Love is always worth it...

On love.

Continue to open your heart again even after it’s been crushed.

Continue to try even though you’ve been disappointed.

Continue to let down your walls even when your heart wants to remain guarded.

Continue to be your most authentic self even though it’s scary because you deserve to be loved as you are.

Continue to feel it all, the highs and lows because feeling is so beautiful.

Continue to believe in the magic and joy of love.

Because love, is always worth it.

It might not always be with the right person, but one day it will be.

Always, always, always.


Being in love

I know you’ve been hurt and disappointed not by love itself but your experiences in searching and experiencing love.

How can a heart hurt and yearn so much?

From fiery passion to empty silence.

To taste a glimpse of paradise and eternity for it to crumble into ashes.

When you let down your walls and the vulnerability of it all.

When you go first and they don’t follow.

For all the aches, for all the tears, for all the disappointment continue to love deeply.

Because love is always worth it.

Love will never let you down, sometimes people will and that’s okay.

Not everyone is ready for the depth and magnitude of your precious beating heart and that’s okay.

One day you’ll be with someone who is and you will understand the journey it took to be wholly and fully with love… in love.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang