Being human is beautiful

Being human isn’t just pain, suffering, war, crisis.

Being human is falling asleep on the couch.

Being human is smiling for no reason at all.

Being human is getting curious about conspiracy theories.

Being human is talking out loud to yourself.

Being human is watching the stars in the sky.

Being human is singing into your hairbrush.

Being human is dancing like no one is watching.

Being human is laughing so much you snort.

Being human is eating mac and cheese out of the microwave.

Being human is pulling funny faces in the mirror.

Being human is smelling flowers.

Being human is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Being human is beautiful.

Coming home to yourself

Oh to be human! I’m the midst of overwhelming pain and change it can feel dark.

Even in the darkness, remember there is always light within you 🤍

Things aren’t perfect collectively and there’s a lot to work on. To speak your truth. To speak louder. To take action.

Collective change also happens with you.

You’re busy fighting for the world but who is fighting for you?

Embrace that you are here, in human form.

You’re allowed to also just be.

The experience of living.

The experience of being human.

Come home to yourself with kindness, love, compassion and appreciation in life 🦋 if you’re ready to and looking for support + guidance I would love to help through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading 🧡

Phi Dang