energy management

  • When it all gets too hard

    I hope you remember...

    Beautiful soul, when it gets all too hard, it is my hope that you remember…

    I hope you remember that you are here for a reason and that your soul chose to exist in this ripple of time.

    I hope you remember in the depths of your darkness that the light within you will never cease to shine.

    I hope you remember your strength and resilience that has kept you here despite all the hardships and heartache you’ve endured.

    I hope you remember how deeply you’ve loved and how greatly you’ve grown.

    I hope you remember the innocent and purity of your heart and your capacity to love.

    Most of all I hope you remember how incredible it is that you live and get to experience life at all.

    Reawaken your magic

    May these words soothe your soul and plant flowers in the salt of your wounds 🌹

    In the darkest of times, what we need most is compassion. This compassion applies not only for others but yourself too.

    Life is not easy and here you are living it.

    Doing the best that you can whilst carrying the wounds of the past and the pains of tomorrow.

    I hope you realise the power in living. The power in knowing that your future is not set in stone that you have the power to change your life in any given moment.

    How does it feel to live life knowing your soul chose this all?

    That your soul made a promise to truly live and explore every edge of what it means to be human.

    That your soul didn’t settle for easy, it wanted a full spectrum experience where pain and pleasure intertwine.

    Know that ancient wisdom is infused in every cell of your being 🧬 even if you can’t consciously remember, your soul knows deep down inside.

    Reawaken to your magic.

    Reawaken to your power.

    Reawaken to your soul.

    Come home to you.

    Remember, remember, remember.

    It is in remembrance we keep alive the memories of those we love who are no longer here.

    It is in remembrance that the pain of the past serves a stark reminder to how we live life now.

    It is in remembrance we honour those who came before us and honour those to come.

    It is in remembrance you’ll find love, a deep love for yourself and all that you’ve been through.

    It is in remembrance you’ll fully embrace life for cherishing it as a gift of every moment that is not guaranteed after.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    Looking for support and guidance in this sacred journey of life? Get in touch to find out all the ways you can work with me such as 1:1 coaching, human design or the soul sister collective 💫

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  • Without darkness there cannot be light

    Things to never forget

    As our hearts ache with heaviness and sadness, beautiful soul do not forget. 

    Never forget.

    The love, light and goodness that happens in the world every single day.

    Children being born.

    Communities coming together.

    Courage in face of darkness and fear.

    Consciousness rising.

    Countless celebrations.

    Spiritual awakenings.

    Sunshine and smiles.

    Faith and trust.

    Seeds planted.

    Flowers blooming.

    Bountiful harvest.

    Oceans roaring.

    Acts of kindness.

    Open hearts.


    The unsung heroes.

    The truth that underscores everything.

    It is in dark times that the light shines brighter.

    Without darkness there cannot be light.

    Light will always prevail.

    Hope will always prevail.

    Hold onto hope.

    Hold onto love.

    Hold onto light.

    Healing for one, healing for all

    The light may flicker, the light may dwindle but the light remains strong 🕯

    We are in an age of division and darkness with heavy hearts and swollen eyes.

    We weep in solidarity with our brothers, our sisters, kindred souls.

    We mourn this age that culminates to the great unknown.

    We hold onto hope.

    For brighter days are coming.

    For a world unified by love, light, peace and compassion.

    It starts with you.

    Doing whatever you can.

    Turn on the light 💡

    Give love to the light.

    Make love with the light.

    Spread the light.

    As we heal, we rise together.

    Our power as an individual.

    Our power in unity.

    Healing for one, healing for all.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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  • Can you walk away from what doesn’t serve you?

    The exercise of self love

    Honouring your inner truth is painful.

    It’s the ultimate exercise of self love.

    It means walking away from what no longer serves you.

    Maybe it’s a job, relationship or location. 

    It’s breaking free from what boxes you in – the pressure of society, the weight of what other people think, your own belief that you need to be a certain way and do a certain thing.

    When everything falls away and crumbles, one thing will always remain: the truth.

    It cannot be ignored. 

    You can live in ignorance but the truth won’t.

    You cannot heal from what you do not reveal.

    You cannot heal from what you will not feel.

    Your inner truth is always present

    There comes a time in life when the little niggles turn into big pulls.

    It starts as a whisper and turns into aching and shouting.

    When you try to resist but it will continually persist.

    When it no longer becomes manageable and turns to being intolerable.

    Your inner truth is always present and listening.

    My tips for connecting with your inner truth:

    1️⃣ Do something about it! Staying stuck and doing the same thing over and over won’t break you free. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and thinking the same thing over and over again hoping it will change… what if you listened to your inner truth 👂🏼

    2️⃣ Free writing. Let the words flow to the paper without thinking and your inner truth will be revealed. ✍️ Not a writer? Try a mind map, collage or create art instead 🦋

    3️⃣ Express yo self 🎤 don’t refine it, done pretty it – let it all out in a way that resonates with you. For me it’s all about being in the body.

    Cheering you and your truth on 💥

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    P.S – If you’re feeling that soul pull to up level in every area of your life… 1:1 coaching is the key 🔑 for the soul who is all in, ready for expansion and to quantum leap and go BIG! 🚀

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  • Are you ready for the quantum leap?

    You have to be willing...

    The greatest personal growth, the quantum leaps… they demand you to go all in.

    You can’t dance around the fringes. You can’t linger around the edges.

    You have to make the leap of faith. You have to delve into stories and beliefs you don’t want to.

    You have to confront your shadow and darkness to integrate within. You have to be willing to be wrong.

    You have to be willing to feel it all. You have to be willing for it to get ugly, raw and messy.

    You have to be willing to pay the price of your old self. You have to be willing and open to being triggered.

    You have to be willing to feel lonely as your vibration rises and what is no longer an energetic match falls away.

    You have to be willing to take responsibility.

    You have to be willing to be thrown out of your comfort zone in the abyss of the unknown and uncomfortable.

    It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s for those who are ready to fly.

    Big change requires big moves

    How do I know all of this? I know because I’ve experienced it myself and witnessed it with my clients.

    I’m so proud of the beautiful souls in my world, their bravery inspires me and this post is dedicated to them.

    Not everyone is ready for the work.

    Seriously it’s painful.

    It’s confronting.

    It’s easier to stay the same because actual change is TOUGH.

    Not all quantum leaps are like jumping on a magical unicorn through a rainbow sky full of glitter 🦄🌈✨✨✨ (though that would be fun 😜)

    Often during or just before the leap it feels like everything is going wrong. It feels like you’re pushed and backed into a corner. It feels like you want to escape it all.

    Because the breakdown… leads to the breakthrough.

    BIG change requires BIG moves.

    To go all in with your energy, time, effort and commitment.

    If you’re ready to start 2022 BIG I’m holding a free 5 day masterclass series that covers self love, money, mindset, power and includes a full moon circle.

    DM me to join. They’ll turn into a paid offering later in the year.

    You can stay small and play small your whole life and personal growth but don’t expect quantum leaps… that’s an honest truth from my perspective.

    There’s a reason why when clients invest they feel the fear, the scarcity but they also feel so lit up, excited and ready!

    Cheering on your personal growth journey and expansion.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

    For the soul who’s ready to MOVE and EXPAND. Ready for your greatest personal growth and quantum leap? 🚀

    If you’re ready join me, I’d love to help you through 1:1 coaching and human design.

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