Today’s episode features Kim Tran-Flores of Kimlligraphy who is a Modern Calligraphy artist and mindfulness advocate. She is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator with an Emotional Authority. This is a raw, vulnerable and beautiful episode where Kim shares her journey as an ‘unexpected artist’ without a creative bone in her body to becoming a businesswoman in a world that underestimated her and becoming a mother (conceiving, miscarriages and all).

Episode Summary

Hi Beautiful Souls, on today’s episode we have Kim Tran-Flores, a Modern Calligraphy artist, mindfulness advocate and founder of Kimlligraphy – a service and educational platform that showcases and demonstrates the transformative power of Mindful Modern Calligraphy.

She is an ‘unexpected artist,’ in her own words as someone growing up who didn’t have a creative bone in her body. Inspired by her grandfather whose life was cut short, Kim embarked on a transformative journey to become the woman she is today whose mission is to empower busy women, alleviating stress, nurturing the present moment, and igniting their creativity. Along the way she’s won multiple awards such as recently this year being a recipient of the Fairfield City Women’s Day Award. Her mission

Kim and I met at a networking event and the rest is history as they say. Kim is also a wife and beautiful mother of one, Hendrix (he is so sweet and my mum is absolutely obsessed with him). I personally attended one of her workshops earlier this year with my mum incorporating mindfulness with calligraphy and painting which we loved and really brought us closer together. 

Enjoy today’s episode! 

What we discuss

  • How Kim got into calligraphy
  • Kim’s journey (not going to university and leaving the corporate world)
  • Her fertility journey including trying to conceive, miscarriages, considering IVF and how calligraphy helped
  • Her upbringing as an Asian woman
  • How being a mother has changed her and being labelled, boxed in as a mother
  • Navigating relationships with important women (parenting styles and advice) in her life (her mother and mother in law)
  • Her relationship with her husband Mark Flores such as navigating having different religions and being with a more ‘conscious’ man
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