Energy Update

  • 63 – Aquarius Super New Moon 2024

    This episode is all about the Aquarius Super New Moon taking place February 2024 this week ushering in the Year of the Dragon. Phi shares updates on the energetic themes at play which are intense (planetary pile up in Aquarius) and shares soothing affirmations and journaling prompts to tap into the energy of the Aquarius Super New Moon too.

    Episode Introduction - Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

    Hello beautiful soul,

    Well well well we are in for a cosmic ride! Last week I spoke about the upcoming Lunar New Year and just before it to end the week is the Aquarius New Moon that precedes it. The 9th in the northern hemisphere and 10th in the southern if you’re in Australia like me. It’s not just any new moon, it happens to be a super new moon. As it’s a new moon it’s not visible in the sky, so think of this as a blank canvas and reset.

    Astrologically there’s a lot going on and I always like to channel and distill the important parts that I think are relevant to you listening to this podcast. I won’t beat around the bush by saying off the bat this isn’t a grounding, nourish new moon this is an electric charged, potent super new moon pushing into the new out of your comfort zone. After all it’s an Aquarius Super New Moon bringing in the year of the Dragon for 2024.

    It really is all about Aquarius with this energy, you’ve got a planetary pile up; the sun, moon here, Pluto, mercury with Venus and and Mars to join too.

    An energetic reset and a whole lotta energies!

    This super new moon you can think of an energetic reset as I’ve said earlier some deem it the true new year. The super new moon aspect think of it just amplifying and magnifying the energies so things feel more intense. Your emotions feel more intense. Your thoughts feel more intense.

    More over with this super new moon what I’m feeling into is funky, and yes uncomfortable and unpredictable. There’s a feeling of restlessness in the air. A sprinkle of existentialism. 

    This is set in motion for a first in our lifetime event when Mercury (the planet of communication) enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto (the truth teller). In addition to that we have the new moon in a challenging position squaring Uranus (the unexpected) in the sign of Taurus (fixed aspects, stubborn nature).

    Expect shakes up. Truths to come up. There’s tension. There’s pressure. Things from the past re-emerge once again (to be cleared). It’s this feeling and sensation of wanting to break free and we are being challenged to let go, surrender and move forward with courage and authenticity.

    Communication and Confrontation with this Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024

    With this influence we may need to say and speak up what we don’t often want to, confronting things to say out loud (Aquarius and Mercury together are all about communication, ideologies).

    Aquarians are known to have a tough exterior and it feels like with all these planetary placements, it’s been astrological organised to have a cracking open experience and sensation which can be painful at first but ultimately for the best to open us up, unravelling deeper layers of ourselves, to shed what no longer serves us.

    This is about confronting ourselves and being willing to go beneath the surface, into our psyche and subconscious. In this we can find the underlying cause, the root of the problem which is the medicine and the healing. If you know of Chiron (the wounded healer) is inching closer towards the North Node (fate and destiny) which will culminate in April so for now we are getting a taster of intense confronting healing taking place (can’t hide with the astrological energies at play). 

    There is tension here because the moon rules our inner world, our emotions yet it’s in Aquarius known to be more emotionally detached and the archetype of the thinker.

    Astrology and Human Design Align: Revolution

    It’s not all dark and heavy, unexpected things aren’t always negative in nature though that’s where our mind jumps too it can also be positive. It’s really about the emergence of astrology aligning with human design: the theme of this new moon is revolution, think of it as your rebirth. Through the means of Aquarius which is going introspective, doing the thought work. 

    Aquarius: Head vs Heart

    When the strong emotions come up from surprises and the past, the Aquarian energy in the air asks to bring objectivity into it – noticing where is there a strong emotional charge, using the mind to get curious and investigate further. A meeting of the heart and the mind. Finding the right balance (as is where the name Aquarius stems from the latin meaning of water-carrier and the symbolism of the water-bearer). 

    An exercise that may help you during this Aquarius super new moon is when you’re making decisions imagine scales or weights a balance. On one side is your heart and the other your head. If you’re really heady into something, imagine counterbalancing with what your heart is saying and vice versa if it feels really heart driven also give your mind and opportunity to offer some thoughts this will give you a holistic perspective on a situation.

    Aquarius Positivity

    This new moon is going to help us be less rigid and more flexible with everything that may arise. Rolling with the punches. Aquarius plays the long term game, so whilst it feels tough and sticky now, it’s ultimately benefiting for your future and what’s to come. There’s optimism and hope within it (as we known Aquarius is about the collective, for the people, social justice, equality).

    Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Affirmations

    I’m really being called to share some soothing affirmations which can help during this period and I’ll phrase them as I am speaking to you but of course when you recite out loud or in your mind you’ll say “I”.

    You are capable of handling whatever comes your way.

    You are safe and supported even in times of uncertainty.

    You are resilient, every challenge makes you stronger.

    You are worthy of love, compassion and kindness always and especially during tough times. You are worthy of your own love, compassion and kindness that you also offer to others.

    You have the power to find moments of peace, calm and joy despite chaos and shake ups.

    Aquarius Super New Moon February 2024 Journaling Prompts

    Journaling questions to close out this episode to make the most of the super new moon energy;

    Has anything surprising or unexpected come to the surface this week for you? If so is there a general theme that emerges? How can going deeper on this theme help you move forward in 2024?

    With any challenges or obstacles that have arisen so far, what would happen if you now come up with 3 different approaches you haven’t had before

    1: Out of the box thinking

    2: Creativity led

    3: Unconventional 

    Reflect from the 1st of January until now, is there anything that has happened or come up that you’d like to set the intention to let go of, clear and start afresh?

    If you have set any intentions from the 1st of January do they still feel in alignment at this point of time? Have those intentions been acted upon and how are you tracking?

    What seeds and intentions do you want to set up for the year ahead at this moment in time taking advantage of the super new moon and lunar dragon energy too?

    When was the last time in your life you experienced something unexpectedly? What happened, how did you feel, how did you navigate it and what was the end result?

    Right now in your life where do you need a shake up or revolution and how can you go about this?

    What would be really uncomfortable to talk about in your life right now? Why is that so? What insights does this give you about yourself and where you are in your life right now?

    What support systems or resources can you lean on during times of uncertainty or change?

    To close out this episode, give those journal prompts a good contemplation, it’s not really about the answer but the thought process that goes behind what automatically is being prompted within you. In true Aquarian nature, yes use your mind but don’t forget to let your body feel all that is coming up and release these feelings with compassion. 

    Until next time beautiful soul, love and positivity. 

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  • 59: January 2024 Energy Update – Solar Flares and Pluto in Aquarius

    In this January 2024 Energy Update podcast, we dive into the cosmic currents shaping our world. Join Phi as she explores the heightened celestial activity, with a special focus on solar flares and how that can spiritually influence those sensitive to energy. Discover the profound implications of Pluto’s shift from Capricorn into Aquarius.

    January 2024 Energy Update Synopsis

    Gain insights into how these astrological events of solar flares and Pluto’s transit into Aquarius from Capricorn impact our personal and collective energies, as well as find guidance on navigating this dynamic cosmic landscape. 

    January 2024 Energy Introduction

    Hi Beautiful Soul,

    This week in the cosmos, the collective there is so much energetic activity! Radical changes are about. If you’re feeling different and you don’t quite know what is is, I’m here to reassure you that you’re not crazy, you’re not broken and something isn’t wrong. It’s the collective energy and shifts taking place right now as I’m speaking mid January 2024.

    If you’re like me you’ve noticed a shift and change in your personal energy and disturbances in your sleep, I noticed that from the beginning of last week on the 8th of January. Maybe you feel really buzzed, wired and plugged in so to speak or exhausted, grouchy, even a big moody. Maybe you’re oscillating between the two states! 

    Right now there’s a lot happening that I feel called to explore and share with you listening. We’ve got the backdrop of the last few episodes culminating to the Human Design New Year coming up. The two other factors right now I want to discuss is the pivotal shift of Pluto changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius, which takes place this year in 2024 until 2044. What’s also come through and something I never really paid attention to as much until now, which is the influence of the Sun and solar flare activity on our energy.

    What Pluto represents spiritually astrologically

    Let’s start with Pluto. This tiny planet packs a punch and is going to greatly influence the next 20 years of what we see unfolding collectively by making a once-in-a-lifetime transition into the sign of Aquarius from Capricorn on January 20th. This is a new collective chapter that will unfold leading to great shifts for everyone on a societal level and personally.

    I like to think of Pluto as the dark horse of the planets. It’s ruled by Hades and the Underworld (throwback to the Hercules movie!). It’s mysterious. Pluto likes to move slowly and subtly, the changes creep in and build up. Pluto is on the outer edge of the solar system, and likes to take its time staying in a sign anywhere between 12 to 30 years. Ultimately it takes 248 years to move through the whole zodiac! It’s very much seen as a generational influence because of this. 

    On a personal level Pluto is the planet of shadow work, the hidden, the repressed, the unseen – follow it’s timing imagine knowing someone for 1 year vs 20 years… you really get to know someone. Things will emerge you never knew over time. Pluto is transformation, the phoenix, pain into power, composting negativity and gunk into goodness.

    Pluto in Capricorn Wrap Up Summary

    Since 2008 Pluto has been in Capricorn entering our collective era with the global recession. The chapter of Pluto in Capricorn was about the tension of conformity and tradition as well as career, we’ve seen over the last 15 years a shift on how we define success and achievement especially off the back of the pandemic. It led to new career orientated changes, the recession created new start ups such as Uber and Airbnb with a greater focus on social media (creating even more career choices and paths).

    Now Pluto is moving into Aquarius. We had a sneak peak of this in 2023 when Pluto was temporarily in Aquarius from March to June 2023 last year. This first movement is a dip again because Pluto will temporarily go back into Capricorn around September before returning and staying in Aquarius from mid November 2024 until 2044.

    What Pluto in Aquarius means spiritually astrologically

    Aquarius rules justice, equality, social connections, community, humanity, innovation, technology, science and independence. So what can we expect? Collective themes of freedom, revolution, social activism as well as major scientific, medical, and technological discoveries. There will be a focus on inequality, injustices leading to power shifts, systematic and structural changes for independence, equality and emancipation. The spirit of rebellion and revolution.

    What happened last time Pluto was in Aquarius?

    Historically, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798 which historically saw the people movement. People over systems. We saw royalty and monarchs fall such as fall of Marie Antoinette and the last king of France Louis XVI during the French revolution. 

    What also happened was the declaration of independence and the introduction of the American flag and this is interesting with the American elections taking place this year. Cyclical yes! No doubt America as we know it will be different by the end of this era. 

    It was the beginning of the industrial revolution and establishment of the stock exchange in Britain (again look at what’s started to emerge the era of the people’s own money system and power shift from financial institutions with the creation of cryptocurrency). 

    The Pluto in Aquarius chapter also had the starting of movements for women’s rights in the French Revolution with playwright activist Olympe due Gouges (O lamp de gouuuuj) writing the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Female Citizen, which did not come to fruition as hoped and she was executed for doing so. Captain Cook also discovered Australia and New Zealand. A huge authority figure also taken down and killed in Hawaii.

    Pluto into Aquarius and Technology

    So what can we expect in the modern day for Pluto’s shift from Capricorn into Aquarius? 

    Free thinking, more voices emerging because technology has allowed everyone to have a voice. So many platforms available now whether it’s creating your own website, social media, live streaming, podcasting — for sure we will see more opinions and thought leaders emerging. Whilst it’s not so much about the monarchy now, there’s a shift of power from the idealised such as celebrities and blurring of that to more influencers, and grassroots community leaders, the people’s people. 

    The role of technology is sure to expand with the kick off AI. Technology helping bring us more together, online communities and even in person should AI see more automation and less hands on human work. Amongst spiritual circles we are in the Age of Aquarius which ushers in the return and rising of the divine feminine (again coinciding historically with feminine movements as previously stated).

    How Pluto in Aquarius will affect you

    How will this personally affect you? If you do deeper human design readings with me look at your rebirth section. Astrologically look at your natal chart and see where you have Aquarius placements as well as Scorpio because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. 

    In relation to the collective, Pluto may excavate and bring to light things to do with social connections, community, care for the collective in terms of themes such as justice, equality and fairness. 

    What about your inner rebel, your voice, your influence? How do you use technology? How can you get involved in your community? What community issues do you care about? What’s your relationship to your feminine energy?

     Are you due a feminine energy rebirth and rising as have so many women after being in our masculine for so long whether it’s to be successful in our careers, thinking we have to force and hustle our way into what we want or protecting ourselves? The balance between masculine and feminine, being interconnected yet independent too.

    What is the spiritual meaning of solar flares?

    Whewww so we’ve talked Pluto now let’s talk about solar flares and solar storms in terms of spirituality. They are of note because they are to do with the Sun. Spiritually the sun rules our day to day, how we see ourselves, our ego, our self esteem and our confidence. The impact of the sun is undeniable also to our moods such as seasonal depression from the lack of sun and perhaps constant rain or shift from Summer to Winter. Mystical Yogi Saghuru talks about solar flares and activity being linked to consciousness.

    I’m not a scientist by any means but from my research and understanding: Solar flares are sudden charged bright bursts of energy and radiation coming from the Sun. That energy comes primarily from the Sun’s magnetic fields and is released (a build up of magnetic energy). 

    January 2024 and solar flare activity

    I came to awareness of them because at the beginning of last week my sleep patterns randomly and suddenly changed. I couldn’t sleep. I noticed I was having more visions than usual. That’s when I found out around that time was strong solar storm and flare activity classed X (the strongest). It actually caused a temporary but strong radio blackout across parts of South America, Central America and the Pacific Ocean, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Centre. Not only that 2024 started with the biggest flare up in 6 years!

    Just like how the moon can impact us, you may or may not feel the impacts of solar activity.

    2024 2025 Solar Flare Spiritual

    2024 and 2025 are set to be the maximum of the latest cycle which is the 25th which started in December 2019 coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic. Overall this is the most in 20 years of sun activity. 

    According to Russian scientist A.L. Tchijevsky, 80% of the most significant human events occurred during a 5 year period surrounding the peak of solar activity. 

    One can look to the Carrington Effect which took place on September 2, 1859 where history’s greatest solar storm caused havoc to technology, communication systems going haywire and strange displays of the aurora in tropical places. Researchers have estimated that a Carrington-class event today would result in between $0.6 and $2.6 trillion in damages to the U.S. alone, according to NASA spaceflight.

    Spirituality and Solar Flare Impacts

    Spiritually speaking solar flares and activity are an ascension process as they say. It spiritually shifts from your physical body to your light body – think in terms of your energy body, higher dimensions, astral body, expansion outside your physical energy field, connection point of spirituality, chakra energy centred — famous symbol of the merkaba 3D 8 pointed star mer light ka spirit ba body ancient sacred geometry, chariot of light.

    Receiving more light, higher levels of consciousness, illuminating what needs to come to the surface even old previous things you dealt with and thought were resolved will resurface. 

    Feeling the impacts? It doesn’t come as a surprise, even ancient civilisations like the Aztecs and Mayans tracked the sun. Our bodies have an electrical charge present in every cell through ions.

    How to remedy solar flare symptoms

    So what to do if you are feeling the impacts of solar flares?

    Prioritise yourself. Focus on y our energy, what is nourishing, feeding and giving you energy vs what is depleting it. It’s likely temporary and if it lingers, feels intense unbearable and affects you on a day to day level seek the help of a professional medical practitioner. 

    Meditation is a great way to tap into your energy and receive insights.

    Salt is great to cleanse and soothe, think a bath with lots of magnesium or a swim in the ocean if possible.

    Minimal caffeine and alcohol which can already make us feel more wired and anxious.

    Grounding time in nature, reduce technology and screens. I’m getting visuals of child’s pose with your third eye to the ground or even the pose where you are lying face down hands to your sides.

    It’s also been suggested solar storms impact our pineal gland (third eye) which is responsible for melatonin that regulates our inner body clock through circadian rhythms. It may help to sync up with the sun, waking up with natural light, sleeping as it gets dark. 

    Solar Flare Soothing Meditation

    I’ll end this podcast with a meditation I channelled if you’re feeling the impacts of solar flares but it’s also nice as an activation to open up your intuition too.

    Find a comfortable position in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Relax your body either sitting up or lying down. Have your palms faced up and close your eyes.

    Take a few deep breaths in and out to center your body.

    Imagine, sense, feel of perceive a golden sphere of light above your head, radiant and glowing with a warm and comforting energy. It’s almost like honey.

    Visualise this light sending out a golden wave, washing all over your your body and flushing out any physical or mental ailments or disturbances. Imagine the golden light removing any heavy dense energy, the visual that I’m getting is it’s like removing lint from the dryer or your clothes. You may also feel called to run your hands all over your body in a sweeping motion again imagining yourself being cleansed.

    Come to a still point and then visualise, sense, feel or perceive this beautiful golden light now enveloping your entire body in a cocoon of warmth and tranquility. Feel the soothing energy as it flows down through the crown of your head, gradually permeating every cell, every muscle, and every organ in your body.

    As the golden light continues to flow down, direct your focus to the area of your pineal gland, your third eye located in the center of your forehead, just above and between your eyebrows. Imagine this golden light specifically targeting and activating your third eye.

    Envision the golden light swirling around your third eye, clearing any blockages or imbalances. As the light works its magic, sense a gentle expansion and opening in this area. Feel a heightened awareness and connection to your inner self.

    This energy starts to build and expand beyond your third eye, beyond your physical body creating a gold shield of protection around you. Visualize this shield acting as a buffer, absorbing and transforming any intense energies from the solar flares and collective energy into positive, harmonious, healing energy.

    With each breath, allow the golden light to amplify within you and around you, creating a powerful and nurturing aura. Feel the support of this golden energy as it protects you.

    Take a moment to bask in the warmth and serenity of the golden light surrounding you. Know that you are connected to the universal energy, and you are protected and supported.

    When you’re ready, slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and gently open your eyes. 

    Carry the sense of golden light with you throughout your day, knowing that you can return to this meditation whenever you need to balance and harmonise your energy.

    May you be surrounded by the healing and protective energy of the golden light.

    As always here to support you and guide if you feel the call. I have an exciting in person offering launching tomorrow on Friday the 19th of January which I cannot wait to share with you! I also offer 1:1 coaching and human design readings so if you’re interested, get in touch and let’s chat! 

    Until next time, love & positivity.

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  • 33 – March 2023 Energy Update and Virgo Full Moon

    The cosmic changes of March 2023 and the Virgo Full Moon

    There is a lot going down in March 2023 energetically, spiritually and astrologically. This episode explains what to expect, how to work with the themes and energies including the Virgo Full Moon, Saturn shifting into Pisces from Aquarius and Pluto shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius.

    Featured Resources on the episode

    Show Transcript

    Episode 33 - March 2023 Energy Update and Virgo Full Moon

    Hi Beautiful Soul, I’m so happy and grateful that you are here listening and there is a lot to share. Before I do I just wanted to say oh my goodness on 2/3/23 I received the first physical copy of my book and wow it felt soooo aligned. 

    As a listener of this podcast I’m going to have a huge announcement about the book towards the end of the month but watch this space! The book is going to be released in June. It felt so surreal to hold in my hands a body of work that I have poured my heart and soul into all of last year in 2022. If you want to be the first to know about this news, head to my website and sign up to the book updates mailing list!

    What is going on energetically in March 2023?

    Now getting to today’s podcast episode. I felt really drawn and compelled to speak about what is going on energetically, spiritually and astrologically in March 2023 because there is so much happening – we see major planets changing signs which I will also cover in todays’ episode. A portal of change. March Madness. Likely the biggest astrological shifts and cosmic changes we will see for the whole year are happening in March.

    March 2023 is a brand new astrological cycle

    The vibe I am collectively sensing is by the time March is over we will all be saying woah and without a doubt experiencing change. In saying that maybe not everyone will experience visceral noticeable changes, but for sure seeds are being planted that will be revisited. March is the month of movement, where the real astrological new year begins (a brand new cycle of 12 months starts March 20th). I strongly recommend journaling throughout the month of March, it will prove useful as the year unfolds and you can revisit what themes are coming up for you. 

    Virgo Full Moon in March 2023

    The release of this episode coincides with the Virgo Full Moon in March. With full moons they are the close of a cycle, a time to release, surrender and let go of what no longer serves you. This one in particular links back to August 2022 in particular around the 27th/28th of August. I highly recommend flipping through old journals, photos and calendars to see what was going on in your life back then. What did you start, what intentions did you set and how is this playing out now? 

    For me it’s wild to think about this because this coincides with my break up last year as well as moving homes. I was also so busy with human designs, facilitating readings at a retreat and getting stuck into writing the book, which is now obviously finished and done. I’m feeling much more grounded and I’ve energetically landed since those big life changing moves. It’s also worth checking in with any intentions you set 2 weeks ago with the new moon energy. I’ve felt personally that the theme has been surrender particularly with an overactive mind.

    Virgo traits and qualities

    Virgo itself as a sign is all about organisation, logical, practical, prim, proper, grounded in contrast to Pisces where the sun is right now which is head in the clouds, dreamy, emotional, spiritual, creative vibe. Think of these energies as contrasting yet complementary like yin and yang. With all the energies at play, what’s emerging is finding peace in stability thanks to Virgo: your home being clean and tidy, routines and daily rituals. 

