• 222 Portal

    Information on the 222 Portal in 2024

    The angel number 222 is well known to be about balance, trust, cooperation and harmony.

    This 222 portal isn’t like any other with 2024 in particular having the theme of love and relationships. We are seeing legendary lover planets, the ultimate power couple Venus and Mars coming together in the sky kicking off a whole new cycle (one that hasn’t been seen since March 2022 — take a moment to reflect)!

    This is amplified by the fact that this year we have Aries (independence in the north node) and Libra (partnerships in the south node).

    The 222 Portal in 2024 is great for love

    A great time to go deeper within love whether that’s manifesting and calling in love, rejuvenating/resparking/refocusing in partnership and romance or healing from heartbreak.

    Other themes include balance, creativity, beauty, duality as well as the 222 portal manifestation technique (2 x 22). For more listen to the latest episode (65) of my podcast
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  • 222 Portal 2024

    This episode unpacks and explains the 222 Portal in February 2024. The significance of angel number 222. This year particularly in 2024, the 222 portal heavily leans into manifestation and all things love, dating, romance and relationships. Other 222 portal themes will be shared including a 222 portal manifestation technique with a twist!

    Heartful - Self Love Workshop

    Hello beautiful soul,

    You must be listening and here for the tea on the 222 portal in 2024! Before I go into that I wanted to share with you that next week I’m doing a live self love workshop yes! This month is February or should I say Feb-you-ary and in recent times everyone talks about being mindful… but what about being heartful? Heartful is the live 60 minute workshop I’ll be doing next Tuesday on the 27th at 7:30pm AEDT Sydney time and if you can’t make it, there will be a replay sent out within 24 hours! It only costs $44.44 AUD which is roughly $30 USD.

    222 Angel Number Meaning

    Now let’  s talk about the 222 portal for 2024. 222 is an angel number for balance, trust, cooperation and harmony. Some believe this portal has been open since 2/2 which is the 2nd of February and the 22nd representing 222 is when the energy is at its peak.

    Let me break it down for you with themes that arise for the 222 portal in 2024;

    222 portal - Love and Partnerships / Masculine and Feminine

    This year in particular there is the energy of love and partnerships. During the 222 portal, legendary lover planets, the ultimate power couple Venus and Mars are coming together in the sky. This happens every 2-3 years. Thus in February 2024 with this meeting, you can see it as kicking off a new cycle in terms of love, dating and relationships.

    Venus represents feminine energy, and is all about love, beauty, money and harmony.

    Mars represents masculine energy and is all about taking action, assertiveness and growth.

    This is symbolic of union in relationships as well as balancing masculine and feminine energies. 

    Themes to consider: sensuality, sexuality, desire, attraction, magnetism and willpower.

    The last time Venus and Mars linked up was in March 2022 so it’s worth reflecting on your attitude, approach and actions towards love, partnerships and the balance of feminine and masculine energy.

    Not only that this is taking place in a year where we have Aries in the north node (all about independence) and Libra in the south node (all about partnerships). 

    Manifesting love with the 222 portal in 2024

    Very well during this time it’s a great to manifest and call in love. What are you desiring in partnership? It’s also good to be discerning about dating around this time because the Venus Mars transit may activate soul contracts: it could be karmic, it could be your soul mate or twin flame or it could be a soul that’s here to activate and teach you.

    Relationships during the 222 portal in 2024

    If you currently have a partner, this transit is a great time to pause and reflect on how you are feeling in your relationship — is it time to rejuvenate and revamp? Reset – getting back on the same page? Refocus – if you’ve been neglecting your relationship and partner as a priority? Recement your connection with romance? There could be the opportunity to respark a relationship, reigniting attraction, being more playful and deepening intimacy, vulnerability and connection. 

    Breakups and heartache during the 222 portal in 2024

    If you are going through a break up the 222 portal has beautiful energy around healing and finding your own two feet again. It takes two to tango in a relationship so perhaps it’s prompting reflection on your role and their role in the break up. 222 is also an angel number for peace, so perhaps it’s finding peace within yourself and why the separation has occurred. 

    Balance 222 portal 2024

    Individually this portal speaks to us reflecting on balance and harmony within ourselves and our lives especially when the south node is in the sign of the scales Libra. 

    Where is there an imbalance in your life currently?

    What areas of your life require more co-operation or collaboration perhaps? 

    Creativity and beauty with the 222 portal

    We have beauty from Venus and the fire of Mars coming together it’s also a great opportunity to get creative! 

    How can you creatively represent your manifestation? We know writing and vision boards, how about a painting? A song? A poem? A sculpture?

    Perhaps you will be inspired to be amongst beauty and let your beauty shine too. 

    Duality during the 222 portal in 2024

    Particularly tuning into the energy of this week it has been very intense and the 222 portal if you are feeling a lot and going through a lot is a beautiful reminder of the duality of life. You can have amazing things going on in your life as well as challenges. You can be happy and sad at the same time. 

    Duality also reminds us that when we are going through a tough or difficult time, what could be on the other side.

    Is a clearing and crumbling taking place in your life to allow the new to be planted and grow?

    Is one door closing so that another can open?

    222 portal 22 numerology master number

    A playful technique to get you in the vibe of the portal is the 2 x 22 manifesting technique. Manifestation is the vibe with the 222 portal given ’22’ itself is a master number known as the ‘master builder’ or ‘master architect’ number. 

    Master Architect 22 the dreaming as in having and holding a big vision, seeing it through the lens of a bigger picture perspective. 

    Master Builder 22 the embodied action of bringing ideas and concepts into reality as the builder. It speaks to practicality, making it achievable, breaking it down that’s how things get built! A master builder number is about doing the work to make it happen too.

    222 portal manifestation 2 x 22 method

    Pick a manifestation to focus on and write down a present version affirmation.

    For example instead of I am manifesting a partner, write I am so excited about dating and meeting my partner. I feel so loved, happy and grateful.

    The portal peaks of course on the 22nd of February but it’s still open for a few after, so if you’re listening it’s not too late! And that 7 dates later it’s the 29th of February because this year happens to be a leap year!

    Write down your manifestation down 22 times, twice a day for two days in a row! Alternatively or additionally say it out loud too! 

    As we know manifestations mean nothing if there isn’t an element of feeling and really believing the manifestation is possible so imbue it with as much feeling and conviction mentally and within your body as possible. My own twist I suggest to the 222 manifesting technique is to think of 22 ways to get started on making your manifestation a reality or dedicating 22 days in a row to taking action towards your manifestation. Two’s company, get together with a friend or loved one and amplify your manifestations by doing a little ritual and celebration of 222 and speaking about it with each other.

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  • Criteria to be loved

    Its Never too late to start loving yourself!

    Through all the conditioning and programming, we have come to believe that we have to meet certain criteria in order to be loved

    Their is no certain Criteria to be loved!

    You believe that you have to be perfect in order to be loved. You believe that you have to be successful in order to be loved. You believe that you have to be beautiful in order to be loved. You believe that you have to put others first in order to be loved.

    What about believing that you don’t have to be a certain way or do anything to be loved?

    That you are inherently lovable exactly as you are already 🌹

    Especially if you’ve got the open heart in human design as 70% do!

    Here’s to love and especially loving yourself 🫶🏽

    📖 The Great Unlearning by Phi Dang

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    🧡 Ready to find love within yourself or with another? Let’s work together through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading whether it’s self love, dating, relationships or navigating breakups and challenges.

    Criteria to be loved

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  • Feeling Unclear

    The Good News ?

    An energetic break is here. All planets are direct until April. The fog is lifting from the Mercury retrograde shadow period. The slow burn and stagnation of January is picking up speed.

    Mantra: I am seeing only a tiny Friction of the bigger Picture

    It’s okay not to be clear, it may just not be the right time for you 🍑 this is your sign to relax and be at peace. Things are still unfolding behind the scenes that you can’t see or comprehend yet.

    Maybe you can feel it but you can’t see it — that’s okay! We have intuitive senses beyond sight which I talk more in depth about in my book The Great Unlearning such as clairsentience (knowing) or clairaudience (hearing).

    It’s not your job to know everything, that’s for the universe 💫

    Focus on the next step, that next inspirational step, that nudge you are getting and let that set into motion what needs to unfold next.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    Ready for energetic and spiritual guidance for a clearer picture of what’s to come for you in 2024? I’d love to help through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading. 

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  • Love will heal you

    Your time will come...

    I’m sorry someone hurt your heart and made you question yourself.

    I’m sorry you didn’t feel safe to fully communicate and express yourself.

    I’m sorry they could not be the safe place for you to call home.

    I’m sorry that you felt so much pressure on yourself to make it work and at times maybe too much was placed on your shoulders.

    I’m sorry that you weren’t fully seen for who you really are, that they put their projections and expectations onto you.

    I’m sorry that your heart had to hurt.

    Love didn’t hurt you, but love will heal you.

    There will come a time that it is safe for you to let down your walls.

    There will come a time that your heart feels at home with another.

    The time is coming that your heart will open again, to depths you never imagined…

    You are love

    When your heart is broken, I know it hurts, I know you wish the pain would go away…

    This was channeled during a healing I recently had done and I thought it was so beautiful.

    Love can hurt but don’t close your heart.

    Closing your heart is also closing it on love.

    Even when it hurts, there is always so much love at the core of your heart.

    You are a channel for love.

    You are love.

    One day the love of your life will thank you for opening your heart again, when you’re ready… 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • A dedication to my dad

    There is sunshine after rain

    Shattered in pieces, broken like a mosaic – there is beauty in your grief and there is beauty in your heartache.

    It won’t always be pretty but with the passing sands of time and softening of sorrow, there is a pearl of truth.

    There is life after death and sunshine after rain.

    You feel them in the salt of your tears and the bleeding colours of the sky.

    You feel them in the melting of harsh winters and spring morning time.

    You feel them in the soft sunlight shining on your skin and the wind that glides.

    You feel them in the mighty roar of the ocean and rolling, turning tides.

    You feel them everywhere you go and with everything that you do because they… they are always with you.

    On grief...

     know how it feels when it feels as if the grief will swallow you whole.

    I know how it feels when you the pain seems unbearable, that there cannot be light at the end of the tunnel.

    I know how it feels so achingly lonely, despite being in a room full of people with so much love and support around you.

    What I can tell you nine years since I lost my dad on this very day, that life does indeed go on… and it is so beautiful to live on in their love.

    The pain, the heartache, the grief, the sorrow that does not go away but you will learn to live with these feelings.

    You will come to hold them with open arms and in tender space.

    You will understand that feeling it all is beautiful because it speaks to the depth of your love for your lost loved one permeating every inch and crevice of your soul.

    You will unlearn timelines, that this happens all in your own time. It cannot be skipped, it cannot be rushed.

    You will unlearn all you thought you knew and come to the greatest gift and truth of all: love.

    This is dedicated to my dad. I love you with all my heart and in every word that I write.

    One of, if not the most beautiful thing to come out of the loss of my dad and grief was becoming a life coach to help others. To share my words
    and insights with you.

    My upcoming book released next June is dedicated to him.

    Truly I don’t know if I would be a life coach if I hadn’t lost him so early in my life.

    Thus is a duality of life. Pain can coexist with beauty. Suffering with happiness.

    On the other side of grief you can and will help so many others in your presence and understanding.

    Your life and light makes a difference in this world. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    You are never truly alone in your grief and heartache. Reach out to someone for help whether it’s a friend, loved one, hotline, life coach or psychologist — there is always someone willing to help. If you wanted a sign here it is: Keep going, you are reading this for a reason. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in you 🧡

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  • Love is always worth it

    Love is always worth it...

    On love.

    Continue to open your heart again even after it’s been crushed.

    Continue to try even though you’ve been disappointed.

    Continue to let down your walls even when your heart wants to remain guarded.

    Continue to be your most authentic self even though it’s scary because you deserve to be loved as you are.

    Continue to feel it all, the highs and lows because feeling is so beautiful.

    Continue to believe in the magic and joy of love.

    Because love, is always worth it.

    It might not always be with the right person, but one day it will be.

    Always, always, always.


    Being in love

    I know you’ve been hurt and disappointed not by love itself but your experiences in searching and experiencing love.

    How can a heart hurt and yearn so much?

    From fiery passion to empty silence.

    To taste a glimpse of paradise and eternity for it to crumble into ashes.

    When you let down your walls and the vulnerability of it all.

    When you go first and they don’t follow.

    For all the aches, for all the tears, for all the disappointment continue to love deeply.

    Because love is always worth it.

    Love will never let you down, sometimes people will and that’s okay.

    Not everyone is ready for the depth and magnitude of your precious beating heart and that’s okay.

    One day you’ll be with someone who is and you will understand the journey it took to be wholly and fully with love… in love.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • You have a good heart

    A gentle reminder...

    You’ve got a good heart.

    Even when you make mistakes.

    Even when you try your best and it doesn’t work out.

    Even when you snap because you are angry and frustrated with the world.

    Even when you’re annoyed at yourself and others.

    Even when you’re caught up in an anxious loop.

    Even when you fall asleep with tears in your eyes.

    Even when you feel like a burden to everyone.

    Even when you are caught up in the past.

    Even when you feel so stuck in your head and you feel like you are making everything about you.

    Even when you second guess and doubt yourself.

    Even when you have a critical self voice that says otherwise.

    It can be easy to forget, so a gentle reminder: you are loveable and you are loved.

    You are trying your best and I see you for it.

    Listen to your heart

    you’ve got a good heart and no matter what I hope it never hardens.

    I hope you continue to wear your heart on your sleeve.

    I hope you continue to listen to your heart.

    I hope you continue to trust your heart.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • You will find love

    On love...

    I know how heavy your heart aches right now.

    I know how it hurts to breathe.

    I know it feels like your heart has shattered into a million pieces.

    I know it feels like the tears will never end.

    I know your heart is hurting and as if nothing else matters.

    I know you are in so much pain.

    I know you are skeptical of love.

    I promise beautiful soul, one day when you are ready, your heart will open again.

    You will find love again.

    You will find love in an oversized t-shirt.

    You will find love in flossing your teeth.

    You will find love in the way the ocean kisses the shore.

    You will find love in the glimmer of the stars.

    You will find love again because it never left, it’s always been inside of you.

    Acknowledge your broken heart

    A broken heart is never easy, you question if it was worth even feeling love in the first place 💔

    It absolutely is.

    To feel every ounce of your broken heart – the sharp edges, the heavy beating, the drip of aching… is an exquisite reminder of your living, breathing human nature.

    Your broken heart meant that love truly touched your heart… it didn’t just touch it… it consumed it, it merged with it, it became it ❤️‍🔥

    The love you had, the love you gave, the love you received… it’s all you because you are love.

    Sure you will find love again in another soul 💘 but never forget that the love already exists, always had and always will within you.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    Ready to uplevel in love? ❤️‍🔥 whether it’s self love, in a relationship or dating, I got chu 😍 let’s work together through 1:1 coaching or human design 🥰

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  • Being soft in love

    Be soft in love, beautiful soul

    Maybe your experiences of love have hardened you.

    You don’t have to carry mountains of pains.

    You don’t have to fight the wars that don’t belong to you.

    Being hard won’t let love in and it certainly won’t heal your heart.

    You will build walls thinking you are protecting yourself but what you are doing is preventing love from coming in.

    Be soft in love, beautiful soul.

    The soft that melts sharpened edges and takes the edge off it all.

    Soft is not weak.

    Soft is strong.

    Soft looks beautiful on you.

    More on love

    be the soft one in love 🌹

    the one who kisses someone’s lips but also their heart & soul

    the one who cares deeply, that isn’t a weakness that is a strength.

    the one that always finds a reason to smile and get back up when pushed down.

    the one who is gentle in every way, the best way.

    the one who is the quiet strength in the middle of a hurricane despite al the chaos.

    the one who tries not because they have to but because they want to with a full heart.

    the world is full of those who have been hardened by hurt & pain, that will continue if we choose to sharpen our edges.

    don’t be the sharp pain of knife but the soothing hug and kiss.

    let us soften in love, let us melt, let us do so in strength & beauty.

    here’s to being soft in love 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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