Taking action

You know what’s better than thinking about doing something for 15 minutes or even 5 years?

Actually doing it.

Out of your mind and into the present

🥴 yes I am calling you out… I’m calling you out to get out of your mind and into the present moment here.

It’s the biggest thing I see with clients.

They spend sooooo much time in their mind.

Going over scenarios.

Preparing for different outcomes.

Reading a tonne of information.

Listening to a tonne of information.

Watching all of the videos and content.

Yet no one is actually doing anything with the data and information they’ve accumulated 🥴

Embodiment > Knowledge.

Here’s the thing too, so many people are in fear.

They don’t want to do something because it won’t be perfect.

They don’t want to do something because they’re unsure.

They don’t want to something because they don’t want to fail.

So they don’t move. They just stay still and stuck. Even though their mind is looping around for miles and miles.

If you actually DO something and take INSPIRED ACTION whatever the outcome at least you moved ⚡️

And so then new data and information to make your next move.

Not rocket science but pure simplicity (but the mind likes to complicate 😅)


Nothing changes…. If nothing changes.

Here’s to making moves (because even if you “go backwards or fail” at least you’re moving and it’ll likely propel you into the right direction 🚀)

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang