Find out information on the Scorpio Full Moon taking place in April 2024 and what it means for you. This episode covers the Scorpio Full Moon energies and themes such as transformation and diving deeper into your inner world. There are also channeled intuitive messages as well as journaling questions for the Scorpio Full Moon.

Scorpio Full Moon April 2024 Summary

We have the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd or 24th of April pending where you are. It’s been a big time of emotions and fluctuations given the recent eclipse season and now Scorpio’s energy enters the picture. When you have scorpio in the air, especially in a full moon, you know there’s going to be transformation and intensity. You know that it’s going to dive into your inner workings, your subconscious, your emotions and your shadows. It embodies the cycles of life, death and rebirth. 

The dynamic nature of life

To be alive is to be constantly in the process of change and transformation because life is dynamic not static. It is simply the nature of life. 

We see this everywhere around us: in nature – the environment around us whether it’s trees shedding leaves or flowers blooming to animals adapting to the changing world (a recent example I saw was the incredible footage captured of emperor chicks bravely jumping off 15 metre/50 feet ice cliffs in Antarctica in to swim for the first time because of depleting sea levels, the leap is greater than ever than what it used to be). 

Yet we as humans resist it because we fear change and the uncomfortable feelings and thus the energy of the Scorpio full moon plays its hand to encourage us to face this truth whether we are willing to or not.

The tension and discomfort of the Scorpio Full Moon

I remember reading somewhere describing when Scorpio enters the picture with the influence of Pluto (the biggest planetary influence in conjunction with this full moon) is also in the air it’s like the awkward family reunion you’ve been avoiding but knowing you have to face and confront, it can be awkward and uncomfortable but ultimately so rewarding and rich in growth. Taurus the backdrop to everything is a fixed sign and change adverse, as is Scorpio so there will be tension, maybe that sensation or feeling of the universe dragging you by your feet. 

Channeled messages for the Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

A really interesting channeled message that came for anyone listening to this podcast was that there’s freedom in everything that falls apart. Surrender is that willingness to let what is happening to happen. We think freedom is peace, and it is but it is also the absence of resistance to give way to flow. I also wanted to shout out the word that kept coming through was “dissolve.” 

Let life do what it wants. Have faith in the process of why things are unfolding the way that they are. How can you reflect and reassess on being attached vs unattached? How does the ego or non/false sense play into what is going on in life for you? What can become less of a struggle with awareness that may dissolve the intensity and pressure of what you are experiencing?

Scorpio Energy and Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD)

The scorpio full moon is a powerful and raw time to go deeper. A time for realisations and reflections. A time for letting go. A time for liberation. Relating this to what is unfolding real time, I think Taylor Swift’s new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ really embodies the energy of the Scorpio full moon. She pleas temporary insanity and reflects upon getting out of the slammer into the tidal way in her summary poem that accompanies the album speaking to the spectrum and amounts of feelings she’s been through in the past year and beyond. 

We gain insight to the full spectrum of emotions she has been through and the contrast of it all from “I’m trying to stifle my sights, cause I feel so high school every time I look at you” to “You hung me on your wall, stabbed me with your push pins. In public, showed me off. Then sank in stoned oblivion.”

High expression and alchemy of Scorpio

Truly Taylor Swift leans in and embraces the high expression of Scorpio which is the alchemy of turning emotions that can be perceived as dark and negative such as heartbreak, grief, anger, sadness and disappointment into raw powerful songs that so many can relate to and ultimately for her hit songs, greater recognition as an artist and abundance (I mean a huge aspect of her success stems from being inspired by her emotions and experiences greatly heartbreak and she’s now a billionaire!). She even acknowledges and recognises her own power, “You know you’re good when you can do it even with a broken heart.”

Closure with the Scorpio Full Moon in April 2024

In conclusion the Tortured Poets Department album and anthology serve as her closure, “This period of the author’s life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up. There is nothing to avenge, no scores to settle once wounds have healed.” This speaks to another theme of the Scorpio Full Moon: closure. 

Closure provides one part to a framework for letting go to occur particularly within yourself: acknowledgement of what is coming to an end or perhaps even a ritual to indicate so. 

Without a form of closure it can be challenging to let go because of this sense of unfinished business or something is unresolved. It is closure that sets the stage to letting go. Perhaps take a moment as you listen to this to reflect on perhaps if there’s anything in your life that you feel needs closure? If there’s been closure for you, what is the next step for you in consciously letting go?

Journaling questions Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

As we delve into the realm of the Scorpio full moon the advice that I can share is tune into your intuition and deeper knowing, it isn’t about logic, it’s about your truth. This is a time of getting really intimate with yourself, in many ways.

Journaling questions for the Scorpio Full Moon in April 2024 here we go:

Take a moment to check in with yourself. How have you been feeling? Check in moments of time being the lunar eclipse around the end of March this year, the solar eclipse at the beginning of this month in April and last week leading up to this Scorpio Full Moon.

Where do you fear change in your life right now? Is it holding you back? 

What do you want to let go of and surrender with this Scorpio Full Moon?

Does resistance currently show up in any area of your life right now, and if so why?

What process of alchemy can you utilise in your life right now. Where or what is the coal that can be transformed into gold?

Reflect in your life the cycles of birth, death and rebirth and where your current life experiences and emotions fall under each category.

The new moon to this full moon was around November 13/14 2023, reflect on what has changed since then within yourself and life? What did you manifest with this new moon and how is it unfolding now? 

Scorpio Full Moon April 2024 Practices

Other practices to consider: how to unleash any pent up energy with this Scorpio full moon through your emotions, expression and even sensuality and sexuality (after all Scorpio governs the genitals and is the sign most associated with sex). 

I get channeled images of setting a timer to do unfiltered writing or putting on a playlist and letting your body move the way it wants to and feels called to. 

Our emotions are known to be stored in our hips so if you’re moving, sway those hips or do yoga poses or practices to open your hips. Run a bath to physically and metaphorically sit with yourself including the ick and dirty then cleanse and let it wash away. 

Create a practice of meeting your shadows, writing down familiar patterns that seem to have you stuck, things you seem to routinely do that don’t serve you and brainstorm ways to move through them, get help and break free (we can’t change what we don’t know!). Perhaps it’s the need to bring back pleasure into your life, because life can get heavy and serious, injecting moments of feel good or getting out of your head (which is what pleasure can do!). 

May you harness the power of the Scorpio full moon to go beneath the surface of your inner world, to shed what no longer serves you and kickstart a new cycle of life and rebirth. If you need or would like help, support and guidance I have 1:1 coaching sessions and spots available as well as human design readings. If you’re not sure which would best help, feel free to do DM me on Instagram @thephidang or email me and together we can figure it out! 

Phi Dang