On love...

I know how heavy your heart aches right now.

I know how it hurts to breathe.

I know it feels like your heart has shattered into a million pieces.

I know it feels like the tears will never end.

I know your heart is hurting and as if nothing else matters.

I know you are in so much pain.

I know you are skeptical of love.

I promise beautiful soul, one day when you are ready, your heart will open again.

You will find love again.

You will find love in an oversized t-shirt.

You will find love in flossing your teeth.

You will find love in the way the ocean kisses the shore.

You will find love in the glimmer of the stars.

You will find love again because it never left, it’s always been inside of you.

Acknowledge your broken heart

A broken heart is never easy, you question if it was worth even feeling love in the first place 💔

It absolutely is.

To feel every ounce of your broken heart – the sharp edges, the heavy beating, the drip of aching… is an exquisite reminder of your living, breathing human nature.

Your broken heart meant that love truly touched your heart… it didn’t just touch it… it consumed it, it merged with it, it became it ❤️‍🔥

The love you had, the love you gave, the love you received… it’s all you because you are love.

Sure you will find love again in another soul 💘 but never forget that the love already exists, always had and always will within you.

love & positivity ✨ phi

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Phi Dang