Things to never forget

As our hearts ache with heaviness and sadness, beautiful soul do not forget. 

Never forget.

The love, light and goodness that happens in the world every single day.

Children being born.

Communities coming together.

Courage in face of darkness and fear.

Consciousness rising.

Countless celebrations.

Spiritual awakenings.

Sunshine and smiles.

Faith and trust.

Seeds planted.

Flowers blooming.

Bountiful harvest.

Oceans roaring.

Acts of kindness.

Open hearts.


The unsung heroes.

The truth that underscores everything.

It is in dark times that the light shines brighter.

Without darkness there cannot be light.

Light will always prevail.

Hope will always prevail.

Hold onto hope.

Hold onto love.

Hold onto light.

Healing for one, healing for all

The light may flicker, the light may dwindle but the light remains strong 🕯

We are in an age of division and darkness with heavy hearts and swollen eyes.

We weep in solidarity with our brothers, our sisters, kindred souls.

We mourn this age that culminates to the great unknown.

We hold onto hope.

For brighter days are coming.

For a world unified by love, light, peace and compassion.

It starts with you.

Doing whatever you can.

Turn on the light 💡

Give love to the light.

Make love with the light.

Spread the light.

As we heal, we rise together.

Our power as an individual.

Our power in unity.

Healing for one, healing for all.

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang