Be soft in love, beautiful soul

Maybe your experiences of love have hardened you.

You don’t have to carry mountains of pains.

You don’t have to fight the wars that don’t belong to you.

Being hard won’t let love in and it certainly won’t heal your heart.

You will build walls thinking you are protecting yourself but what you are doing is preventing love from coming in.

Be soft in love, beautiful soul.

The soft that melts sharpened edges and takes the edge off it all.

Soft is not weak.

Soft is strong.

Soft looks beautiful on you.

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be the soft one in love 🌹

the one who kisses someone’s lips but also their heart & soul

the one who cares deeply, that isn’t a weakness that is a strength.

the one that always finds a reason to smile and get back up when pushed down.

the one who is gentle in every way, the best way.

the one who is the quiet strength in the middle of a hurricane despite al the chaos.

the one who tries not because they have to but because they want to with a full heart.

the world is full of those who have been hardened by hurt & pain, that will continue if we choose to sharpen our edges.

don’t be the sharp pain of knife but the soothing hug and kiss.

let us soften in love, let us melt, let us do so in strength & beauty.

here’s to being soft in love 🧡

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang