There is sunshine after rain

Shattered in pieces, broken like a mosaic – there is beauty in your grief and there is beauty in your heartache.

It won’t always be pretty but with the passing sands of time and softening of sorrow, there is a pearl of truth.

There is life after death and sunshine after rain.

You feel them in the salt of your tears and the bleeding colours of the sky.

You feel them in the melting of harsh winters and spring morning time.

You feel them in the soft sunlight shining on your skin and the wind that glides.

You feel them in the mighty roar of the ocean and rolling, turning tides.

You feel them everywhere you go and with everything that you do because they… they are always with you.

On grief...

 know how it feels when it feels as if the grief will swallow you whole.

I know how it feels when you the pain seems unbearable, that there cannot be light at the end of the tunnel.

I know how it feels so achingly lonely, despite being in a room full of people with so much love and support around you.

What I can tell you nine years since I lost my dad on this very day, that life does indeed go on… and it is so beautiful to live on in their love.

The pain, the heartache, the grief, the sorrow that does not go away but you will learn to live with these feelings.

You will come to hold them with open arms and in tender space.

You will understand that feeling it all is beautiful because it speaks to the depth of your love for your lost loved one permeating every inch and crevice of your soul.

You will unlearn timelines, that this happens all in your own time. It cannot be skipped, it cannot be rushed.

You will unlearn all you thought you knew and come to the greatest gift and truth of all: love.

This is dedicated to my dad. I love you with all my heart and in every word that I write.

One of, if not the most beautiful thing to come out of the loss of my dad and grief was becoming a life coach to help others. To share my words
and insights with you.

My upcoming book released next June is dedicated to him.

Truly I don’t know if I would be a life coach if I hadn’t lost him so early in my life.

Thus is a duality of life. Pain can coexist with beauty. Suffering with happiness.

On the other side of grief you can and will help so many others in your presence and understanding.

Your life and light makes a difference in this world. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this.

love & positivity ✨ phi

You are never truly alone in your grief and heartache. Reach out to someone for help whether it’s a friend, loved one, hotline, life coach or psychologist — there is always someone willing to help. If you wanted a sign here it is: Keep going, you are reading this for a reason. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in you 🧡

Phi Dang