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  • Lunar New Year Wood Dragon 🐉

    This episode is all about tapping into the Lunar New Year 2024 energy of the Wood Dragon. Drawing parallels between the lunar energies, Chinese Zodiac and personal development, you will be taken on a journey to reflect on your own life exploring personal power and your emotions. The episode concludes with a meditation to connect with your inner dragon. 

    Episode Introduction - Lunar New Year Wood Dragon

    Hello Beautiful Soul,

    Can you believe it’s already February. Personally for me this is the fastest January I’ve had go by in my life, most years January feels quite slow and paced but not in 2024! Speaking of which going by new years we have the upcoming Lunar New Year on the 10th in the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon. This episode is all about dragon energy and personal power.

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon Symbolism

    The dragon represents power, success, good fortune, courage in the Chinese Zodiac.

    Chinese Zodiac Wood Element

    Within the subset of dragon, the element this year is that of wood. The last time we had the year of the dragon was in 2012 however that was the year of the water dragon. The wood element in the Chinese Zodiac is rooted in that of mighty trees. 

    Wood is about expansion, growth, pushing, changing, movement and progress. Wood of all the elements is alive and dynamic.

    Wood is patient, grounded and down to earth. 

    Wood has structure: strong, reliable, organised, diving deep into the details and inner workings.

    Wood seeks direction. Wood grows in the dark and moves towards the light. Just as humans do, we can grow from the darkness: the struggles and challenges. As our highest selves we move towards the light, we remember the light, we remember we come from both the dark and light.

    Wood is sociable, think of the underground networks of trees of the interconnection, interaction, cooperation.

    Wood is associated with the Spring Season – freshness, new beginnings, coming back to life.

    Wood Dragon Emotions

    The emotion of wood in the Chinese Zodiac is anger and frustration. Think of it being pent up, repression, to become wooden, hard, inflexible instead of swaying with the wind, snapping in the wind. Repressed anger comes to the surface as sarcasm, bitterness and being cynical. 

    Drawing from the lineage of the wood element, in the Chinese Zodiac this is linked to the element of water. From a Chinese Zodiac perspective, anger is rooted in fear. Anger is in response to fear. Anger speaks from a place of “I am scared and I need to protect myself.” 

    Wood Dragon - Traditional Chinese Medicine

    The body parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine associated with wood are the liver and gallbladder. These organs are in charge of detoxification. So of course repressing anger, it builds up, it isn’t cleared but stuck energetically in the body. When we want to escape from our feelings or ignore them what happens societally speaking? We turn to alcohol and substances that greatly impact the liver. 

    Wood Dragon Reiki

    Drawing from research found through the lens of reiki it says if we can’t turn aggression into expression, purpose, fuel and striving towards bettering ourselves and goals that it can lead to gout, arthritis, stiff body parts, constipation, auto immune or auto aggressive disorders. Interestingly, these conditions are more often found in women, and in patriarchal cultures women have less opportunity than men do to express themselves, especially when it comes to carrying through with an idea or venting their anger.

    Source: Reiki Evolution

    Wood Dragon - Perspective on Anger

    An interesting perspective next time you feel angry at any point this year, ask yourself where is the fear here, what am I scared of? For example boundaries, being angry someone crossed it because the fear of what happens when they do – it leaves you vulnerable and at a disadvantage. 

    Ask yourself have I been able to express my anger in a healthy and appropriate way?

    Anger is powerful weaving this all in, when we have sacred rage, there’s heat, there’s energy we take action, it motivates and drives us. Anger is something we can also hold over people in the shadow because it makes us feel powerful. Anger can give us direction, do we use our anger to move forward and away from the shadow towards the light (freedom).

    Wood Dragon - Emotional Alchemy

    It’s about transmuting the raw nature of anger into being assertive. Of course what’s being channeled through as I connect the dots to what I initially did for the 2024 energy is that of boundaries. When we are angry we decide, I don’t like this, I am not putting up with this, I am moving away from this. 

    The shadow of wood? The focus on expansion and growth can lose sight of the groundedness, rapid expansion in the name of ego. With ego our anger can turn to revenge and retribution – feelings of hatred, rage, aggression and fury. With ego our anger can turn to being and feeling a victim instead of stepping into our personal power.

    The key with the wood element: flexibility – not being too rigid and stuck where you aren’t move but not too much that there’s no foundation and it’s easily broken. Having just spoken about power… 


    I think the term ‘power’ is interesting because it’s quite an emotionally and energetically charged word. Power can be seen as positive or negative depending on your life experiences and upbringing. There are distinctions within power, spiritual power – that is of self and your inner world, it could be physical power of strength, it could be cultural power – the influence of the media, social institutions, systematic power such as hierarchy, religions and politics.

    Wood Dragon - Spiritual Power

    In the context of spirituality power is framed around your energy, the force within you. With lunar new year let’s take inspiration from the dragon, how can you unleash and tap into your inner dragon? Dragons are considered powerful from a Chinese perspective because they have cosmic breath which is pure life force energy to create and transform. Dragons are believed to be ascended serpents which takes root in kundalini energy.

    Wood Dragon - Human Design

    I personally love this because I see that link to human design for generators and manifesting generators especially – when you feel most alive that is when you are most magnetic, your sacral, pure life force energy. From there anything is possible, you become magnetic to manifest, you have that flow to take inspired action and do the work.

    The sacral isn’t just limited to generators and manifesting generators, we can tap into our sacral and life force energy even as a manifestor, reflector or projector too.

    Your Inner Dragon

    Dragon energy is power and strength because it is to be resilient. Dragons can survive in all sorts of environments whether its land, sea or sky. With their cosmic breath they can create, they are powerful manifestors. Reflect on moments in your life where you demonstrated strength and resilience. How can you channel and cultivate this inner strength, similar to a dragon facing challenges? 

    Your Inner Dragon - Authority

    Dragon energy is powerful because of their commanding presence creates authority. What does authority mean to you? How do you perceive your own authority and leadership potential? Reflect on your past leadership achievements, no matter how small. How can you acknowledge and celebrate your successes as a leader? Imagine yourself possessing a commanding presence similar to a dragon. How can you enhance your presence in various aspects of your life, whether it’s at work, in relationships, or within your community? 

    Your Inner Dragon - Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

    Dragon is yang energy (masculine and active) complemented by Phoenix energy which is (feminine and flow). Tapping into the yang masculine energy, how can you adopt a more strategic approach in your decision-making and planning, both in your personal and professional life? With these ancient wisdoms, how can you draw upon wisdom that has been perhaps shared with you?

    Dragon Vitality

    Dragons are known for energy that gives way to rebirth and revitalisation. What very much comes to mind is that quote on Instagram:

    “A lot of people feel burnt out because they feel like they’re doing too much when actually they are doing too little of the things that make make them feel alive, too little of the things that matter.” What are the things that make you feel alive and matter to you?

    Year of the Dragon 2024 Opportunities ​

    Dragon energy is prosperity and what I’m really channeling through is opportunities. How can you create more opportunities in your life? What opportunities are untapped within yourself, life, career and network currently? I think we are also so used to focusing on the lack and scarcity when it comes to money, so let’s flip this: reflect on the milestones and achievements in your pursuit of prosperity. How can you celebrate these victories, acknowledging the progress you’ve made?

    Wood Dragon 2024 Meditation

    To end this podcast episode I’d love to invite you to take part in a meditation to connect with your inner dragon. 

    Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space. You may sit or lie down in a relaxed position or what I’m really channeling for effectiveness is if you can, to stand up doing this meditation. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Inhale slowly through your nose, hold for a moment, and let it all out through your mouth, we are channeling the dragon after all. Release your breath as you think a dragon would. Allow any tension to dissolve with each breath.

    Draw upon the element of wood. Imagine grounding into the earth as if a strong mighty tree. Feel the solid ground beneath you, supporting and grounding you. Feel yourself putting down networks of roots within Mother Earth. Picture the energy of the earth rising through your body with each breath, creating a strong foundation. 

    Now I want you to set the intention of invoking the presence of your inner dragon. Visualise a warm light surrounding you. This light transforms into a magnificent dragon, coiled around you protectively. What colour is the dragon? It’s scales? How does it feel to look into the eyes of the dragon? How do you feel around this dragon?

    Feel a sense of familiarity and trust as you recognise this as your inner dragon. Imagine the dragon’s breath as a radiant rainbow or golden energy. Inhale deeply, drawing in this powerful energy through your breath. Feel it entering your lungs, circulating through your body, and filling you with strength, courage, and vitality.

    Imagine the dragon’s energy merging with yours. Feel the strength and power of the dragon infusing every cell of your being. Sense the warmth and light spreading through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel the dragon energy igniting a fire within you—an unyielding determination and belief in your abilities. Sense the courage and confidence flowing through you. As you bask in this powerful energy, know that you are capable of overcoming challenges and manifesting your dreams.

    Now, in the presence of the dragon energy, I want you to feel truly interconnected as one with your inner dragon. Imagine your third eye merging with the eye of the dragon. What clear visions and intentions are you being shown? What are the next steps you need to take? What advice does the dragon have for you? How your dragon communicates to you may be hearing a voice, perhaps seeing a picture or symbol, a feeling within your body.

    After you’ve received what you need to see, hear, feel, sense of perceive feel the bliss and gratitude you have for your inner dragon thanking it for it’s guidance, wisdom and protection. Know that your inner dragon is always within you, ready to be activated and connected to. Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Slowly bring your awareness back into your body. Take a few deep breaths, gradually returning to your surroundings. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes.

    Tapping into Wood Dragon 2024 Energy

    In conclusion, exploring the energy of the Lunar New Year Wood Dragon offers us profound insights into our own personal power and potential. The dragon, with its majestic presence and mythical qualities, serves as a powerful metaphor for strength, transformation, and prosperity.

    Much like the dragon, we have the capacity to face challenges with courage and navigate the ever-changing tides of life with strength and power.

    The dragon’s association with good fortune encourages us to reflect on the prosperity of life and what we have already achieved on the path to having more.

    Each one of us has an inner dragon which is pure life force and untapped potential ready to be unleashed. Happy Lunar New Year Beautiful Soul, until next time, love and positivity.

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  • 61: Human Design New Year

    Happy Human Design New Year. It’s officially 2024, new year in terms of human design. Dive deep into the energy of the human design new year: fantasy and contraction. Discover how to tap into these energies and how imagination can be a powerful tool to utilise. Phi also touches on how pleasure and sex magic (magick) can amplify this human design new year energy too.

    Episode Introduction - Human Design

    Happy Human Design New Year my love!

    It is now the new year in terms of human design woohoo which is what this episode will be about however like I said in the energy update for 2024, for some you may not be feeling it yet and that’s so okay, however if you are that may be a sign you resonate and align with human design energies or even astrology with the shift in Pluto to Aquarius (a new 20 year chapter) as I mentioned in Episode 59.

    If you don’t know human design, I have lots of information on my website, a podcast episode 31 – What is Human Design. You can book in a foundational human design reading with me through my website or purchase a human design blueprint. I’ve also been doing 2024 readings, energetically looking into your year ahead from the lenses of human design and energy. To book head to my website

    Before we begin my heart is so FULL and so EXCITED to announce that the Recharge and Renew Retreat is sold out! It did in 3 days which is absolutely incredible and I am definitely looking to run it again next year and more in Australia too so if you’re interested send me a message on Instagram @thephidang or email me [email protected] to be put on the updates list.

    Human Design New Year Motivation - Heart

    The way human design sees the new year is a whole new cycle of experience. Human Design New Year for many is very much about intentions over resolutions or goals because the majority of the population have an open heart, which is the centre for motivation and willpower. 

    When it’s open you have inconsistent access to your own motivation and willpower therefore if you do happen to have an open heart, please don’t beat yourself, get annoyed and frustrated when you seemingly seem so motivated one minute and the the next not, that’s how you are designed and built to be in human design. 

    From my experience doing hundreds of reasons, it is about unlearning the societal expectation to always be working towards something and instead getting you to shift into the being. We all have some seasons, move and flow with your energy instead of blocking it.

    How your open centres impact your Human Design New Year

    Now add in all the other open centres and other things will pop up like the open ajna beating yourself up for not being able to land on concrete intentions/goals (even though you’re not supposed to and be mentally fluid) or the open root the centre for stress, feeling all this immense pressure on yourself to do something in relation to the new year or for manifestors, projectors and reflectors having an open sacral leads to having challenges prioritising with regards to the relationship of over promising when caught up in the sacral energy of generators and manifesting generators. 

    Of course there comes into play structure and self discipline but that’s a conversation for a different day and again with human design it’s so personal to your unique energetic blueprint so if you’re interested let’s chat!

    Practical Example Human Design New Year Energy Flow (Strategy and Authority)

    I have an open heart in human design and how it played out for me was that last year when in September when I was in Bali, I had a strong full body urge to run a retreat. I let it marinade, life got busy and then it came to the end of the year when it kept popping back up (hello Universe!). However then another open heart centre trait I started to question myself with fears like what if no one comes to the retreat at the beginning of this year. 

    Using my human design strategy, I responded to what was being presented – the universe continually giving me signs about running a retreat from friends, clients and community. Literally so obvious whether it was the sign of repeated posts on Instagram or even walking on the street hearing people talking about retreats just as I walked past. 

    I had to ride the waves as an emotional authority and then boom it was like lightning. As a manifesting generator in the lead up to the retreat I was waking up at 5/6 am and sleeping at 11pm/midnight because I was so in the flow and inspired to working on the retreat. Using my human design strategy, I responded then followed my emotional authority and the result was magnetism as a mani gen with the retreat being a buzz, selling out 90% in the first 24 hours and our final beautiful joining us within 72 hours! 

    What is the Human Design New Year energy?

    So what is this very energy that starts the Human Design New Year? The energy that kickstarts the Human Design New Year is known as Fantasy or Contraction. It’s all about feelings with this one. It’s standing on the threshold of unexplored territory and unlimited potential.

    There’s a palpable sense of anticipation, a fluttering excitement that dances in the chest, as if the possibilities are endless and the canvas of life is untouched, empty awaiting for you to do something with it.

    The air feels charged with a mix of hope and maybe even uncertainty, much like the first rays of dawn breaking through the darkness. 

    New beginnings often bring a surge of motivation and optimism, offering the promise of growth, expansion, and the chance to redefine and reinvent. 

    In the lead up the past is acknowledged but not a burden, and the future is an open book waiting to be written. 

    Whether marked by a new job, a move, a relationship, a change, an exciting event to come or a personal project, the sensation of embarking on a new chapter is something to relish in this week.

    How to tap into Human Design New Year Energy

    How to tap into this delicious, scrumptious energy? Well play into new. What’s something new you can do for yourself? New recipe to cook? Taking up something new that you’ve always wanted to? New way to travel to work?

    Play into anticipation. What are you looking forward to this year? If you haven’t got some things to look forward to, that is something to plan! The simple visual and energy I’m getting here it’s like ordering something at a restaurant and waiting for it to come out. That anticipation for when the meal finally arrives – you see it in front of you, your mouth wants to drool, you can smell how good it is, imagine the crunch of biting into something crispy. The other is that of well a sensual nature. Desiring someone. What it feels like to be with them. To touch them. When their lips meet yours. The anticipation is the chemistry and tension in the air. The banter. The flirting. The foreplay. 

    Human Design & Sex Magic (Magick)

    Play into sensuality. There is a field of manifestation that is called sex magic “sex magick”. Sensual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed, focused and directed towards your manifestation. Sensual energy is life force energy, it’s that sacral womb energy. Sex is life energy because it creates… life for example with children. Think of your sexual energy as the seeds and the universe as the fertile womb. You can also think of it of pleasure driven mindfulness.

    Channeling that towards your dreams and desires is akin to giving life and energy towards your dreams and desires. For example when you are aroused this week that’s creation energy in itself, imagine directing that energy towards your dreams and desires. Again it’s about the anticipation and holding that, a state of maximum tension and holding it. Think of the technique of ‘edging’ when you feel like you’re about to orgasm, backing off, building up, backing off. Teasing. Then ‘detaching’ and letting go with release, ‘orgasm’ that climatic state. You could create a beautiful ritual to get in the mood with candles, indulge in self care – a warm hot bath, oils, textures.  

    If you and your partner have a shared dream in mind, you could consider asking your partner if they want to do the same, I mean it’s about having fun here! This is about experiencing pleasure and directing that energy whether it’s self or with a partner. Visualise the energy radiating from your pelvis merging with your dreams and desires or even powerfully shooting towards. 

    Human Design & Pleasure

    Your dreams don’t have to be of a sexual nature to turn you on… this is about pure life energy that sensation of not just living but being truly alive. In this field of manifestation safety is the number one thing. Feeling safe to feel turned on within your mind and body. 

    We need to feel safe in order to mentally let go and be in the moment when we are intimately connecting with ourselves or another. If at any time this does not feel good or safe, do not do it. There are so many other ways to give energy to your dreams and desires. Pleasure isn’t just sexual, it could be an experience like being in the ocean, feeling the sunshine on your skin, spoonfuls of gooey chocolate cake, the refreshing sip of lemonade. Even exercise can turn us on think pelvic floor muscles, hip bridges and thrusts.

    Deep breathing can also bring us into a state of pleasure in our being. Full, long, slow deep breaths down to your womb and belly, holding and creating energy there and releasing each breath towards your dreams and desires. 

    Pleasure is presence. 

    Human Design New Year Imagination

    All these feelings of desire and dreaming need an outlet. It’s imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” William Arthur Ward said “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” Our imagination is something that is actually active 24 hours, 7 days a week… whether we are awake or even dreaming/processing in our sleep.

    You might say oh I’m not creative or imaginative yet observe your mind. It’s the natural state of the human mind to imagine the worst case scenario, why and how everything might go wrong… I mean your mind is even creating imaginative things about you. Why you aren’t good enough. Why you’re this kind of person. Why you don’t have that. As Walt Disney says “worry is a waste of imagination.” Channel your imagination into a different energy and frequency. Instead of what could go wrong… what could go right and how that unfolds for you. 

    Human Design New Year Shadow

    The shadow of this energy is it remains a fantasy. Too Dreamy. Spacey. Delusional, no anchor to reality whatsoever. As Les Brown so powerfully said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”

    Human Design New Year Manifestation Detachment

    The other side is obsession and being so focused on your desires that nothing else matters and your whole being and existence is consumed of it. Thus ties in a common manifestation principle of detachment. Not just in theory “detaching” and saying you don’t care but a genuine, I’m at peace and I’ll be okay if this does or doesn’t happen. That’s when the magic happens because your happiness and existence doesn’t lie in something outside you, it’s within you. Letting go of expectations. Anticipation is not the same as expectation.

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Human Design New Year Manifestation Detachment

    The other side is obsession and being so focused on your desires that nothing else matters and your whole being and existence is consumed of it. Thus ties in a common manifestation principle of detachment. Not just in theory “detaching” and saying you don’t care but a genuine, I’m at peace and I’ll be okay if this does or doesn’t happen. That’s when the magic happens because your happiness and existence doesn’t lie in something outside you, it’s within you. Letting go of expectations. Anticipation is not the same as expectation.

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Channeled and intuitive Human Design New Year Messages

    One branch says less is more, and to really check in with why you want something. It’s one thing to desire something and manifest it but as we all know manifesting isn’t just wishful thinking, we have to take inspired action. Even then the vibe is not to be “entitled” because whilst I truly believe hard work always pays off, when and how isn’t in our control, that is in the hands of the universe trusting in perfect divine timing always and that what is meant for you, is yours, you cannot mess it up and it cannot be taken away from you.

    The other says go for more because you are shrinking yourself and watering your desires down. Ignite that flame! Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll end up amongst the stars. This is about overcoming fears and getting out of your own way. You’re allowed to be a dreamer as this very energy gives you permission to do so, and whether you have it defined in your chart or not collectively we are all tapping into this energy this week.

    A message thread for both branches was that it’s your job to dream, have, hold the vision and take inspired action, it’s the universe’s job to listen and figure out the how and transmit that message to you through signs and for you to receive by connecting to your heart and intuition. Another Albert Einstein goodie ““Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Human Design New Year Magic

    Thank you beautiful soul for joining me on this exploration of the Human Design New Year energy and the enchanting realm of fantasy, imagination and contraction. As we wrap up today’s episode, I want to leave you with a lasting mantra: Embrace the magic and the aphrodisiac of all the potential and possibilities already within you.

    Allow yourself to dream big, to envision a future that reflects the most aligned and authentic version of yourself. Dreaming and fantasy aren’t just about escaping reality; it’s about giving yourself permission and the courage to let your imagination run wild, and propel you forward. It’s about being committed to making it your reality through inspired action and tuning into your internal navigation system: your intuition. 

    Wishing you a Happy  Human Design New Year, anything can happen this year and that is very exciting indeed. Love & Positivity.

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  • 59: January 2024 Energy Update – Solar Flares and Pluto in Aquarius

    In this January 2024 Energy Update podcast, we dive into the cosmic currents shaping our world. Join Phi as she explores the heightened celestial activity, with a special focus on solar flares and how that can spiritually influence those sensitive to energy. Discover the profound implications of Pluto’s shift from Capricorn into Aquarius.

    January 2024 Energy Update Synopsis

    Gain insights into how these astrological events of solar flares and Pluto’s transit into Aquarius from Capricorn impact our personal and collective energies, as well as find guidance on navigating this dynamic cosmic landscape. 

    January 2024 Energy Introduction

    Hi Beautiful Soul,

    This week in the cosmos, the collective there is so much energetic activity! Radical changes are about. If you’re feeling different and you don’t quite know what is is, I’m here to reassure you that you’re not crazy, you’re not broken and something isn’t wrong. It’s the collective energy and shifts taking place right now as I’m speaking mid January 2024.

    If you’re like me you’ve noticed a shift and change in your personal energy and disturbances in your sleep, I noticed that from the beginning of last week on the 8th of January. Maybe you feel really buzzed, wired and plugged in so to speak or exhausted, grouchy, even a big moody. Maybe you’re oscillating between the two states! 

    Right now there’s a lot happening that I feel called to explore and share with you listening. We’ve got the backdrop of the last few episodes culminating to the Human Design New Year coming up. The two other factors right now I want to discuss is the pivotal shift of Pluto changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius, which takes place this year in 2024 until 2044. What’s also come through and something I never really paid attention to as much until now, which is the influence of the Sun and solar flare activity on our energy.

    What Pluto represents spiritually astrologically

    Let’s start with Pluto. This tiny planet packs a punch and is going to greatly influence the next 20 years of what we see unfolding collectively by making a once-in-a-lifetime transition into the sign of Aquarius from Capricorn on January 20th. This is a new collective chapter that will unfold leading to great shifts for everyone on a societal level and personally.

    I like to think of Pluto as the dark horse of the planets. It’s ruled by Hades and the Underworld (throwback to the Hercules movie!). It’s mysterious. Pluto likes to move slowly and subtly, the changes creep in and build up. Pluto is on the outer edge of the solar system, and likes to take its time staying in a sign anywhere between 12 to 30 years. Ultimately it takes 248 years to move through the whole zodiac! It’s very much seen as a generational influence because of this. 

    On a personal level Pluto is the planet of shadow work, the hidden, the repressed, the unseen – follow it’s timing imagine knowing someone for 1 year vs 20 years… you really get to know someone. Things will emerge you never knew over time. Pluto is transformation, the phoenix, pain into power, composting negativity and gunk into goodness.

    Pluto in Capricorn Wrap Up Summary

    Since 2008 Pluto has been in Capricorn entering our collective era with the global recession. The chapter of Pluto in Capricorn was about the tension of conformity and tradition as well as career, we’ve seen over the last 15 years a shift on how we define success and achievement especially off the back of the pandemic. It led to new career orientated changes, the recession created new start ups such as Uber and Airbnb with a greater focus on social media (creating even more career choices and paths).

    Now Pluto is moving into Aquarius. We had a sneak peak of this in 2023 when Pluto was temporarily in Aquarius from March to June 2023 last year. This first movement is a dip again because Pluto will temporarily go back into Capricorn around September before returning and staying in Aquarius from mid November 2024 until 2044.

    What Pluto in Aquarius means spiritually astrologically

    Aquarius rules justice, equality, social connections, community, humanity, innovation, technology, science and independence. So what can we expect? Collective themes of freedom, revolution, social activism as well as major scientific, medical, and technological discoveries. There will be a focus on inequality, injustices leading to power shifts, systematic and structural changes for independence, equality and emancipation. The spirit of rebellion and revolution.

    What happened last time Pluto was in Aquarius?

    Historically, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798 which historically saw the people movement. People over systems. We saw royalty and monarchs fall such as fall of Marie Antoinette and the last king of France Louis XVI during the French revolution. 

    What also happened was the declaration of independence and the introduction of the American flag and this is interesting with the American elections taking place this year. Cyclical yes! No doubt America as we know it will be different by the end of this era. 

    It was the beginning of the industrial revolution and establishment of the stock exchange in Britain (again look at what’s started to emerge the era of the people’s own money system and power shift from financial institutions with the creation of cryptocurrency). 

    The Pluto in Aquarius chapter also had the starting of movements for women’s rights in the French Revolution with playwright activist Olympe due Gouges (O lamp de gouuuuj) writing the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Female Citizen, which did not come to fruition as hoped and she was executed for doing so. Captain Cook also discovered Australia and New Zealand. A huge authority figure also taken down and killed in Hawaii.

    Pluto into Aquarius and Technology

    So what can we expect in the modern day for Pluto’s shift from Capricorn into Aquarius? 

    Free thinking, more voices emerging because technology has allowed everyone to have a voice. So many platforms available now whether it’s creating your own website, social media, live streaming, podcasting — for sure we will see more opinions and thought leaders emerging. Whilst it’s not so much about the monarchy now, there’s a shift of power from the idealised such as celebrities and blurring of that to more influencers, and grassroots community leaders, the people’s people. 

    The role of technology is sure to expand with the kick off AI. Technology helping bring us more together, online communities and even in person should AI see more automation and less hands on human work. Amongst spiritual circles we are in the Age of Aquarius which ushers in the return and rising of the divine feminine (again coinciding historically with feminine movements as previously stated).

    How Pluto in Aquarius will affect you

    How will this personally affect you? If you do deeper human design readings with me look at your rebirth section. Astrologically look at your natal chart and see where you have Aquarius placements as well as Scorpio because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. 

    In relation to the collective, Pluto may excavate and bring to light things to do with social connections, community, care for the collective in terms of themes such as justice, equality and fairness. 

    What about your inner rebel, your voice, your influence? How do you use technology? How can you get involved in your community? What community issues do you care about? What’s your relationship to your feminine energy?

     Are you due a feminine energy rebirth and rising as have so many women after being in our masculine for so long whether it’s to be successful in our careers, thinking we have to force and hustle our way into what we want or protecting ourselves? The balance between masculine and feminine, being interconnected yet independent too.

    What is the spiritual meaning of solar flares?

    Whewww so we’ve talked Pluto now let’s talk about solar flares and solar storms in terms of spirituality. They are of note because they are to do with the Sun. Spiritually the sun rules our day to day, how we see ourselves, our ego, our self esteem and our confidence. The impact of the sun is undeniable also to our moods such as seasonal depression from the lack of sun and perhaps constant rain or shift from Summer to Winter. Mystical Yogi Saghuru talks about solar flares and activity being linked to consciousness.

    I’m not a scientist by any means but from my research and understanding: Solar flares are sudden charged bright bursts of energy and radiation coming from the Sun. That energy comes primarily from the Sun’s magnetic fields and is released (a build up of magnetic energy). 

    January 2024 and solar flare activity

    I came to awareness of them because at the beginning of last week my sleep patterns randomly and suddenly changed. I couldn’t sleep. I noticed I was having more visions than usual. That’s when I found out around that time was strong solar storm and flare activity classed X (the strongest). It actually caused a temporary but strong radio blackout across parts of South America, Central America and the Pacific Ocean, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Centre. Not only that 2024 started with the biggest flare up in 6 years!

    Just like how the moon can impact us, you may or may not feel the impacts of solar activity.

    2024 2025 Solar Flare Spiritual

    2024 and 2025 are set to be the maximum of the latest cycle which is the 25th which started in December 2019 coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic. Overall this is the most in 20 years of sun activity. 

    According to Russian scientist A.L. Tchijevsky, 80% of the most significant human events occurred during a 5 year period surrounding the peak of solar activity. 

    One can look to the Carrington Effect which took place on September 2, 1859 where history’s greatest solar storm caused havoc to technology, communication systems going haywire and strange displays of the aurora in tropical places. Researchers have estimated that a Carrington-class event today would result in between $0.6 and $2.6 trillion in damages to the U.S. alone, according to NASA spaceflight.

    Spirituality and Solar Flare Impacts

    Spiritually speaking solar flares and activity are an ascension process as they say. It spiritually shifts from your physical body to your light body – think in terms of your energy body, higher dimensions, astral body, expansion outside your physical energy field, connection point of spirituality, chakra energy centred — famous symbol of the merkaba 3D 8 pointed star mer light ka spirit ba body ancient sacred geometry, chariot of light.

    Receiving more light, higher levels of consciousness, illuminating what needs to come to the surface even old previous things you dealt with and thought were resolved will resurface. 

    Feeling the impacts? It doesn’t come as a surprise, even ancient civilisations like the Aztecs and Mayans tracked the sun. Our bodies have an electrical charge present in every cell through ions.

    How to remedy solar flare symptoms

    So what to do if you are feeling the impacts of solar flares?

    Prioritise yourself. Focus on y our energy, what is nourishing, feeding and giving you energy vs what is depleting it. It’s likely temporary and if it lingers, feels intense unbearable and affects you on a day to day level seek the help of a professional medical practitioner. 

    Meditation is a great way to tap into your energy and receive insights.

    Salt is great to cleanse and soothe, think a bath with lots of magnesium or a swim in the ocean if possible.

    Minimal caffeine and alcohol which can already make us feel more wired and anxious.

    Grounding time in nature, reduce technology and screens. I’m getting visuals of child’s pose with your third eye to the ground or even the pose where you are lying face down hands to your sides.

    It’s also been suggested solar storms impact our pineal gland (third eye) which is responsible for melatonin that regulates our inner body clock through circadian rhythms. It may help to sync up with the sun, waking up with natural light, sleeping as it gets dark. 

    Solar Flare Soothing Meditation

    I’ll end this podcast with a meditation I channelled if you’re feeling the impacts of solar flares but it’s also nice as an activation to open up your intuition too.

    Find a comfortable position in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Relax your body either sitting up or lying down. Have your palms faced up and close your eyes.

    Take a few deep breaths in and out to center your body.

    Imagine, sense, feel of perceive a golden sphere of light above your head, radiant and glowing with a warm and comforting energy. It’s almost like honey.

    Visualise this light sending out a golden wave, washing all over your your body and flushing out any physical or mental ailments or disturbances. Imagine the golden light removing any heavy dense energy, the visual that I’m getting is it’s like removing lint from the dryer or your clothes. You may also feel called to run your hands all over your body in a sweeping motion again imagining yourself being cleansed.

    Come to a still point and then visualise, sense, feel or perceive this beautiful golden light now enveloping your entire body in a cocoon of warmth and tranquility. Feel the soothing energy as it flows down through the crown of your head, gradually permeating every cell, every muscle, and every organ in your body.

    As the golden light continues to flow down, direct your focus to the area of your pineal gland, your third eye located in the center of your forehead, just above and between your eyebrows. Imagine this golden light specifically targeting and activating your third eye.

    Envision the golden light swirling around your third eye, clearing any blockages or imbalances. As the light works its magic, sense a gentle expansion and opening in this area. Feel a heightened awareness and connection to your inner self.

    This energy starts to build and expand beyond your third eye, beyond your physical body creating a gold shield of protection around you. Visualize this shield acting as a buffer, absorbing and transforming any intense energies from the solar flares and collective energy into positive, harmonious, healing energy.

    With each breath, allow the golden light to amplify within you and around you, creating a powerful and nurturing aura. Feel the support of this golden energy as it protects you.

    Take a moment to bask in the warmth and serenity of the golden light surrounding you. Know that you are connected to the universal energy, and you are protected and supported.

    When you’re ready, slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and gently open your eyes. 

    Carry the sense of golden light with you throughout your day, knowing that you can return to this meditation whenever you need to balance and harmonise your energy.

    May you be surrounded by the healing and protective energy of the golden light.

    As always here to support you and guide if you feel the call. I have an exciting in person offering launching tomorrow on Friday the 19th of January which I cannot wait to share with you! I also offer 1:1 coaching and human design readings so if you’re interested, get in touch and let’s chat! 

    Until next time, love & positivity.

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  • 58: Human Design Limitations

    As we stand on the threshold of a new year, there’s a powerful yet challenging energy that surrounds the final days of the year according to Human Design. 

    In this episode, Phi explores this final energy, understanding its significance in shaping our transition into the Human Design new year ahead.

    Podcast Episode Introduction

    How are you? There’s a lot happening energetically so you’re going to be hearing from me in succession with a few podcast episodes lined up for this week especially with something very exciting launching on Friday that I’ve never offered before and I am bursting with excitement and joy! 

    Think of this episode as a motivational and inspirational quickie!

    It’s almost the new year in terms of human design and as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes there are four stages. We are now in the final stage in the lead up to the new year on the 22nd/23rd January 2024 which is the energy of limitations and acceptance.

    Reframe limitations

    Limitations already off the bad has connotations of negativity but I like to reframe it as resourcefulness because limits aren’t just bad, if you think about it you hit a limit when you’re growing, you’re expanding, you’re stretching.

    Perspectives on letting go

    The creator of human design says this energy is about letting go fitting because it’s the equivalent energy of new year’s eve happening. 

    Some perspectives to contemplate when it comes to letting go?

    Sometimes letting go isn’t getting rid of something completely but letting it be.

    Sometimes you lose, in order to gain.

    Sometimes strength is holding on and other times it is letting go.

    Letting go sometime’s isn’t a once off or final act, but a repeated one, over and over again.

    Sometimes it’s letting go of something good, for greater, for better. If you want to fly in the sky you need to leave Earth.

    Letting go and a glass of water

    Letting go is like a glass of water. It’s not about how much water is in the glass, there could even be no water. It’s about how long are you holding that glass. 

    For a few moments, not a problem. For an hour it starts to get niggly. How about half a day? The longer you hold it the heavier it becomes. 

    This is like your problems, thinking about it for a few moments isn’t harmful. Longer, it begins to hurt. All day and beyond? Excruciating, paralysed. Therefore put down your glass.

    Limitations and acceptance

    The creator of human design also says that limitation is extraordinary because it’s about transcendence, the minute you accept it — it doesn’t exist. Acknowledging limitations doesn’t mean admitting defeat; it’s not a weakness. It’s about gaining clarity on what you can and cannot control. It’s not about the limitation itself but our attitude and perspective towards it. This self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal growth. 

    Simply put acceptance is to not offer any resistance. Coming to terms with what is, not necessarily what you want. 


    The 4 A's of Acceptance

    Have you heard of the 4 A’s of Acceptance created by Russ Harris? Acknowledge. Allow. Accomodate. Appreciate. 

    Breaking that down in my own elaboration;

    Acknowledge – Hello it’s here. Awareness, naming it, calling it out.

    Allowing – It’s ok to be here (doesn’t mean I like it or want it, but it’s here, it’s reality, the now).

    Accomodate – It’s here, making space for it. Not trying to make it smaller/repress/disappear (the irony is usually following this framework the mental suffering dissolves and gets smaller on its own with repeated practice).

    Appreciate – How can I grow and expand from this?

    Now to the benefits of accepting and limitations. 

    Beyond limitations

    When it comes to limitations themselves, they exist yet somehow humanity we always find a way to transcend and overcome them. For example we can’t fly personally but we have airplanes. The supposed limits of what is possible for the human body, yet records are broken all the time. The supposed limits technology and now we have AI and even deep fake technology. 

    I mean a modern example that comes to mind is people used to think you can’t filter and edit video in real time but now you can and it’s getting very good (in the context of the wellness and fitness influencer space to perhaps look slimmer or more curvier).

    What about a creative? Maybe in the moment inspiration feels limited. The more you try to fight it, the more frustration sets about. The moment it’s acceptance, it’s like a sigh of relief. It’s the void. It’s silent. Yet somehow one day the creativity will return. Perhaps it was there all along but unseen, building, growing, incubating. 

    Expansion through limitations

    When limits are put in place, it forces us to be more creativity. To open up to different ways of thinking and possibilities. To approach it an abstract manner. 

    I really love this quote as a perspective, “The size of a person’s head does not determine his sense of reasoning, neither can the size of their leg determine how far they can go in life.”

    This energy sits in the root chakra, so you may be feeling a pulsing sensation, on and off, on and off, even a pressure to be growing, transforming and letting go this week. Pressure isn’t necessarily good or bad, pressure is about the right amount that motivates you but doesn’t harm or cause doubt within you. Not enough, there’s no action or momentum. Too much at it’s constricting. 

    Structure supports overcoming limitations

    The human design energy of acceptance and limitations is also an energy that thrives off the support of structure.

    In James Clear’s book Atomic Habits he writes about a study of participants who wanted to build better exercise habits. The most successful group with 91% doing so was because they had formulate a plan about when they were excessing, where and for how long which led to more likely follow through. Having a plan was structure.

    Structure which is often explained in terms of masculine and feminine energy, in order for the feminine (water) to flow freely it needs to be supported by structure (the masculine) otherwise the water would go everywhere, aimlessly, without direction, feeling unsupported and lost.

    What do you need to feel strong and supported?

    What acts, practices, rituals and routines nourish you and help you accomplish what you desire?

    Do you like to structure in bits like day to day, or is it more week to week, month by month?

    If I were to sum up this human design energy in a quote it would be this by Meister Eckhart: “For the person who has learned to let go and let be, nothing can ever get in the way again.”

    I hope this inspires you today to let go of what no longer serves you, to accept and to transcend your limitations.

    Love & Positivity Phi.

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  • 57: 111 Portal January 2024 Capricorn New Moon

    Unlock and understand the mysteries and energetic significance of the 111 portal this year in January 2024 which also happens to fall on the Capricorn New Moon. This 111 portal isn’t like other years and Phi reveals why. She also shares practical exercises such as journaling and custom affirmations in addition to a channeled meditation to make the most of the 111 portal in 2024.

    Summary of the 111 Portal in January 2024v and the Capricorn New Moon

    The significance of the number 111, a triple-digit sequence that is believed to hold powerful vibrations and cosmic alignments. We’ll explore how this unique portal of 111 opens up a powerful gateway into insight, intuition and alignment.

    The 111 portal happens multiple times throughout the year but this one is very special and Phi will reveal exactly why on this episode in addition to talking more about the astrological themes of Capricorn for 2024’s first new moon. Phi also speaks about this week being the third week of the Human Design New Year and what that entails.

    The 111 Portal Introduction

    Hi Beautiful Soul,

    How have you been taking to 2024? This episode continues the conversation from last week about now being in the third stage of energy towards the human design new year on the 20th of January which will be at the end of this episode, but the forefront for this week? The release date of this episode for the 111 portal and the Capricorn New Moon. 

    Why the 111 portal is more special this year in January 2024?

    This year’s 111 portal is more potent than usual because in terms of numerology the date 11/1/2024 if you add 1+1+1+2+0+2+4 = 11 which is a master number and of course it falls on the Capricorn New Moon. 11 is known as the master intuitive number. 11 is associated with intuition, enlightenment, alignment and limitlessness. 

    With portals it may happen on the day but the energy can be felt days before and after. Perhaps pay attention if you’re seeing 1’s, 11’s and 111’s as a sign for a new beginning and a call for alignment.

    Channelled message and guidance for the 111 portal in January 2024

    It’s the first manifestation day of 2024 and the year but it won’t be the only one. It’s the opening. I had a strong intuitive message to share with everyone that it’s okay if you don’t know what you want yet exactly or what you want to manifest. Don’t place unnecessary additional pressure and stress on yourself. If anything you can simply in a way ‘make a wish’ it could be as simple as to experience more joy in 2024 or to have a better year than last.

    If anything the intuitive guidance I am receiving for the 111 portal is it’s actually more of a portal to receive downloads and insights for the year ahead. Create stillness and silence to receive information that is ready to be downloaded to you: it may feel like a hunch, hearing the same message, a feeling — be open to what the message may mean. 

    Given this here are my top activities and suggestions to make the most of the 111 portal.

    Tapping into your intuition on the 111 portal

    Tap into your intuition there are several ways this comes to mind including:

    • Automatic writing, setting a timer and putting pen to paper to see what emerges. 
    • Meditation for at least 11 minutes (might as well play on the 111!) 

    Manifesting with the 111 Portal through affirmations

    Approach manifestations and intentions through the voice of 11 energy which is … “I am”

    Instead of writing in the future tense that I would like to be and the qualities you would embody… write it as if you are already now. I am… for example instead of I would like to be more abundant, you would write “I am abundant,” “I am building the life of my dreams,” “I am making my dreams happen.” Again perhaps try to write at least 11 ‘I am’ affirmations. 

    Another way you could write this out I’m being told is starting your affirmations with “I have faith…”

    “I have faith I will be abundant this year”

    “I have faith things are going to work out for me in 2024”

    New beginnings with the 111 portal

    Start something new, plant the seed. That idea that has been floating inside your head for so long, perhaps today with the 111 portal you can do something about it. Wanting to start a business? Give yourself an hour to brainstorm, maybe you won’t know exactly what it is but you’re taking inspired action and showing the universe: hey I want to start something new. Tap into the energy and emotions that arise when you feel into starting fresh in certain areas of your life.

    Putting yourself first with the 111 portal

    Given the energetics of new beginnings, the first: this is the day to put yourself first. Indulge in self care. Really tune into what you want. What does alignment look like and feel like for you?

    111 Portal Journaling Questions

    Connect with your inner guidance with these 11 journaling questions:

    • What does a “new beginning” mean and look like for you at this moment in time?
    • What aspects of your life are currently in alignment with your true self? What is not?
    • What adjustments can you make to bring your thoughts, actions and beliefs into greater alignment?
    • Reflect on moments in your life when you felt truly aligned recently.
    • What are your intentions for the future? What do you want to manifest this month, over the year and beyond?
    • How well are you listening to your inner guidance, truth and intuition?
    • How can you align your thoughts and actions with your intentions on the 111 portal?
    • As you open the door to new beginnings, what can you be grateful for on your journey to new beginnings?
    • Reflect on the number 1, 11, 111 and 1111 in your life. What significance does it hold for you. What do these numbers personally mean to you? 
    • If your intuition could speak out loud to you right now, what would it say?
    • Where do you need to put yourself more first in your life?

    Capricorn New Moon January 2024

    What’s interesting about the Capricorn New Moon is it’s the first new moon for 2024 and this year will also end with a Capricorn new moon on December 30, so astrologically speaking this is a new moon asking you to think about long term in the sense what are you planting at the beginning of this year to fruition at the end. 

    Setting intentions now that build momentum to the end of the year. The check in point will be when June in the Northern Hemisphere coinciding with the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year or in the Southern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.

    Capricorn New Moon January 2024 Mantra

    Astrologically speaking this day also marks a turning point where all the majority of planets are moving forward and not in retrograde which means less miscommunication, challenges and curveballs. However the irony being Capricorn energy isn’t necessarily fast moving: it’s a planner, it plays the long term gain. 

    So I think the Capricorn Mantra for this New Moon is Turn Inwards, Slow Down in Order to Speed Up. Set up the foundations right so when you feel into your internal rhythm it’s time to get moving, you can and you will with ease because the foundations are set up.

    Capricorn Structure and Foundation

    Capricorn is an Earth sign so again it’s about being grounded, setting up strong foundations and roots. This is about setting things up that are actionable. Capricorn is a sign of structure so it’s worth thinking about what systems, support, habits, discipline and accountability do you need to put in place to bring your manifestations into reality? 

    Capricorn New Moon Secret

    Now as I’ve been saying energetically for some it may still not feel quite right to be able to fully land your intentions and manifestations, my suggestion to take advantage of the Capricorn New Moon is to get back into habits and routines that set you up for success such as perhaps your morning routine, or after work, evening too. What practices nourish your soul and revitalise you? Things you can do for yourself that give you energy and life force, not forcing yourself to do things that take away from that. What preparations can you start now for the year ahead in 2024?

    For example if you’ve been following my Instagram stories you’ll know this year I have a greater focus on my health and wellbeing, because I am guilty of neglecting it in favour of work. I know that it would be a huge stretch for me to run and exercise every single day so I am personally making myself the promise to attempt daily walks, or for the most part 5 days a week as well as 3 days of exercise. That’s from my personal perspective is achievable and a bit of a stretch at the same time.

    Capricorn Structure and Foundation

    Capricorn is an Earth sign so again it’s about being grounded, setting up strong foundations and roots. This is about setting things up that are actionable. Capricorn is a sign of structure so it’s worth thinking about what systems, support, habits, discipline and accountability do you need to put in place to bring your manifestations into reality? 

    Capricorn Energy

    Capricorn energy for you at this time may be shifting into the energy of being grounded, centered, clear and ready to receive intuitive downloads and setting the intention you are desiring to energetically start your year. 

    Distilled further to another beginning step is to pick a focus – Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so that is all about discipline and commitment. 

    Capricorn Career

    Capricorn is also astrologically traditionally associated with career, so this is a great time to connect to your work, your life’s purpose and what you want for your work this year?

    Given the flavours of the 111 portal this is asking you the questions: do you feel aligned in the work that you do and if not how can you bring more alignment to it? Are you receiving any insights and nudges as to what to do with your career? How do you want to feel when you are working?

    If you’re needing support and guidance, I do foundational human design readings which speak to your overarching soul purpose and through 1:1 coaching we can go even further into the purpose path which speaks to your soul radiance and evolution, how your soul purpose plays out and your life’s work so if you’re interested get in touch!

    Capricorn Masculine/Feminine Energy

    Continuing my predictions in the last podcast about the interplay of masculine and feminine energy being prevalent this year, Capricorn rules father figures and the masculine. Just a side note  for awareness and consideration if that’s relevant for you… tying it all together with the themes above what emerges is responsibilities and your relationship to your responsibilities.

    Human Design New Year: Mystery

    Stage 3 before the human design new year: Mystery, Inner Truth and Downloads.

    To recap the human design stages towards the new year, the first stage was exploring tension and resistance, the second stage last week and first half of this week ambition and drive, this back half aligns with the 111 portal for downloads! That of inner truth and downloads.

    In this stage it’s delving into the mysteries and unknown. Asking questions. Dreaming. Wanting answers. This is an ideal time like with the 111 portal and overarching message: set the intention and be open to receiving insights and downloads such as through intentional meditation. Human design posits in order to receiving this the potential is in silence. 

    The silence allows for you to tune into your own internal guidance and receive that from outside of you in the universe. To hear your inner voice. To hear your inner truth. To internally to your inner experiences. To be open to receiving inspiration. This is the energy of the mystical and the magical. To ponder and muse on what your inner ‘truth’ is right now and for 2024. To have the mindset of curiosity and wonder with the patience to receive too. This energy goes deep too, so it’s about getting beneath the surface of your intentions in 2024. The Why.

    Human Design Intuition Insight Meditation

    I’m now going to share with you a channeled meditation to help you tap into this energy of mystery, insight and divine downloads.

    Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

    As you settle into this moment, bring your awareness to your mind and all the thoughts rushing around. It’s okay. This is your mind self. We want to give permission for your mental self to step to the side and allow for your true self. Your authentic self. Set the intention to connect to your true self.

    Take a few more deep breaths, allowing any tension or distractions to dissolve with each exhale. Imagine a door within your being, a door that leads to the vast universe of intuitive insights waiting to be discovered.

    Visualise this internal door before you. What does the door like like?

    As you approach the door, feel a sense of anticipation and excitement. This door is a gateway to the universal intelligence that is always available to guide you. With each breath, allow yourself to release any doubts or resistance, trusting in the process of opening up to your innate wisdom, your intuition.   

    Place your hand on the doorknob and turn it gently. As the door creaks open, feel a rush of energy, a warm and inviting light pouring through the opening. Step through the doorway into a space of infinite possibilities.

    You find yourself in a serene garden, surrounded by vibrant colors, fragrant flowers, and the gentle rustling of leaves. This is the garden of your intuition, a sacred space where the universe communicates with you.

    Take a moment to explore this garden, sensing the energy that emanates from the plants, the earth beneath your feet, and the air around you. Feel the interconnectedness of all things, and know that you are an integral part of this web of existence.

    As you walk through the garden, allow your mind to quieten, releasing any thoughts that may cloud your intuition. Imagine a pool of still water at the center of the garden, reflecting the wisdom of the universe.

    Sit by the edge of the pool and gaze into its depths. With each breath, let go of the need for answers or solutions. Instead, open your heart and mind to receive insights from the universal intelligence. Embody the essence of surrendering and being open to the unknown. 

    Declare and say to your self:

    I surrender to the divine mystery of life and the universe.

    I am ready to receive divine inspiration and downloads.

    I open the door to receiving all that I need to hear, know, see and perceive. 

    As you do this, notice any images, feelings, or subtle nudges that arise within you. Trust the process, knowing that the universe is speaking to you in the language of intuition.

    Take your time in this tranquil space, absorbing the wisdom that flows to you. When you feel ready, express gratitude for the insights received and slowly make your way back to the doorway.

    As you step back through the door, bring the wisdom of the universe with you, carrying it into your daily life. Remember that the key to unlocking intuitive insights lies within, and you can access this internal door whenever you need guidance.

    Take a few deep breaths, feeling the ground beneath you and the awareness within. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes, carrying the essence of intuition, insight and universal intelligence into your awakened state.

    Mmmm what an experience that was going within, how are you feeling beautiful soul? Take a moment of pause to integrate the experience that you just had. I highly suggest journaling and taking note of what you’ve taken out of today’s episode and the meditation we just did.

    Chat to you next week beautiful soul, have a great week ahead. Love & Positivity.

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  • 56 – New Year Energy 2024

    Phi unveils the energetics of the new year ahead in 2024 through different lenses including human design, astrology, numerology, the chinese zodiac and her own personal take and channelling. This podcast episode will shed light on the cosmic energies and the prominent themes that emerge for 2024 to have a fulfilling and prosperous year ahead.

    The traditional new year: Gregorian Calendar

    Hi Beautiful Soul, how are you? 

    Happy New Year! I hope you had time to give yourself a break over the festive period. I did for the first time I can remember in a while and it was so rejuvenating but also overwhelming. For the first time in a long time I had a very busy jam packed Christmas and New Years on a personal level.

    I spent time with family, my partner who got us a trip to the wine region here in Australia and friends camping over new years. I feel so happy and content but I had to take a mini break for my break if that makes sense to recharge my social batteries and energy levels… now here I am!

    It’s 2024 and I wanted to start the year by chatting about the vibes and energy of 2024. 

    From a traditional sense, there’s a huge collective pressure and energy placed on the 1st of January symbolising new year based on the Western Gregorian calendar and it certainly brings a ‘new feeling to it’ however let it be known that different cultures around the world celebrate ‘new years’ at different times. 

    Energetic New Year: Perspectives

    Energetically speaking as I posted on my Instagram, energetically new years falls at different times between a time frame of January – March this year.

    Going by human design, the new year kicks off January 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and 23rd in the southern Hemisphere and there’s actually four phases that occur prior to this date. More on that later in this episode.

    My background is Vietnamese so I celebrate Lunar New Year too which changes every year and this year falls on the 10th of February. Lunar New Year is based on a lunisolar calendar that combines moon cycles and sun cycles following the orbit off Jupiter (that planet representing good fortune and expansion around the sun). It ends up being on the day of the second New Moon after the December solstice.

    Particularly in the northern hemisphere, in terms of energy; New Years truly kicks off March 21st which is the first day of the Spring Equinox. This is because in past times, the equinox marks a shift when the day has become longer than darkness which represents new life and growth. 

    Based on the above, there’s an absolute permission slip in place for January, February and even March to still be digesting and processing the year that has just happened in 2023. Let there be more time and spaciousness for things to reveal themselves. Again it’s not restricted to these but I would say energetically the new year falls between end of January to mid March this year.

    When is it your energetic new year?

    Honestly there is no standard one size fits all approach, everyone is unique. You might be listening feeling raring to go, goals set or maybe you’re feeling tired and frustrated because you haven’t felt that ‘new year vibe’ yet. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ Give yourself permission to go with your own internal timings. 

    To kickstart the year I thought it would be really interesting to share different perspectives of what 2024 has to hold through different lenses and I’ll leave my own personal interpretation and channeling to the very end.

    Numerology of 2024: 8

    More specifically on 2024, in terms of numerology we’ve gone from a 7 year (which is 2+0+2+3) to now 8 (2+0+2+4).  We are shifting from a 7 year of personal growth and introspection to a universal 8 year of prosperity. 

    An 8 year has themes of success, achievement, financial abundance, power, and balance. In numerology, it is considered a powerful and ambitious number. It an 8 year there may be more of a focus on your career, finances and achieving dreams and goals. It’s a year where significant progress can be made. 

    The 8 in terms of balance and the infinity sign can also be seen as recalibration.

    An 8 year is also of faith and harvesting, repeating the bounties of previous investments and seeds you’ve planted. 

    How to work out your personal numerology for the year 2024

    The 8 is the backdrop and like all perspectives whether it’s human design or astrology, you also have your own personal number. For numerology that’s done by individually adding up the digits of your birth date, birth month and the number 8 until you get a single digit. 

    For example if your birthday is December 23 it would be

    2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 8 = 16

    1 + 6 = 7. 

    A guide to numerology summary meanings

    All numbers have different meanings but a quick summary below:

    1 – New Beginnings: Initiation, Energy, Putting yourself as #1

    2 – Relationships: Partnerships, Harmony, Balance

    3 – Creativity: Imagination, Social, Expression, Truth

    4 – Foundation: Stability, Structure, Doing the Work

    5 – Change: Freedom, Adventure, Flexibility

    6 – Harmony: Family, Responsibility, Nurturing 

    7 – Introspection: Reflection, Personal Development, Insight

    8 – Abundance: Success, Achievements, Power

    9 – Completion: Closing the cycle, Endings, Reflection, Transformation 

    Chinese New Year Zodiac of 2024 Dragon

    Year of the dragon symbolising strength, power and good fortune. The dragon like the number 8 is seen as the most auspicious and luckiest of the 12 animals of the zodiac recementing 2024 as the year of opportunities and prosperity. The characteristics of the dragon are intelligence, leadership, ambition and charisma.  

    Note Chinese Zodiac goes by the year of your birth.

    From what I’ve seen the luckiest animals that align with this year of the Dragon are: Pig, Monkey, Rat, Goat/Sheep and Rooster. 

    Human Design New Year 2024

    Transits in human design last for 5-6 days. Think of transits in general as a spotlight on a particular energy collectively. For human design that revolves around the sun, so illuminating a particular theme to look at for the week. 

    Do note that transits also apply to certain moments in time or even the year such as a Saturn Return or a yearly chart reading – think of this like the weather forecast for your life ahead. I’ve started doing readings again for the year so if you’re interested message me on Instagram or check out my website. 

    In terms of human design transits: the week that has just gone was the energy of tension, a provocative energy to think about how the challenges and obstacles you faced in the year that’s happened and what your drive is for the year ahead, what is worth fighting for? The backdrop to this all is contemplation of your purpose and your spirit in the year that happened.

    Human Design 2nd Phase: Ambition January 5-10

    In this current week as the podcast goes live (second week of January) the energy leading up to the new year is ambition. This is where going off human design you may be now beginning to look towards the future. How can you start to tap into your drive and ambitions for the year? This is the week to be open to receiving energy and downloads around your intentions and goals. You can think of this in terms of archetypes as the achiever or entrepreneur. 

    It is a root energy so it can also bring this pressure to start something new again tune into your own timings as this may very well be the week you launch or it starts to stir up some energy as you bring in your energetic new year. Check in with your energy: are you stressed? are you high on adrenaline? 

    Things to consider and contemplate for the week: 

    What are your aspirations for the year? The download I’m getting here is to allow yourself to dream really big, that energy of shoot for the moon and if you miss you end up amongst the stars.

    What is your definition of success and ambition? For you maybe it’s progress in your career or perhaps its this year focusing on your health and wellbeing.

