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  • 75: Your Feelings are Always Valid

    Let’s delve into the layered intricate world of your emotions. In this episode, we’re exploring a fundamental truth: Your feelings are always valid. In a world that often dismisses or invalidates emotions, this episode serves as a reminder that what you experience holds weight and significance. We’ll navigate the nuances of your feelings are always valid and go deeper together.

    Feelings and emotions: astrology and human design

    This episode is all about the feels… and you know I feel deeply with all the Scorpio in my chart (a water sign) and being an emotional authority in human design, I’m designed to deeply feel (in fact 50% of the world are emotional authorities too!).

    It was such a game changer for me learning that I am meant to be what can be labeled as emotional, sensitive or moody (many of which are likely people with an open solar plexus in human design or those who themselves are not comfortable with feeling). 

    Cultural conditioning and emotions

    Growing up with an Asian heritage as Vietnamese and Chinese, I was conditioned to keep my feelings to myself.  Emotions were reinforced as private matters, to be dealt with internally rather than expressed outwardly. This cultural upbringing instills a sense of stoicism and self-reliance, where showing vulnerability was equated with weakness. It was all about saving face, not rocking the boat, maintaining harmony even at the expense of our own emotional well-being.

    Societal conditioning, women and emotions

    It’s not just cultural conditioning either it’s also societal, the stigma surrounding women and emotions often stems from outdated societal beliefs and gender stereotypes. Women have historically been portrayed as overly emotional or irrational, undermining women’s credibility and perpetuating harmful gender norms. It’s judged upon and easily dismissed being attributed to hormonal fluctuations or back to the classic irrational it doesn’t make sense (hello emotions aren’t rational!).

    It’s hard to get it right because if you don’t display your emotions as a woman particularly warmth, you may be labelled as cold, unfeeling or lacking femininity. This double bind creates a challenging dynamic for women, as we feel pressure to navigate a narrow range of acceptable emotional expression.

    The reality is that we we live a world that sometimes dismisses or invalidates our feelings. However I truly believe this is getting better especially post pandemic with the rising awareness, interest and social recognition on the importance of mental health now more than ever. As a coach one are in particular I work on a lot with clients is to support and guide my clients into feeling their feelings. Whilst you don’t have to understand them to feel them, a lot of clients feel better when there can be an understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface which is where  I can come in with subconscious work, intuition and human design to support and assist. 

    Your feelings are always valid

    Accordingly today’s episode centres around the perspective that your feelings are always valid. You always have a right to feel what you feel. The nature of emotions is subjective. It’s the acknowledgement of hello, yes as I’m existing right now, I am feeling this, right here and now in this moment. Your feelings are valid because you feel them. 

    It’s important to remember that validating our feelings doesn’t mean we always understand them or agree with them. Emotions can be complex and nuanced, influenced by a multitude of factors such as past experiences, societal norms, and personal beliefs. However, regardless of whether others understand or validate our feelings, we have the right to honor and respect them.

    Feelings aren't logical or rational

    Whilst feelings aren’t based on logic or facts. That doesn’t take away from the importance and value of them. How we feel isn’t rational, but what we feel is very real as we experience them through our own consciousness. They stem from the depths of our subconscious. They are an integral part of what makes you human. Emotions serve as signals from your inner self, offering information and insights into your needs, desires, and experiences. Your emotions are a reflection of your unique perspective and life journey, and denying their validity can lead to repression and emotional distress.

    Your feelings are always valid but how you act upon them may not be

    It’s essential to recognise that while our emotions are valid, they are not excuses for harmful or destructive behavior. It’s not a permission slip to suddenly act however we want based on how we feel. We have to be conscious and considerate of their impact. Our feelings shouldn’t enable our actions to be unchecked. Instead, we ought to be responsible with how we approach them,
    as signals to inform our choices rather than allowing them to control us. 

    This requires a level of self-awareness and self-regulation, acknowledging our feelings without letting them overpower our sense of reason and consideration of self and others around us. To simply put, it may be helpful to see it from the perspective internally how we feel is always valid but what we do with it externally may not warrant that same validation in proportion to the feeling. 

    It’s helpful to check in with yourself, do you have the power to be mindful of your emotions or have your emotions got power over you? Who is the driving force behind the wheel?

    Taking responsibility for what you do with how you feel

    Taking responsibility for our actions means acknowledging the impact they may have on ourselves and others, even when they stem from valid emotions. Instead of allowing our feelings to dictate our behavior without question, we can cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness to respond to our emotions in a way that aligns with our values and principles. 

    This involves pausing and reflecting before acting impulsively, considering the consequences of our actions, and choosing responses in alignment with our best selves. By taking ownership of our behaviours and actions, even in the face of challenging emotions, we empower ourselves to navigate life with integrity, awareness and authenticity. This is how we use our emotions to cultivate emotional intelligence. It is also a responsibility and empowerment that your feelings belong to you. However they are.

    Visceral reactions to feelings

    It gets more challenging when we have raw feelings that lead to visceral reactions that are hard to manage. It’s like being caught in a whirlwind, where every thought and sensation swirls around us magnitude and force. In those moments, it feels like you’ve lost control. Yet, even in the midst of such turmoil, it’s essential to recognise that you aren’t your emotions or feelings. They are transient states that pass through us, like clouds drifting across the sky. Understanding this can help us weather the storm with greater resilience and clarity.

    Having such feelings can be scary and lead to suppression but it’s got that pressure cooker effect, they will build up until they inevitably explode, causing even more turmoil and distress. As they say the body keeps score too, and it may lead to physical symptoms within the body such as constipation and repression of feelings. In these moments it’s a call to get grounded and to regulate our nervous system such as through breathing.

    Your feelings are always valid but not always true

    More over your feelings are always valid but they’re not always true. Our feelings often arise with thoughts and the creation of emotional narratives. It’s our mind taking liberty and reign to create our conditioning and programming. For example, you feel extremely anxious about an upcoming presentation at work. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and you can’t shake the feeling of impending doom. These feelings are undoubtedly real to you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your presentation will be as dire as your emotions suggest.

    In reality, you’ve they’ve prepared thoroughly for the presentation for weeks in advance and have received positive feedback from multiple people. The anxiety might stem from past experiences or a fear of failure rather than any actual indication that you will present poorly.

    How to validate your feelings

    Given all this what are some practices you can introduce to validate your own feelings? At the core of it is listening. So many of us can be scared as to what arises or live in the mindset ignorance is bliss. Meditation is a beautiful way to allow yourself to observe thoughts and feelings within your own body. We shift more into the body with a conscious scan to notice physical sensations whereas journaling is a conscious scan of the mind. From there it can be helpful to express your feelings to process them whether it’s labelling your emotions to figure out the nuances or a creative means like art or dance.

    Ultimately validating your feelings doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or act on them. It simply means acknowledging and accepting them as valid aspects of your experience. This paves the way for greater self awareness and consciousness in your growth journey. If you’re looking to work on feeling your feelings, deepening your emotional intelligence and strengthening your connection to your heart and emotions, I’d love to help! 

    I offer 1:1 coaching session and human design readings to help you. More information available on my website or my Instagram @thephidang, please reach out I would love to hear from you. Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

    Let’s work together through 1:1 coaching and/or a human design reading. 

