I live and love to be human

After all I’ve been through I’m here to embrace being human.

I don’t long to be enlightened or above it all.

I love being human and what it entails.

Sure, there are moments where it gets really hard.

When you’re crouched on the floor, hugging your knees questioning if everything will be okay and spoiler alert: it always is.

For moments like that, there are always many that keep you going.

The moments that take your breath away.

The moments that make your heart beat faster.

The moments where you feel like you can fly.

The moments that give you the tingles and butterflies.

The moments where everything suddenly makes sense and everything falls into place.

I live for those moments.

I live and love to be human.

Live, live, live!

Why run from your humanity? It’s the very reason of your existence and why you are here beautiful soul.

You are a soul; the divine — having a human experience.

Part of this journey will be painful.

You will feel anguish.

You will feel heartbreak.

Life will bring you to your knees and that’s okay.

Just as so there will be moments that make your heart sing and soar.

Where you can’t stop smiling.

Where joy fills your whole being.

Live, live, live!

Live for those moments 🧡

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang