Free your soul

The truth is sometimes life is leading you to let go.

Not getting what you want is setting you free.

You’ve got to let go of the past to make way for your future.

Letting go is the portal to the power of the present moment.

To land and arrive fully here.

Letting go is opening to the world of infinite possibilities.

Letting go is expanding beyond what you think you want and allowing what you deserve.

Letting go is freeing your soul.

Letting go is liberation.

Trusting in the universe

It’s not easy to let go but what if you knew everything you desired and wished for was on the other side?

That a clearing and space is needed for all of it to arrive.

Have faith that you are always being led to something better and greater, more than you could’ve imagined for yourself.

To trust in the call of the universe and beat of your heart when you know deep down inside, it’s time to let go…

Everything is always happening for your highest good and growth, not to you, for you 🦋

love & positivity ✨ phi

Phi Dang