Life is happening FOR you, not TO you

You think your life is falling apart when really it is coming together.

With every heartbreak you are moving closer towards the one you’re meant to be with… the one you choose over and over again.

With every rejection you’re being redirected to the path that serves you best.

With every morsel of pain, your wounds will heal and drip into wisdom.

With every disappointment, the smiles of tomorrow will be a soothing balm.

With every tear, you move closer to your divinity and inevitable happiness.

With every loss, comes a gain, more than you could ever imagine.

With every setback, you will fall and get back up one more time again.

Life is not happening to you beautiful soul, life is happening for you.

Finding your power

growth is often disguised and delivered as painful lessons and challenges.

we want growth on our terms, to feel like rainbow and sunshine dreams 🌈

often our biggest growth isn’t in those moments though ☔️

we get frustrated about why it has to be like this and if it could be less painful when truthfully this is the only way

we need the tower moments and to be thrown off the cliff to realize the wings we have to fly and soar 🦋

it’s up to you, suffering is optional, pain is inevitable so you can continue asking why me or decide that you’re a powerful co creator with life, that you can take responsibility for your inner world and have the grace to let go of the things you cannot control.

it’s up to you, you always have a choice and will always have a choice, that is your power 💥

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang