Lessons from life...

You can’t rush who you are becoming.

Life will unnerve you and take away all that you thought you needed.

The security.

The comfort.

Life will make you question the twists and turns leading to anger, angst and agony.

Life will send a quaking storm to shake you up and present a new fork in the road.

Life will strip you down to your heart and soul, laying bare your inner truth.

Life will throw sharp curveballs you least expect.

Life will have you reeling from feeling so raw and vulnerable.

Life will have you digging deeper into your own self, the roots and foundation of who you really are.

Trust in this all, beautiful soul, because life is unfolding more of who you really are, in all its beautiful, wild, messy and divine timing.

You are exactly the person you need to be right now, here in this very moment.

Growth isn't linear...

What’s the rush? There is no race. Often what feels like blocks and delays is the universe protecting you, keeping you on track for divine timing or even redirecting you.

It’s all happening for you not to you.

Life isn’t meant to be easy and breezy all the time and going perfectly to plan because if it was… what’s the point?

It would be boring.

Life is about growing and expanding that often happens most profoundly and deeply when you are uncomfortable and feeling into your edges.

Life is not static and neither are you.

You are becoming someone you haven’t been before, be patient – slow growth is beautiful too.

Growth isn’t linear either it curls, goes sideways, plunges, shoots back up, stalls you get the point…

Know here right now as you’re reading this, in this moment you are exactly who you need to be and exactly where you are meant to be.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang