Start with your soul

Stop with the shoulds.

Start with your soul.

Letting go of the "should"

Stop should-ing on and all over yourself 😳

I should work out more.

I should eat more healthily.

I should be able to do it.

Ask where the should is coming from? (Most likely your mind, your ego stemming from guilt, over extending yourself, shaming yourself…)

Realise the place that it’s coming from isn’t serving you or the world.

Negative emotions don’t work in creating positive behaviours 💡

Even if they do temporarily it’s not sustainable or healthy.

Instead check in with your soul.

What do you DESIRE to do?

What FEELS GOOD to you?

Tap into your soul and feeling, bringing your conscious intention with you.

Maybe you CAN do something?

You GET to do something?

You CHOOSE to do something?

You WANT something?

Ahhhh that feels better 😌

Give yourself a choice instead of starting off with shame and failure.

Power to you ✊🏽

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang