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  • Feeling ‘meh’ about the new year?

    POV: Feeling eh about 2024?

    Do you feel a bit ‘eh blah’, like 2024 hasn’t really hit for you…

    And the new year hasn’t given you the motivation to do your intentions and figure out what you’re vibing for the year?

    It’s okay.

    It’s not just you.

    It's all about ENERGY

    The reason you are feeling egh and bleh about the new year may very well have nothing to do with you, in fact it could be because of the 🌀 energy 🌀 especially if you’re empathetic and intuitive.

    In terms of energy there are several different perspectives out there… astrologically some may believe the 111 portal with the Capricorn new moon is new year (11/1 — 11th of January) or maybe end of March with the Spring Solstice… human design says in a couple of weeks with the kick of the collective fantasy imagination energy…

    All in all, this is your permission slip to give yourself grace.

    To be kind and compassionate if you’re not feeling motivated, inspired, lit up and all guns blazing in 2024 yet.

    There’s a window energetically open from about the 11th of January even until April 🫶🏽

    For more on this listen to my latest episode on my podcast
    🎧 Grow Through It Podcast With Phi Dang
    Episode 56: New Year Energy 2024

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • 58: Human Design Limitations

    As we stand on the threshold of a new year, there’s a powerful yet challenging energy that surrounds the final days of the year according to Human Design. 

    In this episode, Phi explores this final energy, understanding its significance in shaping our transition into the Human Design new year ahead.

    Podcast Episode Introduction

    How are you? There’s a lot happening energetically so you’re going to be hearing from me in succession with a few podcast episodes lined up for this week especially with something very exciting launching on Friday that I’ve never offered before and I am bursting with excitement and joy! 

    Think of this episode as a motivational and inspirational quickie!

    It’s almost the new year in terms of human design and as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes there are four stages. We are now in the final stage in the lead up to the new year on the 22nd/23rd January 2024 which is the energy of limitations and acceptance.

    Reframe limitations

    Limitations already off the bad has connotations of negativity but I like to reframe it as resourcefulness because limits aren’t just bad, if you think about it you hit a limit when you’re growing, you’re expanding, you’re stretching.

    Perspectives on letting go

    The creator of human design says this energy is about letting go fitting because it’s the equivalent energy of new year’s eve happening. 

    Some perspectives to contemplate when it comes to letting go?

    Sometimes letting go isn’t getting rid of something completely but letting it be.

    Sometimes you lose, in order to gain.

    Sometimes strength is holding on and other times it is letting go.

    Letting go sometime’s isn’t a once off or final act, but a repeated one, over and over again.

    Sometimes it’s letting go of something good, for greater, for better. If you want to fly in the sky you need to leave Earth.

    Letting go and a glass of water

    Letting go is like a glass of water. It’s not about how much water is in the glass, there could even be no water. It’s about how long are you holding that glass. 

    For a few moments, not a problem. For an hour it starts to get niggly. How about half a day? The longer you hold it the heavier it becomes. 

    This is like your problems, thinking about it for a few moments isn’t harmful. Longer, it begins to hurt. All day and beyond? Excruciating, paralysed. Therefore put down your glass.

    Limitations and acceptance

    The creator of human design also says that limitation is extraordinary because it’s about transcendence, the minute you accept it — it doesn’t exist. Acknowledging limitations doesn’t mean admitting defeat; it’s not a weakness. It’s about gaining clarity on what you can and cannot control. It’s not about the limitation itself but our attitude and perspective towards it. This self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal growth. 

    Simply put acceptance is to not offer any resistance. Coming to terms with what is, not necessarily what you want. 


    The 4 A's of Acceptance

    Have you heard of the 4 A’s of Acceptance created by Russ Harris? Acknowledge. Allow. Accomodate. Appreciate. 

    Breaking that down in my own elaboration;

    Acknowledge – Hello it’s here. Awareness, naming it, calling it out.

    Allowing – It’s ok to be here (doesn’t mean I like it or want it, but it’s here, it’s reality, the now).

    Accomodate – It’s here, making space for it. Not trying to make it smaller/repress/disappear (the irony is usually following this framework the mental suffering dissolves and gets smaller on its own with repeated practice).

    Appreciate – How can I grow and expand from this?

    Now to the benefits of accepting and limitations. 

    Beyond limitations

    When it comes to limitations themselves, they exist yet somehow humanity we always find a way to transcend and overcome them. For example we can’t fly personally but we have airplanes. The supposed limits of what is possible for the human body, yet records are broken all the time. The supposed limits technology and now we have AI and even deep fake technology. 

    I mean a modern example that comes to mind is people used to think you can’t filter and edit video in real time but now you can and it’s getting very good (in the context of the wellness and fitness influencer space to perhaps look slimmer or more curvier).

    What about a creative? Maybe in the moment inspiration feels limited. The more you try to fight it, the more frustration sets about. The moment it’s acceptance, it’s like a sigh of relief. It’s the void. It’s silent. Yet somehow one day the creativity will return. Perhaps it was there all along but unseen, building, growing, incubating. 

    Expansion through limitations

    When limits are put in place, it forces us to be more creativity. To open up to different ways of thinking and possibilities. To approach it an abstract manner. 

    I really love this quote as a perspective, “The size of a person’s head does not determine his sense of reasoning, neither can the size of their leg determine how far they can go in life.”

    This energy sits in the root chakra, so you may be feeling a pulsing sensation, on and off, on and off, even a pressure to be growing, transforming and letting go this week. Pressure isn’t necessarily good or bad, pressure is about the right amount that motivates you but doesn’t harm or cause doubt within you. Not enough, there’s no action or momentum. Too much at it’s constricting. 

    Structure supports overcoming limitations

    The human design energy of acceptance and limitations is also an energy that thrives off the support of structure.

    In James Clear’s book Atomic Habits he writes about a study of participants who wanted to build better exercise habits. The most successful group with 91% doing so was because they had formulate a plan about when they were excessing, where and for how long which led to more likely follow through. Having a plan was structure.

    Structure which is often explained in terms of masculine and feminine energy, in order for the feminine (water) to flow freely it needs to be supported by structure (the masculine) otherwise the water would go everywhere, aimlessly, without direction, feeling unsupported and lost.

    What do you need to feel strong and supported?

    What acts, practices, rituals and routines nourish you and help you accomplish what you desire?

    Do you like to structure in bits like day to day, or is it more week to week, month by month?

    If I were to sum up this human design energy in a quote it would be this by Meister Eckhart: “For the person who has learned to let go and let be, nothing can ever get in the way again.”

    I hope this inspires you today to let go of what no longer serves you, to accept and to transcend your limitations.

    Love & Positivity Phi.

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  • This year I am…

    This year I am...

    In the year to come, I hope you find the strength to fail because it means you’re taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

    I hope you find the courage to say goodbye to what is no longer in alignment with your heart and soul.

    I hope you find the excitement to be open to new moments and opportunities that will fill your life with so much love and joy.

    I hope you find the patience to allow yourself to grow at your own pace undeterred and bloom in your own time.

    I hope you find the courage to make mistakes because you aren’t afraid of truly living and making moves.

    I hope you find the words to express your truth and be your most authentic self.

    I hope you find the grace to let go of what no longer serves you and walk away with your head high.

    I hope you find peace in knowing everything happens for a reason and what is meant for you, is already yours. 

    A brand new chapter

    Above all in 2023 I hope you find your heart — to give this year your all and tune into what you truly want.

    This time of the year can be full of noise, being clouded by conditioning and the opinions of others.

    What do YOU really want? Your heart and soul. Not your ego. Not the must or shoulds.

    What brings you closer to who you are and who you want to be, your biggest self?

    love & positivity ✨phi

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  • Welcoming 2023…

    2023 is where I'm arriving...

    2023 looks like a brand new chapter, one that has been built on the pages of the past and gleaming for the future.

    A heart cracked open and a curious mind.


    Rising from the ashes.


    Grounded roots.

    Riding the cosmic wave.

    Higher love.

    True love.

    The unexpected.

    Letting go of logic and opening up to magic.

    Experiencing and savouring all that life has to offer.

    Making love with life.





    Hips like honey.

    Dripping in devotion to self and service.

    Daring to dream bolder.

    Heart felt gratitude and appreciation.

    Leading with soul.

    Loving all that is.

    2023 is where I’m arriving.

    Learning to rise up from the ashes

    Uh huh honey 🍯 bring on 2023. The last year for me has been burning everything to the ground and rising from the ashes.

    The loss of my corporate identity — officially been a full time life coach for a year now!

    The loss of a relationship — the first time I’ve been single in 3 years.

    The loss of my home I started my side hustle now business, got promoted to manager at work and fell in love — I now live in my dream home opposite the beach.

    The loss of my grandpa — and the opening up to more of my family and knowing my ancestral roots.

    My book is coming out JUNE 2023!!!

    I cannot wait!

    I’ll also be bringing back something I used to offer 😋 aaaand opening up more spots for coaching and human design, if you’re interested link in bio or DM me 🧡

    The prompt for this post was a thought starter from my beautiful friend @girlandhermagic 🪄

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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