Everything will be okay

You don’t have to have a happy start or beginning.

Maybe it’s been mediocre.

Maybe it’s been messy.

Maybe it’s been confusing.

Maybe it’s been just down right terrible and that’s okay.

It doesn’t mean the journey or the destination won’t work out.

Don’t overthink things.

Take it step by step, moment by moment.

Be kind to yourself.

Give yourself love, compassion and grace.

Everything will be okay.

YOU set the tone

Not so happy new year? 😕 Guess what?

It’s okay!

It doesn’t set the tone for the rest of what’s to come… it won’t define the year ahead, it won’t unless you let it…

I remember starting 2023 in a strange place, everything on paper was perfect yet I wasn’t fully “happy” and “lit up” off the back of a breakup and the anniversary of my dads death and birthday… yet I ended up having one of the best years of my life in 2023 🥰

I got to work with amazing clients, have the biggest month of my business, release my debut book 📖 The Great Unlearning, travel internationally, spend time with friends and family and met my now new partner 🫶🏽

New beginnings can be overwhelming even when you’re excited.

Allow yourself the grace and love to feel it all.

After all life is a duality of high highs, low lows and everything in between.

What matters is your mindset. Your perspective, what is IN your control.

You set the tone. You set the pace.

You have power.

Enjoy the journey!

Here’s to your growth and expansion in 2024.

Ellie Simpson