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  • 63 – Aquarius Super New Moon 2024

    This episode is all about the Aquarius Super New Moon taking place February 2024 this week ushering in the Year of the Dragon. Phi shares updates on the energetic themes at play which are intense (planetary pile up in Aquarius) and shares soothing affirmations and journaling prompts to tap into the energy of the Aquarius Super New Moon too.

    Episode Introduction - Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

    Hello beautiful soul,

    Well well well we are in for a cosmic ride! Last week I spoke about the upcoming Lunar New Year and just before it to end the week is the Aquarius New Moon that precedes it. The 9th in the northern hemisphere and 10th in the southern if you’re in Australia like me. It’s not just any new moon, it happens to be a super new moon. As it’s a new moon it’s not visible in the sky, so think of this as a blank canvas and reset.

    Astrologically there’s a lot going on and I always like to channel and distill the important parts that I think are relevant to you listening to this podcast. I won’t beat around the bush by saying off the bat this isn’t a grounding, nourish new moon this is an electric charged, potent super new moon pushing into the new out of your comfort zone. After all it’s an Aquarius Super New Moon bringing in the year of the Dragon for 2024.

    It really is all about Aquarius with this energy, you’ve got a planetary pile up; the sun, moon here, Pluto, mercury with Venus and and Mars to join too.

    An energetic reset and a whole lotta energies!

    This super new moon you can think of an energetic reset as I’ve said earlier some deem it the true new year. The super new moon aspect think of it just amplifying and magnifying the energies so things feel more intense. Your emotions feel more intense. Your thoughts feel more intense.

    More over with this super new moon what I’m feeling into is funky, and yes uncomfortable and unpredictable. There’s a feeling of restlessness in the air. A sprinkle of existentialism. 

    This is set in motion for a first in our lifetime event when Mercury (the planet of communication) enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto (the truth teller). In addition to that we have the new moon in a challenging position squaring Uranus (the unexpected) in the sign of Taurus (fixed aspects, stubborn nature).

    Expect shakes up. Truths to come up. There’s tension. There’s pressure. Things from the past re-emerge once again (to be cleared). It’s this feeling and sensation of wanting to break free and we are being challenged to let go, surrender and move forward with courage and authenticity.

    Communication and Confrontation with this Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

    With this influence we may need to say and speak up what we don’t often want to, confronting things to say out loud (Aquarius and Mercury together are all about communication, ideologies).

    Aquarians are known to have a tough exterior and it feels like with all these planetary placements, it’s been astrological organised to have a cracking open experience and sensation which can be painful at first but ultimately for the best to open us up, unravelling deeper layers of ourselves, to shed what no longer serves us.

    This is about confronting ourselves and being willing to go beneath the surface, into our psyche and subconscious. In this we can find the underlying cause, the root of the problem which is the medicine and the healing. If you know of Chiron (the wounded healer) is inching closer towards the North Node (fate and destiny) which will culminate in April so for now we are getting a taster of intense confronting healing taking place (can’t hide with the astrological energies at play). 

    There is tension here because the moon rules our inner world, our emotions yet it’s in Aquarius known to be more emotionally detached and the archetype of the thinker.

    Astrology and Human Design Align: Revolution

    It’s not all dark and heavy, unexpected things aren’t always negative in nature though that’s where our mind jumps too it can also be positive. It’s really about the emergence of astrology aligning with human design: the theme of this new moon is revolution, think of it as your rebirth. Through the means of Aquarius which is going introspective, doing the thought work. 

    Aquarius: Head vs Heart

    When the strong emotions come up from surprises and the past, the Aquarian energy in the air asks to bring objectivity into it – noticing where is there a strong emotional charge, using the mind to get curious and investigate further. A meeting of the heart and the mind. Finding the right balance (as is where the name Aquarius stems from the latin meaning of water-carrier and the symbolism of the water-bearer). 

    An exercise that may help you during this Aquarius super new moon is when you’re making decisions imagine scales or weights a balance. On one side is your heart and the other your head. If you’re really heady into something, imagine counterbalancing with what your heart is saying and vice versa if it feels really heart driven also give your mind and opportunity to offer some thoughts this will give you a holistic perspective on a situation.

    Aquarius Positivity

    This new moon is going to help us be less rigid and more flexible with everything that may arise. Rolling with the punches. Aquarius plays the long term game, so whilst it feels tough and sticky now, it’s ultimately benefiting for your future and what’s to come. There’s optimism and hope within it (as we known Aquarius is about the collective, for the people, social justice, equality).

    Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Affirmations

    I’m really being called to share some soothing affirmations which can help during this period and I’ll phrase them as I am speaking to you but of course when you recite out loud or in your mind you’ll say “I”.

    You are capable of handling whatever comes your way.

    You are safe and supported even in times of uncertainty.

    You are resilient, every challenge makes you stronger.

    You are worthy of love, compassion and kindness always and especially during tough times. You are worthy of your own love, compassion and kindness that you also offer to others.

    You have the power to find moments of peace, calm and joy despite chaos and shake ups.

    Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Journaling Prompts

    Journaling questions to close out this episode to make the most of the super new moon energy;

    Has anything surprising or unexpected come to the surface this week for you? If so is there a general theme that emerges? How can going deeper on this theme help you move forward in 2024?

    With any challenges or obstacles that have arisen so far, what would happen if you now come up with 3 different approaches you haven’t had before

    1: Out of the box thinking

    2: Creativity led

    3: Unconventional 

    Reflect from the 1st of January until now, is there anything that has happened or come up that you’d like to set the intention to let go of, clear and start afresh?

    If you have set any intentions from the 1st of January do they still feel in alignment at this point of time? Have those intentions been acted upon and how are you tracking?

    What seeds and intentions do you want to set up for the year ahead at this moment in time taking advantage of the super new moon and lunar dragon energy too?

    When was the last time in your life you experienced something unexpectedly? What happened, how did you feel, how did you navigate it and what was the end result?

    Right now in your life where do you need a shake up or revolution and how can you go about this?

    What would be really uncomfortable to talk about in your life right now? Why is that so? What insights does this give you about yourself and where you are in your life right now?

    What support systems or resources can you lean on during times of uncertainty or change?

    To close out this episode, give those journal prompts a good contemplation, it’s not really about the answer but the thought process that goes behind what automatically is being prompted within you. In true Aquarian nature, yes use your mind but don’t forget to let your body feel all that is coming up and release these feelings with compassion. 

    Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

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  • POV: your dream came true


    POV: the little girl in me proud making her lifelong dream come true

    I am so grateful

    What makes this so special is that as a little girl books always meant the world to me. My dad who passed away when I just turned 20 from bowel cancer was an English teacher in Vietnam before he came to Australia by boat fleeing the war and would read to me every night (my parents actually met on that boat!).

    I never knew what I would write about or how it would it happen but I’m so very grateful that the universe had bigger plans for me than I ever thought possible for myself 🥹

    I am grateful and proud of my past self in November 2021 who was scared but decided to go all in leaving my full time corporate job to take the leap of faith pursuing my passion in helping people as a life coach.

    I am so grateful for the love, support and messages I receive about the book and how people can relate, changed their perspective on life and gave them permission to truly be themselves and to live life on their terms = joy, expansion, abundance, radiance and beyond 🌻

    Thank you for seeing me and being here, it means the world to me and my heart is so full 🧡

    If you want to read my book it’s called 📖 The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living An Aligned and Authentic Life by Phi Dang.

    You can find it at bookstores in Australia and beyond as well as online such as Booktopia in Australia or Amazon worldwide.

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  • 61: Human Design New Year

    Happy Human Design New Year. It’s officially 2024, new year in terms of human design. Dive deep into the energy of the human design new year: fantasy and contraction. Discover how to tap into these energies and how imagination can be a powerful tool to utilise. Phi also touches on how pleasure and sex magic (magick) can amplify this human design new year energy too.

    Episode Introduction - Human Design

    Happy Human Design New Year my love!

    It is now the new year in terms of human design woohoo which is what this episode will be about however like I said in the energy update for 2024, for some you may not be feeling it yet and that’s so okay, however if you are that may be a sign you resonate and align with human design energies or even astrology with the shift in Pluto to Aquarius (a new 20 year chapter) as I mentioned in Episode 59.

    If you don’t know human design, I have lots of information on my website, a podcast episode 31 – What is Human Design. You can book in a foundational human design reading with me through my website or purchase a human design blueprint. I’ve also been doing 2024 readings, energetically looking into your year ahead from the lenses of human design and energy. To book head to my website

    Before we begin my heart is so FULL and so EXCITED to announce that the Recharge and Renew Retreat is sold out! It did in 3 days which is absolutely incredible and I am definitely looking to run it again next year and more in Australia too so if you’re interested send me a message on Instagram @thephidang or email me [email protected] to be put on the updates list.

    Human Design New Year Motivation - Heart

    The way human design sees the new year is a whole new cycle of experience. Human Design New Year for many is very much about intentions over resolutions or goals because the majority of the population have an open heart, which is the centre for motivation and willpower. 

    When it’s open you have inconsistent access to your own motivation and willpower therefore if you do happen to have an open heart, please don’t beat yourself, get annoyed and frustrated when you seemingly seem so motivated one minute and the the next not, that’s how you are designed and built to be in human design. 

    From my experience doing hundreds of reasons, it is about unlearning the societal expectation to always be working towards something and instead getting you to shift into the being. We all have some seasons, move and flow with your energy instead of blocking it.

    How your open centres impact your Human Design New Year

    Now add in all the other open centres and other things will pop up like the open ajna beating yourself up for not being able to land on concrete intentions/goals (even though you’re not supposed to and be mentally fluid) or the open root the centre for stress, feeling all this immense pressure on yourself to do something in relation to the new year or for manifestors, projectors and reflectors having an open sacral leads to having challenges prioritising with regards to the relationship of over promising when caught up in the sacral energy of generators and manifesting generators. 

    Of course there comes into play structure and self discipline but that’s a conversation for a different day and again with human design it’s so personal to your unique energetic blueprint so if you’re interested let’s chat!

    Practical Example Human Design New Year Energy Flow (Strategy and Authority)

    I have an open heart in human design and how it played out for me was that last year when in September when I was in Bali, I had a strong full body urge to run a retreat. I let it marinade, life got busy and then it came to the end of the year when it kept popping back up (hello Universe!). However then another open heart centre trait I started to question myself with fears like what if no one comes to the retreat at the beginning of this year. 

    Using my human design strategy, I responded to what was being presented – the universe continually giving me signs about running a retreat from friends, clients and community. Literally so obvious whether it was the sign of repeated posts on Instagram or even walking on the street hearing people talking about retreats just as I walked past. 

    I had to ride the waves as an emotional authority and then boom it was like lightning. As a manifesting generator in the lead up to the retreat I was waking up at 5/6 am and sleeping at 11pm/midnight because I was so in the flow and inspired to working on the retreat. Using my human design strategy, I responded then followed my emotional authority and the result was magnetism as a mani gen with the retreat being a buzz, selling out 90% in the first 24 hours and our final beautiful joining us within 72 hours! 

    What is the Human Design New Year energy?

    So what is this very energy that starts the Human Design New Year? The energy that kickstarts the Human Design New Year is known as Fantasy or Contraction. It’s all about feelings with this one. It’s standing on the threshold of unexplored territory and unlimited potential.

    There’s a palpable sense of anticipation, a fluttering excitement that dances in the chest, as if the possibilities are endless and the canvas of life is untouched, empty awaiting for you to do something with it.

    The air feels charged with a mix of hope and maybe even uncertainty, much like the first rays of dawn breaking through the darkness. 

    New beginnings often bring a surge of motivation and optimism, offering the promise of growth, expansion, and the chance to redefine and reinvent. 

    In the lead up the past is acknowledged but not a burden, and the future is an open book waiting to be written. 

    Whether marked by a new job, a move, a relationship, a change, an exciting event to come or a personal project, the sensation of embarking on a new chapter is something to relish in this week.

    How to tap into Human Design New Year Energy

    How to tap into this delicious, scrumptious energy? Well play into new. What’s something new you can do for yourself? New recipe to cook? Taking up something new that you’ve always wanted to? New way to travel to work?

    Play into anticipation. What are you looking forward to this year? If you haven’t got some things to look forward to, that is something to plan! The simple visual and energy I’m getting here it’s like ordering something at a restaurant and waiting for it to come out. That anticipation for when the meal finally arrives – you see it in front of you, your mouth wants to drool, you can smell how good it is, imagine the crunch of biting into something crispy. The other is that of well a sensual nature. Desiring someone. What it feels like to be with them. To touch them. When their lips meet yours. The anticipation is the chemistry and tension in the air. The banter. The flirting. The foreplay. 

    Human Design & Sex Magic (Magick)

    Play into sensuality. There is a field of manifestation that is called sex magic “sex magick”. Sensual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed, focused and directed towards your manifestation. Sensual energy is life force energy, it’s that sacral womb energy. Sex is life energy because it creates… life for example with children. Think of your sexual energy as the seeds and the universe as the fertile womb. You can also think of it of pleasure driven mindfulness.

    Channeling that towards your dreams and desires is akin to giving life and energy towards your dreams and desires. For example when you are aroused this week that’s creation energy in itself, imagine directing that energy towards your dreams and desires. Again it’s about the anticipation and holding that, a state of maximum tension and holding it. Think of the technique of ‘edging’ when you feel like you’re about to orgasm, backing off, building up, backing off. Teasing. Then ‘detaching’ and letting go with release, ‘orgasm’ that climatic state. You could create a beautiful ritual to get in the mood with candles, indulge in self care – a warm hot bath, oils, textures.  

    If you and your partner have a shared dream in mind, you could consider asking your partner if they want to do the same, I mean it’s about having fun here! This is about experiencing pleasure and directing that energy whether it’s self or with a partner. Visualise the energy radiating from your pelvis merging with your dreams and desires or even powerfully shooting towards. 

    Human Design & Pleasure

    Your dreams don’t have to be of a sexual nature to turn you on… this is about pure life energy that sensation of not just living but being truly alive. In this field of manifestation safety is the number one thing. Feeling safe to feel turned on within your mind and body. 

    We need to feel safe in order to mentally let go and be in the moment when we are intimately connecting with ourselves or another. If at any time this does not feel good or safe, do not do it. There are so many other ways to give energy to your dreams and desires. Pleasure isn’t just sexual, it could be an experience like being in the ocean, feeling the sunshine on your skin, spoonfuls of gooey chocolate cake, the refreshing sip of lemonade. Even exercise can turn us on think pelvic floor muscles, hip bridges and thrusts.

    Deep breathing can also bring us into a state of pleasure in our being. Full, long, slow deep breaths down to your womb and belly, holding and creating energy there and releasing each breath towards your dreams and desires. 

    Pleasure is presence. 

    Human Design New Year Imagination

    All these feelings of desire and dreaming need an outlet. It’s imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” William Arthur Ward said “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” Our imagination is something that is actually active 24 hours, 7 days a week… whether we are awake or even dreaming/processing in our sleep.

    You might say oh I’m not creative or imaginative yet observe your mind. It’s the natural state of the human mind to imagine the worst case scenario, why and how everything might go wrong… I mean your mind is even creating imaginative things about you. Why you aren’t good enough. Why you’re this kind of person. Why you don’t have that. As Walt Disney says “worry is a waste of imagination.” Channel your imagination into a different energy and frequency. Instead of what could go wrong… what could go right and how that unfolds for you. 

    Human Design New Year Shadow

    The shadow of this energy is it remains a fantasy. Too Dreamy. Spacey. Delusional, no anchor to reality whatsoever. As Les Brown so powerfully said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”

    Human Design New Year Manifestation Detachment

    The other side is obsession and being so focused on your desires that nothing else matters and your whole being and existence is consumed of it. Thus ties in a common manifestation principle of detachment. Not just in theory “detaching” and saying you don’t care but a genuine, I’m at peace and I’ll be okay if this does or doesn’t happen. That’s when the magic happens because your happiness and existence doesn’t lie in something outside you, it’s within you. Letting go of expectations. Anticipation is not the same as expectation.

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Human Design New Year Manifestation Detachment

    The other side is obsession and being so focused on your desires that nothing else matters and your whole being and existence is consumed of it. Thus ties in a common manifestation principle of detachment. Not just in theory “detaching” and saying you don’t care but a genuine, I’m at peace and I’ll be okay if this does or doesn’t happen. That’s when the magic happens because your happiness and existence doesn’t lie in something outside you, it’s within you. Letting go of expectations. Anticipation is not the same as expectation.

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Channeled and intuitive Human Design New Year Messages

    One branch says less is more, and to really check in with why you want something. It’s one thing to desire something and manifest it but as we all know manifesting isn’t just wishful thinking, we have to take inspired action. Even then the vibe is not to be “entitled” because whilst I truly believe hard work always pays off, when and how isn’t in our control, that is in the hands of the universe trusting in perfect divine timing always and that what is meant for you, is yours, you cannot mess it up and it cannot be taken away from you.

    The other says go for more because you are shrinking yourself and watering your desires down. Ignite that flame! Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll end up amongst the stars. This is about overcoming fears and getting out of your own way. You’re allowed to be a dreamer as this very energy gives you permission to do so, and whether you have it defined in your chart or not collectively we are all tapping into this energy this week.

    A message thread for both branches was that it’s your job to dream, have, hold the vision and take inspired action, it’s the universe’s job to listen and figure out the how and transmit that message to you through signs and for you to receive by connecting to your heart and intuition. Another Albert Einstein goodie ““Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

    I had two distinct channeled messages for you listening. Please use your discernment and take what resonates.

    Human Design New Year Magic

    Thank you beautiful soul for joining me on this exploration of the Human Design New Year energy and the enchanting realm of fantasy, imagination and contraction. As we wrap up today’s episode, I want to leave you with a lasting mantra: Embrace the magic and the aphrodisiac of all the potential and possibilities already within you.

    Allow yourself to dream big, to envision a future that reflects the most aligned and authentic version of yourself. Dreaming and fantasy aren’t just about escaping reality; it’s about giving yourself permission and the courage to let your imagination run wild, and propel you forward. It’s about being committed to making it your reality through inspired action and tuning into your internal navigation system: your intuition. 

    Wishing you a Happy  Human Design New Year, anything can happen this year and that is very exciting indeed. Love & Positivity.

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  • 58: Human Design Limitations

    As we stand on the threshold of a new year, there’s a powerful yet challenging energy that surrounds the final days of the year according to Human Design. 

    In this episode, Phi explores this final energy, understanding its significance in shaping our transition into the Human Design new year ahead.

    Podcast Episode Introduction

    How are you? There’s a lot happening energetically so you’re going to be hearing from me in succession with a few podcast episodes lined up for this week especially with something very exciting launching on Friday that I’ve never offered before and I am bursting with excitement and joy! 

    Think of this episode as a motivational and inspirational quickie!

    It’s almost the new year in terms of human design and as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes there are four stages. We are now in the final stage in the lead up to the new year on the 22nd/23rd January 2024 which is the energy of limitations and acceptance.

    Reframe limitations

    Limitations already off the bad has connotations of negativity but I like to reframe it as resourcefulness because limits aren’t just bad, if you think about it you hit a limit when you’re growing, you’re expanding, you’re stretching.

    Perspectives on letting go

    The creator of human design says this energy is about letting go fitting because it’s the equivalent energy of new year’s eve happening. 

    Some perspectives to contemplate when it comes to letting go?

    Sometimes letting go isn’t getting rid of something completely but letting it be.

    Sometimes you lose, in order to gain.

    Sometimes strength is holding on and other times it is letting go.

    Letting go sometime’s isn’t a once off or final act, but a repeated one, over and over again.

    Sometimes it’s letting go of something good, for greater, for better. If you want to fly in the sky you need to leave Earth.

    Letting go and a glass of water

    Letting go is like a glass of water. It’s not about how much water is in the glass, there could even be no water. It’s about how long are you holding that glass. 

    For a few moments, not a problem. For an hour it starts to get niggly. How about half a day? The longer you hold it the heavier it becomes. 

    This is like your problems, thinking about it for a few moments isn’t harmful. Longer, it begins to hurt. All day and beyond? Excruciating, paralysed. Therefore put down your glass.

    Limitations and acceptance

    The creator of human design also says that limitation is extraordinary because it’s about transcendence, the minute you accept it — it doesn’t exist. Acknowledging limitations doesn’t mean admitting defeat; it’s not a weakness. It’s about gaining clarity on what you can and cannot control. It’s not about the limitation itself but our attitude and perspective towards it. This self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal growth. 

    Simply put acceptance is to not offer any resistance. Coming to terms with what is, not necessarily what you want. 


    The 4 A's of Acceptance

    Have you heard of the 4 A’s of Acceptance created by Russ Harris? Acknowledge. Allow. Accomodate. Appreciate. 

    Breaking that down in my own elaboration;

    Acknowledge – Hello it’s here. Awareness, naming it, calling it out.

    Allowing – It’s ok to be here (doesn’t mean I like it or want it, but it’s here, it’s reality, the now).

    Accomodate – It’s here, making space for it. Not trying to make it smaller/repress/disappear (the irony is usually following this framework the mental suffering dissolves and gets smaller on its own with repeated practice).

    Appreciate – How can I grow and expand from this?

    Now to the benefits of accepting and limitations. 

    Beyond limitations

    When it comes to limitations themselves, they exist yet somehow humanity we always find a way to transcend and overcome them. For example we can’t fly personally but we have airplanes. The supposed limits of what is possible for the human body, yet records are broken all the time. The supposed limits technology and now we have AI and even deep fake technology. 