    Virgo is calling out the messy, disorganised and chaos and calling in self care. Think clearing clutter and tidying up spaces. What you could say is this energy is bringing us into balance through the reality of day to day life our physical health and wellbeing – exercise, food consumption and the environment we live in as well as the spiritual through Pisces, our connection to spirituality, our dreams and visions and creativity.

    March 2023 Responsibility as a theme

    I will note what I’ve seen in speaking with my clients lately is the theme of responsibility which will also pop up with this full moon given the reputation of Virgos to be very responsible. Perhaps explore your relationship with responsibility. What responsibilities do you have, to others, to yourself? With Virgo in mind, particularly what responsibility do you have to yourself in terms of self care and practicalities to keep you nourished and thriving in day to day life?

    March 2023 feeling stuck in your head and mind

    What I see also being a focal point of this full moon is being in our minds. Virgo by nature is analytical and inquisitive and a shadow of Pisces can be getting lost in your daydreams. It’s important to note where your mind is placing its attention because that can greatly impact and influence how you are feeling. 

    Virgo and Pisces in March 2023

    Virgo could be that energy that grounds your dreams into reality but taking practical steps. Pisces energy encourages Virgo to be practical yet allow yourself to dream, very much that energy of ‘shoot for the moon because if you miss you’ll end up amongst the stars.’ Further to this given the Virgo energies, if you have been moving through shadows of control, perfectionism and feeling like you aren’t doing enough, you may feel the effects of this full moon more urging you to move through these, integrate and let go. 

    Tension and feeling overwhelmed in March 2023

    You may also be feeling tension because of a T square happening in the planets between Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces and Mars in Gemini which places an immense pressure that everything and anything must be done right now and happen right now (fiery Mars and fiery Gemini).

    So if you are experiencing a few days of gloom or melancholy, perhaps feeling overwhelmed its okay, be kind to yourself there’s a lot of energetic shifts in the air. Give yourself a few days for it to mellow out although as you’ll hear there’s a lot going on in the stars.

    March 2023 Virgo Full Moon Journal and Journaling Prompts

    Some journal prompts for you to consider:

    • What no longer serves you right now that you intend to surrender to the full moon?
    • How can you have more creative, artistic expression in my life?
    • What areas of your self have you neglected and need greater love and attention?
    • Free write about what comes to mind when you think of responsibility?  
    • What practical steps and actions can you take towards making your dreams and desires a reality? 

    So let’s talk about the big planetary shifts that will affect us in March.

    Saturn Return Pisces March 2023

    Within an hour of the full moon in Virgo, Saturn—the planet of tough love, tough lessons, discipline, responsibility, maturity, and commitment—will enter Pisces for the first time since 1996. Saturn shifts signs about every 3 years and when it does, we have new lessons emerge. Perhaps it’s worth even thinking about the lessons you’ve learnt in the last 3 years since March 2020 because Saturn is known as the lord of Karma and of course it’s lessons that we mature, grow and expand upon (not the easiest!). Therefore expect a new cycle and shifting in karma within your life.

    Are you starting or ending a Saturn Return in 2023?

    This is a markable shift one of the biggest in 2023, if not the biggest, and I must say I am relieved because it marks the end of my Saturn Return and for anyone born Feb. 6, 1991–May 20, 1993; June 29, 1993–Jan. 28, 1994 and those and born January 1962- March 1964 for your second Saturn Return whereas if you were born May 21, 1993 and June 30, 1993 or January 28, 1994 and April 7, 1996, welcome to your first Saturn Return. If you were born March 25, 1964, to March 4, 1967 you’ll be experiencing your second Saturn Return. 

    Coming out of a Saturn Return is like relief and a breath of fresh air. After all that pressure, it’s time for the wind down, the integration of all the shake ups that you’ve had since January 2020. It has been extra strong given Saturn also happens to rule Aquarius. Starting one? Buckle up and get ready for life to shift for your highest growth and alignment, often life will be taking you out of your comfort zone for this transit. 

    Saturn Return collective impact and influence

    I can see over the past few episodes how I’ve chatted about Saturn Return and truth be told I am still integrating all of the lessons from my Saturn so a podcast episode on it is due however in the meantime if you are looking for guidance and support with this transition, I do Saturn Return Human Design readings so please get in touch! To give you an idea of how we collectively felt Saturn Return it entered Aquarius in March 2020 and we all know what started happening then, the pandemic, it’s lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

    Saturn shifting from Aquarius to Pisces

    The shift from Aquarius ruled by the mind to Pisces emotions again a stark contrast like the full moon between organised, practical, grounded Virgo and dreamy Pisces. Themes to emerge from this shift are around spirituality, expression, boundaries and mental health. This energy can often give us a reality check on what is really going instead of perhaps being in the shadow of dreams disconnected from any founding reality or grounding e.g. just manifesting without any inspired action. 

    It can wake us up to what is really happening and lift the veil from our eyes perhaps if we have been trying to ignore things or wish/hope for the better without any evidence. The contrast of these  energies also collectively teaches us to hold and embrace the nature of duality, it’s not one or the other, both operate in this energetic realm. Moreover Pisces is known as the visionary artist, so it’s a great time to unlock and unleash your creativity particularly in expressing your emotions and dreams. 

    With everything I’m chatting through here these are broad collective themes, for specifics it would be best to do a customised human design reading with me or work with me on a 1:1 level, I do have spots available. 

    Jupiter and Chiron March 2023

    Later in the week around March 12th, we see Jupiter the planet of expansion meeting Chiron the wounded healer in Aries, something that only happens every 50 years on average. Whatever shadows, pains and wounds arise during this time is for your growth as per Jupiter’s influence. It will help to see the broad, bigger picture should it feel difficult for you.

    Venus enters Taurus March 2023

    Venus the planet of love, leisure, beauty and an indicator of abundance enters it’s home sign in Taurus on the 16th. So perhaps partnerships will be on your mind as will finances. There is a lot of other planetary action happening on this date too when Mercury meets Mars in Gemini which can signal fiery conversations or miscommunication. 

    At some point on the same day before Venus lands in Taurus, it does collide with Pluto which can bring up shadows in relationships such as power struggles, obsession and jealousy so be aware of that. There’s more to mention but really all you need to know is be aware of the hectic energy on the 16th. The best way to deal with this all is to be grounded in nature, aware of your own energy and conscious of your actions towards another. 

    The Sun entering Aries March 2023

    Taking place March 20th, the Equinox will take place with it becoming Spring in the Northern Hemisphere or Autumn/Full in the Southern Hemisphere this coincides with the astrological seasons shifting from Pisces to Aries so we can expect fresh, fiery energy and greater momentum building from that date. Aries is a bold influence after all.

    Thus kicking off a brand new astrological cycle with the Aries New Moon March 21st. If the beginning of the calendar year hasn’t been going your way, the energy of the new moon is like a second start to hunker down and recommit. The energy will be giving you a boost of added motivation and fired up ignition. What you set up now will be revisited around the end of September this year. 

    Pluto shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius March 2023

    Pluto is the planet of intensity, death, destruction, transformation and rebirth and that shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius for the first time since 2008 that’s 15 years on March 23rd. It’s the slowest moving planet. You may want to go down memory lane to 15 years ago what was happening in your life and any themes around death and rebirth. 

    This is only temporary for a taste of what is to come for the actual shift in November 2024 where Pluto will remain for 20 years until 2044 . Collectively, change is definite here and will likely be in relation to Aquarian energies and themes: friendships, freedom, technology, humanity, the internet, innovation and communication. Again this will impact you personally differently depending on your chart.

    The wildest thing is Pluto hasn’t been in Aquarius since around 1777 when multiple revolutions happened including the American, Haitian and French revolution, Uranus was discovered and the first smallpox vaccine was successful. What I’ve been seeing touted and predicted are advancements in vaccines, AI and aliens to say the least. Given what went down all those years ago it could be dramatic changes in the structures and systems of society too.

    Mars moving from Gemini to Cancer March 2023

    March 25th onwards, Moving from Gemini to Cancer. We can see the pattern again here heady Gemini into the emotional waters of Cancer. We can really see the shift collectively happening to get us out of tensions with our minds – thought loops, mental patterns, anxiety into being in our bodies to feel it all. It could feel like a mix of moody emotional energy that pops up. 

    Venus and Uranus in March 2023

    Venus again at the end of the month on the 30th becomes a wildcard given it meets with Uranus the planet of the unexpected, who knows what could happen after such as big month!

    As you can see an absolutely huge energetic powerhouse of a month. If you are looking for support and guidance, I’d love to help through 1:1 coaching or a human design reading, get in touch and we can chat about what’s best for you! 

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