    Then we hone in and focus on bringing in ambitions into physical reality… 

    Do your actions align with your ambition? 

    What inspired actions for the year ahead are coming through? 

    Who are the people or resources you need to achieve your ambitions and feel supported? 

    What is coming through for you to start? Is there an idea or project that you’ve been thinking about where it feels right to birth and implement at some point this year? 

    This energy is also linked to the material plane, so money and financial considerations may also come through.

    Human Design The Shadow of Ambition


    The shadows to consider here of ambition is well blind ambition right? 

    This goes two ways perhaps being completely unrealistic of goals or being so focused you become so strongly fixated on achieving that you become blind to other factors such as your health e.g. overworking or perhaps doing things that aren’t in alignment with your values ethically and/or morally. How do you find that sweet spot of balancing ambition and also surrender (because not everything is in your control!).

    Ambition’s shadow also has a way of bringing out the comparison within us and it can be so easy to have that negative self talk of you’re not good enough, you’re behind, which can lead to feels of discontent and dissatisfaction. 

    From human design some checks and balances in addition to your contemplation above;

    Confidence: The importance of confidence and from societal conditioning we think that it comes from our achievements instead of looking within, do you believe in yourself? Confidence is an inside job.

    Resolve: how do you hold the vision and trust in the journey regarding your ambitions and aspirations? What is the interplay between success and failure?

    Integrity: how do you be ambitious in a way that you are proud of? That considers the impacts of your success and how you become successful. That sometimes the short cuts or being compromised aren’t worth it.

    Spirituality: It’s okay to desire success on the material plane, but what are your ambitions when it comes to your personal growth and development too? 

    Astrology New Year 2024

    There are so many events I couldn’t simply talk about the whole year so based on who listens to this podcast I’ve intuitively been guided to speak about milestone markers to be aware of this year in 2024 with regards to astrological events.

    Venus Retrogrades 2024

    One of the most markable things is that there will be no Venus Retrograde. Venus is associated with love, relationships, beauty, aesthetics, harmony and a tinge of money in astrology. When Venus goes retrograde, it often triggers reflection and reassessment in these areas of life.

    If you want to reflect, Venus Retrograde happened last year in 2023 around July 22nd – September 3rd, may be worth reflecting to see how you may have been impacted in terms of relationships and finances around those dates. Honing in perhaps you experienced challenges or delay in the matters of the heart, old wounds emerging around past relationships or ex partners resurfacing, a makeover or experimenting in terms of your beauty or personal style such as hair, make up and clothing.

    This is a great sign particularly if you are calling in and manifesting love, there are less likely to be setbacks, challenges and difficulties in a year without Venus Retrograde. Hint hint I am looking to have an offering in February around Valentine’s Day, watch this space!

    Mercury Retrogrades 2024

    We’ve just come out of one as we entered 2024 and this year there will be three retrograde periods in April, August and at the end of November. All three will be in the fire sign indicating more miscommunications, confusions and therefore clarity and reassessment in terms of our passions, desires and relationships. Particularly around expression: how can we express ourselves and be conscious perhaps shadows: ego, hot headedness, being firey and stubborn.

    To be aware we may become more frustrated, triggered and angry around our desires how to best express them to others and if others don’t share that same passion and energy. 

    Eclipses 2024

    Recalling 2023, we finished a major year series of Taurus and Scorpio partnered eclipses (January 2022-July 2023). In this chapter it was the interplay between the material world represented by Taurus and the metaphysical spiritual realm that Scorpio rules. The themes I felt apparent being money/security/foundation as well as the Scorpio bringing out the internal transformation: birth, death, rebirth, shadow work.

    From July last year we entered the new collective destiny markers in the signs of Aries and Libra (July 2023 – January 2025). Eclipses can be energetically intense and this year we will see eclipse action happening;

    March 25 – Lunar Eclipse in Libra

    April 8 – Solar Eclipse in Aries

    September 17 – Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

    October 2nd – Solar Eclipse in Libra

    Destiny Astrology Aries and Libra 2024

    This next chapter which kickstarted from July last year in 2023 until January 2025 what I’m feeling into the balance between self and another. Aries being bold, centre stage, inspired action, passionate and heated whereas Libra is about harmony, justice and balance. This I predict will see  relationships being a focal point with regards to boundaries, compromise and harmony. On a collective stage Aries symbolises war and we can see that having emerged from mid last year the tension between Aries fire of ambition and charging forward contrasted by Libra justice, fairness, equality, peace and love.

    When Aries is in charge things tend to move quickly too an accelerate so I’m getting quantum leaps energy, it’s about trusting in the timing, once things happen they’ll go fast so don’t stress, continue to take inspired, consistent action and the universe will take care of the rest. 

    This Aries energy is going to shine with the backdrop of numerology of ‘8’ and power we are going to see collectively more drive, ambition, motivation, striving towards goals and really owning what you want. 

    The last time a hint of this Aries energy leading the way interns of collective destiny was in the air was back at the end of 2004 in December and lasted until June 2006. This is 10 years ago, so perhaps things that happened a decade ago may pop back up to reveal how far you’ve come and what’s next.

    Phi's personal interpretation of 2024

    2023 was seen as a building year for many, and I know collectively it had it’s challenges but 2024 definitely has an energy of optimism, more light, a brighter future and so much potential. It won’t be without difficulties but it’s that energy of a rainbow after a storm. 

    2024 is a year of power, if you look at numerology the number 8 infinite, representing power and abundance and I mean look at the Chinese Zodiac the epitome of power in the dragon. The backdrop astrologically of Aries and Libra also about power – Aries being bold, stepping into it and the shadow aspects of conflict, clash and fieriness in balance with Libra and I interpret as power dynamics in relations to others too. 

    When I channel the word ‘leadership’ also comes through: stepping up, stepping into your power, stepping into your potential, stepping into the spotlight, being a leader, self leadership and leading yourself. 

    Manifestation also springs to mind but the actualisation of all you desire. If 2023 was the dreaming, 2024 is making it happen. It’s about taking the inner work of 2023 and embodying it in 2024. 

    8 is also the number of the divine feminine. I think this year masculine and feminine energetics will be something more of note finding that balance (again that 8 symbolism of the infinity) and given the 8 year a definite awareness to accessing divine feminine power and energy: to be feeling confident, courageous and empowered. 

    All in all 2024 is set to be another transformative year with a lot of hope and positivity to look forward to. This is the human design week to starting aligning our energy to that of our ambitions knowing the backdrop is of good luck, fortune and opportunities in 2024. 

    Work with Phi in 2024 - Life Coaching Human Design

    In terms of what I have to offer in 2024 I am putting the call out for 1:1 coaching I would love to start the journey with you in making 2024 your best year yet. If you’re interested please reach out and let’s chat about coaching and how I can best support you.

    I’ve also got human design readings and in particular a yearly 2024 reading may serve you to know the themes of your year ahead and how to best navigate and tap into the most helpful energies to boost and support you.

    I’m working on an offering next month around Valentine’s Day to do with self love and of course something major in August which will be an intimate women’s only retreat in Bali.

    I’m here to help you so if you need anything DM me on Instagram that’s where I’m most active.

    Chat to you next week beautiful soul. Have a good one! 

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  • 55: 10 Things to Unlearn on Grief

    In this deeply reflective episode, Phi shares her personal insights on grief a decade after losing her dad when she just turned twenty. Grief is a complex and evolving process, and in this episode, we explore 10 things Phi had to unlearn since losing her dad that have shaped her understanding of grief. Each unlearning shares a powerful perspective shift.

    What is discussed: What to unlearn about Grief

    • Moving Beyond Closure: The myth of closure and how embracing the idea of ongoing connection with the departed has brought comfort and healing.
    • The Fluidity of Grief: Grief is not a linear process but a dynamic journey consisting of ebbs and flows of grief. 
    • Leaning into Change: Grief prompts a reevaluation of one’s identity and priorities. 
    • The Myth of Time Healing All Wounds: Phi challenges the common adage and other misconceptions about grief

    What to unlearn about grief

    Hi Beautiful Soul. This week marks 1/3 of my life without my dad. 10 years, a decade without him. So surreal. I wanted to do this podcast on the day inspired by grief into gold, pain into power but sometimes you can’t make your pain productive, you can’t channel your pain into purpose. And that was yesterday for me. I had this idea that I would grieve for an hour and then do something inspired by my dad which was to clean (he was obsessed with cleaning) and help others by doing a podcast on my unlearning with grief. 

    Expectation vs Reality of Grief

    The day had other plans for me. I was deeply sad and stayed in bed until 2pm. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. I meditate for 20 minutes in bed but that was a struggle. Then I dragged myself to the beach for a swim. That did make me feel better but I was disgruntled at how many people were at the beach and how close the waves were breaking to shore. It was that type of vibe, focusing on the negatives instead of the positive such as I only had to cross the road to go to the beach and being in the water was so rejuvenating and healing. I mainly wanted to stay inside but with my partners encouragement we went out, did Christmas shopping together and he cooked a delicious dinner for us. Bless him. 

    Over the past ten years, I’ve navigated the intricate layered landscape of death, darkness, depression and shadows and truly the light I’ve seen, found and experienced despite it is a testament to us as humans and our ability to live and heal. Our profound ability to be resilient, adapt and a testament to how deeply we can love. Ten years ago my whole life was turned upside down when I had just turned twenty when I lost my dad to bowel cancer. The pain, heartache and suffering that followed were some of the hardest moments of my life yet at the same time beautiful seeds of hope, purpose and light were planted in the darkest of moments.

    In this episode I am sharing 10 unlearning I’ve had after losing my dad 10 years ago. Unlearning doesn’t mean dismissing or erasing the memory or significance of loss nor does it mean forgetting. Unlearning is about authenticity, adapting and navigating to the reality that is post loss, processing ways to cope and grieve as well as honouring one’s emotions associated with loss and grief. Unlearning involves adapting to the new reality, finding ways to cope, and gradually shifting one’s relationship with the emotions associated with grief.

    Disclaimer: Trigger Warning; Episode talks about death, depression, suicide, shadow work

    Grief is bad and means something is broken

    The learning: Grief is negative and something to be fixed.

    The unlearning: Grief isn’t negative or something to be fixed, it doesn’t need to be repressed but expressed and honoured. Grief is a journey to be navigated.

    Grief is not something to be ashamed of, grief does not need to be hidden. We’re conditioned to view sadness as an inconvenience, a disruption to our otherwise “normal” lives. The truth is, grief is a complex and individual process that cannot be neatly packaged into a one-size-fits-all. When we just label grief as negative, it’s a blanket assumption and we are overlooking the profound growth and resilience that can emerge from facing loss head-on. Grief isn’t a sign something is broken if anything it’s a sign it’s all working, we are human, we feel, we connect, it is an inevitable part of life.

    So why do we often see grief as a problem to be fixed? Society’s discomfort with the unknown, the unpredictable, the uncontrollable, plays a significant role. We are attuned to instant gratification and quick fixes and instant gratification, leaving little room for space and life unfolding at it’s own place that we cannot control or change. It’s toxic positivity, that it isn’t okay to be in a less than happy or perfect space.

    Acknowledging grief as a natural response to loss, we create space for healing and self-discovery. Trying to suppress or eliminate grief only perpetuates the misconception that vulnerability is a weakness, hindering the natural progression toward acceptance. Imagine growing up where grief is as normal as happiness. Where grief is as openly demonstrated and shown as happiness. 

    People mean well when they grief won’t last forever, everything will be okay, they want you to be happy, to keep pushing and moving forward but when you’re in the thick of grief you are craving acknowledgement of what’s happened rather than solutions and repair. It’s the validation and recognition something painful and traumatic has happened that will forever change your life. It’s the acknowledgement an integral part in the journey of life has taken place. Grief plays a part in the fairytale and dream. You can experience grief and still have a dream life or “fairytale ending” if you will.

    Grief is mental: thoughts and perspective

    The learning: Grief is to be processed mentally.

    The unlearning: It’s so important to grieve in your body.

    In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the concept of organs extends beyond their physiological functions to include emotional and energetic aspects. Each organ is believed to be associated with specific emotions, and the lungs are linked to grief. The lungs are the seat of grief where grief is stored. It feels like the tightening of the chest, or it’s hard to breathe, or shallow quick breathing. It’s when it’s hard to breathe slowly and deeply. Other symptoms which may indicate grief in the lungs: coughing, allergies, a tendency for or constant colds and flus, respiratory symptoms, weakness in voice, voice loss, chest congestion, bronchitis as examples. The partner organ of the lungs is also the large intestine so anything related to bowel and digestion issues can also indicate stored grief such as indigestion, constipation, difficulty or pain going to the bathroom signifying ‘difficulty to letting go’ – physically and emotionally. 

    Now off the bat, I want to make it clear that this is from a holistic, spiritual perspective taking into account the mind, body, spirit connection. I personally advocate traditional and modern medicine working together. Please use your discernment and I always say to experiment and try to see if this is true and resonates with you and your body.

    Given this line of thinking, breathwork can assist with processing, moving and shifting grief. I did an Instagram reel visually showing the meridian points you can gently press on whilst breathing in and then release as you breathe out. It’s essentially underneath your collar bones so the way to do it almost looks initially like a soothing hug — sweet right?

    Grief is mental: thoughts and perspective

    The learning: Grief is to be processed mentally.

    The unlearning: It’s so important to grieve in your body.

    In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the concept of organs extends beyond their physiological functions to include emotional and energetic aspects. Each organ is believed to be associated with specific emotions, and the lungs are linked to grief. The lungs are the seat of grief where grief is stored. It feels like the tightening of the chest, or it’s hard to breathe, or shallow quick breathing. It’s when it’s hard to breathe slowly and deeply. Other symptoms which may indicate grief in the lungs: coughing, allergies, a tendency for or constant colds and flus, respiratory symptoms, weakness in voice, voice loss, chest congestion, bronchitis as examples. The partner organ of the lungs is also the large intestine so anything related to bowel and digestion issues can also indicate stored grief such as indigestion, constipation, difficulty or pain going to the bathroom signifying ‘difficulty to letting go’ – physically and emotionally. 

    Now off the bat, I want to make it clear that this is from a holistic, spiritual perspective taking into account the mind, body, spirit connection. I personally advocate traditional and modern medicine working together. Please use your discernment and I always say to experiment and try to see if this is true and resonates with you and your body.

    Given this line of thinking, breathwork can assist with processing, moving and shifting grief. I did an Instagram reel visually showing the meridian points you can gently press on whilst breathing in and then release as you breathe out. It’s essentially underneath your collar bones so the way to do it almost looks initially like a soothing hug — sweet right?

    Grief looks a certain way

    The learning: A good griever looks a certain way.

    The unlearning: There are no prizes for being the griever that appears to and suffers the most, grief doesn’t have a universal appearance; it isn’t just crying, grief can also look like being on holiday or celebration.

    Grief is so personal and different for every individual. You don’t have to be the matyr that appears to be sad and suffering all the time. Stereotypically when we visually think of grief we see crying, sadness, and depression. Some people react differently. 

    Grief doesn’t look a certain way. Some may express their sorrow openly, while others may internalise their emotions. Some people may do it publicly and others in private.

    There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve. At times it’s silent tears or screaming in rage and frustration. Other times it may be laughing and jovial as you reminisce on fond memories and good times. You can be grieving and still show up.

    It’s interesting too how different cultures grieve, some see it as a mourning and loss whilst others celebrate life in a joyful manner.’

    I think about how when I first lost my dad yes tears upon tears but I also did put on a happy face at times and even though I was smiling and laughing, deep down I was still sad and grieving. Some years across the decade that’s been, I cry and other times I don’t shed any tears but I’m still feeling a lot within.

    Don't love again because you'll lose...

    The learning: After grief you fear love and loss.

    The unlearning: Its okay to lose and be scared of loving deeply again but don’t let that stop you.

    You have this phase of yolo inspired and maybe at some point the fear of loss creeps in again because you’re scared to lose because maybe it will be too difficult. Realise that can be traced to the fear of vulnerability which is necessary in forming meaningful connections. It’s grappling the anxiety of what it means to emotionally invest again after loss because you are terrified of separation through death or something come to an end again. It’s the mental game and anticipation of intense pain which can lead you to adopt a guarded walls up approach.

    Love and loss after death can hinder connection or you can let it enrich your life. Love is magical. It is worth the pain, sadness and inevitable end in one way because of how much joy and fulfilment it can bring. Love compels us to do beautiful, crazy, amazing things. Loss is inevitable but it doesn’t have to overshadow the beauty and transformative power of love. Impermanence can be embraced. Nothing lasts forever and that’s duality: good and bad. 

    Being 'normal again' after the loss of a loved one

    The learning: You should go back to who you were before grief.

    The unlearning: After grief is a different you, there is ‘no normal’ and that’s more than okay.

    Grief forces us to confront the fragility of life and the impermanence of our existence. In the face of loss, we are compelled to reevaluate our priorities and focus on what truly matters. This reassessment often leads to a deeper appreciation for the people and experiences that bring meaning and joy into our lives. Grief helps us to be more grateful and mindful. Grief changes what we value and how we view life.

    Grief prompts you to re-evaluate who you are, I mean how can you be the same after a traumatic life changing event? Ultimately I personally think grief made me a better person. You become more attuned to the suffering of others and a deepened capacity to feel and have empathy. You value relationships more: you never know when it will be the last time you see or speak to someone. 

    Happiness is a sign of progress after grieving

    The learning: A sign of progress is being happy and joyful again.

    The unlearning: Heartbreak, feeling and crying are signs of progress too.

    The ability to feel everything, rather than solely pursuing happiness after death again, is a hallmark of progress in the grieving journey. In the initial stages of grief, there is an overwhelming intensity: of sadness, despair and sorrow. Progress is to acknowledge and feel these: they are a testament to the journey of feeling your feelings. It’s multifaceted: then in the stages of grief perhaps its anger another complexity dabbled with moments of unexpected joy and laughter despite the grief. The co existence of joy and sorrow. 

    It’s crucial to acknowledge that the goal isn’t merely to be happy again; it’s about truly integrating the experience of loss into one’s life in a way that is authentic, sustainable and meaningful. Society often places a huge emphasis on external markers of progress, such as returning to work, being present in social activities again or returning to activities that you’re known to love. 

    These are positive steps but alot of progress happens internally that can’t necessarily be seen. Eventually they will be but not always immediately. 

    The myth that time heals after the death of a loved one

    The learning: Grief gets better with time.

    The unlearning: Grief changes and reshapes with time.

    Not so much the amount, the pain is the same but you get upset less frequently or triggered

    We grow around it.

    Grief can be like jumping in and out of puddles one day and another you’re in a river stream and it’s hard to get out.

    What is more true to this statement is the journey and process of adapting and integrating. As time passes, you develop new coping mechanisms, insights, understandings and grief changes form. What was once harsh and pronounced can soften and weave in with life itself. 

    Pangs lessen, there is a sense of acceptance, the yearning and longing are less, your thoughts aren’t just dominated by the loss, you are able to hold more: to enjoy being around people again and experiencing life.

    Grief is a one time thing

    The learning: You go through grief once and it’s done.

    The unlearning: Grief involves revisiting it.

    It’s not resolved in one go, things pop up back. Grief is not a one-time or one-off event but a complex and recurring experience that unfolds over the course of your life. Many people mistakenly believe that once they navigate through the pain of loss, they have completed the grieving process. However, grief is a dynamic, layered and evolving experience. It’s impact can resurface in various forms at different stages and moments in life. 

    I thought well I had delayed grief so I essentially then grieved for another year and surely that’s done right? No. Grief over my dad would come back during birthdays, milestones anniversaries, holidays and random unexpected seemingly average mundane ordinary days. 

    Grief’s recurrence is not an indication of an inability to move on or a lack of progress; rather, it highlights the ongoing nature of the human experience.

    These moments serve as opportunities for reflection and provide an opportunity to revisit grief as the familiar visitor that it is. 

    Grief needs to be processed at the time of death

    The learning: Grief has to be processed at the moment of the death

    The unlearning: It’s never too late to process grief 

    For many the death of a loved one is an overwhelming and surreal life experience. In an ideal world yes you would process it in the lead up (should you have had the opportunity) and in the moment but life isn’t perfect. Even in my own case, I had delayed onset grief symptoms a year later. I repressed the grief and became numb because it was too overwhelming, I didn’t know what to do. A tidal wave of loss and all the feelings, so many I couldn’t really decipher and unpack each one. I was unable to process such a huge shock to the system at that time as the person I was. I repressed grief and ignored it because I needed to survive in the day to day. There’s delayed grief such as in this instance but with clients I’ve also seen unresolved grief where someone has not fully come to terms with the loss, perhaps denying reality and continual yearning that impacts their day to day living. Another layer to grief can be disenfranchised grief where one doesn’t feel like it’s acceptable to openly grieve for example death by suicide, premature loss of a baby.

    We all know if answer oh I’m fine… Fine is ‘Feelings Inside Not Expressed.’ Emotions do not adhere to a strict timeline to be processed. Grief is not a linear experience with a fixed endpoint; rather, it is a fluctuating and evolving journey. At any point you can revisit grief and with time you process it in different ways having accumulate life experiences, perspectives with a different mindset, emotional capacity.

    Maybe you’ll look back and realise when the triggers are sharp, hey maybe I haven’t fully healed. Maybe I did some healing at the time and I wasn’t ready until now to face the full magnitude of the grief that is. Know that it’s never too late. 

    Grief and death are meaningless

    The learning: You think the pain and grief are useless.

    The unlearning: Your pain and grief isn’t wasted, it adds more to your life.

    We deem pain and grieving as negative, it’s seen as an unwanted aspect of the human experience yet both pain and grieving can play play a profound and meaningful role in life.

    They are natural responses and are manifestations of the deep emotional connections we form with others. The intensity of our sorrow is a testament to the significance of the bonds we share with those we have lost. Grief is a paradox in itself, harrowing, haunting yet beautiful at the same time. Grief, in all its rawness, cracks us open to the depths of how much we can feel, the fragility and non guarantee of life and the resilience of being human.  

    Through grief we can gain purpose and meaning to life, to embrace it in all of its fullest to not just be alive but truly live. For some like me, it was the catalyst leading to what I eventually do now as a life coach but that doesn’t mean you have to. You could or it could simply be from your experiences being able to comfort and support someone else going through grief. It’s your ability to be able to connect and understand to a degree what someone else is going through. A sense of unity despite adversity. 

    Death is final

    The learning: They’re gone forever.

    The unlearning: They truly are there with you.

    For me it’s that obvious angle from a spiritual energetic perspective. Signs and symbols take on new meanings. For many it could be an animal, a song, a symbol like a feather or flower, lights flickering and electronics misbehaving, dreams, coincidences, synchronicities. You can talk to their spirit.

    That aside whether you believe it or not, the legacy of a loved one transcends the physical realm. They live on: in the stories we share, the traditions we uphold, and the values we carry forward. Their presence becomes a part of us in our identity, in our heart. It could be a piece of advice or a recipe passed down. They inspire you and others on how they lived and the kind of person they were. We can have rituals such as in Asian culture we leave out meals for loved ones who have passed or light candles and incense.

    Their impact in our lives is not forgotten whether it was a kind act they did or the remembrance of their favourite song.

    This wraps up today’s episode on 10 unlearning on grief I’ve had, 10 years after losing my dad. Unlearning is all about shedding societal expectations, debunking myths, and allowing for a more authentic and compassionate experience of loss. The journey unlearning grief is an ongoing one that is all about self compassion, patience and leaning into, feeling and embracing our emotions, all part of the amazing thing we have called life.

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  • 54: Finding Magic in the Mundane

    In this episode Phi takes you through the alchemy and transformative art of  discovering magic in the mundane. She shares personal stories, insights, and practical tips for embracing the enchantment hidden within the everyday. It’s what makes the ordinary, extraordinary. The familiar fresh. To see the beauty and be mindful in your life.

    What is discussed: Finding the Magic in the Mundane

    • Practical tips and strategies to cultivate and discover the magic in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    • Things become extraordinary when we give them our full attention. Paying attention with purpose, the things we can take for granted.
    • Simple meditations you can do in everyday life moments to bring out more magic.
    • Different approaches and perspectives to unlocking the magic within yourself and the world around you.
    • The secrets to what actually makes up the magic in our lives that can easily be missed or forgotten…

    Finding the Magic in the Mundane Episode Transcript

    Hello beautiful soul!

    Today’s episode is all about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary – making the mundane magical. It was inspired by recently having attended a few tea ceremonies. I had one of those ‘aha’ moments because for me usually tea is made in a rush whether it’s in between meetings and in a way can be mindless and automated. Boil the kettle. Get the cup. Put the tea bag in. Pour in water. Even times I forget about the tea in the first place or I’ve left it too long. I’m not really thinking deeply about the tea you know? It’s just tea, or so I thought. 

    The Magic of Tea Ceremonies

    This is in contrast to attending a 45 minute ceremony with tea being the heart of it. It was an art. Every step was conscious, deliberate from the choice of tea to boiling the water. The environment set up to be serene, calming: beautiful bowls, traditional tea utensils, calming music.

    A tea ceremony involves a choreographed set of movements, precise measurements of tea level and water ratio, and a deep appreciation for the process it takes to make tea. Tea went from a simple drink to a profound meditative experience. It was sensuous: watching it unfold, tasting the tea and the different layers of flavour, the aroma of the tea, the warmth that comes from holding the cup, the temperature as the tea hits your tongue, feeling the steam billowing in your face, hearing the sounds around.

    The slow, deliberate pace of a tea ceremony was a stark difference to the fast-paced nature of our daily lives. In the mundane, I saw and felt magic. It’s the concept of elevating the everyday into something sacred, something meaningful. In my example it was tea but can you imagine this approach to your morning workout or even making breakfast? 

    An attitude of Awe

    Have you ever noticed how the simple, everyday moments have a way of slipping through the cracks of our attention? We’re often so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to see the beauty that surrounds us even in the ordinary. Even the simplest of things. Like it’s pretty amazing that with a click of a button you can create fire or turn on light! 

    Things become extraordinary when we give them our full attention. Pay attention with purpose, the things we can take for granted. Recently at my partner’s place there was a blackout and we were in total darkness – it was strange, we were so used to electricity. It really took the absence of it for us to notice. Electricity is the norm and expected. What about sunrises and sunsets? Just because I know the sun will rise and go down again, does that make it any less of a miracle? As W.B Yeats says, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

    Savouring the Magic in the Mundane

    What about the idea of savouring something? I really think that about food, gosh if I’m eating something delicious I have the instinct to devour it. I want to gobble it all down, I want more more more that I suddenly am no longer in it and before you know it, it’s all gone. Making it a meditation in savouring. Being mindful and conscious of eating. Setting an intention of gratitude to all the energy, time and effort in the ingredients of my meal: what went in to grow, harvest and prepare it. Taking small bites. Chewing. Pausing in between bites. 

    Child like Wonder and Magic

    It’s approaching the world like a child again. Nothing is overlooked. Everything is exciting, captivating. I love the innocence of children, like realising my nephew who just turned one didn’t love the expensive gifts and toys but got so much out of even the box it came in or a simple sensory caterpillar toy. Children have boundless enthusiasm because everything becomes fascinating, as they find joy in the simplest of things—their reflection in the mirror, a fluttering butterfly or seeing animals in the form of clouds. They remind us that magic isn’t just in fairytales or movies, it’s through a lens in which we choose to see the world.

    Inspired by children, cultivating curiosity can unlock a sense of wonder and magic in the mundane. The wonders of the familiar. They ask questions. They don’t assume. It’s the realisation that every seemingly routine, boring details can hold a universe of intrigue and beauty, inviting us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to find enchantment in the most unassuming parts of our daily lives. Can we invite ourselves to be more creative, to let our imaginations take over even if just for a moment. It’s what turns a normally tedious and boring wait in line into something magical. Allow your thoughts to roam. Give them free rein and see where they take you. Can you be transported into the magic from the mundane whether it’s listening to music, engrossed in a book you can’t put down or allowing yourself to be fully immersed in a movie? With this time ceases to exist. We become fully present. 

    Play unlocks the Magic in the Mundane

    Play is something else that brings magic into our lives. A theme I’ve noticed in client sessions as of late is taking life very seriously and being constricted by serious things: we know, got to work for money, got to clean the house, got to make dinner and all of that but even for a few minutes in a day can you be silly? Can you have a laugh?

    Can you embrace more of the unknown and unexpected? Changing things up may lead to an adventure or a chance meeting. Something insignificant could have a lot of significance for example you going to get the groceries, yeah boring but maybe you’ll have a chance meeting with someone you’ll fall in love with or become best friends with, maybe you’ll run into someone you haven’t seen in years. If it’s not happening to you maybe you’ll be privileged to witness it! A random act of kindness such as paying it forward. Who knows! Anything could happen if you’re open to it. I mean think of synchronicities, signs, and even angel numbers! Magic. How can you not believe in magic, miracles and manifestations with things that are beyond ‘coincidence’ indeed the magic of energy and intuition.

    Play unlocks the Magic in the Mundane

    Part of breaking the mundane makes it magical and this is fresh hot off when my partner and I had the day off. Life’s been busy, it’s that chaotic end of year and personally I’ve been really tired. On my day off if I had it my way was to take it really easy, relax and sleep in — that’s what I’ve been doing as of late. My boyfriend surprised me by waking us up at 3:30am for an adventure. My mind was going oh I just want to sleep, do we have to? My mind racing with thoughts and responsibilities: I had also planned to record this podcast earlier but I hadn’t got around to it because it’s been a full week of clients.

    We would end up having an epic full day from sunrise to sunset which he fully planned and executed: doing a hike up the coast to see the sun rise, spending the day at the beach which included my favourite ocean swims and I did manage to get a nap in, he did a bbq at the beach and finishing the day with a refreshing drink at a beautiful venue. When I first got up a part of me was like ehhhh do I really want to do this? The mundane was doing the ordinary and I guess that part of me that wanted to do the ‘responsible’ thing to catch up on sleep and do the podcast but the magic happened by embracing a different day which when I think about it is everything I wanted in a relationship so I had to get out of my own way to let the magic happen! 

    So on that break routines, if it’s not physically is through the mind.     It’s challenging ourselves to see something with familiar eyes with a fresh set. Perhaps challenging ourselves to see it from a different perspective or an unfamiliar way. Roald Dahl’s quote sums it up nicely; “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” 

    Being interconnected is magical

    What about the magic of being interconnected, belonging to something bigger, it’s that same feeling when you look up at the stars and almost feel so small and big at the same time. We are connected to Mother Earth. We are connected to the sea. We are connected to the trees. We are connected to each other, to animals, to life force itself. “There’s a flame of magic inside every stone & every flower, every bird that sings & every frog that croaks. There’s magic in the trees & the hills & the river & the rocks, in the sea & the stars & the wind, a deep, wild magic that’s as old as the world itself. It’s in you too, my darling girl, and in me, and in every living creature, be it ever so small. Even the dirt I’m sweeping up now is stardust. In fact, all of us are made from the stuff of stars.” – Kate Forsyth

    The most magical of all? Love

    In that same vein love is magical. When we are filled from it within and extend it out, there’s a radiance to it, a light, a glow. I mean it always somehow comes back to love doesn’t it? Love is the essence of magic. Love is connection, Love is a lens in which to see this world. It’s your love that elevates an experience. Something as simple as holding hands is magic. Looking into someone’s eyes is magic. Feeling this profound sense of love for someone is magic. Love cannot be explained. Love is not logical. Love is magic because it transforms. Love is of it’s own kind, it’s own mystery, it’s own magic. Is it not magic simply the fact that we exist? That we have consciousness and the capacity to be aware of this all and to take it in? 

    That concludes today episodes beautiful souls, I hope that what you take away from this is that there’s magic in the simplest and smallest of things. You are surrounded by magic even in the mundane. Can you keep the magic alive or at least find it in one moment of your day, everyday for the rest of your life? How beautiful that would be… until next time beautiful soul. 

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  • 53: Kim Tran-Flores of Kimlligraphy

    Today’s episode features Kim Tran-Flores of Kimlligraphy who is a Modern Calligraphy artist and mindfulness advocate. She is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator with an Emotional Authority. This is a raw, vulnerable and beautiful episode where Kim shares her journey as an ‘unexpected artist’ without a creative bone in her body to becoming a businesswoman in a world that underestimated her and becoming a mother (conceiving, miscarriages and all).

    Episode Summary

    Hi Beautiful Souls, on today’s episode we have Kim Tran-Flores, a Modern Calligraphy artist, mindfulness advocate and founder of Kimlligraphy – a service and educational platform that showcases and demonstrates the transformative power of Mindful Modern Calligraphy.

    She is an ‘unexpected artist,’ in her own words as someone growing up who didn’t have a creative bone in her body. Inspired by her grandfather whose life was cut short, Kim embarked on a transformative journey to become the woman she is today whose mission is to empower busy women, alleviating stress, nurturing the present moment, and igniting their creativity. Along the way she’s won multiple awards such as recently this year being a recipient of the Fairfield City Women’s Day Award. Her mission

    Kim and I met at a networking event and the rest is history as they say. Kim is also a wife and beautiful mother of one, Hendrix (he is so sweet and my mum is absolutely obsessed with him). I personally attended one of her workshops earlier this year with my mum incorporating mindfulness with calligraphy and painting which we loved and really brought us closer together. 

    Enjoy today’s episode! 

    What we discuss

    • How Kim got into calligraphy
    • Kim’s journey (not going to university and leaving the corporate world)
    • Her fertility journey including trying to conceive, miscarriages, considering IVF and how calligraphy helped
    • Her upbringing as an Asian woman
    • How being a mother has changed her and being labelled, boxed in as a mother
    • Navigating relationships with important women (parenting styles and advice) in her life (her mother and mother in law)
    • Her relationship with her husband Mark Flores such as navigating having different religions and being with a more ‘conscious’ man

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