    I mean a modern example that comes to mind is people used to think you can’t filter and edit video in real time but now you can and it’s getting very good (in the context of the wellness and fitness influencer space to perhaps look slimmer or more curvier).

    What about a creative? Maybe in the moment inspiration feels limited. The more you try to fight it, the more frustration sets about. The moment it’s acceptance, it’s like a sigh of relief. It’s the void. It’s silent. Yet somehow one day the creativity will return. Perhaps it was there all along but unseen, building, growing, incubating. 

    Expansion through limitations

    When limits are put in place, it forces us to be more creativity. To open up to different ways of thinking and possibilities. To approach it an abstract manner. 

    I really love this quote as a perspective, “The size of a person’s head does not determine his sense of reasoning, neither can the size of their leg determine how far they can go in life.”

    This energy sits in the root chakra, so you may be feeling a pulsing sensation, on and off, on and off, even a pressure to be growing, transforming and letting go this week. Pressure isn’t necessarily good or bad, pressure is about the right amount that motivates you but doesn’t harm or cause doubt within you. Not enough, there’s no action or momentum. Too much at it’s constricting. 

    Structure supports overcoming limitations

    The human design energy of acceptance and limitations is also an energy that thrives off the support of structure.

    In James Clear’s book Atomic Habits he writes about a study of participants who wanted to build better exercise habits. The most successful group with 91% doing so was because they had formulate a plan about when they were excessing, where and for how long which led to more likely follow through. Having a plan was structure.

    Structure which is often explained in terms of masculine and feminine energy, in order for the feminine (water) to flow freely it needs to be supported by structure (the masculine) otherwise the water would go everywhere, aimlessly, without direction, feeling unsupported and lost.

    What do you need to feel strong and supported?

    What acts, practices, rituals and routines nourish you and help you accomplish what you desire?

    Do you like to structure in bits like day to day, or is it more week to week, month by month?

    If I were to sum up this human design energy in a quote it would be this by Meister Eckhart: “For the person who has learned to let go and let be, nothing can ever get in the way again.”

    I hope this inspires you today to let go of what no longer serves you, to accept and to transcend your limitations.

    Love & Positivity Phi.

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  • 57: 111 Portal January 2024 Capricorn New Moon

    Unlock and understand the mysteries and energetic significance of the 111 portal this year in January 2024 which also happens to fall on the Capricorn New Moon. This 111 portal isn’t like other years and Phi reveals why. She also shares practical exercises such as journaling and custom affirmations in addition to a channeled meditation to make the most of the 111 portal in 2024.

    Summary of the 111 Portal in January 2024v and the Capricorn New Moon

    The significance of the number 111, a triple-digit sequence that is believed to hold powerful vibrations and cosmic alignments. We’ll explore how this unique portal of 111 opens up a powerful gateway into insight, intuition and alignment.

    The 111 portal happens multiple times throughout the year but this one is very special and Phi will reveal exactly why on this episode in addition to talking more about the astrological themes of Capricorn for 2024’s first new moon. Phi also speaks about this week being the third week of the Human Design New Year and what that entails.

    The 111 Portal Introduction

    Hi Beautiful Soul,

    How have you been taking to 2024? This episode continues the conversation from last week about now being in the third stage of energy towards the human design new year on the 20th of January which will be at the end of this episode, but the forefront for this week? The release date of this episode for the 111 portal and the Capricorn New Moon. 

    Why the 111 portal is more special this year in January 2024?

    This year’s 111 portal is more potent than usual because in terms of numerology the date 11/1/2024 if you add 1+1+1+2+0+2+4 = 11 which is a master number and of course it falls on the Capricorn New Moon. 11 is known as the master intuitive number. 11 is associated with intuition, enlightenment, alignment and limitlessness. 

    With portals it may happen on the day but the energy can be felt days before and after. Perhaps pay attention if you’re seeing 1’s, 11’s and 111’s as a sign for a new beginning and a call for alignment.

    Channelled message and guidance for the 111 portal in January 2024

    It’s the first manifestation day of 2024 and the year but it won’t be the only one. It’s the opening. I had a strong intuitive message to share with everyone that it’s okay if you don’t know what you want yet exactly or what you want to manifest. Don’t place unnecessary additional pressure and stress on yourself. If anything you can simply in a way ‘make a wish’ it could be as simple as to experience more joy in 2024 or to have a better year than last.

    If anything the intuitive guidance I am receiving for the 111 portal is it’s actually more of a portal to receive downloads and insights for the year ahead. Create stillness and silence to receive information that is ready to be downloaded to you: it may feel like a hunch, hearing the same message, a feeling — be open to what the message may mean. 

    Given this here are my top activities and suggestions to make the most of the 111 portal.

    Tapping into your intuition on the 111 portal

    Tap into your intuition there are several ways this comes to mind including:

    • Automatic writing, setting a timer and putting pen to paper to see what emerges. 
    • Meditation for at least 11 minutes (might as well play on the 111!) 

    Manifesting with the 111 Portal through affirmations

    Approach manifestations and intentions through the voice of 11 energy which is … “I am”

    Instead of writing in the future tense that I would like to be and the qualities you would embody… write it as if you are already now. I am… for example instead of I would like to be more abundant, you would write “I am abundant,” “I am building the life of my dreams,” “I am making my dreams happen.” Again perhaps try to write at least 11 ‘I am’ affirmations. 

    Another way you could write this out I’m being told is starting your affirmations with “I have faith…”

    “I have faith I will be abundant this year”

    “I have faith things are going to work out for me in 2024”

    New beginnings with the 111 portal

    Start something new, plant the seed. That idea that has been floating inside your head for so long, perhaps today with the 111 portal you can do something about it. Wanting to start a business? Give yourself an hour to brainstorm, maybe you won’t know exactly what it is but you’re taking inspired action and showing the universe: hey I want to start something new. Tap into the energy and emotions that arise when you feel into starting fresh in certain areas of your life.

    Putting yourself first with the 111 portal

    Given the energetics of new beginnings, the first: this is the day to put yourself first. Indulge in self care. Really tune into what you want. What does alignment look like and feel like for you?

    111 Portal Journaling Questions

    Connect with your inner guidance with these 11 journaling questions:

    • What does a “new beginning” mean and look like for you at this moment in time?
    • What aspects of your life are currently in alignment with your true self? What is not?
    • What adjustments can you make to bring your thoughts, actions and beliefs into greater alignment?
    • Reflect on moments in your life when you felt truly aligned recently.
    • What are your intentions for the future? What do you want to manifest this month, over the year and beyond?
    • How well are you listening to your inner guidance, truth and intuition?
    • How can you align your thoughts and actions with your intentions on the 111 portal?
    • As you open the door to new beginnings, what can you be grateful for on your journey to new beginnings?
    • Reflect on the number 1, 11, 111 and 1111 in your life. What significance does it hold for you. What do these numbers personally mean to you? 
    • If your intuition could speak out loud to you right now, what would it say?
    • Where do you need to put yourself more first in your life?

    Capricorn New Moon January 2024

    What’s interesting about the Capricorn New Moon is it’s the first new moon for 2024 and this year will also end with a Capricorn new moon on December 30, so astrologically speaking this is a new moon asking you to think about long term in the sense what are you planting at the beginning of this year to fruition at the end. 

    Setting intentions now that build momentum to the end of the year. The check in point will be when June in the Northern Hemisphere coinciding with the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year or in the Southern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.

    Capricorn New Moon January 2024 Mantra

    Astrologically speaking this day also marks a turning point where all the majority of planets are moving forward and not in retrograde which means less miscommunication, challenges and curveballs. However the irony being Capricorn energy isn’t necessarily fast moving: it’s a planner, it plays the long term gain. 

    So I think the Capricorn Mantra for this New Moon is Turn Inwards, Slow Down in Order to Speed Up. Set up the foundations right so when you feel into your internal rhythm it’s time to get moving, you can and you will with ease because the foundations are set up.

    Capricorn Structure and Foundation

    Capricorn is an Earth sign so again it’s about being grounded, setting up strong foundations and roots. This is about setting things up that are actionable. Capricorn is a sign of structure so it’s worth thinking about what systems, support, habits, discipline and accountability do you need to put in place to bring your manifestations into reality? 

    Capricorn New Moon Secret

    Now as I’ve been saying energetically for some it may still not feel quite right to be able to fully land your intentions and manifestations, my suggestion to take advantage of the Capricorn New Moon is to get back into habits and routines that set you up for success such as perhaps your morning routine, or after work, evening too. What practices nourish your soul and revitalise you? Things you can do for yourself that give you energy and life force, not forcing yourself to do things that take away from that. What preparations can you start now for the year ahead in 2024?

    For example if you’ve been following my Instagram stories you’ll know this year I have a greater focus on my health and wellbeing, because I am guilty of neglecting it in favour of work. I know that it would be a huge stretch for me to run and exercise every single day so I am personally making myself the promise to attempt daily walks, or for the most part 5 days a week as well as 3 days of exercise. That’s from my personal perspective is achievable and a bit of a stretch at the same time.

    Capricorn Structure and Foundation

    Capricorn is an Earth sign so again it’s about being grounded, setting up strong foundations and roots. This is about setting things up that are actionable. Capricorn is a sign of structure so it’s worth thinking about what systems, support, habits, discipline and accountability do you need to put in place to bring your manifestations into reality? 

    Capricorn Energy

    Capricorn energy for you at this time may be shifting into the energy of being grounded, centered, clear and ready to receive intuitive downloads and setting the intention you are desiring to energetically start your year. 

    Distilled further to another beginning step is to pick a focus – Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so that is all about discipline and commitment. 

    Capricorn Career

    Capricorn is also astrologically traditionally associated with career, so this is a great time to connect to your work, your life’s purpose and what you want for your work this year?

    Given the flavours of the 111 portal this is asking you the questions: do you feel aligned in the work that you do and if not how can you bring more alignment to it? Are you receiving any insights and nudges as to what to do with your career? How do you want to feel when you are working?

    If you’re needing support and guidance, I do foundational human design readings which speak to your overarching soul purpose and through 1:1 coaching we can go even further into the purpose path which speaks to your soul radiance and evolution, how your soul purpose plays out and your life’s work so if you’re interested get in touch!

    Capricorn Masculine/Feminine Energy

    Continuing my predictions in the last podcast about the interplay of masculine and feminine energy being prevalent this year, Capricorn rules father figures and the masculine. Just a side note  for awareness and consideration if that’s relevant for you… tying it all together with the themes above what emerges is responsibilities and your relationship to your responsibilities.

    Human Design New Year: Mystery

    Stage 3 before the human design new year: Mystery, Inner Truth and Downloads.

    To recap the human design stages towards the new year, the first stage was exploring tension and resistance, the second stage last week and first half of this week ambition and drive, this back half aligns with the 111 portal for downloads! That of inner truth and downloads.

    In this stage it’s delving into the mysteries and unknown. Asking questions. Dreaming. Wanting answers. This is an ideal time like with the 111 portal and overarching message: set the intention and be open to receiving insights and downloads such as through intentional meditation. Human design posits in order to receiving this the potential is in silence. 

    The silence allows for you to tune into your own internal guidance and receive that from outside of you in the universe. To hear your inner voice. To hear your inner truth. To internally to your inner experiences. To be open to receiving inspiration. This is the energy of the mystical and the magical. To ponder and muse on what your inner ‘truth’ is right now and for 2024. To have the mindset of curiosity and wonder with the patience to receive too. This energy goes deep too, so it’s about getting beneath the surface of your intentions in 2024. The Why.

    Human Design Intuition Insight Meditation

    I’m now going to share with you a channeled meditation to help you tap into this energy of mystery, insight and divine downloads.

    Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

    As you settle into this moment, bring your awareness to your mind and all the thoughts rushing around. It’s okay. This is your mind self. We want to give permission for your mental self to step to the side and allow for your true self. Your authentic self. Set the intention to connect to your true self.

    Take a few more deep breaths, allowing any tension or distractions to dissolve with each exhale. Imagine a door within your being, a door that leads to the vast universe of intuitive insights waiting to be discovered.

    Visualise this internal door before you. What does the door like like?

    As you approach the door, feel a sense of anticipation and excitement. This door is a gateway to the universal intelligence that is always available to guide you. With each breath, allow yourself to release any doubts or resistance, trusting in the process of opening up to your innate wisdom, your intuition.   

    Place your hand on the doorknob and turn it gently. As the door creaks open, feel a rush of energy, a warm and inviting light pouring through the opening. Step through the doorway into a space of infinite possibilities.

    You find yourself in a serene garden, surrounded by vibrant colors, fragrant flowers, and the gentle rustling of leaves. This is the garden of your intuition, a sacred space where the universe communicates with you.

    Take a moment to explore this garden, sensing the energy that emanates from the plants, the earth beneath your feet, and the air around you. Feel the interconnectedness of all things, and know that you are an integral part of this web of existence.

    As you walk through the garden, allow your mind to quieten, releasing any thoughts that may cloud your intuition. Imagine a pool of still water at the center of the garden, reflecting the wisdom of the universe.

    Sit by the edge of the pool and gaze into its depths. With each breath, let go of the need for answers or solutions. Instead, open your heart and mind to receive insights from the universal intelligence. Embody the essence of surrendering and being open to the unknown. 

    Declare and say to your self:

    I surrender to the divine mystery of life and the universe.

    I am ready to receive divine inspiration and downloads.

    I open the door to receiving all that I need to hear, know, see and perceive. 

    As you do this, notice any images, feelings, or subtle nudges that arise within you. Trust the process, knowing that the universe is speaking to you in the language of intuition.

    Take your time in this tranquil space, absorbing the wisdom that flows to you. When you feel ready, express gratitude for the insights received and slowly make your way back to the doorway.

    As you step back through the door, bring the wisdom of the universe with you, carrying it into your daily life. Remember that the key to unlocking intuitive insights lies within, and you can access this internal door whenever you need guidance.

    Take a few deep breaths, feeling the ground beneath you and the awareness within. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes, carrying the essence of intuition, insight and universal intelligence into your awakened state.

    Mmmm what an experience that was going within, how are you feeling beautiful soul? Take a moment of pause to integrate the experience that you just had. I highly suggest journaling and taking note of what you’ve taken out of today’s episode and the meditation we just did.

    Chat to you next week beautiful soul, have a great week ahead. Love & Positivity.

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  • 41 – Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023

    This episode is all about the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023. Learn more about the energies and what to expect during the Sagittarius Full Moon. There are also journaling prompts for the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    Sagittarius Full Moon June 2023

    Hello beautiful soul and I cannot believe it’s June 2023. At the end of this month on the 23rd my book The Great Unlearning: Awakening to Living an Aligned and Authentic Life will be released globally. It feels quite surreal, I still remember coming up with the concept and it will soon be in your hands!

    This weekend we have the Sagittarius full moon. This will fall over the weekend on Saturday June 3rd or Sunday 4th June 2023 depending where you are. If you’re based in Australia like me, this falls on Sunday afternoon. Full moons are all about illumination and letting go. You may find more clarity with insights and revelations that trickle in to your world during this time. Depending on your personal chart details you may find this new moon energising or exhausting. 

    What are you ready to let go of and release under this upcoming full moon?

    Who is most impacted under the Sagittarius Full Moon in June 2023

    Sagittarius is a mutable sign which falls under the category of being flexible, adaptable and accordingly fellow signs Pisces, Gemini and Virgo are more likely to feel this full moon. However there are other energetic influences at play like Mars and Uranus to name a few amongst many that will also have an impact.

    Remember it’s no one size fits all in astrology or human design it’s too simplistic to know your energy based on one layer such as your sun sign or type — it’s the bigger picture on how it all comes together. If you’re looking for support here I do offer human design readings and for 1:1 clients depending on your container I offer weekly guidance personalised to you! More on that in the show notes or DM me for information on Instagram. 

    Sagittarius energy and archetype

    Full Moons can be emotional and uncomfortable times with releasing what no longer serves us but this one will have some optimism with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known for being the great wanderer and traveler, the teacher and philosopher, the student of life, the independent truth seeker which is half human, half horse. 

    This Sagittarius full moon is here as your teacher to impart wisdom on you, and it would be wise to take notes (journaling) of what is revealed to you in this lead up to the full moon and the three days after. Whilst you’re at it, you may like to reflect on what your personal philosophy is right now and who are your greatest teachers?

    Sagittarius: The Bigger Picture

    Fun fact for you, full moons will always take place when the moon is in the opposite zodiac sign from the sun. At times due to this the full moon can bring up experiences and feelings of conflict internally and externally. For the Sagittarius full moon this is in Gemini season. 

    Gemini’s are known to be details and fact orientated, whereas this Sagittarius full moon will shed light on the big picture about what truly matters over the little trivial things and minute details. Again the philosophical, infinitely bigger cosmic approach that Sagittarius is known for. Like the arrow of the Sagittarius archer, focus on what is really important to make your life easier during this Sagittarius full moon. 

    How can you aim higher? 

    Where is best to place your attention and focus here and right now? 

    That is your power, your choice, if you are open and willing to, see the higher meaning and purpose to be found in your life here and right now, despite any heartbreak, pains and disappointments. 

    What bigger picture thinking do you need to invite into your life right now?

    Can you see it all from a larger, holistic, infinite perspective as if you were and are the Universe right now watching you and how life is unfolding?

    As the universe what do you want current you to unlearn?

    As the universe how are you helping current you evolve and grow?

    Sagittarius and Gemini: Approaches to life

    The differing polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini are also poignant in their approaches to life, Gemini is calculated, theoretical and logical (much like the ‘1’ investigator profile line in human design) whereas Sagittarius is experiential, intuitive and deductive. The embodied experiencer very much like the ‘3’ matyr profile line in human design, the hands on and curious approach. 

    Being half human and half horse with a sense for the wild and adventure, you would expect so and as such Sagittarius loves to roam. 

    Therefore during this full moon you may feel encouraged you to expand beyond your current horizons, to dream bigger, to take risks, to go down a road you haven’t been before. To do that of course you must first let go to make way for space and let go of old ways of thinking and behaving. To move beyond your comfort zone.

    Sagittarius and the truth

    Sagittarius is also known for radical honesty (known for being blunt) so maybe some harsh truths will arise and maybe even within yourself being truly honest with where you are right now, who you are right now and how you are feeling.

    What are some truths in your life right now?

    What is your inner truth right now?

    How can you be more honest with yourself and others?

    As they say the truth will set you free and that is another thing Sagittarius is known for loving and seeking freedom and enlightenment. You may be compelled to unlearn what no longer serves you and instead seek information and guidance in alignment with you.

    How can you attain more liberation in your life?

    Impact of body parts Sagittarius Full Moon

    This week I’ve had clients bring up a few physical symptoms they are experiencing and I thought it would be interesting to share that each planet is known to energetically influence parts of our bodies and for Sagittarius that is the lower part of the body: liver, hips thighs, legs and lower back which makes sense for the sign known to love exploring.

    Following your heart

    Due to the astrological transits surrounding the Sagittarius full moon, there is a great focus on your heart. 

    How is your heart in this moment? 

    What does your heart want to say to you? 

    This full moon will have lots of fire, given the influence of Mars (the planet of passion and action) will be present giving us extra confidence, confidence and enthusiasm to follow our hearts in the pursuit of our desires and dreams. It can be a very intense energy so it’s important to feel the passion burning for what we want through the lens of non attachment. 

    Moreover with all this fire energy, it’s ideal to incorporate this into your full moon rituals such as lighting a candle or incense and burning away what you want to release and let go of.

    The unexpected during the Sagittarius Full Moon

    That’s not the only thing, do note the planet of communication Mercury (which rules Gemini) will be meeting the unexpected Uranus which means during this full moon you may have or find out something wildcard or surprising. Not dislike the nature of adventures in general which Sagittarius love. An adventures is full of highs and lows, twists and turns that’s part of the fun – it wouldn’t be so if it was all easy. Life is the biggest adventure of all for us, as divine souls having a human experience.

    Good luck navigating and exploring the energies of this Sagittarius full moon beautiful soul. Until next time, I hope you have a lovely week.

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  • Episode 31: What is Human Design

    What is Human Design?

    This episode explains what Human Design is and how it can help you.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    Show Transcript

    Episode 31 - What is Human Design

    Hi Beautiful Soul, I am so excited about today’s episode because it is about something I am very deeply passionate about which is human design! 

    I also love how more mainstream human design is becoming because the information within human design is so powerful and truly life changing.

    What is Human Design?

    So what is human design exactly? Human design is a system which helps you to better understand yourself, your human personality self which is termed your conscious self and your unconscious self which is what we call your design, your soul. 

    It’s a blend of spirituality and science of the modern day and the ancients pulling together astrology, I Ching the Chinese book of truths, Kabbalah, the Chakra System, Vedic Philosophy and quantum physics through neutrinos which carry energetic information passing through your body every second as examples. 

    It has been called the ‘science of differentiation,’ ‘the next generation of self knowledge,’ ‘new astrology,’ the ‘science of the aura,’ ‘the intersection of science and spirituality.’ It’s known as a guide, map, manual to your life as well or a snapshot of your unique energy.

    It was channeled by Alan Krakower who went by the name of Ra Uru Hu in the 80’s/90’s after having a mystical experience where he was given the system what we know as ‘the voice’. It’s only recently become more well known and mainstream.

    Human Design is based on a body graph and you’ll see a lot of numbers, symbols, shapes, lines which can be very confusing and that’s where I come in to read your chart and interpret your manual to yourself. The right hand side of the chart represents your conscious self at the time you were born whereas the left hand side represents your design imprinted three months before you were born. 

    Why Human Design?

    There are many tools and modalities which can help you understand yourself better whether its astrology, personality tests like enneagram or Myer Briggs, tarot cards but for me what stands out is human design because of the depth of information and the practicality of it. It’s not just a map to understanding who you are it, also gives you the insights and tools on what to do with this information, how to live, how you can apply it to any area of your life which I have seen with clients whether its business, career, your love life, making money, your life’s purpose and so fourth. 

    Human Design is a tool for understanding yourself better and how to best apply yourself in the most authentic and alignment way. It shows you how you are unique, there are literally over 2 billion different combinations of human design. You can have the same energy type as someone and be completely different because there are so many different parts to your human design: your energy type, your authority, your profile lines, your variables, your life energies, energetic channels, actual variables the list goes on! 

    The thing I hear the most from people who have had a reading is how validated they feel. They go ahhhh this is why I am the way I am which is a beautiful thing. To release fears that you aren’t ‘normal’ or perhaps that you’re ‘broken and messed up’ because you aren’t. 

    Working with clients the way I like to help people understand this is through this perspective. Your soul chose to come to Earth. It chose to be in your body, with your personality and agreed to various things/circumstances/people in your life to learn the curriculum it wants to. In spiritual terms, karmic bonds, soul lessons and so fourth. When we approach life like this, there’s this relief. The universe and your highest self isn’t making life difficult on purpose which very much ties into the whole theme of this podcast. You aren’t just going through life. You’re growing through it. This very much ties into the main energy of my life purpose which revolves around struggle and purpose. 

    When should you have a human design reading and why you should have a human design reading

    I have found from my own experience and working with clients, human design often finds you when you’re ready! Trust the pull and curiosity, the universe is always leaving energetic breadcrumbs for us. Why would you be drawn to human design? Any time is perfect but to call out some reasons I’ve done readings for people:

    You want to know yourself better and why you are the way you are (the ultimate permission slip to live life as your truest self). Who you really are vs who you think you are or what other people think of you. Your strengths and weaknesses. Your gifts. The life lessons you’re meant to have.

    You’re feeling stuck, stagnant, lost, confused, perhaps at a cross roads or a life transition.

    You want to know more about what you are here to do on Earth in this lifetime, your soul path and purpose. 

    You want to delve into and understand your truth.

    You want to know how to make the best decisions in your life with confidence and ease.

    You want to feel less resistance in your life and more flow, it feels like being in a stream not pushing against the currents of life.

    You want to bridge the gap of where you are now vs who you are meant to be by living in accordance with the blueprint and guide of your soul.

    You want to explore your self esteem, human design will most certainly help you see that you aren’t flawed or missing anything. You’re here to embrace who you are, to learn to use your innate gifts and be in harmony with life.

    You are interested in shadow work and integrating that within yourself to know yourself deeper and embrace how the shadows help you learn and grow. 

    How Human Design works

    Human Design is based on your exact time of birth, date and where you were born. For the most accurate reading it is vital to have this information however if you don’t, I have been able to help clients ascertain their human design because the way I do human design is intuitively more on my approach to human design later in the episode. So you input those details into a system which you can do for free as an example the website MyBodyGraph however to really get the details, nuts and bolts of your design its best to go to a reader such as myself to interpret the information and be there to guide and support you with any questions you may have. 

    Human Design Energy Types - Strategy

    Like I said human design is an in-depth system and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so on a top-line information you know how in astrology you say you are a sun sign, rising sign and moon sign to identify yourself but the in-depth mechanics are unique to each individual. 

    This is similar to human design, you have your energy type (one of five, the majority of the world are generators – the doers which make up 70% including manifesting generators – the magnifiers and energetic powerhouses, we also have projectors – the guides 20%, manifestors – the initiators 9% and the rarest of all reflectors – the mirrors 1%). 

    Human Design - Authority - How to make the best decisions

    Then you also have an authority which is how to make the best decisions. Everyone is different, it’s very much the advice you’ll hear thrown around which is “follow your heart” or “don’t decide with your emotions.” Everyone is different!

    The different authorities are solar plexus (riding emotional waves, hi this is my one) – 47% of the population, sacral (moving quickly, trusting initiate gut reaction, listening to the sounds of your body like mmmmm or uh uh) – 35% of the population, splenic authority (in the moment intuition like a lightning bolt) – 11% of the population, environment 3.5% (sometimes also known as mental authority which is the need to voice your thoughts and perspectives), hear your voice and talk it out with others + knowing your environment deeply impacts you, self projected 3% (which is only an authority for projectors who are here to listen to their own voice and connect with the core of their identity the G center in human design), lunar 1.4% (which is for reflectors only who are to make decisions in alignment with the lunar cycle which typically runs 28 and a half days) and the rarest which is ego with just 1% (which is for a projector or manifestor who is here to follow their heart’s desires).

    Human Design personality and profile lines

    You also have numbers which represent your personality which are made up of two, the first number being your conscious personality and the second being your soul personality. Each number represents a different quality whether it’s 1 – investigator, 2 – hermit, 3 – matyr, 4 – opportunist, 5 – heretic or 6 – role model. 

    What else is covered in a human design reading?

    In a reading we will look at the specifics such as your energetic centres which represent different aspects of life which are represented by the different shapes in your body graph chart. These centres explain for conditioning and being influenced by external factors, which in turn your greatest areas of growth and wisdom whereas defined centres explain for your natural strengths however you are more fixed in nature here. 

    The chakra system has 7 centres whereas human design has 9: the head – explains for mental pressure, ajna or this eye – awareness, perspective, throat – expression, inspired action, g centre – identity, love and direction, heart – willpower, ego, self esteem, sacral – life force energy, sexuality, spleen – intuition, instinct, fears, solar plexus – emotions, highs and lows, root – pressure, adrenaline and drive. 

    You learn about what it actually means to be in alignment with your highest self and when you are not your self. Of course we delve into life energies, your soul purpose and path and in a live session you can ask me questions specifically related to your chart too.

    How did I get into human design and how has it changed my life?

    Human design came into my life maybe 2-3 years ago, I stumbled upon it on the internet and when I first saw my body graph it made no sense and so I dismissed it and went about living my life. It would somehow return into my life during my side hustle and I felt a pull towards it. So I invested in coaching and had my own readings done and I was truly blown away by how much it resonated with me. Now I know this sounds crazy but after that I just ‘got’ the system and decided to do readings for my clients. Now to give you context during this time my intuitive gifts started opening up if you listened to my last podcast episode and probably will do for future ones and I have a 2 profile line in human design – the hermit which is also known as the ‘natural genius’ for certain things. Human Design happens to be my genius. 

    I share human design based on my own interpretations and intuitive downloads whereas other readers may learn the system and do a reading based off that. Each reader will bring their own life experiences, uniqueness and skill sets! What matters is for you to always use your discernment, take what resonates and discard the rest. 

    From there I received feedback from clients who started telling friends and it just spread like wildfire. I am known for giving a lot of in-depth information and detail, the blueprints I manually put together every time are at least 70 pages and I also pick up on intuitive clues that are unique to your soul whether its a symbol or being able to read the energy of where you are in life right now or perhaps stuck. I’ve been fortunate to be the expert resident of human design for Wellweb filming an introductory series there as well as be a part of retreats such as Zero Point Yoga at the incredibly luxurious and well appointed Soma in Byron Bay where they filmed Nicole Kidman’s nine perfect strangers series.

    I don’t post anything about Human Design on my Instagram yet I was getting booked out months in advance. So really the majority of my clients have come from referrals which are huge testament to the impact of a reading on a person and I am so very grateful.

    Phi's Human Design

    One of the greatest things was learning my purpose which is the unexpected which I can very much attest to in my life. So many crazy, wild things have unexpectedly happened. The life I live today is not what I ever imaged for myself, it’s better int he best way possible. Part of my purpose is that I have the channel of struggle, which is when I have pain without purpose, yes I suffer. For all the suffering I’ve had, I’ve been able to channel into helping other people and being the life coach that I am with a breadth of life experiences whether it’s in my career, mental health journey, turbulent emotions navigating the death of my dad and of course relationships and dating. In fact this all ladders into my main life energy which is about fighting and comprehending the meaning of life: purpose. To face my shadows and my fears head on – definitely not an easy soul curriculum, a challenging and very rewarding one. This also helps me to be able to share different perspectives on life which my clients affirm are able to unblock and shift them even in one session with me!

    Human design helped me to navigate big life changes such as quitting my corporate job, moving homes and a break up to feel out how to make the big decision for me as an emotional manifesting generator I had to ride the waves. The longest one being the decision to quit my corporate job oh the ups and downs there! Learning that I am designed to be emotional has been a game changer especially when I’ve been called sensitive or moody — I now go yes that’s how I am. I was built to experience the full spectrum of emotions so understanding that has helped me particularly in tough times when I am in the emotional low, I know that the nature of emotions are waves so coming back up is inevitable as with the down. 

    My emotional authority has also helped me to help others be able to feel (especially after going numb when my dad died at 20). It’s helped me help clients reconnect with their heart and soul, to truly feel.

    In fact I’ve always been busy and on the go, multi tasking, starting things and then not finishing which I was conditioned to believe was bad but very much in the manifesting generator sphere of how we are. I’ve always also been complimented on my energy and presence and that is something my clients report feeling uplifted and energised after speaking with me, full of insights, ideas and the desire to take inspired action.

    It’s also given me permission to do business my way with predominately feminine energy validating the desire for my business to feel easy and in flow combined with the manifesting generator quality of being lit up, excited and energised by what I do. Learning that alignment for me is satisfaction leads the way for me and when I’m frustrated I know that what I’m doing isn’t for me or the way I am going about it isn’t in alignment with me. 

    With relationships, it’s helped me understand why I get along with someone and why I may butt heads with them. How I influence them and how they influence me. How our energies come together and what purpose it serves in life. 

    Human Design client testimonials of Phi

    To share some feedback of how human design has helped clients straight from from client testimonials:

    – My confidence has gone next level.

    – I learn how to exactly manifest based on what’s best for me.

    – There’s so many layers to the human design chart and I find myself relistening to our session and rereading my blueprint and each time I learn something new, it blows my mind away.

    – It confirmed many parts of myself and also helped awaken myself to parts I didn’t think or know about myself.

    – I feel so seen and understood.

    – I always knew I was different but I felt like I needed to conform or satisfy others, I lost myself. Human Design and my reading with Phi helped me call back to my own purpose, to prioritise myself. My uniqueness no longer scares me and I read my human design blueprint everyday to be more in tune with my soul.

    – Mind blowing. The amount of goosebumps during out conversation. I was nodding the whole time because everything resonated with me at a soul and visceral level. Your energy is infectious.

    – Phi has a special gift. It’s so special, affirming, enlightening, it’s truly changed my life.

    – I felt like a puzzle piece of myself with all the pieces floating around me but human design gave me the tools, closes and know how to bring it all together.

    – Phi’s reading has been a homecoming to me, simply because I have so much more clarity on me, my life, business and relationships. I’m honestly overflowing with joy and gratitude.

    Honestly there’s so many you can find them on my website or in my Instagram highlights. The best thing to do is experience it yourself! Human Design is to be lived as an experiment. It isn’t here to box or limit you, in fact it’s here to free you!

    From my own personal experience I’ve never had anyone say that their human design was not accurate. I’ve definitely had people been triggered and come back to share that in the most beautiful way because they used their human design as a portal and catalyst to their truth, perhaps uncovering even shadow work and areas to grow because whilst it didn’t initially resonate, on a deeper level it did and there was a fear to confront that aspect of themselves. Human design shares the highest expression of an energy as well as the shadow expression. 

    Types of human design readings Phi offers

    Human design is like astrology, your foundational human design never changes at its core however it does have influences that change on a daily basis thanks to the position of the Sun, Moon and the planets. Think of it as astrological weather. These readings are best down with an understanding of your foundational human design. 

    Deeper Human Design Readings

    There’s so much information that it can’t all be covered in your foundation reading which covers 4/26 life energies so of course a deeper dive will look into the rest of those energies. I also customise these based on whatever you need, it’s all likely human design cover its from the best environment for you to how you best digest food or your most intuitive sense.

    Relationship Human Design Readings

    You can look at your human design in comparison to another for a relationship reading which I do for many couples and have done for those separating to process a break up. This can be applied to all relationships. I have done readings to see the dynamics between friends, business partners, clients, teachers, mentors and family as examples.

    Business by Human Design

    I also do specific business sessions to help you get unstuck on areas in your business such as what you’re here to communicate, marketing and brand (my background in the corporate world before becoming a coach and human design expert), attracting clients, how to build and run your business in a way that feels like flow and ease. 

    Yearly Human Design Readings – Solar Transit Human Design

    Also known as a solar transit. The path for your year ahead what you can expect in terms of energetic themes and influences. This one is done yearly ideally around your birthday but can be any time. 

    Saturn Return Human Design Readings

    Aimed at those aged 27-29, whereby life provides a huge shake up for you. Specifically significant if you have a 6 profile line given you live life in three stages and your Saturn Return ushers in your second stage. For example during my Saturn Return I quit my corporate job, moved homes, got into a relationship and also got out of the same one. Huge life changes to ensure you are living in alignment with your highest self after all Saturn is about discipline. 

    Uranus Passage – Uranus Opposition Human Design Readings 

    The spiritual mid life crisis or shall I see mid life awakening aimed at those aged 39-42, but have seen clients up to 44-48. It all depends where you are in your journey and how you are feeling as life unfolds for you. Can coincide in changes in life direction. 

    Chiron Human Design Readings

    Your deepest wound in life and it becomes highlighted aged around 50. Though an interesting reading to understand as when you heal from this, often we go onto help others heal in this very area too. 

    You can book a reading on my website or contact me for more information of course!

    Human Design and Life Coaching

    Human Design is one of the tools I use in my 1:1 coaching and even clients I’ve seen for a year and beyond we still discuss and uncover different layers and aspects of their human design. In fact with some clients we will visit how human design activates their gift on a purpose journey, the wounds and karma of understanding their relationships and heart as well as prosperity, to see how one is going to be the most abundant and fruitful in their life. 

    I currently do have 1:1 coaching spots open so if you are interested please reach out to set up a free 30 minute call to see how I can best help you and if we are the right alignment and match for each other.

    I hope you enjoyed this episode on human design! It would mean the world to me if you’re able to leave a rating and review to spread the word and help others on their personal development journey too. Catch you next time beautiful soul!

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