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  • 74: Show up for yourself

    In this empowering episode, we delve into the art of showing up for yourself every single day and why it is so important. Discover practical strategies and mindset shifts that will help you cultivate a strong sense of self-advocacy and resilience. It’s time to step into your power and strengthen your self love and self care through showing up for yourself.

    The inspiration behind showing up for yourself

    Hello beautiful soul,

    This episode is inspired by a post I shared on Instagram this week about showing up: Show up when things get difficult. When things get out of hand. When things feel dark. Show up, not for the world. Show up, not for anybody else. Show up for you, in whatever way you need to. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about honouring your heart and soul. Be kind to yourself. Be loving in the way that you need. Take care of yourself and watch as you bloom, watch as life and the universe show up for you too.

    The message of showing up really came through as a strong clear message as I channeled earlier this week because collectively it’s been energetically dense lately, there’s been a lot of with eclipse energy, Scorpio full moon and Mercury retrograde. It can feel heavy and so I wanted to share something practical that anyone can do, right now, no matter what is going in your life and that is: showing up. 

    Before I begin, I wanted to show up for you listening to let you know I am here if you need support and guidance. I have availability for 1:1 coaching as well as human design readings so if you’ve been thinking about it or feeling the pull, this is your sign to get in touch and let’s chat to figure out how I can best help you with everything going on in your life and within yourself right now. 

    What does showing up for yourself mean?

    Showing up is so personal to everyone, it changes and is subject to different circumstances yet ultimately showing up is honouring yourself, making yourself a priority and taking care of yourself. Showing up is to live intentionally and to be an active participant inside of your own life daily.

    You can thinking of showing up as being the captain of your own ship, navigating the waters of life. Showing up for yourself means taking control of the helm, by making intentional choices, and steering your life in the direction you want to go. Now do note, just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you have full control: there are still circumstances you can’t such as the wind direction, temperature and the sea in which you are in. So as captain you have to stay attentive and mindful of the changing currents and conditions. Showing up requires your conscious awareness, adaptability and resilience in the face of the dynamic nature of life and potential challenges. 

    Showing up for others is easier

    In most cases and this may apply to you, it’s much easier to show up for someone or something else. Showing up at work out of a sense of duty, obligation and work ethic. Showing up for a family member or friend because you really love them and want to help. 

    What about yourself? Who is showing up for you? Are you showing up for yourself? If you get on that spiral of but if I choose myself first how can I show for others well it’s a win win because when you show up for yourself first, your capacity and bandwidth expand so that you can show up for others. It’s not about being selfish or not wanting to help others, it’s about making sure you’re also taking care and loving yourself to as the beautiful, kind, generous and loving soul that you are.

    Showing up in contrast to self abandonment

    You may be unconscious that showing up for others is a habit giving away as opposed to conscious and intentional decision. On Autopilot. When it comes to personal development and growth, abandonment often surfaces in relation to others but a blindspot I’ve noticed working with clients is what can happen is you may unintentionally abandon yourself automatically putting others needs and wants first, without consideration of your own.

    This quote by Howard Thurman summarises it nicely: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    Real life examples of showing up

    An example of how I have been showing up for myself daily is going for walks after eating, it helps me to step away from the laptop (as most of my work is done there) as well as helps with digestion. Creatively showing up for myself has been writing more and committing to writing everyday! Writing my book The Great Unlearning was a huge journey, it’s over 110,000 words and it was released almost a year ago. Recently my creative juices has been flowing from just starting to write for fun and then writing to share on my Instagram and share messages I think that will help the community.

    Working with clients, I’ve seen one client who has previously had limiting self beliefs around being creative, show up for herself by realising creativity doesn’t need to be art as an example and in turn she’s creatively reworked her resume for a new industry as she seeks to change careers.

    For several clients, showing up has meant returning home to visit family and friends (expats who have moved overseas) as their most authentic selves. There can be a fear of fully shining and making others feel perhaps their lives aren’t as exciting or they haven’t had as much growth but for these clients showing up for themselves means honouring their full experience, the challenges yes but also the highs and the wins unapologetically. 

    For other clients, showing up has meant confronting and facing past memories that have been painful in order to feel them and move forward whether that be grieving a breakup or death of a loved one. For another client showing up always happened for her work but not herself, and so showing up this month meant setting time aside for herself to plan and reflect things for her on a personal level.

    Showing up is important

    Showing up is committing to yourself now in the present moment as well as committing to your future. Showing up is important because you are important and you matter. Showing up creates momentum. When you show up regularly for yourself whether it’s practicing a new skill or pursuing a passion, you create a momentum that propels you forward. This momentum makes it easier to stay motivated and inspired, leading to greater progress and achievement over time.

    Now remember showing up isn’t always striving forwards in terms of your actions, for example at times showing up for yourself requires honouring the need to rest and slow down. Whilst you may perceive this to be a backwards step or failing to show up, ultimately you are. Taking care of yourself prevents further pain, stress and burnout so essentially you slow down, in order to speed up.

    Showing up: Accountability and resilience

    Showing up also cultivates accountability to yourself (your integrity: your commitment to yourself) as well as resilience. We can show up for ourselves no matter what, because showing up is unique to that day and moment. 

    You are facing the world in whatever way you need to instead of hiding away and leaking your power. Setbacks may and lets be real will happen but when you continually show up, it doesn’t feel like it chips away because you know that no matter what happens you will honour yourself and that attitude in itself allows you to bounce back quicker, one of my favourite Chinese proverbs “fall down seven times, get back up eight,”

    Showing up is stepping into your power and strengthens your self esteem

    Showing up leads to a fulfilling life because you are an active participant. You’re not just at the mercy of the universe and circumstances. You aren’t a victim. You are choosing to do what you can. You are choosing the mindset of being empowered. This ties in with episode 70 where I spoke about the butterfly effect. Showing up can feel small and you can question it’s significance but as we know with the butterfly effect it creates ripples and greater impact and influence beyond what you can perceive in the moment. 

    Ultimately what matters is showing up influences what is important: what you think of yourself. Being proactive and actually caring. When you are someone who shows up for themselves no matter what, that’s going to cultivate self love, self care and self commitment. 

    To show up is to be present

    Showing up for yourself starts by being in the present moment and acknowledging your present state internally. Be in the state of observation and noticing. Take the framework of checking in with mind, body and soul. Can you pause, lay down judgement and allow it?

    How are you feeling? What is going on in your life? What is the state of your physicality? How are you mentally? How does your soul feel? How does your heart? 

    To show up is to be self aware

    Check in with yourself to see what you need and desire for yourself based on your assessment. This is going to change one day showing up might mean taking a break for yourself where as another time is may require discipline such as setting time aside to exercise because your health is one of your biggest priorities right now. When life feels draining and happiness is dry, showing up may mean doing something fun and pleasurable. 

    Show up for yourself by doing what you need to do to get into full alignment before taking on the demands of the world and other people’s energy. Know that when you are being your most authentic and aligned self, that everyone gets to this best version of you too.

    Some form of journaling is a beautiful practice because being able to get your thoughts out from your head onto paper, can help in expressing yourself leading to self validation as well as the opportunity to understand yourself better for example you may see thought patterns emerging or consistent emotions arising to the surface to reveal something.

    Showing up is a commitment

    Showing up for yourself means being all in on you. Understanding that you are priority, in fact the #1 priority. Self-commitment that lays the foundation for personal growth, fulfillment, and well-being. The one person that is there from the moment you are born until the moment you pass, will only be and always you. You are important, have your own back!

    When you consistently show up for yourself and your vision, you demonstrate a commitment to your personal growth and development. You embody what it means to love yourself, to take care of yourself and step in to your power. 

    Think of this scenario, your dream is to become a pro footballer. Do you show up only when you’re winning in matches and feeling good? Do you show up even when there’s setbacks like not making the cut for the next level team? In winter, if you are healthy and well, do you continue to practice even though it’s cold and miserable outside? 

    A quote attributed to Tanner Christensen states: “Even on the days you don’t feel like it, showing up can make all the difference. If you show up and start the work – even though it feels so heavy to do so – what you end up making could be all you need to keep moving, to keep creating.”

    To back yourself is to show up

    Showing up is knowing what you want and allowing yourself to be in positions, opportunities and environments to make that happen. For example if showing up for yourself means advancing your career, it’s about honouring what is in your control to make that happen such as you having a discussion with your boss about opportunities to progress in your company or proactively asking for more training and development. It may involve uncomfortable scary conversations like asking for a pay raise in honour of you recognising how much work you do and your needs for more money (such as to save for something you really want like a house, car or course). It could mean stepping into leadership positions and putting your hand up for projects you desire.

    You could have the best idea in the world but it’s nothing if you don’t show up for it and make it an actual reality. 

    Showing up is be to an advocate for yourself

    This threads through with my next point on how to back yourself which is to advocate for yourself. To speak up for yourself. Often we don’t out of perhaps fear, confrontation, being too loud or annoying or even thinking that it’s silly to. 

    How you feel is never wrong because how you feel is always valid (that’s a podcast episode for the future) but can you adopt the perspective that a feeling is neither “right” nor “wrong” but simply is? What we do with how feel is up to us and that can lead to decisions and choices that we fully own whatever the outcome is. 

    How to advocate for yourself again changes based on the circumstances and context for example it may be inappropriate to blow up at someone for something going wrong in the workplace, but it it may be appropriate to have a private conversation afterwards once you’ve cooled down. 

    I’ve led the discussion on how to show up for yourself in terms of practical actions and I also wanted to share 3 key mindset perspective shifts that are also important. 

    Showing up isn’t about perfection it’s an energy and attitude

    It’s saying, I’m here. To wrap your head around this one, an example is in relation to other people. Say you have an important event coming up, you’ve been working on this project for years and the big moment is here. Imagine someone you loved didn’t show up because they were worried about how they looked. Ultimately you don’t care because it’s more important the fact that they showed up, even if they were late, even if they could only be there for five minutes. 

    What about when you’re feeling down and someone reaches out to you. They are currently overseas so they can’t be with you physically but they want to show up virtually through an online meeting or call. Imagine they didn’t do it in the first place because they couldn’t do it in person and thought why bother?

    It’s that feeling as a kid, doing a school play and looking out into the audience with the confidence of hey my parents are going to be there no matter what. That security. That comfort. That reliability. Whether your parents could or did is another matter but ultimately you can give that to yourself right here and now, for the rest of your life, showing up as that for you. Being the parent or partner or friend you always wanted or needed. You are capable of doing that.

    You never know where showing up will take you

    You’re wildly passionate about yoga and so you’ve taken teacher training and you’ve now you’re ready to share the power and magic of yoga with the world. You’re nervous about putting on a paid class for the first time. Will anyone come? What if no one does?

    Show up. Even if no one is there, you get to embody your practice and new found skills. How deeply do you care and love yourself to do that? Plus if no one else shows up how would anyone else actually know but you. Whilst many feelings may arise to the surface, they can be great teachers. Feeling rejected yet showing up despite no one coming, you didn’t reject yourself. Feeling not good enough, taking a moment to assess the circumstances: did people know about your class, what was the pricing in relation to the industry, did you try different avenues to get people to come to the class? 

    Let’s say you show up but you feel disheartened because there’s only one person there. You could change that one person’s day or even life. They showed up because they are struggling but your class came at the right time happened to be intimate and private to help them through a season of difficulty and darkness in their life. You became the light because you showed up. You focused on your mission: to share the magic and power of yoga, you delivered! Perhaps a few weeks later, this person reaches back out because they happen to work in the HR department of a massive tech company and would love to pay you to run weekly yoga sessions in their office.

    You’re listening to me on my podcast because of this very sentiment and the journey on how I became a life coach. I showed up online consistently everyday posting even when I had 0 followers, likes and comments. I showed up anonymously at first because the fear of people I knew in real life seeing what I was doing scared me. I was scared to be seen. Posting about my passion of mental health. Fear of judgement. I didn’t let that be an excuse so I found a solution to be anonymous. I showed up even though I didn’t started trained as life coach, I showed up because of my passion and genuine desire to help people. All of this led to where I am now, in my third year full time in my own business doing what I love. My soul is fulfilled. My soul is free. My soul is abundant.

    Showing up is a significant step towards success, if not really success in itself

    What comes to mind is the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Steven Bradbury, an Australian athlete was competing in short track speed skating which is chaotic in itself, people are jostling and bumping into each other, they are required to wear helmets.

    Steven Bradbury getting into the final was an amazing feat itself given he was an underdog, the official Olympics website even states “he had never excelled at any major competition, other than in relay events, prior to the Salt Lake City Games. Before 2002, the Australian’s highest finish in an individual Olympic competition was the eighth place he achieved in the 500m race in 1994.” In the lead up to the Olympics, Bradbury faced multiple setbacks in his journey including a thigh injury where he lost litres of blood, required 111 stitches (cheeky angel number wink there hey) and took 18 months to fully recover. 

    His journey to the finals were no easy feat, in the quarter finals everything was against him, the favourites to win and he did not technically finish in the top two to advance however he ending up doing so as another racer was disqualified. Ultimately in the final, after consulting with his coach the strategy was to stay back as he acknowledged he could not match the pace of the top competitors. What ended up happening was a huge collision taking out the majority of the race except Bradbury skating on through to win the gold medal, coming first and securing his place in history as the first Australian to win a Winter Olympics gold medal.

    On the decision to accept the gold medal, Bradbury said I’ll accept this gold medal. But not for the 90 seconds of the race – I’m going to take it for the 14 years of hard work.” Bradbury’s win resonates with the importance of showing up (as well as luck and strategy). The other competitors may have been faster, more athletic but ultimately it didn’t matter in the end for that particular race. Bradbury’s win serves as a reminder that perseverance and dedication are important and often rewarded (though it may take time!).

    Showing up beyond traditional success

    In essence, Stephen Bradbury’s gold medal win is more than just a sporting achievement; it’s an inspiring embodiment to the power of showing up, persevering in the face of adversity, defying the odds and seizing opportunities when they arise. All of which stemmed from showing up and not discounting himself out of the race beforehand.

    A beautiful insight I wanted to share by Robert Holden is “To be successful in life, work, and relationships, you have to do one thing first—you have to show up. In other words, you have to be willing to show the world who you are and what you believe in. And you have to keep showing up in spite of the setbacks and the heartbreaks. The temptation to edit yourself and to hide will only leave you feeling dead inside. Yet the more authentic you are, the more true success you will enjoy and the more alive you will feel.”

    You can't afford to not show up for yourself

    His insight came about from the Zulu people of South Africa, how they powerfully greet people in two parts: one part says: “I am here to be seen” and the other part is “I see you.”

    Ultimately bringing this episode on showing up to an end, perhaps it’s the perspective that you can’t afford not to show up, because showing up represents so much with many benefits as I’ve shared throughout this episode. To not show up is to deny your value and existence. As Tanner Christensen puts it “Your brush or pen strokes are uniquely yours, nobody else can make them for you. The same goes for the words you write, the songs you sing, the pictures you take, the moves you dance, or the floor plans you draw-up. Your ideas and the way you execute them are strictly your own. They are a great part of the value you provide. To not show up is to deny your work and your ideas existence. So we have to show up, whenever physically able. At least for a moment, for a few key presses or a few flicks of the brush.”

    To end this episode, what is one actionable thing you can do right now to show up for yourself?

    I’ll leave you on that question beautiful soul and know that showing up for yourself may also mean getting, receiving and having support. We all need support in life, it isn’t something we are meant to do alone nor is it enjoyable, it can be a lonely and difficult journey.

    Should you want or need support, guidance in your life whether it be showing up for yourself, your dreams, desires, career, relationships, happiness, abundance — I’m here for you! I’ve got your back as someone to speak to and bounce thoughts and ideas with. 

    I offer 1:1 coaching session and human design readings to help you. More information available on my website or my Instagram @thephidang, please reach out I would love to hear from you. Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

    Let’s work together through 1:1 coaching and/or a human design reading. 

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  • 73: Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

    Find out information on the Scorpio Full Moon taking place in April 2024 and what it means for you. This episode covers the Scorpio Full Moon energies and themes such as transformation and diving deeper into your inner world. There are also channeled intuitive messages as well as journaling questions for the Scorpio Full Moon.

    Scorpio Full Moon April 2024 Summary

    We have the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd or 24th of April pending where you are. It’s been a big time of emotions and fluctuations given the recent eclipse season and now Scorpio’s energy enters the picture. When you have scorpio in the air, especially in a full moon, you know there’s going to be transformation and intensity. You know that it’s going to dive into your inner workings, your subconscious, your emotions and your shadows. It embodies the cycles of life, death and rebirth. 

    The dynamic nature of life

    To be alive is to be constantly in the process of change and transformation because life is dynamic not static. It is simply the nature of life. 

    We see this everywhere around us: in nature – the environment around us whether it’s trees shedding leaves or flowers blooming to animals adapting to the changing world (a recent example I saw was the incredible footage captured of emperor chicks bravely jumping off 15 metre/50 feet ice cliffs in Antarctica in to swim for the first time because of depleting sea levels, the leap is greater than ever than what it used to be). 

    Yet we as humans resist it because we fear change and the uncomfortable feelings and thus the energy of the Scorpio full moon plays its hand to encourage us to face this truth whether we are willing to or not.

    The tension and discomfort of the Scorpio Full Moon

    I remember reading somewhere describing when Scorpio enters the picture with the influence of Pluto (the biggest planetary influence in conjunction with this full moon) is also in the air it’s like the awkward family reunion you’ve been avoiding but knowing you have to face and confront, it can be awkward and uncomfortable but ultimately so rewarding and rich in growth. Taurus the backdrop to everything is a fixed sign and change adverse, as is Scorpio so there will be tension, maybe that sensation or feeling of the universe dragging you by your feet. 

    Channeled messages for the Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

    A really interesting channeled message that came for anyone listening to this podcast was that there’s freedom in everything that falls apart. Surrender is that willingness to let what is happening to happen. We think freedom is peace, and it is but it is also the absence of resistance to give way to flow. I also wanted to shout out the word that kept coming through was “dissolve.” 

    Let life do what it wants. Have faith in the process of why things are unfolding the way that they are. How can you reflect and reassess on being attached vs unattached? How does the ego or non/false sense play into what is going on in life for you? What can become less of a struggle with awareness that may dissolve the intensity and pressure of what you are experiencing?

    Scorpio Energy and Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD)

    The scorpio full moon is a powerful and raw time to go deeper. A time for realisations and reflections. A time for letting go. A time for liberation. Relating this to what is unfolding real time, I think Taylor Swift’s new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ really embodies the energy of the Scorpio full moon. She pleas temporary insanity and reflects upon getting out of the slammer into the tidal way in her summary poem that accompanies the album speaking to the spectrum and amounts of feelings she’s been through in the past year and beyond. 

    We gain insight to the full spectrum of emotions she has been through and the contrast of it all from “I’m trying to stifle my sights, cause I feel so high school every time I look at you” to “You hung me on your wall, stabbed me with your push pins. In public, showed me off. Then sank in stoned oblivion.”

    High expression and alchemy of Scorpio

    Truly Taylor Swift leans in and embraces the high expression of Scorpio which is the alchemy of turning emotions that can be perceived as dark and negative such as heartbreak, grief, anger, sadness and disappointment into raw powerful songs that so many can relate to and ultimately for her hit songs, greater recognition as an artist and abundance (I mean a huge aspect of her success stems from being inspired by her emotions and experiences greatly heartbreak and she’s now a billionaire!). She even acknowledges and recognises her own power, “You know you’re good when you can do it even with a broken heart.”

    Closure with the Scorpio Full Moon in April 2024

    In conclusion the Tortured Poets Department album and anthology serve as her closure, “This period of the author’s life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up. There is nothing to avenge, no scores to settle once wounds have healed.” This speaks to another theme of the Scorpio Full Moon: closure. 

    Closure provides one part to a framework for letting go to occur particularly within yourself: acknowledgement of what is coming to an end or perhaps even a ritual to indicate so. 

    Without a form of closure it can be challenging to let go because of this sense of unfinished business or something is unresolved. It is closure that sets the stage to letting go. Perhaps take a moment as you listen to this to reflect on perhaps if there’s anything in your life that you feel needs closure? If there’s been closure for you, what is the next step for you in consciously letting go?

    Journaling questions Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

    As we delve into the realm of the Scorpio full moon the advice that I can share is tune into your intuition and deeper knowing, it isn’t about logic, it’s about your truth. This is a time of getting really intimate with yourself, in many ways.

    Journaling questions for the Scorpio Full Moon in April 2024 here we go:

    Take a moment to check in with yourself. How have you been feeling? Check in moments of time being the lunar eclipse around the end of March this year, the solar eclipse at the beginning of this month in April and last week leading up to this Scorpio Full Moon.

    Where do you fear change in your life right now? Is it holding you back? 

    What do you want to let go of and surrender with this Scorpio Full Moon?

    Does resistance currently show up in any area of your life right now, and if so why?

    What process of alchemy can you utilise in your life right now. Where or what is the coal that can be transformed into gold?

    Reflect in your life the cycles of birth, death and rebirth and where your current life experiences and emotions fall under each category.

    The new moon to this full moon was around November 13/14 2023, reflect on what has changed since then within yourself and life? What did you manifest with this new moon and how is it unfolding now? 

    Scorpio Full Moon April 2024 Practices

    Other practices to consider: how to unleash any pent up energy with this Scorpio full moon through your emotions, expression and even sensuality and sexuality (after all Scorpio governs the genitals and is the sign most associated with sex). 

    I get channeled images of setting a timer to do unfiltered writing or putting on a playlist and letting your body move the way it wants to and feels called to. 

    Our emotions are known to be stored in our hips so if you’re moving, sway those hips or do yoga poses or practices to open your hips. Run a bath to physically and metaphorically sit with yourself including the ick and dirty then cleanse and let it wash away. 

    Create a practice of meeting your shadows, writing down familiar patterns that seem to have you stuck, things you seem to routinely do that don’t serve you and brainstorm ways to move through them, get help and break free (we can’t change what we don’t know!). Perhaps it’s the need to bring back pleasure into your life, because life can get heavy and serious, injecting moments of feel good or getting out of your head (which is what pleasure can do!). 

    May you harness the power of the Scorpio full moon to go beneath the surface of your inner world, to shed what no longer serves you and kickstart a new cycle of life and rebirth. If you need or would like help, support and guidance I have 1:1 coaching sessions and spots available as well as human design readings. If you’re not sure which would best help, feel free to do DM me on Instagram @thephidang or email me and together we can figure it out! 

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  • 72 – Beyond Labels: Defying Age and Circumstance with Elana Feldman

    Elana Feldman is a Health, Wellness and Empowerment Coach on a mission to calm your body, mind and soul. For the past number of years she has been working in particular with seniors, cancer patients and children.

    She is a 4/1 sacral generator with the soul purpose of intuition, hers in particular is actually rare a bridge between a personal and karmic destiny. She truly embodies the belief that age is but a number. In our conversation we explore how choices can shape our journey and how embracing movement as well as a mindset of choice, positivity and spirituality can lead to a life that embodies purpose and fulfilment. 

    Elana Feldman -Episode Summary

    In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of holistic well-being, human design, movement and mindset. Elana shares her personal journey being involved in an accident at a young age, which not only happens once but several times which will likely shock you what she’s been through (it’s also one of her main life energies!). 

    This has shaped her inspiring journey of her purpose in going beyond labels especially age within herself being young in her forties and working closely with seniors and cancer patients in particular. She shares beautiful insights from their accumulated wisdom and experiences including a recently 100 year old client! 

    We speak about how her human design has shaped her self awareness, intuition and decision making process including being a generator, sacral authority, having a completely open solar plexus and defined spleen. She is also going through her Uranus Opposition whilst the destiny nodes are in Libra and Aries (which she also has!) meaning a huge amplified energetic transition for her.

    We also cover:
    – Inner child
    –  The importance of exercise and movement in promoting holistic well-being as well as adopting an empowering, choice driven mindset.
    – Sexuality, intimacy and the body in the latter years of life
    – Trusting your intuition and deeply knowing your life purpose
    – The depth of connections: on a soul level
    – The sweet bonds between children and seniors without judgement and of pure love
    – Embracing getting older in life

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  • 71 – Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2024

    Information on the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place April 2024 on the 8th and 9th. Phi reveals how the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse may impact you individually as well as collectively with themes of new beginnings, purpose, destiny and healing. Within this episode are also journaling prompts and questions for the Aries Solar Eclipse.

    New beginnings with the Aries Solar Eclipse in April 2024

    Hi beautiful souls, the time has come and it is the Aries new moon solar eclipse visible across North America on the 8th of April! This will be Tuesday the 9th of April if you’re in Australia like me. Though as we know we can feel the energy strongly a few days either side of the peak. This is the partner eclipse to the Libra full moon eclipse that happened towards the end of March a few week backs around the 23rd/24th if you recall. Whilst Libra will return later in the year with more eclipse energy to come, we won’t see eclipse energy in Aries again for the rest of 2024 until it returns at the end of March in 2025.

    Thus sets the scene with another bonus new year energy start if you haven’t felt that yet with all guns are blazing with this energy about new beginnings and fresh starts. Aries kickstarts the zodiac as we know and with the eclipse chapters, Aries points towards our future and destiny astrologically. 

    Energy, life force and self with the nature of the Solar Eclipse

    The solar eclipse will temporarily have the sun, representing our life force and energy, disappear. Eclipses energetically impact people differently, either you may be highly energised perhaps even restless and impatience. On the other hand it can also trigger intense emotions and exhaustion too. Do note this energy remains for the next six months if you aren’t necessarily feeling any changes immediately again this is very personal and depends on each person and their chart.

    With the momentary darkness it’s also symbolic of being cosmically guided to turn within, as with the eclipses some believe it is not about manifesting as traditionally with a new moon but more being aware of the present moment, taking a moment to reflect and pointing our intentions towards the future. This is further amplified by the independent nature of Aries as opposed to Libra in the lunar eclipse last time where I talked about how relationships were more of a thematic.

    Mercury Retrograde and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

    As part of the current collective energies, take note we are currently in Mercury Retrograde since the beginning of April until the end around the 25th so take extra care in ensuring clear communications and the well known potential impacts on technology and travel too. Especially with Aries collective energy it can be easy to let fiery energy take over in communications so be mindful of passion, anger, zest and blunt honesty. 

    Chiron and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

    Chiron the planet representing the wounded healer will also be taking part of the action, astrologically aligning in the heart of the solar eclipse. Energetically, traditionally Chiron in Aries collectively may bring up the following themes:

    Wound of the self: confidence and being self assured 

    The sun represents the masculine and Aries is ruled by Mars which is also headstrong and masculine in nature; so perhaps anything around the masculine including male figures such as father ones and qualities like taking action, guidance and protection. 

    Chiron Solar Eclipse Journaling Prompts

    Taking all of this into account with the new moon solar eclipse; here are some journal prompts to consider;

    What new insights or paths are being illuminated for you right now in your path of healing? 

    If you are feeling off track, what is being revealed to help you get back on track with your destiny in this lifetime? 

    Have you been stopping into your power by taking actual action in regards to your desires and dreams? If not what’s holding you back from taking action and how could you potentially overcome this?

    In what area of your life, have you been giving power away or leaking power in your life?

    In what way has a dominating energy triggered you into feeling less of your full powerful self? 

    Check in and reflect on your current perspective of your self worth and sense of identity.

    The last time Chiron in Aries was temporarily between April – September 2018 and February 2019, you may want to reflect what was going on for you in terms of the above for further context and check in from then vs now. More Aries new moon eclipse journaling prompts later on in this episode.

    Pisces is also a part of the cosmic forces and it’s presence is highly spiritual reminding us to hold steady with our faith and belief with everything unfolding, that it is helping us to be more aware and grow (even when it doesn’t actually feel like it at this moment in time right now). 

    Channeling the Solar Eclipse energy

    Feeling into my personal perspective and channeling on the current collective energies and April 2024 generally: l I really believe it’s all about tapping into our inner fire: think themes of renewal, resparking the flame, processing anger that may be within ourselves in a healthy and motivating manner. 

    There’s a momentum, energy is moving as opposed to slowing which was really felt heavily at the end of March. With the fire comes the light, there’s been a huge density between the lunar eclipse to now: heaviness, emotions, anxiety; so much more light is trickling in and thus forcing out denseness to emerge and be lifted and cleansed. 

    It doesn’t feel quiet nor calm, I know I said at the beginning going inwards but more feeling an energy. The theme of chaos comes up but it’s more like a lot is going on, embracing all that pops up and navigating with a sense of adventure as opposed to overwhelming destruction.

    Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse Journaling Prompts April 2024

    Rounding out this episode and the journaling questions for the Aries new moon solar eclipse in April 2024 are the following:

    In what ways are you battling yourself? Are you fighting or at war with yourself? If so how can you realign with support? 

    The last time there was a similar Aries eclipse to the current was in April 2005, this may serve as reflection point for you during this time to consider. 

    Where do your current passions in life lie and where have you lost passion in your life? Is it time to let go for a new one or can it be resparked? Where could you be more fired up in life?

    What clarity do you currently have on your purpose and destiny? How can you put this into action moving forward over the next six months? 

    Thinking of you during this solar eclipse and should you need further support and guidance, I invite you to connect with me for either 1:1 coaching or a human design reading, currently there is plenty availability in April! Grateful for you beautiful soul, until next time: love & positivity. 

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  • 70 – The Butterfly Effect

    Unveiling the butterfly effect in this podcast episode to dive deeper into your personal development and growth journey. What exactly is the butterfly effect? What role does the butterfly effect play in your life? This episode shares real examples of the butterfly effect and how it intertwines with universal laws and concepts such as karma.

    The signs of the butterfly effect

    Hi beautiful souls, today’s podcast is all about the butterfly effect. It’s seemingly following me everywhere and I felt called to speak about it after my most recent Instagram post and then one of the books I’ve been reading ended funnily enough with an epilogue titled ‘The Butterfly Effect.’ 

    The metaphor of the butterfly effect isn’t actually spiritual in nature, in fact it’s origin came from two sources according to the research I’ve done. In fact the butterfly effect has been adopted to various areas of life from relationships to marketing in businesses. 

    Edward Lorenz and the butterfly effect

    The most well known origin of the butterfly effect is that of mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz who asked the metaphorical question in the 1960’s of does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? 

    From that perspective came of how a single flap of a butterfly’s wings can be so instrumental in creating an impact, such as a tornado. This is rooted in chaos theory which from my understanding put simply is the study of surprises and the unpredictable. 

    A Sound of Thunder and the butterfly effect

    Another is 1950’s short story titled ‘A Sound of Thunder’ by Ray Bradbury which exemplifies the butterfly effect metaphorically and somewhat physically. It is set in 2055 where time travel is possible and wealthy adventurers have the opportunity to make use of this so they go back to the age of dinosaurs. One particular adventurer wanted to hunt dinosaurs and had been told the importance of sticking to the marked trail, one thing leads to another and he carelessly steps on a butterfly in pursuit of a dinosaur changing the course of history in the future. The adventurers return to 2055 where the world has been altered for the worse, language no longer makes sense, an evil dictator is in charge only to be confused and see the crushed butterfly under his boot. 

    The butterfly effect on social media: Instagram and Tiktok

    The butterfly effect is back in the spotlight recently making waves on social media with people sharing how the smallest of things have had the biggest influence in their lives such as myself simply deciding to start an anonymous Instagram page out of my passion for mental health has now led to me being a life coach full time for almost two and a half years coming up three soon, wild! 

    The butterfly effect in real life can play out in all sorts of ways such as missing a plane which ended up being in an accident, or in a change moment deciding to go to a dinner you didn’t want to go to where you end up meeting the love of your life. For example stubbing your toe so you can no longer go out on a Friday night and you’re bummed that you’re missing out on fun evening but then receiving an important call with news that you may have otherwise ignored or missed.

    The star thrower and the butterfly effect

    A really beautiful story that I came across recently resonated with the butterfly theory and how the it can truly be the little small things that make a huge difference. This story is called ‘The Star Thrower’ by Loren Eiseley an American anthropologist. 

    Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions.

    Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching. As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea.  The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning!  May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

    The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

    The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

    The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

    Story Source: Carol Jennings

    Spiritual meaning of butterflies

    Butterflies are generally a huge symbol spiritually in themselves they represent metamorphosis, change and transformation. They are a symbol representative of life: the soul, new beginnings, re birth, a sign from the other side that our loved ones are still with us (again beautifully something seemingly small and simple as butterfly can give great comfort, reassurance and meaning). Butterflies are known to be messengers from the spiritual realm. Butterflies are sign of progression and evolution: expansion, going through hardship making it to the other side: freer and lighter. 

    Harnessing the power of the butterfly effect: action

    Taking all of this in, how can you harness and make the most of the butterfly effect?

    We often focus on the big pivotal moments yet it often truly is the so called little things. This is part of one of the chapters in my book; The Great Unlearning: Awakening to living an Aligned and Authentic Life, Chapter 4: Massive Action or Is It? where I talk about as a society we’ve learnt: Go hard or go home. 

    Success is all about big, bold moments and quantum leaps that result in instant success. Acknowledging how these moments are instrumental and a part of the journey but in my own experience looking back at how I am where I am now, it isn’t only that! 

    The importance of simply just doing: consistent imperfect action. In fact I start the unlearning section of the chapter by writing: “Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither are you or your dreams. An age-old saying attributed to Desmond Tutu goes, ‘There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.’ Every little bit counts because it all adds up.’

    When the little things aren't so little

    A quote that really brings this home is by Bruce Barton, “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. I am tempted to think there are no little things.”

    Know that your actions are important and make a significance to this world and you may not even realise it. A moment of kindness like a smile at someone has stopped someone from potentially harming themselves and believing in the goodness of humanity as an example or leaving a tip when you’re able to makes a difference to someone being able to pay rent or have a meal that week. 

    Know that something you do could inspire someone else in such a big way such as if you were a nurse caring dutifully for a patient, that could inspire a young woman whose Grandma is being cared for and inspire her to be a nurse in the future. You may never even know unless that person decided to share how you have inspired them.

    Alexander Flemming and the butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect puts you in a position of power and action, everything you do will have an impact whether directly impacting you or someone else or thing in this world. Everything is interconnected. 

    We can apply the Butterfly effect to a real example of something inconsequential something going wrong leading to something very right. Scottish researcher, Alexander Flemming in a lab had been experimenting with influenza. He went away for two weeks returning to see mold had formed on the plate he was using. This would change the world. Published reports have Fleming saying: “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for. When I woke up just after dawn on Sept. 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionise all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I guess that was exactly what I did.”

    Feeling down and the butterfly effect

    To powerfully extend this I think of when you’re feeling down, you never realise how something so small such as getting out of bed, getting some sunlight or movement can really shift your state and how you are feeling.  In these states it’s often called for gratitude and I think about how the world could do with more appreciation, and how simply appreciation can have huge effects on our own mood and it’s expression; the people we appreciate. 

    Let things compound with the butterfly effect

    In a different state when going after your dreams, desires and manifestations it’s about taking a step towards it – that may indeed have the butterfly effect. If you want to be able to run a marathon, start by buying the pair of shoes and going for a walk. If you want to be a famous singer, carving out time to practice and working your way up to perform. If you want to be healthier, it may be incorporating more movement into your day, even 5 minutes whilst seemingly insignificant with the butterfly effect can compound and become more. 

    Karma, the law of cause and effect with the butterfly effect

    With this, there is also this sense of a responsibility to do our best in being conscious of what we do relating to karma! Everything leaves an impression and karma has us accountable whether in this lifetime or next, and it can also be a perspective of seeing your life as it is now too. 

    Karma can be quite an activating term with an emotional charge, there are so many facets, layers and understandings on it. I say this with great compassion and urge whilst there can be many perspectives that may explain circumstances and situations we find ourselves in whether it be ourselves or things out of our hand, completely beyond our control: we can’t ever know for sure why things happen in our lives, the important thing is to focus on the present and what we can do in our control and how we respond to that outside of it. 

    Cause and effect, karma can also intertwine from the perspective of the universal law of cause and effect along the lines of Newtown’s third law: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This highlights the importance of yes what we do but also who we are being.  

    What is your butterfly effect?

    I hope today’s episode has a butterfly effect in your life whether it’s hearing something that sparks and ignites something within you, that it contained a sign you were asking for or even by sharing this episode with someone it could help them! To end this episode I’d like for you to consider this question and journal prompt, “what is your butterfly effect?” Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

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  • 69 – March 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse

    The astrological air right now is thick and intense! This episode is all about the Libra Lunar Eclipse taking place in March 2024. Phi shares the themes of the lunar eclipse as well as journaling prompts to help you gain greater insight into your shadow, karma and relationships.

    Personal feelings of the Libra Lunar Eclipse

    I’ve just come back from some time in India and Vietnam which I’m processing and whewwwwww we are in the thick of some astrological air aren’t we! It’s all been leading up to here. 

    We are officially in the astrological new year which begins with the first sign of the Zodiac Aries that happened a few days ago March 19th. Personally returning home with this eclipse energy, I’ve been sleeping and napping more than ever. It feels like a big detox and purge feeling more tired and sick than usual. Also a lot of vivid dreams and random downloads during meditation. Feeling more inward, introverted and hermitting than usual. 

    Aries Libra Lunar Eclipse Series

    So what’s going on? We happen to be in the middle of a cycle of Aries-Libra eclipses that started last year in April around the 21st and will end next year at the end of March 2025.

     Last year it was one foot in the old series of Taurus and Scorpio, but this year we are all in on Aries and Libra focusing on the push pull tension of independence, autonomy vs in relationship and connection. 

    Eclipses come in opposing pairs and each pairing happens every 18 years. The last time the Aries and Libra pairing occurred was between 2004 to 2006, so it may be worth reflecting what happened for you then.

    Aries Libra Lunar Eclipse Series

    So what’s going on? We happen to be in the middle of a cycle of Aries-Libra eclipses that started last year in April around the 21st and will end next year at the end of March 2025.

     Last year it was one foot in the old series of Taurus and Scorpio, but this year we are all in on Aries and Libra focusing on the push pull tension of independence, autonomy vs in relationship and connection. 

    Eclipses come in opposing pairs and each pairing happens every 18 years. The last time the Aries and Libra pairing occurred was between 2004 to 2006, so it may be worth reflecting what happened for you then.

    Libra Lunar Eclipse Intense

    There’s no denying eclipse season is intense as the energy supercharges the full moon and new moon by tenfold. Remember intense doesn’t mean bad! Bursts of intensity can be helpful and I’m sure that’s something Aries teaches us. 

    Over two weeks so much growth, change and transformation can occur. It all starts on on March 25th with the Full Moon Libra lunar eclipse bringing into play Librian areas of life: relationships, balance. 

    Before the Solar Eclipse in Aries brings new beginnings, the Lunar eclipse can often bring endings and a magnitude of emotions. 

    Feminine Energy and Libra Lunar Eclipse

    The lunar aspect being the moon signals and indicates our inner realm and rules over our emotions, internal motivations and the feminine aspects of who we are. PSA with these feminine energies at times this can involve a female in our lives whether that’s a mother, sister, cousin, friend, boss etc. 

    The eclipse moon is different to the full moon in that it brings out the shadow (the Earth’s shadow falls on the face of the moon) – so what can emerge is more information, insights, revelations as well as resurface shadow aspects that previously have been blocked, hidden or unseen. 

    Simply put dredge up stuff you’ve not been aware of or ignoring really. At this time the veil is also thin between past, present and future, it’s a beautiful time to go more inwards and receive information and downloads such as through meditation or any other practices that help you to go within.

    Libra Lunar Eclipse Theme: Relationships

    In particular this eclipse hones in on relationships (platonic, professional and romantic) with Venus conjunct Saturn. Venus rules Libra and represents relationships. When we introduce Saturn into the realm of relationships this is about discipline and reality checks. 

    Saturn can also cause a slow down or delay forgoing instant gratification and leaning into the more long term, aligned, practical and a test of commitment. 

    When we factor in that this full moon brings in karmic destiny energy it represents letting go of what no longer serves, what we’ve outgrown and what we need to leave behind in order to move forward. People that often enter or exit during these periods can often feel karmic too. This is a clearing of past karma in play. 

    Eclipses are here to cleanse and clear

    Thus prepare yourself for what can be seen as a cosmic cleansing and course corrections. This is against the backdrop of Pisces planetary positions which can be dreamy, moody but ultimately spiritual. Not only that off the back of Pisces season, a time that teaches us about letting go and surrender, trusting in higher frequencies meant for us. 

    March 2024 Lunar Eclipse Journaling Prompts

    Who are the most important relationships in your life?

    What relationships are you holding onto that no longer serve you and have run their course? Where are you stuck in those relationships out of guilt, obligation, fear or comfort? 

    Are there any current dynamics at play in relationships that don’t serve you? Any patterns or repetitions you can see emerging? Examples being people pleasing, avoidance, triggers, lack of boundaries, holding back the truth, seeking validation and approval 

    Do you feel that your current relationships are fair and balanced?

    Are you seeing relationships for what they are or are you perhaps blinded by idealisation or ignorance?

    What has been holding you back in relationships? 

    What don’t you like about the way you behave in relationships (the shadow aspect of self)?

    What role does feminine energy play in your relationships?

    Where in your relationships perhaps healing and forgiveness needs to take place? 

    Which relationships in your life are cultivating greater spiritual growth and evolution for you?

    What situations call for more harmony? 

    Is there any person that comes to mind repeatedly during this time period which may be a sign of unresolved karma?

    Reflect back to the solar eclipse of October 14th 2023 last year as the starting point to this full moon, when the new moon was in Libra. Things maybe circling back or coming to a full circle moment here. The prelude to that was when the whole eclipse series began July 2023. Thus the final journaling prompt, how have your relationships changed since mid October last year?

    Eclipse timelines

    Eclipses have this funny way of speeding up and changing timelines, it can feel as though life has sudden, unexpected, rapid and abrupt changes that unfold with great speed or momentum out of nowhere. Given eclipses have such great energy and power, the universe can really force us to change and move if we have been stuck, stagnant or caught in old cycles, the pressure is turned up. 

    What to do during the 2024 March Libra Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar eclipse season is a time to lay low and lather on self care: slowing down, grounding, resting, naps, salt water baths, being gentler, reflection, meditation and journaling can be helpful. Unexpected things can pop up so create more space in your calendar and schedule in longer time than usual to complete big projects. Letting go practices such as letter writing, burning what no longer serves you, decluttering, cleansing spaces can be beneficial. 

    Wishing you a powerful release with this eclipse season beautiful soul, until next time.

    Love & Positivity.

