The hard is worth it

It’s easy to blame others and the world.

It’s easy to stay the same and be comfortable.

It’s easy to ignore patterns and turn a blind eye.

It’s easy to project your problems onto others.

It’s easy to have a closed mind.

It’s easy to not try.

You know what’s hard?

Stepping up and taking responsibility.

Feeling fear and doing what you need to anyway.

Noticing patterns and doing something about it.

Choosing to work on yourself.

Breaking through limiting beliefs.

Overcoming your negative self talk.

Prioritising your happiness above others.

Having an open mind and kind heart.

Putting effort in, investing and committing.

Remember, it’s always hard at the beginning before it gets easier.

The hard is worth it.

What we see in ourselves, we also see in others

The #1 reason why people aren’t interested in personal growth and development is… 🪞

They don’t like what they see in the mirror.

Doing personal growth is having a huge mirror put in front of you.

You cannot hide.

It’s all laid out before you so clearly – it can be confronting and scary.

It can bring up a spectrum of emotions from anger to disgust to shame.

To see your fullness and wholeness in all its glory.

The messy parts of you that you deem unworthy, shameful and embarrassing.

The parts you want to hide from the world yet you see them beneath all the layers and masks.

The shadow and darkness which can even frighten yourself.

What we see in ourselves, we also see in others. We are all walking mirrors!

In that mirror is so much beauty too but of course our brain is negatively wired from an evolutionary standpoint ⚠️

We send love because everyone is exactly where they need to be in their path and journey.

Not all of us will transcend this lifetime… but many of us, we will try.

Not necessarily to be enlightened but to be in the light of consciousness.

To live life with awareness, compassion and kindness.

To better ourselves for ourself but for our family, shattering ancestral patterns and for the generations to come.

To you beautiful soul, I celebrate you.

I see you in all your light choosing the harder path and it IS worth it.

Time and time again I see it as a life coach – the magnitude of what you’re doing cannot be captured in words but in heart, soul, essence and feeling.

Watch this space, next month something incredible is coming from my heart and soul to yours to help you on your personal growth journey in a consistent and accessible way… I truly cannot wait 🤩

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang