On growing...

Beautiful soul, I hope you remember the beauty in slow growth.

I hope you know it’s okay to grow slowly.

In the way that the sea erodes the rocks to make way for majestic cliffs.

In the way that a drop in the ocean becomes tidal waves.

In the way that a caterpillar slows down into its cocoon to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

In the way a seedling becomes a mighty tree and in turn a grand forest.

In the way that you are changing and growing.

Slow growth is still growth.

More on growth

Our hearts are heavy as we watch others get everything instantly that we so desire… I’ve seen this in myself and I work through this with my clients.

Can we take a moment to celebrate slow growth in a society obsessed with instant results and quantum leaps?

Can we celebrate the business owner who has been at it for 10 years to finally crack a profit?

Can we celebrate the Olympian who has trained for 15 years just to have a chance at the medal?

Can we celebrate the wine that has been maturing in the cellar to be ready for a grand celebration in time?

Can we celebrate the person that has taken 3 years to get over their addiction?

Slow is nice too.

I love a hot and heavy moment don’t get me wrong but I also love a tender, gentle build up filled with tension and longing… 😉

Grow slowly. Grow quickly.

Grow 🌱

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang