The beautiful days are coming

One day you’re going to feel so alive again and you bet it will be worth it.

Your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much.

Your stomach will ache from how much you laugh.

Your shoulders will be free from the aches and burdens of the world.

You’ll be dizzy with euphoria riding high on life.

Your eyes will sparkle like seeing the world for the first time all over again.

Love will course your veins and fill your heart so deeply.

I promise you that day is coming.

I promise you that you’re stronger than you think and you can handle anything that happens in the meantime.

What a beautiful day that will be.

Keep going, beautiful soul

because the sun will always shine after the rain, in fact the sun is always there it’s just blocked or covered by clouds ⛅️

we all go through tough times, this is the human experience.

know for these tough times there will be beautiful times too 🌻

sometimes darkness convinced us that thats it… remember the light always ✨

better days are coming, you’ll see 💫 and you’ll be so glad you held on.

so proud.

worth the wait… worth the joy, happiness, satisfaction and alignment 🥰

your future self will be so grateful you stuck it out.

keep going beautiful soul, you got this! 👊🏽

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang