• Finding the truest you

    Be you, be free...

    Maybe it’s not that you’re changing… maybe it’s your remembering and reawakening to who you really are.

    The you before the world told you to be a certain way.

    The you that’s battled and weathered the storms.

    The you that’s embodied all aspects of yourself.

    The you that’s switched on to your spark and light.

    The you that’s peeled off layers of conditioning.

    The you that’s stripped to your true essence.

    The you that shines in your authenticity and truth.

    The you that chooses to love despite fear and hate.

    Reawakening all that you are

    It’s hard to be true to yourself in a world that values being a follower not a leader.

    It’s hard to be true to to yourself for fear of judgement, of being a light that shines too bright.

    It’s hard to be you under layers of programming, conditioning, pressure and expectations that weigh you down.

    It’s hard to be you when your ideal image of yourself is a mosaic of the external world and influences beyond you.

    It’s hard to be you with your past haunting you and everything that you’ve been through which makes you put up your walls.

    Your truest self is always within raw, beating, pulsing, loving – your highest self.

    How does it feel to come home to you.

    Your highest self.




    An unwavering mountain of strength.

    The golden warmth of sunshine.

    The wind beneath thing wings of a bird.

    The gentle breeze of the tree.

    The glory and sparkle of the stars.

    You are here in this beating moment.


    Reawakening to all that you are 🧡

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Life is tough, but so are you

    On bettering yourself

    At the end of the day, don’t just pat your back on the shoulder. Give yourself so much love and appreciation for all that you.

    Hate isn’t going to change you, love will.

    You’re going through something that is hard and for the strongest of souls. Life is tough and so are you but that doesn’t take away from what your path holds for you right now.

    You’re breaking patterns. You’re evolving. You’re learning. You’re challenging yourself. You’re working through fears. You’re healing. You’re growing. You’re bettering yourself.

    All at once.

    You truly are remarkable.

    Working on yourself

    A shout out to all the beautiful souls working on yourself because unless you’ve got a coach or support team it can be lonely.

    It can feel like you’re alone on this path but so many beautiful souls are waking up and working on themselves everyday.

    It’s no small feat doing the work!

    When you’re in it, it’s easy to forget.

    It’s easy to be frustrated when you aren’t where you want to be or you feel stuck.

    Here’s the thing you’re doing so much by even showing up let alone everything that you do.

    You might not see or feel the difference… that doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

    You may feel alone that no ones cheering you on but there are.

    When you work on yourself, you’re breaking patterns for your lineage past, present and future.

    When you work on yourself, you’re healing humanity – one heart and soul, one moment at a time… that’s powerful as fxxk.

    When you work on yourself, your higher spiritual council team of angels, guides and loved ones are watching over you damn proud.

    And if you’re feeling alone on this journey, next month I’m launching a community that is welcoming you in with open arms for those on this incredible and beautiful personal growth, spiritual journey.

    If you’re vibing this and feeling the pull, I would love to help you through 1:1 coaching and human design – you’ll get a sneak peak and a chance to be a founding member with some juicyyy bonuses 🍑

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The investment in yourself is worth it

    The edges of your fear will sharpen you

    Spiritual growth comes at a cost.
    It will cost you your old self and ways of being.
    You no longer close your eyes to the truth that resides in your heart and soul.
    You no longer deny what you truly long for and desire.
    You will shed the masks you hide behind and break down the walls you put up in self defence.
    You will outgrow people that you thought would be a part of your life forever.
    Your heart will shatter in ways you thought it could no longer break.
    Your mind will open up to possibilities and beliefs that you never thought possible.
    With all this cost – the investment is worth it over and over again.
    The edges of your fear will sharpen you.
    Your heart will beat with ecstasy and joy you never knew possible.
    Your world will open up to infinite potentiality.
    You’ll dance with magic, miracles and manifestation.
    Within you is the deep knowing, that you have arrived, that you are your highest self.

    One step at a time

    The price of being your highest self can be tiring and exhausting.

    Even though it is… it IS worth it.

    When you are living your dream life.

    When you truly believe in yourself.

    When your actions match your words.

    When you love yourself so deeply.

    When you trust yourself so deeply.

    When you share your wisdom.

    When you beam with pride of your journey.

    When your heart and soul align.

    When you break ancestral patterns.

    When you heal for your family and future generations.

    When you sleep easy at night.

    When you make a difference in the lives of many.

    That is WHY you do it.

    Looking ahead it can be overwhelming and scary.

    Feel the fear and continue anyway, you owe it to your highest self but mostly you owe it to present you.

    One step and a time, day by day, moment by moment.

    Cheering you on always 🥳 through the good times, the bad and everything that falls in between in this human experience 🥂

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Is your spiritual journey feeling lonely?

    Together, there's power

    Yes there’s power in being alone.

    But guess what?

    There’s also power in being together.

    There’s also medicine in being together.

    There’s also healing in being together.

    There’s also support in being together.

    There’s also connection in being together.

    With one another, incredible magic happens. 

    Feeling like you belong

    The spiritual path and journey can be lonely.

    We have been culturally conditioned that being alone means you are strong.

    And you are!

    But it also takes strength to let people in.

    To take down your walls.

    To surrender to the divine feminine: to be loved and supported.

    After all humans, we are tribal beings.

    It is an evolutionary NEED and DESIRE to belong.

    When you spiritually awaken it feels like maybe you’re crazy.

    You start seeing angel numbers and the signs.

    You feel too “woo” and that no one gets you.

    You start seeing the world differently.

    It can look like standing alone and that feels scary.

    It feels like no one cares.

    It feels like no one understands.

    It feels as though there’s no safety net.

    It feels like there’s no one there to lean on, to help you, to support you…

    But there is!

    I see you.

    I feel you.

    I hold space for you in my thoughts and heart.

    It’s not easy.

    It can be damn uncomfortable, pushed off a cliff feels, emerging butterfly vibe, getting back up energy.

    I’ve been there too.

    As a result of this, coming soon next month — a community of like minded souls who are into personal growth and spirituality 🤩

    Who love all things astrology, tarot cards, journaling, manifestation, vision boarding and human design.

    A place to meet your new spiritual besties that your heart and soul have been craving 👯‍♀️

    Sound like your vibe tribe!? 🥳

    You’re one life changing DM away from wholesome love + community + personal growth 🚀

    Watch this space 💫

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The beauty in slow growth

    Slow growth is still growth...

    Beautiful soul, I hope you remember the beauty in slow growth.

    I hope you know it’s okay to grow slowly.

    In the way that the sea erodes the rocks to make way for majestic cliffs.

    In the way that a drop in the ocean becomes tidal waves.

    In the way that a caterpillar slows down into its cocoon to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

    In the way a seedling becomes a mighty tree and in turn a grand forest.

    In the way that you are changing and growing.

    Slow growth is still growth.

    And how to celebrate it

    Our hearts are heavy as we watch others get everything instantly that we so desire… I’ve seen this in myself and I work through this with my clients.

    Can we take a moment to celebrate slow growth in a society obsessed with instant results and quantum leaps?

    Can we celebrate the business owner who has been at it for 10 years to finally crack a profit?

    Can we celebrate the Olympian who has trained for 15 years just to have a chance at the medal?

    Can we celebrate the wine that has been maturing in the cellar to be ready for a grand celebration in time?

    Can we celebrate the person that has taken 3 years to get over their addiction?

    Slow is nice too.

    I love a hot and heavy moment don’t get me wrong but I also love a tender, gentle build up filled with tension and longing… 😉

    Grow slowly. Grow quickly.

    Grow 🌱

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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    Mindset led growth. Energy led growth. Self love led growth. Purpose led growth.

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  • Flowers will bloom…

    Flowers will bloom...

    Even the darkest of nights end when the sun rises.
    The biggest of waves will surrender and subside.
    The moon will kiss the sun and see the light of day.
    Raindrops will kiss the barren earth.
    Gardens will sprout from your broken bones.
    Galaxies will emerge from the emptiness that haunts you.
    Love will pour into the cracks of your soul and mend your open wounds.
    Stars will sparkle in the shadows of your soul.
    Flowers will bloom in the darkest crevices of your mind.

    Here's to you, in all your glory

    Darkness, death, destruction, despair are the fertile soil for rebirth. To make space for you to grow and bloom.

    I honestly think this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever written, it touches my heart and soul so deeply and came through at a time when I was navigating a lot of pain and uncertainly personally last month.

    It felt like the light would never appear and I was stuck in an abyss of dread. It was the void and vortex.

    The dark night of the soul. It was the aching for glimmers of hope, reprise and relief.

    I hope these words of the temporary nature of pain and the beauty that will inevitably emerge — the energetic codes embedded within, plant seeds of love and hope in your heart 🌱

    When we are in the midst of tremendous pain, suffering and change it can be easy to forget the light. We are surrounded by so much darkness that we simply forget …about the light that always exists within ✨

    What you think as the unbearable, the unlovable, the hideous, the ugly, the shadow parts of who you are… are truly lovely.

    From these places when we allow ourselves to be fully seen, to be fully whole and fully present with these aspects of ourselves emerges our true selves… fortified and strengthened with resilience.

    It is from my personal experience of great suffering and agony that new life emerges so much brighter and brilliant that I could ever fathom…

    Your pain and loss may be a map to someone else’s freedom tomorrow (certainly is for me as a life coach going through it all so that I can help, support and guide the clients I work with).

    Your pain and loss is a reminder that you are truly alive. Of your ever dynamic evolving soul and self. Of your ability to weather the storms. Of your ability to survive and in turn thrive.

    Here’s to you beautiful soul, in all your glory darkness and shadow, light and love.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • The future is coming

    On falling together

    And maybe it’s not that everything is falling apart rather than everything is falling together… that doesn’t make it easy.

    At times it doesn’t feel fair. And that is life in itself.

    It’s not good or bad. It’s not fair or unfair. It just is. What would life be without change?

    The same. Stagnant. Boring. 

    It’s only natural that when you evolve, your life will do so too.

    The ebbs and flows, the highs and lows.

    When life falls apart, know that the future is coming… so for now enjoy the ride and know that one day you’ll look back knowing that it all fell apart to come together.

    Here's to change

    When everything is changing and falling apart it can be easy to get sucked up into it.

    It feels as if you’re drowning, struggling to break the surface and grasping for air.

    It feels uncomfortable as if a new version of you is trying to emerge but not quite there. You want to break free from the skin you’re in.

    It feels like a rollercoaster of emotions where one day you’re up and the next you’re down so low.

    It’s how I’ve been feeling and many of my clients too.

    When I”m in the depths of the waters of change I bring it back to this one truth that grounds me.

    Change is a part of life.

    My ego may not like that, but it’s true.

    Who is my ego to think that change can only happen on my terms and my timeline only?

    When I check in with my soul deep down inside, I know that I’ve been in the comfort zone for too long. For wanting of everything to be easy and breezy… and that is probably when I need change the most.

    To come in and shake things up.

    To help my personal growth and expansion.

    To align with my highest self and values.

    Here’s to change – we may not like it, but we need it.

    love & positivity – phi

    Ready to embrace change to the fullest? To change with support and guidance with me along your side? I would love to help you through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading.


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