Are you aged 40-45, or in your mid 30's approach your 40's and it feels like you're going through a mid life crisis?

Life feels strange, time is running out and it feels like you've got perhaps one last opportunity to do something with your life... make something of it.

You might be feeling stuck, stagnant and sluggish.

You're getting hard on yourself. Questioning if you've made the right decisions in life... if this is it in life?

You're not alone and you don't have to go through it alone.

You're going through your Uranus Passage or astrologically known as your Uranus Opposition.

Spiritually joked as the ‘mid life crisis’ which conjures images of quitting the job, leaving the marriage, buying the fast car, dating younger, changing jobs and so fourth… that’s not always necessarily the case.

There’s definitely change in the air and it’s for a reason.

To pull you and push you deeper towards your life purpose.

What is Uranus Opposition?

Uranus is a planet known for change - extremes, breakdowns, breakthroughs. It's known as the 'awakener' for bringing sudden shocks and changes.

Astrologically speaking when Uranus is in opposition, it's in the exact opposite placement of where it was when you were born. It marks a turning point in your life supposedly 'the half way point.'

It can be confronting. It can be challenging. It can be chaotic.

Who it’s for:
For those aged 40-44, however I have seen clients from their mid 30’s start to feel the impacts of Uranus as it approaches.

How it will help you:

– Make sense of your confusion and give you clarity on the changes and transformation taking place.

– Understand the life themes and changes that are being brought to the forefront of your reality and how to navigate them.

– How to get into alignment with your soul and embody your life purpose and path.

– The specific timing of your Uranus Opposition so you can prepare and plan life accordingly.

What’s included:
A live 75 minute call with me and a 90 page human design guide to keep on navigating your Uranus Opposition.

Book your Uranus Passage Human Design Reading with Phi Dang

Also known astrologically as your 'Uranus Opposition'

Uranus Passage (Opposition)
Human Design Blueprint Only

Uranus Passage Opposition Human Design Blueprint


A 90 page human design blueprint and guide to your Uranus Opposition. Think of it as a roadmap on navigating your Uranus passage. Pricing is in $USD. We cover 26 of your energies (all the gates), your energetic channels and includes an overview of the whole journey.


Note: This is not a live call, this is the 90 page digital blueprint guide only. Pricing is in $USD. If you would like a live call with me to discuss your Uranus Passage Opposition human design, explain it to you and ask questions that I will answer, please book in a live reading with me that includes this blueprint:

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They'll thank you for giving them a roadmap and guide to this life transit. They will feel so loved, supported and empowered!