Information on the 222 Portal in 2024

The angel number 222 is well known to be about balance, trust, cooperation and harmony.

This 222 portal isn’t like any other with 2024 in particular having the theme of love and relationships. We are seeing legendary lover planets, the ultimate power couple Venus and Mars coming together in the sky kicking off a whole new cycle (one that hasn’t been seen since March 2022 — take a moment to reflect)!

This is amplified by the fact that this year we have Aries (independence in the north node) and Libra (partnerships in the south node).

The 222 Portal in 2024 is great for love

A great time to go deeper within love whether that’s manifesting and calling in love, rejuvenating/resparking/refocusing in partnership and romance or healing from heartbreak.

Other themes include balance, creativity, beauty, duality as well as the 222 portal manifestation technique (2 x 22). For more listen to the latest episode (65) of my podcast
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