THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MAKING MISTAKES. But we beat ourselves up about it.

We shame ourselves.

“You should have…”

“It’s all your fault because…”

“You must have…”

Realise this 👁

It’s the makings of the mind and ego.

The ego doesn’t want to die. It wants to keep itself alive with all the 💩 it comes up with.

It fucks with your mind that it can be this easy… 🧠

Be here now. Drop the baggage 🧳 it’s heavy beautiful soul…

No more shame.

No more drama.

No more guilt.

Mistakes are another experience we have to learn and grow 🌱

If you always see it and feel it that way you move through these energies much faster 🧡

love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

Phi Dang