Make the most of life...

There will be moments you ask yourself why you live the life that you do.

Why everything has unfolded the way it has – the turning points, the challenges, the successes, the past, who you are now and who you are becoming.

Know that you are divine.

You are a soul having a human experience.

That you are a soul that bravely decided to be human.

Make the most of the life you have because one day it will become a fleeting memory.

Make the most of the life that you have, because we never know when the ride will end.

Make the most of the life you have because it is the most precious gift.

Make the most of life because it is always changing and that is the human experience – to feel it all.

The human experience...

What if you could have the perspective that you chose this all?

Every moment of elation.

Every moment of heartache.

Every circumstance.

Every challenge.

All with the purpose to expand and grow in this lifetime for your soul.

To grow isn’t easy or comfortable in fact it’s often challenging and painful (that’s the point!)

Sure there are times we grow in ease but I’m more often than not it’s outside the comfort zone.

All in all it’s the human experience your soul chose to have.

This life is a blip in the string of many lives you’ve had and will continue to have, make the most of this beautiful experience and adventure.

How we feel colours our lives adding depth, texture and tone.

Our emotions are energy in motion (e-motion) that long to be experienced and pass through us, we are the divine channel they move through.

I honour the divine in you beautiful soul who bravely chose to be human and live the life that you do 🙏🏽

Inspired by the awakening perspective of @lilireinhart with @jayshetty:

“If I started out as this celestial being, just energy, and the universe or God or whomever said, ‘Hey, do you want to go to Earth for an incredibly short amount of time, like a blip, and experience every emotion that you could possibly feel as a human? You get to have all these experiences: love, heartache, anxiety, joy, euphoria, whatever. All of it. Do you want to do that?’

Yeah, I do.

And so when I am feeling these intense feelings, it’s sorta like a reality check to step outside and say, although this is a very uncomfortable, painful feeling, it’s quite beautiful that I have the capacity to experience it. That is sort of something that I use to ground myself when I am stuck in a feeling of darkness.”

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang