POV: Feeling eh about 2024?

Do you feel a bit ‘eh blah’, like 2024 hasn’t really hit for you…

And the new year hasn’t given you the motivation to do your intentions and figure out what you’re vibing for the year?

It’s okay.

It’s not just you.

It's all about ENERGY

The reason you are feeling egh and bleh about the new year may very well have nothing to do with you, in fact it could be because of the 🌀 energy 🌀 especially if you’re empathetic and intuitive.

In terms of energy there are several different perspectives out there… astrologically some may believe the 111 portal with the Capricorn new moon is new year (11/1 — 11th of January) or maybe end of March with the Spring Solstice… human design says in a couple of weeks with the kick of the collective fantasy imagination energy…

All in all, this is your permission slip to give yourself grace.

To be kind and compassionate if you’re not feeling motivated, inspired, lit up and all guns blazing in 2024 yet.

There’s a window energetically open from about the 11th of January even until April 🫶🏽

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love & positivity ✨ phi

Ellie Simpson