The future is coming

And maybe it’s not that everything is falling apart rather that everything is falling together… that doesn’t make it easy.

At times it doesn’t feel fair.

And that is life in itself.

It’s not good or bad.

It’s not fair or unfair.

It just is.

What would life be like without change?

The same. Stagnant. Boring.

It’s only natural that when you evolve, your life will do so too.

The ebbs and flows, the highs and lows.

When life falls apart, know that the future is coming… so for now enjoy the ride and know that one day you’ll look back knowing that it all fell apart to come together.

Accepting change

When everything is changing and falling apart it can be easy to get sucked up into it 🌊

It feels as if you’re drowning, struggling to break the surface and grasping for air.

It feels uncomfortable as if a new version of you is trying to emerge but not quite there. You want to break free from the skin you’re in.

It feels like a rollercoaster of emotions where one day you’re up and the next you’re down so low.

It’s how I’ve been feeling and many of my clients too.

When I’m in the depths of the waters of change I bring it back to this one truth that grounds me.

Change is a part of life.

My ego may not like that, but it’s true.

Who is my ego to think that change can only happen on my terms and my timeline only?

When I check in with my soul deep down inside, I know that I’ve been in the comfort zone for too long. For wanting of everything to be easy and breezy… and that is probably when I need change the most.

🌬 To come in and shake things up.

To help my personal growth and expansion.

To align with my highest self and values.

Here’s to change – we may not like it but we need it.

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang