Phoebe Greenacre, is a Certified Somatic Movement Therapist, Conscious Business Coach with a background as a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide.

A 2/4 Manifesting Generator with a sacral authority, 
Phoebe is a harmonious blend of heart and hustle, embodying the spirit of holistic wellness with a savvy business acumen. Based in Bali, Phoebe’s expertise shines a light for online holistic therapists seeking to flourish authentically in the digital realm. 

Phoebe Greenacre -Episode Summary

In today’s podcast, Phoebe shares her journey throughout the corporate world as well as starting her own businesses, selling her business and using her strategy prowess to now nurture heart-centered enterprises. 

Phoebe is an avid traveller having been to over 70 countries, lived in Australia, Japan, London and now Bali, she brings a global perspective into her practice, further deepened by her International Business Degree. 

She has a Piscean intuition and the dynamic energy of a Manifesting Generator,  welcome Phoebe Greenacre to the Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang.

Phoebe Greenacre - What we discuss

  • Phoebe’s journey including a stint as a travel blogger, a desire to be a spy to defying societal traditional timelines 
  • Phoebe’s Saturn Return: Going from rock bottom at 29 to starting again, reinventing herself and  thriving
  • Phoebe’s career experience including creating an activewear brand in London 
  • How entrepreneurship has changed 
  • Going from a physical product to a completely online business
  • The freedom lifestyle
  • How home is within
  • Being connected to your body
  • Starting a business and side hustle
  • Letting go of ego and stepping into authenticity and alignment
  • Getting married at 35 to her husband Alex (breaking up and coming back together)
  • Growing together as a couple
  • Knowing what you want in dating and the importance of self worth, not waiting
  • Motherhood, becoming a mother at 39 to a beautiful baby girl
Phi Dang