This episode is all about the Aquarius Super New Moon taking place February 2024 this week ushering in the Year of the Dragon. Phi shares updates on the energetic themes at play which are intense (planetary pile up in Aquarius) and shares soothing affirmations and journaling prompts to tap into the energy of the Aquarius Super New Moon too.

Episode Introduction - Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

Hello beautiful soul,

Well well well we are in for a cosmic ride! Last week I spoke about the upcoming Lunar New Year and just before it to end the week is the Aquarius New Moon that precedes it. The 9th in the northern hemisphere and 10th in the southern if you’re in Australia like me. It’s not just any new moon, it happens to be a super new moon. As it’s a new moon it’s not visible in the sky, so think of this as a blank canvas and reset.

Astrologically there’s a lot going on and I always like to channel and distill the important parts that I think are relevant to you listening to this podcast. I won’t beat around the bush by saying off the bat this isn’t a grounding, nourish new moon this is an electric charged, potent super new moon pushing into the new out of your comfort zone. After all it’s an Aquarius Super New Moon bringing in the year of the Dragon for 2024.

It really is all about Aquarius with this energy, you’ve got a planetary pile up; the sun, moon here, Pluto, mercury with Venus and and Mars to join too.

An energetic reset and a whole lotta energies!

This super new moon you can think of an energetic reset as I’ve said earlier some deem it the true new year. The super new moon aspect think of it just amplifying and magnifying the energies so things feel more intense. Your emotions feel more intense. Your thoughts feel more intense.

More over with this super new moon what I’m feeling into is funky, and yes uncomfortable and unpredictable. There’s a feeling of restlessness in the air. A sprinkle of existentialism. 

This is set in motion for a first in our lifetime event when Mercury (the planet of communication) enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto (the truth teller). In addition to that we have the new moon in a challenging position squaring Uranus (the unexpected) in the sign of Taurus (fixed aspects, stubborn nature).

Expect shakes up. Truths to come up. There’s tension. There’s pressure. Things from the past re-emerge once again (to be cleared). It’s this feeling and sensation of wanting to break free and we are being challenged to let go, surrender and move forward with courage and authenticity.

Communication and Confrontation with this Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

With this influence we may need to say and speak up what we don’t often want to, confronting things to say out loud (Aquarius and Mercury together are all about communication, ideologies).

Aquarians are known to have a tough exterior and it feels like with all these planetary placements, it’s been astrological organised to have a cracking open experience and sensation which can be painful at first but ultimately for the best to open us up, unravelling deeper layers of ourselves, to shed what no longer serves us.

This is about confronting ourselves and being willing to go beneath the surface, into our psyche and subconscious. In this we can find the underlying cause, the root of the problem which is the medicine and the healing. If you know of Chiron (the wounded healer) is inching closer towards the North Node (fate and destiny) which will culminate in April so for now we are getting a taster of intense confronting healing taking place (can’t hide with the astrological energies at play). 

There is tension here because the moon rules our inner world, our emotions yet it’s in Aquarius known to be more emotionally detached and the archetype of the thinker.

Astrology and Human Design Align: Revolution

It’s not all dark and heavy, unexpected things aren’t always negative in nature though that’s where our mind jumps too it can also be positive. It’s really about the emergence of astrology aligning with human design: the theme of this new moon is revolution, think of it as your rebirth. Through the means of Aquarius which is going introspective, doing the thought work. 

Aquarius: Head vs Heart

When the strong emotions come up from surprises and the past, the Aquarian energy in the air asks to bring objectivity into it – noticing where is there a strong emotional charge, using the mind to get curious and investigate further. A meeting of the heart and the mind. Finding the right balance (as is where the name Aquarius stems from the latin meaning of water-carrier and the symbolism of the water-bearer). 

An exercise that may help you during this Aquarius super new moon is when you’re making decisions imagine scales or weights a balance. On one side is your heart and the other your head. If you’re really heady into something, imagine counterbalancing with what your heart is saying and vice versa if it feels really heart driven also give your mind and opportunity to offer some thoughts this will give you a holistic perspective on a situation.

Aquarius Positivity

This new moon is going to help us be less rigid and more flexible with everything that may arise. Rolling with the punches. Aquarius plays the long term game, so whilst it feels tough and sticky now, it’s ultimately benefiting for your future and what’s to come. There’s optimism and hope within it (as we known Aquarius is about the collective, for the people, social justice, equality).

Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Affirmations

I’m really being called to share some soothing affirmations which can help during this period and I’ll phrase them as I am speaking to you but of course when you recite out loud or in your mind you’ll say “I”.

You are capable of handling whatever comes your way.

You are safe and supported even in times of uncertainty.

You are resilient, every challenge makes you stronger.

You are worthy of love, compassion and kindness always and especially during tough times. You are worthy of your own love, compassion and kindness that you also offer to others.

You have the power to find moments of peace, calm and joy despite chaos and shake ups.

Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Journaling Prompts

Journaling questions to close out this episode to make the most of the super new moon energy;

Has anything surprising or unexpected come to the surface this week for you? If so is there a general theme that emerges? How can going deeper on this theme help you move forward in 2024?

With any challenges or obstacles that have arisen so far, what would happen if you now come up with 3 different approaches you haven’t had before

1: Out of the box thinking

2: Creativity led

3: Unconventional 

Reflect from the 1st of January until now, is there anything that has happened or come up that you’d like to set the intention to let go of, clear and start afresh?

If you have set any intentions from the 1st of January do they still feel in alignment at this point of time? Have those intentions been acted upon and how are you tracking?

What seeds and intentions do you want to set up for the year ahead at this moment in time taking advantage of the super new moon and lunar dragon energy too?

When was the last time in your life you experienced something unexpectedly? What happened, how did you feel, how did you navigate it and what was the end result?

Right now in your life where do you need a shake up or revolution and how can you go about this?

What would be really uncomfortable to talk about in your life right now? Why is that so? What insights does this give you about yourself and where you are in your life right now?

What support systems or resources can you lean on during times of uncertainty or change?

To close out this episode, give those journal prompts a good contemplation, it’s not really about the answer but the thought process that goes behind what automatically is being prompted within you. In true Aquarian nature, yes use your mind but don’t forget to let your body feel all that is coming up and release these feelings with compassion. 

Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

Phi Dang