2023 is where I'm arriving...

2023 looks like a brand new chapter, one that has been built on the pages of the past and gleaming for the future.

A heart cracked open and a curious mind.


Rising from the ashes.


Grounded roots.

Riding the cosmic wave.

Higher love.

True love.

The unexpected.

Letting go of logic and opening up to magic.

Experiencing and savouring all that life has to offer.

Making love with life.





Hips like honey.

Dripping in devotion to self and service.

Daring to dream bolder.

Heart felt gratitude and appreciation.

Leading with soul.

Loving all that is.

2023 is where I’m arriving.

Learning to rise up from the ashes

Uh huh honey 🍯 bring on 2023. The last year for me has been burning everything to the ground and rising from the ashes.

The loss of my corporate identity — officially been a full time life coach for a year now!

The loss of a relationship — the first time I’ve been single in 3 years.

The loss of my home I started my side hustle now business, got promoted to manager at work and fell in love — I now live in my dream home opposite the beach.

The loss of my grandpa — and the opening up to more of my family and knowing my ancestral roots.

My book is coming out JUNE 2023!!!

I cannot wait!

I’ll also be bringing back something I used to offer 😋 aaaand opening up more spots for coaching and human design, if you’re interested link in bio or DM me 🧡

The prompt for this post was a thought starter from my beautiful friend @girlandhermagic 🪄

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang