Together, there's power

Yes there’s power in being alone.

But guess what?

There’s also power in being together.

There’s also medicine in being together.

There’s also healing in being together.

There’s also support in being together.

There’s also connection in being together.

With one another, incredible magic happens. 

Feeling like you belong

The spiritual path and journey can be lonely.

We have been culturally conditioned that being alone means you are strong.

And you are!

But it also takes strength to let people in.

To take down your walls.

To surrender to the divine feminine: to be loved and supported.

After all humans, we are tribal beings.

It is an evolutionary NEED and DESIRE to belong.

When you spiritually awaken it feels like maybe you’re crazy.

You start seeing angel numbers and the signs.

You feel too “woo” and that no one gets you.

You start seeing the world differently.

It can look like standing alone and that feels scary.

It feels like no one cares.

It feels like no one understands.

It feels as though there’s no safety net.

It feels like there’s no one there to lean on, to help you, to support you…

But there is!

I see you.

I feel you.

I hold space for you in my thoughts and heart.

It’s not easy.

It can be damn uncomfortable, pushed off a cliff feels, emerging butterfly vibe, getting back up energy.

I’ve been there too.

As a result of this, coming soon next month — a community of like minded souls who are into personal growth and spirituality 🤩

Who love all things astrology, tarot cards, journaling, manifestation, vision boarding and human design.

A place to meet your new spiritual besties that your heart and soul have been craving 👯‍♀️

Sound like your vibe tribe!? 🥳

You’re one life changing DM away from wholesome love + community + personal growth 🚀

Watch this space 💫

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang