A self love workshop live February 2024

In a world that’s obsessed with being mindful… what about being heartful?

We often cut ourselves off from our heart because of heartbreak, pain, loss, grief, disappointment, betrayal, fears … a fear of vulnerability, judgement, weakness, being taken advantage of, making mistakes…

This workshop will help you dissolve emotional charged, blockages, pain, hurt and fear of vulnerability within your heart so you can open up to more… to better navigate your emotions and understand yourself.

(re)connect to your heart and gain a greater sense of self love and self compassion. We are so used to be kind and giving to others but what about being kind to ourselves and opening up to receive?

It’s the how you actually get out of your head, the mental noise, the influences of the world around you and into your body 🫶🏽

Tap into your feminine energy and into flow.

This is for you whether you are single or in a relationship or even somewhere in between. This is about you and your heart and in turn will open you up to more love within you and outside of you too 🥹

27th Tuesday 🇦🇺 AEDT 7:30pm
Replay will be available

Only $44.44 (~$30 USD) join us here.

Phi Dang