I hope you remember...

Beautiful soul, when it gets all too hard, it is my hope that you remember…

I hope you remember that you are here for a reason and that your soul chose to exist in this ripple of time.

I hope you remember in the depths of your darkness that the light within you will never cease to shine.

I hope you remember your strength and resilience that has kept you here despite all the hardships and heartache you’ve endured.

I hope you remember how deeply you’ve loved and how greatly you’ve grown.

I hope you remember the innocent and purity of your heart and your capacity to love.

Most of all I hope you remember how incredible it is that you live and get to experience life at all.

Reawaken your magic

May these words soothe your soul and plant flowers in the salt of your wounds 🌹

In the darkest of times, what we need most is compassion. This compassion applies not only for others but yourself too.

Life is not easy and here you are living it.

Doing the best that you can whilst carrying the wounds of the past and the pains of tomorrow.

I hope you realise the power in living. The power in knowing that your future is not set in stone that you have the power to change your life in any given moment.

How does it feel to live life knowing your soul chose this all?

That your soul made a promise to truly live and explore every edge of what it means to be human.

That your soul didn’t settle for easy, it wanted a full spectrum experience where pain and pleasure intertwine.

Know that ancient wisdom is infused in every cell of your being 🧬 even if you can’t consciously remember, your soul knows deep down inside.

Reawaken to your magic.

Reawaken to your power.

Reawaken to your soul.

Come home to you.

Remember, remember, remember.

It is in remembrance we keep alive the memories of those we love who are no longer here.

It is in remembrance that the pain of the past serves a stark reminder to how we live life now.

It is in remembrance we honour those who came before us and honour those to come.

It is in remembrance you’ll find love, a deep love for yourself and all that you’ve been through.

It is in remembrance you’ll fully embrace life for cherishing it as a gift of every moment that is not guaranteed after.

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang