It all leads to this...

Life is a beautiful, wild, crazy journey and adventure.

How the strings of fate and free will dance.

How everything has led you to this moment, right here and now.

The aphrodisiac of knowing anything is possible.

The wonder of what is written in the stars and sealed with a cosmic kiss.

How you are the sun, stars and moon.

How two hearts find each other in perfect time.

The unseen behind the veil and what is unfolding.



Your return and journey home, to your true nature, of heart and soul.

Never forget, you are a child of the universe.

You belong here

Even if you feel lost and out of this world 👽 you belong here.

You are loved.

You are supported.

You are a child of the universe and the universe wants to see you happy.

The universe wants to see you succeed.

The universe wants you to have everything you want with one caveat; in alignment with your values, your heart, your soul and your energy.

Never forget the wonder of the world, of existence of living.

What a beautiful gift it is to be human and a child of the universe 💫

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang