’re interested please send me a message on Instagram. My debut book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life is now available for pre-order worldwide too, releasing June 2023.

    Until next time, lots of love beautiful soul.

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  • 37 – The Great Unlearning is now available for pre-order worldwide

    My book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life is now available to pre-order all over the world!

    This episode is the announcement that Phi’s debut book can now be pre-ordered all over the world; The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life. The book will be available in all good book stores and online retailers.

    Phi also shares an exclusive sneak preview of part of the first chapter in the book; Success.

    Also available to pre-order here:


    Via your local Amazon website or bookstore

    If the book is not available in your bookstore, you can ask them to pre-order it for you. 

    • ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 0645344494

    • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 

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  • 36 – Libra Full Moon April 2023

    All about the Libra Full Moon in April 2023

    This episode is all about the Libra Full Moon in April 2023 and also mentions the Day of Miracles and the alignment of the Divine Feminine energetically too.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    The energy shift from March to April 2023

    If you’re listening to this congratulations because what a March that was full of cosmic planetary shake ups, twists and turns. Still feeling the impacts of March? You’re not alone, allow yourself the time and space to integrate what has happened for you. April may spark up some feelings given the overall general energy of relationships and healing wounds from them with this Full Moon too. 

    Speaking of which, I had planned to record an episode on integration last week but ironically I was needing time and space to integrate after a huge month of soft launching my debut book The Great Unlearning which is now available to pre-order before it releases on the 23rd of June 2023 (more information on my website) and then going into my own self care by attending a retreat after! So that will be next week’s episode. 

    This week is all about the upcoming Libra Full Moon and as an added bonus I’m going to be talking about the day of miracles that is also happening in April. The Libra full moon is the first full moon of the astrological new year.

    Libra Full Moon Energy in April 2023

    Full moons are a time about completion and letting go so you’ll want to incorporate that into your week by taking note of what you would like to release.

    This full moon occurs on the 5th of April 2023 or 6th of April 2023 depending where in the world you are, the 6th for those like me in Australia.

    This full moon is closing the cycle out of the new moon in Libra which was around the 25th/26th September 2022 pending if you live in the northern and southern hemisphere respectively. 

    Take a moment to pause and reflect on what was happening in your life then and how it has played out now.

    The full moon illuminates what is coming to a close and we receive signs we are in alignment and on the right track otherwise with it being in Libra, we’ll receive signs exposing where we may need adjustments and rebalancing in our lives. This is further magnified by the presence of Chiron, the wounded healer and represents our greatest wound in life is present next to the sun.

    Libra and the Divine Feminine in April 2023

    Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and relationships. Venus is the epitome of feminine and it’s currently in the house of Taurus (the other sign it rules) therefore the full moon is the culmination of the divine feminine. The moon is a beautiful time to celebrate the divine feminine with you! 

    Think slowing down, luxury, sensual and feeling safe and secure. Some simple ways could be pampering yourself, think bath, face mask, beautiful body lotions or oils and yes you can buy yourself flowers! Savouring hot chocolate or sipping on champagne. Making the extra effort for the little details: lighting up candles, garnishing your meals, fresh crisp sheets. It’s not what you do necessarily but the intention behind why you are doing it — for you, to honour the divine feminine in you, the divine goddess that you are. 

    Furthermore being in Venus we are invited to be in our senses for the healing the full moon presents, through movement, through art, through pleasure and through play. This quote by Teri Dealer sums it up “When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.”

    Do note that the divine masculine embodied by Mars is currently in the sign of Cancer (which isn’t natural given Cancer is watery, emotional and intuitive — so take note of emotional outbursts or defensive behaviours around emotions and relationships). The energy of the divine masculine will be in the spotlight with the second Aries new moon in a few weeks which happens to be a solar eclipse indicating the next phase of our soul journeys. This full moon is preparing up to this point! 

    Libra Full Moon in April 2023: All about relationships

    Putting the above all together we can see the cosmic flavour this Full Moon is about relationships.

    What relationships do you need to let go of? 

    What relationships drain your energy? 

    Which relationships raise your vibration and uplift you?

    What patterns and habits do you need to release that do not serve the highest harmony and alignment of your relationships?

    What needs healing and forgiveness in your relationships?

    How do you feel fully seen, loved and supported in your relationships? 

    How do you bring more balance into your relationships?

    How can you improve the relationships I have?

    Where and how can you bring closure to the relationships that no longer serve you? You may perhaps take a moment to reflect on the gratitude for the person for the lessons they have taught you and make a conscious moment to intentionally in your mind and energy to release their energy and let them go.

    Libra Full Moon in April 2023: Balance and Harmony

    Libra being the sign of the scales emphasises balance and harmony. Accordingly where there is imbalance, Libra naturally seeks to find that imbalance and fix it. So for this full moon there’s a spotlight of imbalances in relationships and the home. 

    Take a moment to reflect on what does balance mean to you? 

    What does balance look like for you? 

    Where do you need more balance in your life? 

    Libra Full Moon in April 2023: Boundaries

    The biggest spotlight being on boundaries. Libra has is known for justice, cooperation, compromises and in turn seeking peace however in the shadow that is at the neglect of self. The full moon first and foremost shines a light on ourselves to ask ourselves, are we at peace within? 

    Often the peace within is disrupted due to a lack of boundaries: saying yes when we want to say no, people pleasing, being afraid to disappoint or let others down at our own expense. Even so when we aren’t firm with our boundaries, on a sub conscious level we start to get resentful at others and mostly ourselves leading to feelings of frustration arising. 

    Anger is a powerful emotion to indicate something is not right including anger at self for not upholding our own boundaries. Another sign is a shift in emotions perhaps if we are taking on emotions around us for lack of energetic boundaries such as being around lower vibrations and feeling negative even though we were feeling happy and positive beforehand. Watch out for the shadow of Libra which is passive aggressiveness which can happen when we find it difficult to state our needs, we can start acting out in ways such as being passive aggressive. 

    Libra Full Moon in April 2023: Chiron

    As mentioned earlier the presence of Chiron being wounds also calls for a time to reflect on the past in terms of relationships: it could be reflecting on relationships out of balance perhaps over giving or over taking, a lack of boundaries leading to painful experiences and emotions, a fear of boundaries stemming from childhood: if I put a boundary in place, in return I will lose love and acceptance. 

    Helpful quotes about boundaries

    Some quotes for you to ponder about boundaries in your life:

    “The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the people who we benefiting from you have none.”

    “When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself.’ – Paul Coelho 

    “Stop asking why they keep doing it and start asking yourself why you keep allowing it.”

    “Walls keep everyone out. Boundaries teach them where the door is.” – Mark Groves

    “Being able to say “No” is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.”- David W. Earle

    “Having healthy boundaries not only requires being able to say “no”, but also being willing and able to enforce that “no” when necessary.” – Jessica Moore 

    Truly this full moon is giving us a lesson in the art of balance in relationships. Aries season calls for us to focus on ourselves with Libra reminding us harmony, to strike the balance of inner peace and being aware of the impact of others on ourselves. It’s a great time to reflect on the dynamics of your relationships: independence, interdependence and co-dependence. 

    Libra Full Moon in April 2023: Self

    Let’s also not forget about the relationship with yourself and bringing that into harmony and balance. Do an assessment with regards to how you are feeling within.

    Are the foods you’re eating supporting you?

    How is your body feeling?

     Is it under too much stress? 

    Does it need more movement? What type of movement is it craving, intense workouts or more slow and flow? 

    How is your home, is it clean? A true home in the eyes of Libra is one that makes you feel serene, relaxed and tranquil. Maybe you’ll be called to do a declutter and cull which I find is always so good for the soul in the full moon. Everything has energy, including every individual item in your home! 

    Day of Miracles in April 2023

    So when is the astrological day of Miracles? It’s the one day of the year when the Sun which represents well the sun shining so it’s favourable, confident and yes energy meets up with Jupiter at the same point in the sky. Jupiter represents luck and expansion, thus in turn growth and abundance. 

    That day this year is April 11th pending time zone and here in Australia April 12th. Given it’s happening in the sign of Aries it represents bold action and risk taking in alignment to be rewarded with miracle energy. It’s a time to call in miracles and be open to anything happening too!


    That’s it for this week’s podcast. Wishing you a beautiful healing and releasing full moon. I’m looking forward to chatting with some of you as well this week through 1:1 coaching connection calls, I still have spaces open so if you’re interested reach out to me on Instagram or details on my website Lots of love beautiful soul. 

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  • 35 – Introducing my book: The Great Unlearning

    My book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life is now available to pre-order

    This episode talks about the book finally being unveiled for the first time the title and cover. Not only that Phi shares an excerpt of the book, the introduction of The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life.

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