56% of people say they’re uncomfortable talking to loved ones about their mental health.

Even those they care for and trust.

Behind this discomfort, lies a common culprit: shame.

We’re often ashamed of our symptoms and what they say about us.

We’re ashamed of needing help or seeming different.

We’re ashamed of labels. For many, this shame becomes a guiding emotion.

It keeps us from knowing ourselves and others, learning new things, and taking chances.

I have felt so much shame for feeling anxious and I can recall after my dad passing away feeling so weak for hurting, crying and needing to take a break from my life (which I filled with busy to avoid my emotions).

Let me make this clear: There’s nothing weak about having emotions. Let’s rid the #mentalhealthstigma and I am so passionate about speaking openly about mental health – showing you the reality of life, the ups AND the downs.

I felt ashamed I had to take a pause in my job, that I couldnt go on my planned euro trip and to tell those I loved I was experiencing delayed grief onset.

I cut myself off from everyone for a few months and I’m so glad my friends and family stuck by me and were so loving, kind and compassionate. We all experience grief differently.

There is no shame in feeling your emotions. We are all human. Emotions are in our nature it’s what makes us truly alive – I am so grateful for my emotions.

I am so grateful for this experience because truly if my dad did not pass I don’t know if I would be running this Instagram or being a life coach.

His death taught me so much about life, myself and has ultimately helped me help so many of you beautiful souls 🧡

This #mentalhealthawarenessmonth@madeofmillions is talking about shame & the things it keeps us from. I’m honored to be a campaign partner, and share my story alongside so many others. Learn more about their efforts over on their page, or support their work by making a tax deductible donation at madeofmillions.com/donate.

Huge shout out to my friend @matthew.parisien who does so much for made of millions and how I became aware of the campaign.


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