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  • 68: Starting Again, Defying Timelines and Entrepreneurship with Phoebe Greenacre

    Phoebe Greenacre, is a Certified Somatic Movement Therapist, Conscious Business Coach with a background as a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide.

    A 2/4 Manifesting Generator with a sacral authority, 
    Phoebe is a harmonious blend of heart and hustle, embodying the spirit of holistic wellness with a savvy business acumen. Based in Bali, Phoebe’s expertise shines a light for online holistic therapists seeking to flourish authentically in the digital realm. 

    Phoebe Greenacre -Episode Summary

    In today’s podcast, Phoebe shares her journey throughout the corporate world as well as starting her own businesses, selling her business and using her strategy prowess to now nurture heart-centered enterprises. 

    Phoebe is an avid traveller having been to over 70 countries, lived in Australia, Japan, London and now Bali, she brings a global perspective into her practice, further deepened by her International Business Degree. 

    She has a Piscean intuition and the dynamic energy of a Manifesting Generator,  welcome Phoebe Greenacre to the Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang.

    Phoebe Greenacre - What we discuss

    • Phoebe’s journey including a stint as a travel blogger, a desire to be a spy to defying societal traditional timelines 
    • Phoebe’s Saturn Return: Going from rock bottom at 29 to starting again, reinventing herself and  thriving
    • Phoebe’s career experience including creating an activewear brand in London 
    • How entrepreneurship has changed 
    • Going from a physical product to a completely online business
    • The freedom lifestyle
    • How home is within
    • Being connected to your body
    • Starting a business and side hustle
    • Letting go of ego and stepping into authenticity and alignment
    • Getting married at 35 to her husband Alex (breaking up and coming back together)
    • Growing together as a couple
    • Knowing what you want in dating and the importance of self worth, not waiting
    • Motherhood, becoming a mother at 39 to a beautiful baby girl

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  • 67: Evolving From Identity Loss to A Strong Foundation And Dream Life with Sammie Purdie

    Sammie Purdie is a 6/2 Manifesting Generator with an Emotional Authority. She is a previous client of Phi’s having worked  together 1:1 and undergone an amazing transformation including now  being a Human Design Women’s Mindset Coach running women’s circles in Adelaide and running her current program: Her Dream Life. Sammie is also a proud mama to a beautiful boy Archie.

    Sammie Purdie - Episode Summary

    Sammie shares her personal journey struggling with self worth and scarcity to now thriving in abundance, self love. Being a mother deeply healed her and now she is fully embodied and empowered in who she is as a mum and beyond.

    She went from running a successful lash business to now pursuing her passion and purpose becoming a coach.

    Sammie Purdie - What we discuss

    • Trusting your gut and intuition, feeling your energy, the process, divine timings
    • Communicating with the universe 
    • Sammie’s journey and experience working 1:1 with Phi
    • Foundations for success and abundance, investing, rewiring and working on your money mindset including not having an income at one point 
    • As a women’s coach the biggest struggles she sees
    • The power of human design
    • Masculine and feminine energy 
    • Receptivity
    • Sammie’s self worth journey
    • Sammie’s motherhood journey: resistance and surrender, identity loss, finding her self again
    • Starting your own business
    • Feeling feelings, being an emotional authority 
    • Sammie’s take on women the three pillars of a strong foundation

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  • 66: Leap Year 2024

    This episode is short and sweet all about the Leap Year in 2024, the 29th of February 2024. Phi talks about the energetic themes emerging from this special day that happens once every four years. 

    This episode also provides some journaling prompts for the Leap Year in 2024.

    Leap Year February 2024

    Happy Leap Year Day! As we speak I’m getting ready to head to India and Vietnam for work so this episode is going to be short, sweet and punchy. I’m really excited about the guests that’ll be featuring on the podcast whilst I’m away for two weeks. As you all know I am running a retreat in August later this year in Bali that’s sold out and before I hold space and facilitate, I am also attending a retreat in India! I’ve never been before so a whole new adventure awaits. The lead up to it has been interesting, lots happening and I’m sure lots to transpire and share after. 

    Today is February 29th as I record this episode and it’s a leap year that comes every 4 years. The last time we had a leap year was amongst the huge global change and shift in consciousness that was in February 29th 2020. Given leap years don’t happen all too often, this date I feel energetically holds space to reflect. What was life like for you 4 years ago around this time?

    A leap year is about balance

    A leap year is made to account for lost time, giving us an additional calendar day every four years. In this is also an opportunity to get back into balance and harmony especially given the last few weeks have been energetically intense. Where do you need more balance and harmony in your life right now?

    Numerology of the leap year in 2024

    Every leap year holds the master energy of 11 which I’ve spoken about in a couple of energy updates already this year but to remind you its the number of the master architect, it’s about the vision, the plan and intuition. 

    The numerology of the leap year 2+9+2+2+0+2+4 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3. The number 3 in numerology is linked to Jupiter which is all about abundance and being an 8 year of course, the energy is strong for abundance. It could be a time to look at your finances, to work on your money mindset and/or manifest money. There’s also that saying that goes good things come in 3… 

    Astrologically Mercury is harmoniously dancing with Jupiter at the moment so despite there being some thick and heavy karmic energy in the air, this portal represents optimism, hope and joy.

    A leap year is about faith

    A leap can also be embodied by well the leap of faith, the fool tarot card, symbolising a jump into the unknown, anything is possible! A leap of faith is also akin to a quantum jump, timelines can shift, massive growths, a surge in your transformation and changes can happen all in a moment. There’s a window for breakthroughs to occur. There’s a window for spiritual awakenings to happen.With all portals yes it’s most potent on the day of but the portal opens for a few days aside. As with any portal pay attention to signs and synchronicities that pop up, the cosmic coincidences that are at play.

    Today is February 29th as I record this episode and it’s a leap year that comes every 4 years. The last time we had a leap year was amongst the huge global change and shift in consciousness that was in February 29th 2020. Given leap years don’t happen all too often, this date I feel energetically holds space to reflect. What was life like for you 4 years ago around this time?

    A leap year breaks traditions and is about being bold

    In ancient Irish Folklore it was said that Saint Brigid, like the Goddess Brigid of light made a deal with Saint Patrick where back in the day a deal was struck where women could propose to men to balance things out and make it even. In Illinois of 1948 women flirty took the power from men and supposedly jokingly arrested men who were unmarried and single. Nowadays times have certainly changed but I like the sentiment of being bold, breaking through traditions amplifying leap of faith and confidence as an energetic thread for today’s leap year day.

    2024 leap year journaling promtpts

    To end, I thought I would share a few journaling prompts if you’re feeling the call to use this additional day thanks to the leap year and portal to reflect:

    • What was happening in your life around February 2020, 4 years ago? What change has transpired, is it still relevant and pertinent to your life today? Have any patterns, behaviours or beliefs shifted?
    • Currently in your life what is out of balance and how can you rectify this?
    • What are you grateful for in your financial life right now? Where is abundance showing up in your life right now?
    • Where do you require more faith in your life at this point in time? What’s that next leap for you? That edgy, scary, exciting, potential step?
    • Do any traditions or what you believe to be societal norms weigh you down or hold you back in your life right now? How can you subvert this and be bold?

    Thanks for tuning in beautiful soul, wishing you all the luck, abundance and joy with this leap day in 2024. Until next time, love and positivity. 

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