Make it a December to remember

A lot can happen by December 31st.

Have faith and trust.

Everything you desire could come to fruition.

You don’t have to have it all figured out – all you have to do, is try your best to move forward.

Just because the calendar year is ending doesn’t mean manifestations, miracles and momentum take a break.

The universe works 24/7, 365 days a year. In fact isn’t there a saying, always save the best for last?

Your happy ending is here – blessings on blessings, renewed purpose and love for yourself, new energy, the unexpected…

Make it a December to remember.

Keep your energy open

Many people make this mistake at the end of the year… and it’s easy to do so. Do you live in a reality of constraint or one where there is ✨ no limits ✨

I dwell in abundance, a boundless universe where anything can happen at any time.

Everything you want… just around the corner.

Everything you want… unfolding in the most unexpected ways.

Everything you want… happening at the last moment.

Keep your energy open for all you desire ❤️‍🔥

Don’t close yourself off energetically because of a calendar year.

Tune into your body what is for you — there is no right or wrong. Some will be gearing up, others will be winding down.

I wrote this a year ago and I was hustling, this year I’m slowing down — life it’s dynamic and changing, it ebbs and flows 🌊 trust yourself, trust your body.

Give yourself permission for what feels good for you, not what you “think” you ought to or “should” 🧡

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🎥 @nature.alanya

Here’s to a fabulous December beautiful soul 🥂

Ellie Simpson