Perfection isn't yours, it's the universe's...

You think your life is falling apart when really it is coming together.

With every loss, comes a gain, more than you could ever imagine.

With every setback, you will fall and get back up one more time again.

Life if not happening to you beautiful soul, it is happening for you.

It really was all coming together...

If I could go back in time… I would tell myself that in the end everything will be okay, it will all work out. The way that it’s meant to.

In the perfect way.

In the perfect time.

Perfection isn’t yours, it’s the universes 💫

A year ago it felt like my life was crumbling when really the universe had a bigger plan for me more than I could ever know…

Heartbreak, the end of a 3 year relationship.

Being full time alone in my own business.

Moving out of my dream apartment of 4 years.

With every heartbreak you are moving closer towards the one you’re meant to be with… the one you choose over and over again.

With every rejection you’re being redirected to the path that serves you best. With every morsel of pain, your wounds will heal and drip into wisdom.

With every disappointment, the smiles of tomorrow will be a soothing balm. With every tear, you move closer to your divinity and inevitable happiness.

A year later I see it really was all coming together… ✨

I now live in my dream apartment by the beachfront, I hit 6 figures in my first year full time… all of this came together behind the scenes when I thought reality showed me it was a Saturn return mess… ❤️‍🔥

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love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang